Romeo and Juliet

This is something I wrote ages ago, so the grammar isn't so good but I thought I'd upload it anyway!


1. Romeo


Romeo-The moonlight was dim and forlorn as I wandered along the cobbled pathway, which led towards the Capulet’s gaping doors. Here the masquerade ball was taking place. The hoots of joy and the pounding of frivolous music drifted towards me. I wondered what Rosaline could be doing at this very moment; dancing, singing, enjoying herself but alas not thinking of me. The thought, put me off even entering inside, because I knew I was only going to be disappointed. I heaved a sigh of misery.

My friends had gone ahead in their fervent moods. I could see them from here, springing around in dance brazenly.

 I heard the sound of tinkling laughter. It sounded like...Rosaline? I tried not to let myself hope but it was too late I already had. Curiosity got the better of me. Intrigued I made my way towards the grand doors, where golden light radiated from the party. I tugged my mask over my head and discreetly leant against the wall of the room and watched the good people of Verona in their festive revelries.

I couldn’t see Rosaline.

I forced myself to stop scanning the crowds of people and just focus on something. Anything was better than this tormenting ache of lovesickness. That’s when I saw her; she was like a shimmering beam of beauty. Her hair swung behind her as she twirled and weaved through the mass of vibrant people. Her laugh and smile were like the morning sun; full of goodness and magnificence. Her skin was like satin or a smooth petal of a spring blossom, and her exquisite eyes were diamonds in the night sky.

What I would have given to reach out to her and tell her of her beauty and how wonderful she was. Never had I felt such adoration.

Nothing mattered anymore, it was her and her alone like all roads pointed towards her because she was the one. I had a purpose. Then she looked straight at me, her eyes meeting mine, only then did I know I was right.







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