Just Another Passing Stranger. (1D, Finished)

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You're an average eighteen year old girl. You work hard and aspire to be a budding photographer. You love reading books getting lost in your thoughts and relaxing....or at least that's what you thought.

Until one day you meet a guy who pulls you out of your fairytale world turning your life upside down. But could someone you've never even heard of really make this much difference to your life?


1. Dear Book Girl.


Y/N's - P.O.V

It was Sunday. 

Sunday the 15th April 2012 to be exact. I was a regular in my local cafe, 'Le Café De La Belle' London. I sat at an old wooden table in the window. Perfect. I loved it here. It was always so...perfect.


Every day at 6am I would walk into the cafe and be welcomed to Sam bringing me a lovely cup of hot chocolate. I've known him since I was a child. His dad gave him the cafe before he passed away quite recently. He was sweet. He stood tall, slender but muscular with blond slightly spiked hair and blue eyes. He was mysterious yet welcoming and always wore a smile. 


06:01am - 


"Here you go Y/N." Sam gently placed the cup of steaming hot chocolate on the table in front of me and gave me a little wink. I giggled and then thanked him for the drink. People think I'm mad for getting up this early just to get a drink and have a read of my book. But, I like it. It's me time. The only time I can relax and not be rushed off my feet. 


I'm currently working for a magazine called 'Exposed' I write articles about pretty much anything. But sometimes it can be so difficult to find stories that people other than myself would enjoy! I want to be a photographer. Just a photographer. I mean, I do a little now and then for the mag' but nothing major. 


I sat and gazed out of the cafe window for a short while, enjoying the calmness of London's streets. Most people didn't get to see this sense of the city. I then took my book out of my bag and began to read. From what I had read so far it was great and I was really stuck into it until I heard the bang of the cafe door. I quickly looked up to see who it was. It was strange...the cafe didn't usually have customers until around eightish. A tall curly haired guy walked in and sat at the table across the room from me. He had a sort of recognizable face, kinda cute. He picked up the menu and looked at it briefly. Then placed it back down and walked to the counter where Sam was stood.


"Morning- could I have a cappuccino please?" His voice was quite rocky and loud, enough to keep me distracted from my book for a few minutes. Sam seemed quite surprised and almost excited to see the guy in the cafe. They began talking and laughing but I couldn't quite hear what it was about. I assumed they knew each other. I glanced over at the guy and he turned and smiled at me. I smiled back then carried on reading. 


About half an hour passed and I was really into my book. This girl was trying to help an elderly man find his childhood love that he lost touch with. Aww! It was just getting good when I noticed a figure sit on the chair on the opposite side of the table. I lowered my book and gave him a weird look. It was the curly haired guy. 


"Good right...” He said.


"Excuse me?" I replied confused. 


"The book...its good isn't it?" He laughed amused at my confusion.


"Urmm...yeh, I guess." I replied still a little confused and thinking to myself that there was no way on earth he had read this. I raised the book once more and began to read again. 


"I'm Harry." He interrupted peering over my book with a smile. I rolled my eyes and replied,


"Y/N." Then lent over the table to give him a quick handshake. He stared at me intrigued as if I should know him. 


"I'm sorry do I know you?" I asked. The guy...Harry, shrugged his shoulders unsure and I looked at him blankly. 


"I guess not." He chuckled. He had an amazing smile. Pearly white teeth. Oh, and emerald eyes that you could get lost in. 


"Is...Something wrong?" his voice interrupted my thoughts.


"Oh! Oh...sorry. No- nothing." I could feel my face turning red. How embarrassing. Did I seriously just sit there staring at some stranger like a total plank? I'm such an idiot.


"So- do you know me?" he questioned me.


"Didn't I just ask you that?" I looked at him confused again as he sat there still waiting for an answer. 


"I do know you. Yes. But, only as a passing stranger." I began to smile and so did he.


"Well that's a cool way to put it." he replied looking impressed. I closed my book and put it back in my bag.


"Oh- are you leaving now?" he questioned me again. I looked at him. He actually seemed disappointed.


"Nope." I smiled. "You don't just leave when a creepy guy sits next to you in a cafe. You talk to them." I winked at him and his mouth fell open and then he started to laugh.


"Hey! I'm not creepy!" We spoke for while, asking questions and getting to know each other. I explained to him why I was in the cafe so early and he smiled and said he was there to get some space too. Some 'me time' he had said. And I laughed. Soon enough we were laughing and giggling...getting along like a house on fire. But then his phone started to ring. He looked at it and said,


"So sorry. I need to get this." Harry stood from the table and answered the phone. He sounded quite pissed. "Hi." he said angrily. "Yep....Yep...Yep....No....It'll have to wait I'm busy...I can't....Really? Ok. Fine. I'll be there." He ended the call by huffing and hanging up the phone. He then walked back over to the table and told me he had to leave. I nodded understandingly and watched him walk towards the door. Just as he was about to leave he stopped. He picked up a menu from the table he was next too, pulled out a pen and wrote on the back of it. He then placed it on the window sill by the door looking at me and smiling. Then left the cafe.


Once he had gone I looked at the clock. It was eight forty, I best get leaving...I thought to myself.


"Bye Sam!" I shouted across the room and waved. Slowly making my way to the door I saw the menu that Harry had written on, so I picked it up and read what he had wrote.



Dear Book Girl,


Best buy some tissues; there are a lot of tears that come with the ending of that book. ;) 

Call me? 07797765203


Lots of Love,

               A Passing Stranger. x

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