They dont know about us.

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En historie om Louis Og Eleanor.


1. Im Helpless without you

"Babe your phone is calling" Talisha said and threw my phone over to me.

" Thanks Babe!" i said and grabbed the phone. I looked at it and saw it was Louis who was calling.

I smiled and hurried to answer it. "Hi babe!" i said and sat down.

"Hi baby.. i miss your pretty face!" Louis said and i could hear he coughed. I got a bit nervous.

" are you still sick?" i asked and took a sip of my tea.

"Yeah.. its really frusturating... but the concert was awesome.. great audience!" He said and coughed a bit again.

I smiled. " Ohhh Yeah the concert!.. how was it?" i said and looked at Talisha who sat beside me.

" It was buzzing babe... realy fun, i wished you could be there!" Lou said with a rusty but cheeky voice.

I smiled for my self. " i know.. mee to babe, but  i need to study!" i said.

" i miss you!" He said.- and when he said that, it felt like someone stapped my heart. I really missed him when he was gone.

" i miss you too.. but Hey im not doing anything this friday, we could grabb some starbucks, and you could just hang around at my place<3" i said and fixed my hair, and waited for his answer.

" That sound great sweety... i´ll be there" He said and somehow i could feel that he was smiling. I smiled to.

" okay then i´ll see you on friday handsome!" i said and smiled a big smile.

"Great. well gotta go babe, i have some stuff that i need to fix, i text you later" He said, and i smiled.

"Okay Babe.. i see you later" i said and finished my tea.

We said goodbye, and i hang up. Talisha was looking at me, then she took my jacket and threw it over to me.

" want some starbucks??... My mouth got all mouth-watery when you said it to Louis" She said and gave me a cheeky smile.

I smiled back, and took the jakcet on. " sure." i said and we walked out of the door <3


Talisha and I walked down the street. I had my golden Rayban sunglasses on, and some flipflops.

Starbucks was just a few steps down the street, and when we walked in all of the people stopped what they were doing, and looked at us. I froze.

"It´s okay El.. i´ll order, then you can find us soem seats.. what do you want?" Talisha said and looked around the coffee shop. I looked at the menu over the desk. " Uhmm... i would like a.... White chocolate Frappuchino" I said and looked at her.

Talisha smiled and nodded. " all right Girl... i go get the drinks" she said and gave me a little hug.

I turned around and looked at the people in starbucks.

I spotted two seats by the window. * Perfect* i thought, and started to walk over to the seats.  I was almost there, when a girl and her friend took the seats, right infront of me. I was just about to turn around and walk back to Talisha, when the girl stopped me.

"Eleanor???... Eleanor Calder is that you??" she said and i could hear the excitement in her voice. I turned around to face her.

" yeah.. that´s me Hello" i said and fixed my hair and smiled a short smile.  The girl covered her mouth with her hand.

" OMG!... your the real Eleanor i just can´t believe it??.. where is Louis??.. is he here with you??.. can i talk to him??" the girl said with a sqweeky voice.  I turned my head, to see how long Talisha was with the drinks. She was number two in the row.

I looked at the girl again, and shaked my head. " Sorry babe.. Lou is not here.. he´s on tour with the Boys" i said with a little smile. The girl looked at her friend. " omg Amy you have to record this!" she almost yelled, and suddenly i got a camera right up in my face. " can you please not record anything.. please!?" i said confused, and tried to get  away from the camera.

The girls was about to beg me, when Talisha stepped in. " Sorry Girls!... No videos, no pictures, no anything okay!!... Eleanor is just here with me to get a drink bye bye!" she said and pushed me away from the girls.

" lets not sit in here babe.. to many people!" Talisha said and we walked out with our drinks.

" are you okay by the way?!" Talisha said and stopped to look at me. I nodded. " im Fine Tash... it was just a bit crazy!"

Talisha nodded. " Those Fans!!" she said and took a sip of her coffee. I took a sip of my Frap.

" well actually the fans can be pretty sweet sometimes.. its just hard to handle when they freak out, and want to take pictures, and especially when they want a video... that is just to much... i can handle pictures.. but not videos" I said and took  my sunglasses of. Talisha nodded. " tell me about it Girl... it must be so frusturating!"

" Yup" i said and toop another sip of my frap.





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