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Cheryl is a werewolf. She was part of the Moonlight pack. Cheryl was bullied and abused all the time. The only people that were nice to her were her parents who were killed in a hunters attack trying to protect Cheryl when Cheryl was 4. Now everyone in the Moonlight pack blames her for their death, even her only family left, her sister Alyssa. After 13 years, when Cheryl turns 17, Cheryl finds her mate and finds out he's the soon-to-be- alpha of the Moonlight pack, Gavin. He rejects her the second he finds out she's his mate. Cheryl decides that enough is enough and leaves. She shifts into her wolf and runs. She runs until she comes upon the Blue Moon pack, the strongest pack in North America. They take her in and train her to be the strongest warrior in Wolf History. 5 years later, the Moonlight pack has asked for the Blue Moon's help. There has been hunters attack near their area. The Blue Moon pack accepts to help them. What will happen when Cheryl and the Moonlight pack meet again?


1. Hunters attack

Cheryl's P.O.V.

Four years.

That's how old I was.

I still remember it as if it was yesterday.


"Cheryl! Come down honey!," my mom yelled from downstairs.

"Coming mommy!" I replied.

When I got downstairs, I saw my older sister, Alyssa, sitting on one of the stools, eating cookies that Mom made.

"The cookies are ready sweet pea," Mom said. I sat down and joined Alyssa.

 Then Dad came downstairs; he's been working all day in his office, upstairs.

"Daddy!," Alyssa and I said in unison.

"Hey baby girls," he said and picked me up. Alyssa claims that she is too old to have her daddy pick her up, but I will always be his little girl.

Just then, something went through the window, causing it to shatter. We all turned to see what it was; we were shocked.

An arrow.

"Hunters!," Mom and Dad yelled.

Mom grabbed Alyssa, Dad grabbed me. They dragged us upstairs to the attic.

Mom and Dad put Alyssa and I inside. We hugged each other and looked at our Mom who gave us each a necklace with a wolf claw and our birthstones on it.

"Keep these on at all times, it will keep you safe. Stay together and no matter what, remember who you are and don't forget, I Love You," she then hugged us. Dad came in, kissing us both on our foreheads.

They watched the front door while we were in the panic room. Before Dad could close the door on us, I ran up to him and hugged him just as the attic door opened to reveal hunters pointing arrows at us. Mom and Dad shifted into their wolf form and growled at them while I was behind them, terrified. Mom then pushed me back into the panic room and before the door closed, I saw her eyes indulged with fear.

One of the hunters had shot her in the back, she whimpered. Dad growled even louder, I heard him trying to attack the hunters who had shot his mate.

A couple minutes later, after hearing our parents fighting, we heard silence. We waited about an hour until we finally had the courage to open the door.

Oh how I wish we didn't. We sobbed louder.

The hunters' bodies were dead on the ground, as well as our parents'.


After that we found the rest of the pack outside. All the hunters died, as well as some of our pack members. All the kids were crying, including Alyssa and I.

"It'll be okay Alyssa, we have each other," I said through tears.

"NO!," she yelled at me causing attention.

"Alyssa?" I asked. "Why would she yell at me?," I thought to myself.

"You killed them! They were closing the door for us but you went in and stopped them from another hug. They might have lived if you just stayed put! I HATE YOU!" Alyssa screamed and ran off.

I turned to look at everyone but they were looking at me in shame, disappointment, but most of all, disgust. Everyone loved my parents, they were nice people.

They all hated me.


From then on, I was bullied and abused. Even Alyssa didn't help me through it. She and I were best friends before mom and dad had died. I knew it was all my fault that they were gone and I hated myself for that. I hate how I was so stupid. Why couldn't I just stay put? It's my fault my parents died. I keep repeating that to myself everyday for 12 years. The day I turned 16, is the day that everything changed. .



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