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  • Publiceret: 22 apr. 2013
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Her for nogle måneder siden skulle jeg skrive en engelsk stil der skulle omhandle en kendt person og det skulle foregå i New York. Jeg valgte at skrive om One Direction, hvor historien er set fra Nialls synsvinkel. Jeg hater ikke på 1D, jeg er derimod en rigtig stor directioner, men jeg ville prøve at skrive noget andet end lykkelige slutninger. Der er nogle fejl, men jeg har ikke lige gidet og rette den. Jeg håber i vil læse det og skrive jeres mening om historien :).


1. One shot

Three years has gone now. In three years I have  been alone, and I have felt that live is not worth living anymore. I am Niall Horan and I will tell you how I lost my four bandmates, they were not just my bandmates, they were my bestfriends, under our tour in New York, Manhatten.

Me and my bandmates have just arrived to New York. We were all so exticed for this tour, and we could not wait to start in a few days. We have arrived four days before the first concert, because we would like to have free, and just enjoy our time in New York. We decided to go for a walk in the city and say hi to the fans outside the hotel. Paul, our bodyguard, was of course with us, if he not was, we would not come back alive. Before we took off we learned a lot of New York’s culture, and I really loved it. We was not even down the stairs, before we heard a lot of screaming. And it was not in fear, but because there was at least 100 teenagegirls in front of the hotel. We decided to take the backdoor and sneak us out.

It was not possible to sneak us out, because in that moment, we came down the stairs, the girls saw us, and as soon as they saw us take the other way out, they stood there. But the girls became less and less, so at the end, it was just me, Liam, Zayn, Harry, Louis and our bodyguard Paul. We have almost been through the whole city. There was almost no fans that followed us, which was lucky for us. We walked pass the Empire State Building and it was huge. We walked back to the hotel, after we had been through the city.

The next day we should practise for the show. We should peform on Madison Square Garden, so we took there. Helene Hørlyck, our danish vocalcoach, was there already, so we started to practise immediately. We sang some of our songs and took back to the hotel afterwards, so we could relax and hold our voices still. But it was not, what we were doing. We fighted, for fun of course, like we always do, and yelled at each other. In the middle of our fight, the door bell rang. Paul opened and 2 minutes after, he came in with a basketfull of chocolate, candy, wine, beer and a lot of other stuff. We looked weird at each other. There was a card with the basket. It said “To the lovely boyband One Direction. I hope you all have had a great life so far, and have enjoyed it, ‘cause you never know, when your life will end. – anonymous.” I  read high and as soon I was done, the basket was ticking. It sounded like a bomb. Suddenly everything turned black.

I opened my eyes, and all I saw, was a white loft. I looked around and saw my mom sat in the sofa, with her head in her hands. She looked up and came over to me. She did not say anything, she just looked at me, and she cried. I asked her, where the rest of the boys were, but she did not reply, she just began to cry even more. After some time she finally replied, and her answer was shoking. I could not believe it. It should have been me, since I was holding the basket. My bestfriends through 2 years was gone. How could it end so bad? What started to be a great tour, turned out to be a horribly tour.

I still remember that day today. It will never leave my head. The memories will hunt me, till I die. I still wish, it would have been me, that died, but it was not. I can not change it, even though I would give my life for it. I had known them for only two years, but we were just like brothers. We laughed at everything together.We fought, of course we did, but I loved them anyways. No I did not loved them, I love them. They are in my mind, but also in my heart. Nobody can replace them. They died in such a young age, and they did not deserved it. Nobody deserves to die in a age of 19. Everyone say that the life will move on, and it does, but there are always something, you can not let go. In my case it is the boys. 

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