I'll Tell You A Tale Of Vampirates (1D Fan Fic)

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  • Publiceret: 15 feb. 2013
  • Opdateret: 16 maj 2013
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Grace Cordweld (Turtle), has a hard life. When her father dies and the bank takes away everything, she steals a boat, running away from her past. Being caught in the middle of a freak storm, a mysterious ship comes to her aid. A ship with wing-like sails and a nocturnal crew. Join Turtle in her adventure, as she finds love, and death, and the haunting truth to her past. Come. Board the Nocturne, and sail of into the dark, lonely, dangerous sea, with the beautiful boys of One Direction. Based loosely on Justin Somper's "Vampirates".


1. Terms and Definitions

Vampirate- A Vampire that has taken up a calm life on the wide open sea to live in peace with humans and have a weekly Feast Night


Donor- A human that has given an oath to live on the Nocturne and give a weekly dose of blood to the crew and in return stay immortal as long as a Vampirate is taking their blood



Feast Night- The weekly taking of the donors blood to keep the Vampirate crew satisfied



Sire- To take a human and mingle a Vampirates blood with theirs to transform them



The Nocturne- The Vampirate ship

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