One-Shots! :)

Der vil helt simpelt bare komme one-shots om One Direction :) Jeg håber at I vil læse dem og evt. skrive hvad I synes om dem?


1. In The Middle Of A Song (A Louis Tomlinson One Shot)


Summary: A troubled 23-year-old famous Louis Tomlinson returns to Doncaster to find out what he wants, it ends in complete and utter disaster.


OBS: This is fiction, meaning that none of this has happened to Louis or any of the other band members. This one shot is written from the song 'Why' with Rascal Flatts, meaning that the most of the content in this one shot is inspired from that song. I know the ending sucks and is paranormal, but it's more to get the lyrics of the song in the one shot, and to show how much they meant to each other. I hope you guys like it :) And, I also put this somewhere else, so don't worry.. It is my own :)



In The Middle Of A Song

Louis Tomlinson was living the great life: On the stage almost every night, hanging out with his four best friends, girls practically throwing themselves at him. But then their was the drugs and alcohol, add that to the pressure and the hate, you get a very troubled 23-year-old Louis Tomlinson.


Louis' best friends Harry, Liam, Niall and Zayn, were now forcing him to take a break, but they didn't know about the drugs or the pressure he felt, so they sent him away thinking he just needed a break. But he needed much more than that. He needed comfort and he needed to get his life back on track.


“Call when you get there Lou” said the curly-haired boy and hugged his best friend goodbye as the last one.

“Sure” muttered Louis, not really caring about anyone or anything. He got in his car and drove away to Doncaster.


“LOUIS!” screamed a familiar girly voice as Louis walked down the road. He turned around to see his former best friend and crush, Katy. “Hi Katy” said Louis very low, almost muttering as he looked at the tall brunette in front of him, those beautiful green eyes still shining just like they did 6 years ago – Back when he played football, and sang and just enjoyed himself and his life.


“What are you doing here? I thought you're band were busy?” asked the brunette as she searched for Louis' eyes. “Yeah, ehm, we are.. But I'm taking a break” explained Louis and avoided eye contact with the girl he had known for his whole life.


“Lou? I something wrong?” asked Katy worried, Louis just nodded – He didn't feel like talking about this with anyone. “Okay..” said Katy with an unsure voice.


“Will you come tonight? Remember, karaoke night at the bar? You always used to come” asked the brunette excited. Louis couldn't help but smile back at her and nod. “Yeah, sure” said Louis, “Okay, thanks Lou” said Katy and walked away.



Louis walked into the crowded bar, looking for his old group of friends. He finally found them after awhile and sat down next to Stan, and across from this girl named Tracy he remembered weakly, he remembered hooking up with her for sure.


“You actually came” said a happy and touched voice from behind Louis. He turned around and saw Katy smiling at him, “Well of course.. I promised you” said Louis and smiled back at her. She still made him feel like an complete idiot, smiling whenever she smiled or looked at him. He knew he loved her, and Katy knew she loved Louis.


“And next up is.. Wow, I haven't seen this guy in awhile.. Give it up for Louis Tomlinson” said the DJ, Louis looked around on his friends, “I didn't sign up” said Louis and smiled at the DJ.

“I know, I signed you up Lou” said Katy and winked at him. “But.. What should I sing?” asked Louis and looked nervously at Katy who shrugged in response. “Why don't you just sing 'Look After You'?” asked Katy and sipped her drink.


Louis nodded and walked up on stage. Literally everyone cheered as he went on stage.

“Thank you” muttered Louis into the microphone, “I'm gonna sing 'Look After You' by The Fray” said Louis loud and clear before he started to sing.


If I don't say this now, I will surely break

As I'm leaving, the one I want to take.

And forget the urgency, but hurry up and wait,

My heart is starting to separate.


Louis kept his eyes on Katy, making sure she knew he sang to her, and just to her. Katy noticed straight away and blushed a bright pink, she loved him and she always had.


Oh, oh, oh

Be my baby,

Oh, oh, oh

Oh, oh, oh

I'll look after you.


There now steady love, so few come and don't go.

Will you, won't you be the one I always know?

When I'm losing all control, the city spins around..


Suddenly, out of the blue, Louis stopped singing, threw the microphone on the ground and ran, he ran away from everything and everyone. He couldn't take it anymore, he wanted this to end. He came home to his mum's house – which of course was where he was staying – and was relieved to find out everyone was sleeping. He went to the bathroom and took as many pills as he could, and soon he passed out on the bathroom floor.


Everyone back in the bar was shocked by Louis' suddenly runaway, but that only lasted for a second – for everyone but Katy and Stan. Katy stood up and walked out of the club, Stan followed her right away.

“Where do you think he is?” asked Stan as he tried to keep up with Daisy.

“I DON'T KNOW!” screamed Katy and turned around towards Stan. “I don't know” repeated the young and confused woman, but this time she was whispering.

“Katy, we'll find him in the morning okay? Go home, get some sleep” said Stan and watched as Katy walked home, and soon he did the exact same, trying to convince himself that Louis was alright.


The next morning a loud scream woke up the neighbours to the Tomlinson household. It came from 17-year-old Lottie Tomlinson who had just found her brothers dead body.

Naturally Jay rushed to Lottie and almost broke down in tears when she saw her son laying lifeless across the floor.


“What's going on?” asked 11-year-old Phoebe with her twin by her side, “Why is Louis sleeping out here?” Daisy continued. This was when Jay broke down in tears. “Please, Lottie will you get my phone?” asked Jay through the tears, Lottie nodded and walked downstairs to get her mother's phone.


She walked upstairs with it to her mum, who called an ambulance, and short after she called Katy.


“Jay?” asked Katy in a tired voice, she heard sobs from the older woman and started to get worried. “Jay? What's wrong?” continued the young woman and got dressed very quickly.


“It's Louis.. He.. he..” started Jay, but she couldn't bring herself to say it in front of her children, everyone but Daisy and Phoebe had already figured it out, but the twins had happily went back to sleep. “Louis is dead” she finally whispered.


Katy's world fell apart, he couldn't be dead, he just.. he couldn't do this to her! She hung up and ran to Jay's house, and hugged Lottie tightly when she opened the door, before rushing upstairs to meet the dead body of the man she love. She began shaking and suddenly, she broke down in tears.


“No Louis! How.. Why.. When.. Why did you do it?” she whispered even though he couldn't hear her. Though, as she searched through his pockets to find his phone when it rang, she found the drugs and a lot of other stuff before she reached the phone. Caller-ID said Harry.


Just when Katy pressed accept, someone came and removed Louis, claiming him dead.

“LOUIS!? WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU!? YOU NEVER CALLED YESTERDAY! WE'VE BEEN WORRIED SICK!” yelled a deep voice, this was definitely Harry. She had heard all of them speak before, and she knew their voices.

“Louis? LOUIS! Why aren't you answering!?” asked Harry, Katy took a deep breath before answering.

“It's not Louis. It's Katy, his best friend from Doncaster. He, ehm, did you know he was on drugs?” asked Kate, completely emotionless.


Harry was shocked, Louis on drugs!? Like, what the fuck. Why would he do that. Harry couldn't figure out what to say other than: “No”.


“Well, he did. And he.. He took to many pills over the night and it killed him” explained Katy and started to cry again, this time Harry joined her..


“Lads! We're going to Doncaster, right now!” said Harry as he walked into Liam's apartment where Niall, Zayn and Liam sat.

“Why?” asked Zayn lazily and turned around to look at Harry along with the other boys. The all became very confused when they saw Harry's tear-stained face. “What happened?” asked Niall scared, Harry almost couldn't get him self to say the words.

“Louis was on drugs. He killed himself last night” Harry said with a straight face, he didn't want to cry again.

“That's a sick joke man, not funny” said Zayn,

“NO! I'm serious, I just called Louis and Katy, his best friend in Doncaster, just told me. I talked to Jay too, she's devastated. They have just told the twins.” Harry said, and somehow the mentioning of Jay and Katy made them believe Harry, and soon the rest of One Direction were on their way to Doncaster.


One week later..


The funeral was beautiful, so many people had shown up, almost everyone in Doncaster were here. Of course, it was the boys who sang, and they almost couldn't get the words out because of the tears. Stan's arm was around Katy, Jay was holding Lottie and Fizzy in her arms, and Daisy and Phoebe were in their father's arms.


The thing that hurted the most for Katy was that she never got to tell him how she felt. He was gone, forever. But she was determined to go on with her life, not right away, but soon.

That's what Louis would have wanted..


2 years later..


The now 25-year-old Katy once again found herself at Louis' grave, she told him everything about her day.

“And, I'm with Stan now.. But don't be sad or angry.. I'll always be yours, and he knows that you're the love of my life, even though you didn't even know.. But, know you do.. Oh God, this is so weird, I'm talking to a dead person..” said Katy and sighed heavily, “I'm crazy” she whispered and shook her head. Suddenly, she felt a pressure on her should, and then a kiss as light as feather on her lips.

I love you too, someone whispered, but no one was there. And with that, she knew that Louis was with her all of the time.


At karaoke night, that night she was called on stage to sing. “Okay, I'll sing 'Why' with Rascal Flatts, and I want to dedicate it to my dead best friend, Louis Tomlinson” said Katy as the music started. And soon her beautiful voice filled the suddenly silent room.


You must have been in a place so dark,

You couldn't feel the light.

Reachin' for you through that stormy cloud

Now here we are gathered in our little hometown

This can't be the way, you meant to draw a crowd  


Oh why, that's what I keep asking

Was there anything I could've said or done

Oh, I had no clue you were masking

A troubled soul, God only knows

What went wrong,

And why you would leave the stage in the middle of a song.


Now in my mind I'll keep you frozen as a seventeen-year-old,

Rounding third to score the winning run

You always played with passion,

No matter what the game

When you took the stage, you'd shine just like the sun.


Oh why, that's what I keep asking

Was there anything I could've said or done

Oh, I had no clue you were masking

A troubled soul, God only knows

What went wrong,

And why you would leave the stage In the middle of a song.


Now the oak trees are swaying,

In the early autumn breeze

A golden sun is shining on my face.

Through tangled thoughts I hear a mockingbird sing,

This old world really ain't that bad of a place.


Oh why, there's no comprehending,

And who am I to try to judge or explain?

Oh, but I, do have one burning question:

Who told you life,

Wasn't worth the fight?

They were wrong, they lied,

Now you're gone, and we cry,

'Cause it's not like you,

To walk away, In the middle of a song.


Your beautiful song,

Your absolutely beautiful song.



“I love you Louis, always” she whispered when she was done and everyone clapped, “You too” said the same voice as at Louis' grave, “I'm letting you go now, fly away and into heaven where you belong” whispered Katy and suddenly, she could see Louis, standing right infront of her, she smiled at him. “Thank you” whispered 'Louis' and planted one last feather light press against her lips. “Don't forget me” 'Louis' said and blinked at Katy who know had tears in her eyes.


Suddenly, she had found everything she had been searching for the past two years, one last goodbye to Louis and understanding for why he did it, and she had both of that now.


“Never” she whispered and wiped away the tears, “I will never forget you Louis Tomlinson”.

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