Don't Judge Before You Know

Harry Styles, a popstar who's always in the spotlight. Lately the fame has gotten to his head; he thinks he knows everything and he can do no wrong. However, there is one person he cannot impress. Meet Storm, a new DJ who works 2 jobs to make ends meet and must take care of her baby sister. What happens when a egotistical boy and a stubborn girl meet? They should expect some sparks.


2. Bartender Girl

Harry’s POV


I left the limo and I could already feel the music reverberating through my chest. I needed to get drunk and this was reportedly the best nightclub in London.


The bouncer let me in without asking for I.D. because let’s face it, everyone knows who I am. But apparently I’m not good enough for the girl that decided to dump me earlier today. It was out of nowhere and I just don’t get it. Why would she want to dump me? I mean I’m Harry Styles, for fucks sake. Who is she to dump me?


Once I’m inside the club, I head straight to the bar where the bartender had her back to me. From what I could see she was pretty fit. The white shirt clung to her body and the black, leather-looking pants hugged her legs to perfection. I purposely chose an open seat near her; I needed a one-nighter and from her body, I could tell she was perfect for what I had in mind. The only thing that could ruin it was if she had a pug face.


She turned around and the first thing I noticed was her eyes. One was a stormy gray-blue-green mix, but the other was an unusual violet purple. Hmm, probably colored contacts. She poured the drinks for the people at the bar almost expertly, as if she bartended her whole life.


“Can I get a Bulliet Neat?” I asked. She looked in my direction, but her eyes only remained on me for a second before she nodded. I needed something strong and Bourbon was the way to go. Mystery bartender girl bent over to get a glass and what can I say, I’m a guy so obviously I looked to try and get a preview before I got her into my bed later. Before I could, she stood up and slid a glass in front of me and poured the drink in.


Bartender Girl turned away and began filling drinks for everyone else around. She would laugh and talk with them, but she barely glanced at me. I wonder why. Oh, I know. I bet she’s a fan is just too excited to talk to me. Well this would work in my favor; a fan would jump at the chance to come home with me. I sipped my drink and watched her.


Before I knew it, I had downed my drink and I had only slightly begun to feel the effects of the liquor. I raised my hand and motioned for another. I decided that when she came over I would begin to work my charm.


“What’s your name beautiful?” I asked when she came closer.


She looked up at me with eyebrows raised, “I don’t think you really care what my name is. Chances are you won’t remember it tomorrow.”


I ignored that because she was basically right. “Trust me, I won’t forget a beautiful face like yours.” I countered. But all Bartender Girl did was laugh and refill my drink before walking away. Geez, you can’t even compliment a girl anymore.


I left the bar and went to the dance floor. Within seconds a blonde with an excessive amount of makeup on pulled me close to her and began grinding on me. I grinned. Just because one stupid girl didn’t react to my compliments, doesn’t mean I’m not irresistible.


We danced for I don’t know how long, but something was bugging me. As I looked around the club my eyes landed on Bartender Girl and I knew her indifference was the reason why I wasn’t enjoying dancing with this girl as much as I should.


I detached myself from the girl and she pouted her Barbie-pink lips at me. I could honestly care less about this girl right now; I just wanted Bartender Girl in my bed. Right about now.


I walked over to the bar again, preparing to work my magic. This time I ordered a whiskey because I wasn’t quite as drunk as I would like, but by the end of the night I knew I would be. Bartender Girl walked over and I figured I might as well ask about the new DJ. I mean, she worked here so she might decide to loosen up.


I leaned my elbows onto the counter, “So who’s this new DJ everyone is talking about? I guess he’s pretty good.”


Her eyes landed on me. “What makes you think the DJ is a guy?” she asked.


“Well, I mean, girls just aren’t good at stuff like that,” I slurred. The drinks were really kicking in.


She narrowed her eyes at me, “So you’re the type of guy that believes girls should stay in the kitchen, huh?”


“Well, it’s not like you’re the DJ. You’re just the bartender.” I said.


Her eyes flashed and darkened at my words. It was as if she took my words as a personal insult. She opened her mouth to respond, but a voice came over the speakers and announced that in 5 minutes DJ Storm would be taking over. I looked over at her and she was walking away. “Wait, where are you going?” I called out.


She looked over her shoulder at me, “My shift is over.” And with that she walked through a door that said employees only. I sighed. I guess I would need to find someone else to bring home with me. I sipped my drink thinking about what is probably the only girl to ever walk away from me. Maybe that blonde from earlier would like the chance to be with me.


I quickly found her and pulled her back against my front. She looked up at me and smiled in a way that I guess she thought was sexy, but it looked more like a grimace. Whatever, she was practically undressing me right here and now, so it was perfect for what I wanted.


My attention was purely on the girl grinding against me until a new voice came through. “What’s happening Club Royale?” a female’s voice floated through the speakers. The club responded with a chorus of shouts. “I’m DJ Storm and let’s kick off the night with a remix, let’s get this started!” The DJ began playing a remix of Die Young by Kesha and I decided to look over where the DJ’s stand was. The DJ had their own section of the club where only certain people could get in to.


And there standing behind the DJ table with headphones on was Bartender Girl.

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