Falling for the player (an Austin Mahone fanfic)

Avery is on summer vacation with her parents at their San Antonio home in Texas. But she doesn't know she lives next door to her all time celebrity crush Austin Mahone. One day while she was in her backyard swimming in their built-in-pool and Austin was playing a game of basket-ball with his friend Alex their basketball goes over the fence and into Avery's yard. When she goes to through it back over the fence she sees Austin and Alex talking and realizes that she lives next door to one of them.Soon Austin and Avery start hanging out and Avery soon finds out that Austin is the player kind of guy but still can't help but fall for him.Can Avery change Austin's ways of love or will he stay a player?


1. On our way to San Antonio

 I still can't believe that I won't be able to see any of my friends all summer I thought to myself as I made my way down the school hallways to my locker at the end of the hall from my homeroom. Since my homeroom wasn't far from my locker it didn't take long. I quickly opened my locker and shoved my books inside while grabbing my bag then slamming my locker door shut. I've always looked forward to year end cause that means that my parents and I go to one of out many houses to spend the summer at. Last year we went to mom's choice of NYC but this year I get to choose and decided on spending the summer at San Antonio since we haven't been there since I was three. As soon as I got home I rushed to my room slipping my shoes off and throwing my bag on the floor as I ran to the bathroom to have a fast shower and get ready to go to San Antonio.

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