Let her go

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  • Publiceret: 13 jun. 2013
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Til konkurrencen "Inspireret af en sang."
Let her go, af Passenger.


1. Only know you love her when you let her go.

Only need the light when it’s burning low

You don’t realise that you need the light, until it’s burning low and is dim. You watch the final wave in the flame caused by your slender breath; you watch as the beautiful flame with different shades of blue and orange dies out, only to leave a puff of smoke. And that’s where you feel a little bit in need of the light.

Only miss the sun when it starts to snow

You sit inside and in your own thoughts have forgotten the breath-taking sunset; you don’t mind when a few clouds break the light, nor do you mind when small glistening snowflakes start to fall in a calm pace. It’s only when the snow starts  to lay like a thin carpet over the grass, that you take time to look outside of your own world. That’s when you miss the hypnotising warmth of the sun.

Only know you’ve been high when you’re feeling low

You can’t think of anything else than the fact that you have it like you could fly on a pink cloud, and you can’t think of why it is like that. The only thing that you have in mind is the kind of floating feeling you have inside you, and how happy you are. That you couldn’t be bothered to be mad at someone or something, and that even some flies gets a smile on your face. It isn’t before you hear that you dumped in math class that you sit down and think it all over, and that’s when your good mood from earlier comes to your mind, and you know that you’ve been high.

Only hate the road when you’re missing home

You are seated in your car, been there for a couple of hours, and you start to get a bit bored. It’s there when you start to think of the warmth and reassuring that lies in your house. The way you can slump down on the old brown sofa and read a book or watch some telly, while you sip to a pretty bad cup of coffee that you just made. When you accidently spill some of it over a page of the book you sit with. These things does that with you; makes you homesick. That’s when you hate the road.

Only know you love her when you let her go

You don’t appreciate the times you have with her, don’t appreciate the small things; like kisses on your cheek, eyes sparkling as they catch your gaze. You don’t face up to the fact that you are pretty damn lucky with her. Her light brown hair, just almost blond, her catching green eyes and the way her whole face lights up when she’s smiling. But when you see her with tears streaming down her flushed cheeks, eyes full of care and grief all those things comes to your mind, and you miss them. When you see her take the last bag standing at the door beside the ugly plant your mom got you for Christmas. You watch as she take in the last of your small apartment with old furniture’s; the countless amount of knick-knack bought from yard sales in different towns, the sofa where you had spilled everything that can be spilled, and you aren’t even thinking about throwing it out because it is home. You watch as the last hope leave her eyes, and as she say the last goodbye. Watch, as the door closes with a muffled sound, and the girl you love with all your heart, leaves. But you can’t get yourself to stop her. You know, that you really truly love her, because you let her go.

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