Almighty Atoms

This is a poem i wrote for the Poem Competition.. A poem about anything, and anything is almost everything, and everything is made of atoms :D Therefore a poem about atoms, and evrything ^^

- Enjoy

P.S. I might upload a poetry-reading-video later.


1. The Almighty Atom!

Everything including me, 

Is made of atoms that came to be, 

With the explosion of a star, 

Light years away from where we are, 

And then these atoms pulled together, 

And formed our planet and the weather, 

And eventually, the human brain, 

Which despite obsessing about the rain, 

Could probe creation using math, 

And work out a theorem in the bath! 

So did the atoms somehow decide, 

That they alone could never provide, 

Any answers for any questions asked, 

So they made an intelligence which could be tasked, 

With providing answers as to how, 

Atoms came to take their bow?


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