Trust digt jeg skrev da jeg kedede mig...


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I know what happened once upon a time,

it's a story i know oh-so well.

The best story i've heard with the ears that are mine,

the story you would never tell.

Because you only cares to tell me lies,

i realize that every day.

But then a day you really made me cry,

the day you flew away.

And out of all the broken butterflies,

i still would choose you.

You, who has lost your wings and cannot fly,

but i guess i already knew.

And i really thought i was out of my mind,

everytime you made me sad.

I made sure that it was out of sight,

as the only dark secret i had.

But if you ever dare to walk towards the light,

you would not be very smart.

The sun will burn and blind your eyes,

so crawl back into the dark of your heart.

Right there i want you to stay and hide,

and clean up the mess you have made,

Right there where people can't hear you cry,

untill eternity starts to fade.


Yes, i know what happened once upon a time,

it's a story i know oh-so well,

But now the story has faded too much and are no longer mine,

i've only got my own soul left to sell.


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