Imagine -Liam Payne-

Rated T
Charachters You and Liam Payne


1. Toy Story

The two of you are sitting in his bedroom laying down on his bed watching Toy Story.. Of course. you two are cuddling with your head rested on his chest, and his arms cradling your body. When The movie ends you are trying your best not to fall asleep but Liam, had second thoughts. He was snoozing away. you gently unlatch his hands holding you and push off his chest. You shiver at the sudden Temperature drop because lying with Liam with the covers was much more warmer, Compared to the room temperature. You shake it off and walk towards the t.v and push the eject button. The disk comes out and You put it away and turn off the t.v. before you can make your way back you feel a Warm hand run up and down your shoulder. "Y/N?" you turn your head around to see Liam.. Shirtless Liam.. You hold the hand on your shoulder and rub your other one. Just because it's like 2 degrees in his room and your only wearing shorts and a tank top. "Yeah?" you answer. "your getting cold, go back to bed." He say pulling you in his arms and Kissing your forehead. when you push away and lie back down Liam pulls over beside you and leans forward. He pushes some strands of hair out of your face and kisses your cheek. You smile into the kiss and kiss him back. You look up to him and lie back on his warm chest."Your right, It's much warmer in here."

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