Girls have their secrets,and sometimes that's enough

Alivianna was the new girl she had just moved to England. On her first day of school she meet a girl Amira. They may be strangers but they share one huge secret. Want to know what it is? You will have to read to find out.


1. Intro

Alivianna was new to town and meets a new friend Amira.  The girls don't know a lot about each other but little do they know they share the same secret, read to find out what it is and what happens 

So sorry this is so short! This is basically a little quick chapter before we get into  it! Thanks! And by the way I'm Amira, and when i write it's in her POV. WELL ENJOY!!!!!!!!! Also, the other author is Alivianna. She will  have the sign off-  Becca <3 And when she writes its in Alivianna's POV. K Bye!
~Lena xx

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