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Yeah,so uh...Hi there,I'm Monika,well my friends call me Moni.This is the story of how I met my awesome Boyfriend Zayn at my house an I found out that my awesomesauce step-bro is one other than Niall Horan,and all of the stories inside.


1. 1.Niall

I sighed as I ran upstairs as tears fell down my face."why!?!"I cried looking at my callendar.Shizzles,my 15th birthday,and NOW they decide a divorce?!?! I thought angrily as my mom walked in."Sweetheart." "NO!!!"I yelled as I burried my face in my pillow."I know this is hard,but I have something for you."She said quietly as I turned to see my 32 year old mom with a very small bundle of fur in her arms."AWW!"I said as I picked it up and cradled it in my arms as the little puppy sleepily lifted it's head to lick my chin."This is Lily,to help you cope with this."my mom explained as I layed Lily on the foot of my bed."Thanks mom."I said hugging her.

                                                                                          ~~To present time~~


I sat down with Lily in my arms,I am now 18 and my best friend is my dog,yeah I said it...My dog.I sighed as Lily leapt on the bed next to me."Hi boo!"i said as my mom knocked on my door."Honey,come downstairs I have a friend here for you."She said as she closed the door.What? I thought as I changed into a pair of my floral leggings and a tee-shirt as I walked downstairs with Lily bounding after my feet.RAF RAF RRR RAWF Lily barked at the blonde boy in my living room."Uh...hi."I said shyly."Oh,Monika."My mom said."This is Niall,you're new step-brother!"she continued as my jaw dropped What the!! "Oh!"i said knowing that face.OH MA GAWD!!! Niall Horan is my STEP-BROTHER!!!!! "Wow!"I said smiling as he pet Lily.


"Hi."I said stroking the puppy's fur."So,uh wanna hang out?"I asked as Monika nodded her head and whistled as the puppy leapt over to her side as she lead my to the basement."Big!"I said as she ploped on the couch."Thanks."Monika replied."Wanna play wii?"She asked picking up wii sports resort."I'd love too!"I said as we played for a few hours with Lily the shih-tzu barking to cheer Monika on."YES!!"I yelled and did a victory dance."Whoa!Someone need's dance lessons!"Monika teased as I stuck my tounge out."Heh! wanna stay for the night?"Monika asked."Sure Monika!"i said as Lily followed me sniffing my feet."Sorry."Monika said as she picked Lily up."She likes tpo sniff."she appologized as I pet Lily."Don't worry sis."I said as I changed in the bathroom and Monika went upstairs and changed into a One Direction tee-shirt from 1D WORLD and her pink pj bottoms."Heh!"I said as she walked downstairs and sat next to me on the couch."What,I am a dedicated directioner!"She said defensively as she broke out laughing."Can't belive mom left us here to "bond"Monika said using air quotes."I agree,we already are happy being family."I said as Lily tried to tackle me with licks."sorry!"Monika siad pulling Liy off my face as she let out a growl."Lily!"Monika said scoldingly."so,uh wanna meet the boys tommorow?"I asked.


"So,uh waqnna meet the boys tomorrow?"Niall asked smiling."Could I!!"I said hiding some of my fangirlyness."Yeah!They will love you!"Niall agreed as I stood up and walked ot the kitchen."I'm making popcorn NIALL!!!"I called as he bolted into the kitchen"YAY!!"Heyelled as he sat on the counter top happily."OK,ok!Control bro!"I laughed as I got out the popcorn and poured in into a bowl."YAY!!!"Niall squealed like a little girl and ran to the living room with the popcorn ."Oh wow!"I groaned teasingly as we watched Balto II WolfQuest."I love this movie!"I said as Niall nodded with his mouth stuffed with popcorn as I laughed,and before I knew it we both fell asleep on the couch watching Balto as the popcorn in Niall's lap spilled over us both.


((Sorry it's so long!I had this huge burst of inspiration and yeah.I will hold a contest soon to see who wants to be my Co-author!! Good luck!-SM))

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