How we came as one

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  • Publiceret: 31 okt. 2012
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This story is about an 18 year old girl,named Ava.Ava's parents died when she was 7,Ava lives now in quaint Bradford,England with her aunt Cher,uncle Marley and younger cousins,Vanessa and Kate.Ava is apart of the most valuable karate team in England,but she has a very exciting past,like from Twillight or something like that,but when she and her BFF get to win a date with 1D,Will she reveal all,or is it time to go back to Derek?


1. Ava's life

"Ava!Come on,you'll miss the training!"Aunt Cher called." Coming!" Ava yelled as she shoved her black belt into her bag.Ava rushed downstaris." Oh shoot." She muttered under her breath as she sprinted upstairs and grabbed her phone." AVA!" Aunt Cher yelled as she got in her car." Ok!" Ava called as she picked up her bag and ran to the old Nissan." So Ava,How's the Olympic training?" Aunt Cher asked as she pulled put of the driveway." Pretty good,I just hope I get chosen to represent England for Kata."Ava replied as she pulled her hair into a messy ponytail." Thanks auntie." Ava said as she kissed her aunt's cheek and hopped out of the car,and ran to the door."I hope I'm not late." She muttered as she ran down the stairs and saw all her friends talking in the changeroom." Hey Ava." A girl with light blue eyes and blonde hair called to her." Oh hey Cassie!" Ava called as she ran over." What's up?" Ava asked as she flipped some of her light chestnut hair out of her light hazel eyes." Nothing,Into the X-Factor." Cassie replied smiling." I thought you hated that show?" Ava asked as she took off her shirt." Well yeah,but there are some really cute guys in that season." Cassie said smiling stupidly."Really,who?"Ava asked amused with her friend." Here!" Cassie said as she pulled out her phone from her light green hoddie she was wearing and showed Ava the pictures of the 5 boys." Ok,that's Niall,Zayn,Harry,Louis and,Liam!"Cassie chriped as she showed her the pictures of the cute boys."Wow,they are cute!" Ava said staring at Zayn.

((Sorry that was kinda weird but It'll get better once I get more INSPIRATION!!;D -M))
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