Fallin So Fast

This story is about a girl, Mia... She's just a normal everyday girl... But the thing is her best friend is a part of One Direction! (not one of the boys)... And she helps Mia fall head over heels in love with the one and only Niall Horan...


1. ~Authors Note~

Dear Readers,


Hey! Long time no see. Sorry I haven't updated this story in a very long time. I've been busy and I've been working on some other stories that I've been writing. I want to tell you that I've decided to re-write this one. I've re-written three chapters now and I'm working on the fourth. Hopefully you will check the new version of this story. It's pratically the same just writting much, much better than this. I'll post the new version so you can have a taste at how better I am at writing now on this book. Things will be added and changed. I have deleted all the previous crappy chapters and I hope you will read this version. Please.


Thanks for understanding.



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