Parachute ~Twilight~*English*

This is my story for the danish Twilight competition, so I would be totally happy, if you would throw a comment, a like or maybe add on fav. list....
This is a continuation from where the books end.
Bella and Edward have to leave their home, because a new vampire clan from England is coming. They want Renesmee.
I hope that you enjoy reading my story. //LalalaLaura....xD.


1. Prolog


I dreamed is was missing.

You were so scared,

But no one would listen.

'Cause no one else cared.


After my dreaming,

I woke with this fear.

What am I leaving,

When i'm done here.


When my times come,

Forget the wrong that I've done.

Help me leave behind sun,

Reason to be missed,

Leave out all the rest.


Leave out all the rest - Linkin Park.

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