they cant know about us

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  • Publiceret: 19 apr. 2013
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skylar bloom also known as sky has just moved from Canada to a small town in england where what ever you do,the people of the town will find out.when your new to this town all you try to do is fit in and not be seen with the wrong crowd but for sky this might be difficult when she developes feeling for a certain boy. it dosent matter how many times her mother has told her to stay away from the bad boys she just cant stop her feelings about them.


1. chapter 1

"come on sky!" my mom called excitdly as she gets out of the car to enter our new house, i sigh "why did we even have to move? i liked Canada better." i say as i get out of the mom looks at me "sky this is going to be a great home,the town is nice and i know you are going to love it."my mom says with a smile "im never going to love this place,its just too small." i say "sky come on just please be are going to meet new people and make new friends.""but i dont want to make new friends i want to have my old friends." i say,my mom sighs "sky im sorry i know how hard it is for you to leave canada but you know that after dad died we needed to start fresh and this is are fresh start."she says i nod my head and we walk into the big house that is now what i call my house. as my mom opens the door and we walk in i see the big hallway. we both take off our shoes and look around "isent this house just beutiful?"my mom asks, i shrug "ya i guess." i say taking out my iphone and texting my bestfriend April "i miss you already,this place sucks:(-sky" i press send and wait for a response "ya i miss you too:( i will never find a werid buddy again:(-April, i laugh "lol just keep being werid without me-sky" i sent back and slid my phone back into my jean pocket.i look around to see my mum isent in the hallway anymore. i walk forward and my eyes search eatch room i tunr and then i am standing in the kitchen,the kitchen is much bigger then the one we had at the apartment well actually everythings bigger then our old apartment. i see my mom and run up. "did you loose me?"my mom asks "well considering we are in tis huge house,yes."i say she laughs "actually how can we afford this house anyway?" i ask "sky i told you i got a new job and the pay is great."she smiles"you can go upstairs and pick out your room if you want."she states i nod my head and walk back to the hallway and up the stairs.when i reach the top i see three most be the bathroom.i look at the first room,it is pretty big,it has a bay window which i think will be perfect for reading,a window at the back of the room which is basically a window that if i ever wanted to sneak out or anything it lead to the backyard. i walk closer to the window and see that you are able to take the screen off and on,i see some of the roof and then i have an idea. i slip out of the window and on the roof,i sit down and look up at the sky,my mom always tells me that the reason my mother and father named me skylar was because of the sky,they always told me that the sky was as pretty as me but i dont believe im as pretty as the sky because the sky is just lovely the way the blue and white mixes together, i can spend hours just staring at it. "sky!"my mom calls i quickly get back inside and close the window. i go outside of the room i now call my room to see my mom going up the stairs."hey mom." i say "hey sweetie so i am guessing you pick that room."she say pointing to the door behind me "ya i figured that if i pain it lime green and turquise it will look great." i say she smiles and walks up the rest of the stairs and i go back into my room. i then sit on the bay window and look outside to see five boys walking by,laughing and talking,i wonder what their laughing about?  i continue to watch them and think i could see one of them had blonde hair,another had like dark brown curly hair and that was all  i could make out.i stand up from the bay window and go down the stiars and put my shoes on as im about to open the door my mom walks towards me "where do you think your going?"she asks "i wanted to look around."i say "well you cant go out yet, i dont know who are the punks in this town."she says "punks really?look at this town everything seems perfect so im just going to asume everyone is probably close to perfect too." i say "sky i dont need the people here to get the wrong idea about you if you meet the kids of the town that everyone else thinks is bad news." she says, i sigh and take off my shoes and go back up to the room and sit on the floor,not sure what to do so i just stare at the ceiling. after a few minutes i hear a knock on the front door. i stand up from the bay window and go down the stairs and to the hallway, i open the door "hello we just live next door and we wanted to welcome you to our town." a women who had blonde hair,blue eyes and looked like she was in her early thirtys said."mom!" i call, then my mom comes downstairs and the women says what she said to me to my mom. i then saw next to her was a man who had black hair,brown eyes and looked like he was maybe in his early fortys, next to him was girl,she had straight dark brown hair,blue eyes and looked like she was the same age as me. "hello."my mom says "my name is debra willer."the women said "im dave willer." "and im faith."the girl smiles "nice to meet you im heather bloom." "and im skylar but just call me sky." i smile "nice to meet you."debra says and sticks out her hand and my mom and i shake hands with them. "do you have any questions about the town?"dave asks "well i do have a few."my mom says "like what?"he asks "well i first want to know if anyone in this town is trouble."she says, they pause for a second "well there are five boys in our town who are just awful."debra says "whats their names?"i ask "zayn malik,liam payne,harry styles,louis tomlinson and niall horan.they have almost gotten them selfs in jail multiple times.not to mention that everyone in this town cant stand them."debra says with a bit of disgust in her voice "what did they do that was bad?" i ask my mom looks at me "they have just been trouble makers in this town."she says i nod my head "now next question where is the school?"my mom asks "ohh thats maple side high school,its about fifteen minutes away from here."faith says "alright and now just one more question,where is the closest ikea?"my mom asks "its about half an hour away."dave says "thank you."my mom says "alright well we better get back home but if you need anything else just call at 905-234-7411."dave says "can i hang out with sky?"faith asks her parents "well if its ok with sky and her mother sure."debra says "of course you two can hang out."my mom smiles. debra and dave leave and faith comes in "well i think i am going to go to ikea and buy some furniture so i will be back in an hour or so alright?"my says i nod my head. my mom puts her shoes on and is out the door."hi."faith says "hello." i say back "so how is it to move here?"she asks me "to be honest it sucks i miss my friends so much." i say "ya i know my family moved here from Paris."faith says "oh so you can speak french?" i question "ya very well actually."she laughs "how long ago did you move?"i ask "i moved here four years ago."she says "oh." i say. it is quiet for a moment "want to go to my room?" i ask her,she nods and then we walk up the stairs and into my room. "theres no where to sit but the bay window." i laugh and sit she laughs to."i could tell before when you were talking to my parents how you wanted to know about liam,zayn,harry,louis and niall."she says i look at her "was it that ovious?"i ask she laughs "anyway if you want to know more here it is.they go to maple side high school,i think the youngest is seventeen which is harry and then nialls eighteen but im not sure how old the other ones are.they are huge jerks they just hook up with girls and then dump them.sometimes at night they are walking around and screaming."she says "they dont seem to bad." i say "they are bad,they always beat someone up and play with girls hearts and everything. i talked to zayn once."she smirked "wait what no offense but i thought you were like one of those perfect girls." i say she laughs "ya right i just act like that in front of my parents."she says i laugh "alright so what did you and zayn talk about?"i ask "we just joked around until he punched a kid who was hitting on me and then i ran." she says "so basically what your saying is that you were just joking around with zayn then this boy comes and starts to hit on you and zayn punches him?" i question she nods her head "ya they just love starting fights."she says "wait but if someone saw you and zayn talking wouldent everyone hate you?" i asked "no one ever found out. if you are seen with them it will get around but if you hide it and they dont find out everything is good."she says.she slides her hand in her jean pocket and takes a cigartte out "do you mind?"she asks "i would say no but when my mom comes home and smells smoke in my room,she'll think i smoked." i said she nodded and slid the cigarrte pack back in her pocket. "so what do you want to talk about?"she asks "i dont know,what do you want to talk about?"i ask.

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