A summer to remember - 1D

Emily and her family are on their summer vacation in Spain. There's a lot of people in the summer resort, and Emily gets new friends quickly. But she also meets a guy, Harry Styles. Their relationship develops and changes the holiday..


1. The arrive

I slammed the cardoor and looked around. The sun was shining on the high palms, and it was hot outside. A lot of children were running near the swimmingpool. I heard my dad say: "Emily, come on! We have to get the key to our hotelroom. We can go to the pool later." I walked slowly into the reception desk and followed my parents to the second floor. I unpacked my suitcases and rolled the window down. The view was amazing. Then I changed to my dotted bikini and went to the light blue pool. I threw my purple towel at one of the deckchairs. At first I sat on the edge and dipped my feet into the chilly water. A few seconds later I jumped and swam quickly backwards and forwards to keep warm. I float in the water for a couple of minutes, when I suddenly hit someone behind me. A guy on my age turned around. His green eyes looked into mine. I immediately recognized the face in front of me. "Oh, I'm sorry. Are you okay?" Harry Styles smiled friendly at me. I answered confused: "Uhm, yes. It was my fault." "I'm Harry." He didn't had to introduce himself. I already knew, who he was. Everybody knew him. Everybody knew the british boyband, One Direction. "Yes, I know. I'm Emily." I smiled. I wasn't really a fan, but meeting Harry Styles in a swimmingpool in Spain was very exciting. "So, how long have you been here?" he asked kindly. "My family and I arrived earlier today. Are you here with the other guys?" I tried to sound calm, like it was just a regular fellow. But thinking about I was talking to a celebrity, made it difficult. "No, it's just me and my family. Uhm, can I buy you an icecream? Maybe we could take a walk on the beach?" I didn't know what to say. "Yeah, of course, sounds cool. I'll see you in 15 minutes." I rushed out of the pool, and ran up to the hotelroom. My long, blonde hair was tangled, and it had a penetrating smell of chlorine. I tried as good as possible to comb it and made a braid. The floor below me echoed, as I walked fast down the stairs 10 minutes later. Harry sat on the step and shaped a big smile, when he turned his head and saw me coming towards him. I breathless said: "Hi, sorry I'm late. Shall we go?" Harry nodded.

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