Black Violets

Miss Violet Ashwater has been suffering with strange dreams for her whole life it seems. She travels to a distant hotel to meet a specialised Doctor in attempt to help her. But at the hotel more mayhem is unleashed. Murder after murder. A dashing detective named Victor Cordent steps in but he is not all as he seems...


1. Prologue



A young, beautiful girl sat quietly in the evening, summer sunshine. Her lilac dress was sprawled around her on the grass and her black hair tumbled like a waterfall down her back. Her hand scribbled words across the page of her little book. A gold bound diary. It was one of her most treasured possessions and she enjoyed filling it with new words every day. Today there was a lot to write. She was moving away to live with her new husband in Yorkshire, where the wedding would take place. As she finished her last words she shut the diary gently, and pushed back a strand of her hair behind her ear (a habit she had when she finished writing in her diary). She got up off the ground in a leap of ecstasy, dislodging the strand of her hair she had just tucked behind her ear. She stroked the golden binding of the diary before clutching it to her chest and walking back up towards her child-hood home, where her parents were.

As she walked up through the meadow she leaned down and picked a beautiful black violet from the long grass. The meadow was full of them and they were her favourite flowers. She twisted it into her hair and smiled. At that moment the clouds started to darken and within seconds the rain began to fall. It fell gently at first, then harder. Then the storm began. Raging winds gusted around her and thunder and lightning competed for the best performance in the sky. Unnerved she walked on, she was too happy to worry about the oncoming storm. She trudged through the meadow, her dark hair now plastered to her face. She held her diary ever more tightly. Then the rain began to blur her vision and she fell. She peered through the rain drops and saw a dark figure in the distance. She called for help but the figure seemed not to hear her. It appeared the figure was a man, but she could not be sure. She struggled to pull herself up and yelped as she slipped downwards again. The figure turned his head slowly. Then he was gone. She looked around trying to catch sight of him.

Then it came, faster and faster, pain surging through her body like fire and water clashing. It crushed, drained, and obliterated her, sucking the life clean and pure from her body. She thrust her head back in pain, as her neck cracked, and screamed; her emerald eyes wide open with fear, her voice piercing the air, shattering it into thousands of pieces. All heard and felt sympathy but no-one came. What could the trees and the clouds or the earth do?  They were helpless. She gasped at the sight of the red pool of water swirling around her. Blood. She could just about see flashes of black spinning around her. Then it stopped the excruciating pain, the burning, the spinning. The rain drops seemed to freeze in mid-air, the trees stopped swaying, and the lighting stayed a while longer than it should. Time was playing its own game.

Then, out of nowhere a creature so beautiful and yet horrific stood above her. He looked human and yet he could not be. His eyes blazed like a distant fire, grey with green flecks. “I am sorry,” he said sincerely. His face was full of an unreadable emotion. Hatred, pain, love, fear, shame and power all mixed upon his face giving him a frightening facial expression. He frowned with concentration. “...but you must die,” he whispered quietly. Then the rain began to fall once again, the trees swayed and the lightning flashed. He ran away and disappeared into the woods. Leaving a beautiful corpse staring up into the sky, with a golden bound diary clutched to her chest and a black violet in her hair. 

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