I made this for school, but I might as well put it in here too. xx


1. Clouds


I opened my eyes, just to see the last van drive by. It was cloudy, and the people outside the café, was wearing raincoats, in the fear, that the rain might start pouring every second. But it had been like this, for two weeks. No rain at all. A dark cloud had been above the city, since last Thursday. But it was like it didn’t move – we never even saw a glimpse of the sun, - and many people were already worried. But of course, the city council hadn’t brought it up. The vans outside, were all moving vans. One family after another, moved south, away from the clouds. Me and my family, by the other hand, just moved here. The prizes had gone down dramatically, since the clouds came.

”Do you want the bill?” she said, slightly annoyed. I spun my head around, facing her. ”Yes, please,” I replied, returning my gaze to the window. She walked away, her strong perfume stinging in my nose. The café was almost empty, the only other person being a skinny girl with black hair.

The waitress came back with the bill, and I hastily paid, looking forward to getting rid of her.

”Thanks,” she said, after I gave her some of my loose money. Not even a ’have a nice day’.  No wonder, they didn’t have that many customers. But really, not many people liked being outside, anymore. The cloudy sky, seemed to have sucked out all happiness, of the daily life.

I put on my jacket, and walked out the door, onto the nearly empty streets of London. I headed for Hydepark, hoping for someone to be there. I was upsettled by the sky, that was darker than ever before. I scooped out my celphone, dialing my mum’s number.

”Harry! What’s wrong?” she said worried. I let out a sigh, comforted by the sound of my mothers voice. ”Nothing, I just..” I said, kicking a waterbottle, that had lied on the street. She sighed annoyed. ”The sky, again? I know Harry, but we can get through this.” her voice crackling through my old Nokia. ”I know..” I stopped speaking, distracted by the sudden sound of thunder. ”Mum, did you hear that?” I said, speeding up. ”What, my dear?” she asked. ”Thunder,” I said hastily. ”No, I don- wait, what was that?!” my mum yelled. A scream was heard in the background, and the connection was lost. ”Mum? Mum?” I asked, painfully aware, that she couldn’t hear me. Suddenly, it started raining, big drops of water falling on my shoulders.

I started running, when I heard another scream from just behind me. I looked around, and I saw the blackhaired girl from the café falling to the ground. I turned around, rushing to see what happened. When I reached her, I saw the small wounds in her face, caused some kind of acid. My arm was starting to sting, so I looked down, and saw the same small wounds as on the girls face. Suddenly many people were screaming, trying to get shelter under the shop windows.

My hand stinged, and to my suprise when I looked down, my celphone was already gone, melted by the acid rain.


AN: This is a short one-shot, and there won't be any addings. :)

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