Why you? {1D FANFIC + ENGLISH}


1. PART 1


You stand in the middle of a group of screaming girls in front of Harry Styles' house. You have been there for 3hours, and Harry haven't walked out of his house. "Girls.. Im leaving" you say to the other girls. They look at you and smile a bit, "bye!" they all say to you. You smile to them and start to walk away from Harry's house. "Girl!" you hear a guy-voice whisper to you. You look around to see who is talking. You see a guy sitting in a window. It was Harry!!.. "Harry!" You almost scream to him. "Go down at the path and find thehole in the hedge! Go into the garden, i need company!" he says to you. You were fangirling inside but you didn't want to show Harry. You ran over to the path and found the hole in the hedge. You walked into his garden and looked around "girl!over here!" Harry said to you from his window. You smiled, "my name is actually {YOUR NAME} you said and smiled to Harry. "Well, {YOUR NAME}, get up into my room!"  he said and laughed a bit. You started to crawl up to Harry's room. After you failed a bit, you finally got into his room. Harry laughed everytime you failed, but when you got into his room he stopped. "Why should i come?" you asked him and smiled a bit nervous. Inside you were dying, but you didn't want to show him. "So! Let us talk!" Harry said to me and smiled, "any family i should know?" he asked then. "well, a mother and a father. And then a sibling, younger than me" you said to him. Harry smiled, "i've got Gemma, Anne and Des, you probably know them" he said and smiled."Pretty eyes..." you could hear Harry mumble to himself. You laughed, "Thanks Curly Hair!" you said and laughed again a bit. Harry looked surpriced at you, "well you heard me Pretty Eyes, right?" he said and laughed. You and Harry talked for a couple of minutes, when Harry started to tickle you. You screamed while laughing high. "Stop it!" you screamed to Harry and Harry just kept tickling you. Harry laughed, "that was kinda fun!" Harry said and laughed while he tickled you. Harry kept tickle you for 5minutes, until Anne came up to his room. "Harry, who is that?" Anne asked Harry and smiled to you. Harry looked at you, and then looked at Anne again. "It's just {YOUR NAME}" Harry said and smiled to Anne. Anne giggled a bit, "Well, Harry and {YOUR NAME} are you hungry?" she asked with a big smile. Harry looked at you, and you nodded to him. Harry looked at Anne, "Yes!" he said with a big smile. Anne giggled a bit again, "well okay, i come up with something" Anne said and walked out of the room. You looked at Harry, "Your mum is sweet!" you said to him. Harry laughed, "I'd never expected a friend of mine should say that" he said and laughed again. Harry walked over to his bed and sat down on it. You look at him, and walks over to him. You sit down in his lap, and Harry place his arms around you. You blushed a bit and laughed shy. Harry looked into your eyes, and then kissed you on your nose. Harry and you laughed a bit, when there was someone knocking on the door. "There is food!" Anne said through the door and opened it after Harry have said; "Just come in with it!". Anne looked at you and Harry and then smiled to you. Anne walked out of the room again and closed the door. You looked at Harry and then looked over to the food. "CHOCOLATE MUFFINS!" you screamed happy and stood up from Harrys lap. Harry laughed and looked at you, "Happy for chocolate muffins?" Harry asked and laughed. You looked at him and took a bite of your muffin, "mmh" you said and laughed. Harry laughed with you and took his own muffin and started to eat. You looked at Harry, "Do the girls outside never leave?" you asked him with a little smile on your lips. Harry looked at you, "some girls stay, some girls leave" he said with a big smile. You nodded, "Well... i wanted to leave because i realized that you maybe wanted privacy... But then you..." you said, when Harry's phone started to play a noise. "I have to take this" Harry said and lifted his phone up to his ear. "Hello?" he said and smiled a little smile to you.

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