Three Words (bobsicle and Billie The Dragon-Owl's Competition)



1. What You Need To Do

First, I'll explain why this came about:

After IceCreamGirl and Chetna ran their own short story competition, I (bobsicle) thought that it would be good if other movellians started to do it as well. Not necessarily just for short stories, but with anything. It means that there are generally less entries, so the judges can take the time to read through and critique each one properly. I decided that I would help boost this (hopefully) trend. This competition was created!


The Competition

To enter, you have to write a movella. It can be any genre, and as long or short as you want. It can be first person, third person, or even second person if you want to challenge yourself. All we're asking is that it fits with these conditions:

- It has three chapters (of any size).

- The first chapter starts with the word What, the second with Are and the third with We.

- There is no porn or similarly disgusting content.

When you have finished your entry, post the name of your story and/or a link to it in the comments. We (Billie The Dragon-Owl and bobsicle) will read it and give you feedback on it. The deadline for the competition is the 1st of April, and the winners - 1st, 2nd and 3rd - will be announced soon after, depending on how many entries we get and how long it takes to decide. (This will be on another chapter of this movella, so if you're entering we advise you to favourite this.)

The Prizes

First place - An in-depth critique of any Movella of the winner's choice (provided it is not innapropriate for a thirteen year old and a twelve year old to read). Also, we will both fan them and give them a shout-out on our blogs. The following sentence will go up on our profiles for one week, all in capitals:

(Winner's username) is awesome so go check them out!

Second and third place - A critique of any Movellas they chose, and a shout-out on one of our blogs (second on Billie The Dragon-Owl's, third on bobsicle's).

Good luck!

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