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  • Publiceret: 27 dec. 2012
  • Opdateret: 17 jan. 2017
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Amelia a 18 year old girl forced to mary a family friend everyone says she will be so happy but audrey knows she will be misreble. at a dance she meets a person who changes her life forever will she be able to be in a relationship with the person who changed her or will she end up with the boy her parents picked.(hope you enjoy!)


1. explaining my story

"i hate you!" i yelled to my mom and dad "amelia we are doing whats best for you!" my dad yelled back i began to run to my room with tears falling from my eyes, i slammed the door closed and began to cry into my pillow. you probley are wondering what i am so upset about well my mom and dad have arranged who i am going to marry. you see when i was ten years old my mom and dad sighned a contract saying when i was eighteen which i am i will move in with adam(the boy my mom and dad have picked for me to marry) and when three months pass we will be married and by twenty six we will have kids. i  know what your thinking when your eighteen you are free to do what you want, right? wrong because my parents told me to sighn the contract too when i was ten by telling me that when i was eight teen i will marry a prince and like any other ten year old girl i thought it would be super cool and then i sighned it but i was not going to marry a prince i am forced to marry adam beller, he is nice and all but he is just not my type, he is super smart but he hates to joke around. anyway now i bet your thinking what time period are you living in? no one has to marry anyone. well this is 2012 close to 2013 and it still happens. so why adam beller? well first our familys are very good friends and the beller's are rich i am not even joking they have a huge mansion with like 200 rooms and 3 floors and when i was ten adam had this huge crush on me were he would always be like "i love you." and "will you marry me?" and my answers were usally "ewwww." and "never." but now never is ya i am forced, but the biggest reason my parents want me to marry him is because he is smart and would make a great husband according to them. my phone is starting to ring "hello?" i answer "hey babe." it was adam "hi." i said "so you want to come over tonight?" he asked "no sorry i am so busy." i lied "really because i called your parents before i called you and they said that you had no plans today."adam stated "ohh they did?"i asked "ya so that means i will pick you up on like a hour or so."adam said "adam i just dont feel like going to your place today i just need some alone time." i said smiling "babe you are going to move in with me in like 2 days, you need to start coming to my place more." adam stated "im sorry but i just need time to myself." i said "amelia you are going to come to my place in a hour or so and you have no choice."adam stated sternly "ok fine." i responded giving up "great love you." he said happily i said nothing back "arent you going to say somthing back?"he asked "i love you too." i lied and hung up can this day get any worse.

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