one chance at true love

every girls dream is to date these super hot british boys that we call one direction. well one lucky girls dream is about to come true when harry styles accidentally sends her a txt message thinking shes someone else! will she be harrys girl or just another crazed fan??


1. love hurts

"you dont know your beautiful..." hannah's alarm sang as she sleeply hit the snooze button and closed her eyes and dazed into a deep peacefull sleep. 10 minutes later it rang again. hesitating, she hit the alarm and slowly draged her way to her bathroom and looked at herself in the mirror. Dirty blonde hair with green eyes. A few freckles on her cheeks and the top of her nose. Tan and muscular from playing soccer. Lastly a beautiful smile. She was a confident girl. She never called herself ugly cause she knew she wasn't! She quickly looked athe the clock. it was 6:30 am and she was not happy about going to school after her and her boyfriends, will, break up last night. she made her self get ready although she was not ready to face the terrible day ahead of her. 
     once she was ready she grabbed her backpack and walked down the stairs. her mom cheerfully said goodmorning and kissed her forehead. hannah didnt say anything. her mom handed her a plate with steaming eggs and a couple of strawberrys. she didnt feel like eating so she told her mom thank you anyways and gave her a hug.
       she opened the door with a sigh and trudged to her fairly new/used black mustang. the mustang was a birthday present she got a week ago for her 17th birthday. she opened the door and the new car smell filled her nose and made her a little happier. she smirked and plopped inside the black leather seat. she turned the key and the engine roared. the music was on full blast which made her jump out of her seat. she let a small shriek out. she frantically reached over and turned it down!
         before she left, she got a text from her best friend taylor. it said hurry up!!!! your late!!!! she quickly replied "mkay on my way:/" she put her phone down and left her house. 
       when she arrived at taylor's, taylor was already in her driveway waiting. taylor ran to the car and jumped in. "WE ARE SOOO LATE!!" she said. "sorry you know I don't want to go to school today" hannah replied monotoned. taylor quickly remembered, "oh my gosh! right... i'm so sorry! how are you?" "im fine", she replied, "i mean, we only went out for like 2 weeks so it wasn't that big of a heartbreak." "ya", she agreed, "but..." "WHAT?!", she questioned. taylor replied,"well... it just seemed like you liked will a lot! you always liked him and when he asked you out you called me and freaked out! you talked about how perfect he was all the time." you glared at her,"really? i was sorta getting over him and then you had to go remind me how much i liked him?" hannah sighed. "sorry...", she said. she forgave her as you were pulling into the school parking lot. she parked in her usual parking place slightly to the left of the school entrance. when they got out of the car taylor gave hannah a small pep talk about being confident and not showing shes hurt. hannah nodded but wasnt sure she could act happy today.
       they were sorta popular so when they walked into the school a lot of people waved and said hi. hannah felt a small tap on her shoulder and she quickly turned around. it was her other best friend mariah. "oh hey!!" she hugged her. "I thought you were sick, thats why i didn't pick you up, sorry" hannah exclaimed. "oh no its ok i sent you a message and then i got tired of waiting so i just came and then i realized it failed to send", she laughed. "wow!" hannah and taylor said synchronized. they all giggled. 
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