An unforgettable Summer...

It's about this 17-year old girl, who goes on a vacation with her best friend Nancy.. But at the first day of their vacation, something amazing happens! Read the story, if you'd like to know more ;-)


1. On our way on vacation....<3


“Hello… HELLO! Come on wake up! You’re gonna be late for school! Wake up” your best friend Nancy yelled at you. It was the last day of this semester, which meant, that it was time for summer vacation. “Relax drama-queen. I’m awake now. What time is it anyway?” you said and yawned. You’d been up all night, talking about boys, and even more important – Your summer vacation! “It’s only about 6 am. But you have to pack your bag for our trip. We have to go to the airport as soon as the headmaster says you can go now, young people. Enjoy your summer!” you looked at Nancy, who was making a funny face, and couldn’t help laughing! You and Nancy had been best friends like forever, and she almost felt like a sister to you – you were inseparable! You were both 17 years, and you had FINALLY got permission to go on your first ever vacation, without any parents! You looked at your cellphone. It was now 6:30 am, and you suddenly realized that you had to hurry up, if you were going to make it in time. You packed the rest of your things for the trip, threw on some clothes, and ran down to the kitchen. Thankfully your mom had made you breakfast already, cause you were starving! “Morning mom” you said, when you saw your mom in the kitchen, you gave her a quick hug, and then sat down and ate some breakfast. “So, are you planning on taking the bus this morning, or do you want a ride to school?” your mom said, and took a sip of her coffee. You looked at Nancy who nodded. “If you have time to drive us, that’ll be perfect, cause we’re in a bit of a hurry right now…” You said “Because little miss perfect didn’t want to wake up this morning” Nancy interrupted, you just looked at her, then you all laughed. Your mom drove you and Nancy to school, and you planned to meet her there, when school was over. She was going to drive you to the airport, and help you check in. You both walked in to your classroom, where you found a bunch of your friends. You said “hi” and hugged everyone. You looked at Nancy, who was looking at Matty; she had had a crush on that guy for ages, but were too shy to say anything. “Hi Matty!” you said and smiled. You had been friends since the day you were both born. Your mom and Mattys mom had been best friends since high school, which didn’t bother you at all, cause Matty was a really cool guy, and you enjoyed spending time with him. “Hi babe, so where are you going this summer. My mom said that you were going on vaca alone? Is that true?” he said, and smiled. “Ohh, I’m not going alone, no Nancy’s coming too. We’re going to the Atlantic Resort on the Bahamas” you said proudly and couldn’t help smiling, you were so looking forward! “Nice! Me too! My parents and I are taking the plane there, as soon as we’re done here” “Nancy and I are too. My mom’s picking us up, and driving us there! OMG, I can’t believe that you are going too!” you gave him a huge hug, and then the bell rang, which meant it was time for class.

As soon as the class ended, you all said goodbye, and then you and Nancy ran out to your mom’s car, and drove to the airport. Your mom had taken the day off of work, so that she could pack your bags into the car, and make sure that you got safely through the airport. And you did. 

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