Will You Be My Girlfriend?

This is a poem I wrote to ask my friend, if she wanna be my girl.

- Yesterday we went down to the sea, and I gave her a White Calla (It's a Lily, similar to the one at the cover) and then I read this poem for her.. She said yes, and kissed my ^^

It was SO romantic :3


1. Will You Be My Girlfriend?


I know we first met, a few months ago

But it just happens to be so

I know I liked you, right from the start

And I am telling you this right from my heart:


You are so special in your own amazing ways

Like nothing I've ever met in my days.

No matter what you think your faults may be,

You are amazingly perfect to me


When you look at me, with those beautiful eyes

You make me fly, straight to the skies.

And when I feel your hand in mine, your soft skin

I feel my heart speeding, and a strange feeling within


A feeling of warmth, a feeling of joy

A feeling that I could be your boy

I've heard of that feeling, but what could it be?

I think we're in love, and I hope you'll agree


But now let us cut, right to the chase

While you and I are here, face to face

Amazing times I know we will spend

Elisabeth Toft, will you be my girlfriend?

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