Lets play a game

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  • Publiceret: 26 apr. 2012
  • Opdateret: 25 apr. 2012
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Extremly short one-shot horror.

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1. In the dark

Lets play a game Lily. Hide and seek. Like in the old days, you know?

The cellar is dark and damp. How had I come down here? I see it now, a box of Merci chocolate, standing beside the door.

"Don't worry mom, I'll take it. Back in a second!"

 They are upstairs. Mom, dad and Anthony are upstairs. Can't they hear the voice? The answer, I know already, is no.

They can't. The door is shut, and the basement is so good isolated, that you can't hear if peope talk from upstairs. Great idea, dad. Absolutely brilliant. If I am just fast enough, would I manage to run up to the door? If I screamed, would my family hear it, and run up to help me? Or would it give away my position, between stacks of junk from my baby fase?

I inhale sharply, as I try to move my leg, wich was stuck in a stroller. I exhale as silent as possible again, while rubbing my leg, there where the skin is peeling of. Some blood is on my finger, and I cover my mouth with the other hand. Of course I had to be the one trapped in a cellar. Probably the only one in 10 miles radius with blood phobia. It is very little, almot not to see in the dark, but still I keep my hand over my mouth, in case I hyperventilate.

Come on Lily, where are you?

Her voice tears my away from focusing on the blood. I feel some tears running down my face. There are no words to describe my fear.

Another shock hits me, as I see a silhouette behind some cardboard boxes. In pure shock, I place my hand on the cement floor, in order to try to get up. The noise I make by dragging myself up in sitting position, is not overheard by Cecilia.

Suddenly your best friend isn't good enough for you, what?

She is sneering the words. I am now back in fetus position. Drops of sweats run down my cheek, and get mixed up with my tears. This is probably the right moment to scream for help, since Cecilia is slowly moving closer, and knows where I am. But I can't. My throat is dry.

I found you Lily.

She is near enough now, so I can see her face. She looks maniac. Her eyes are glimmering, and her lips are curled in a sweet, cruel smile. In her hand, she held a slaughter knife.

I hope your happy, Lily. With your new friends, at your new gymnasium..


Was everything that passed my lips. I am now sobbing, and probably not looking too good either.


I don't know, if asked because I want to hold her up or if it really is because I want to know why. I admit that we didn't come that good along, but this?

Oh, you don't know why? You've already forgotten me?? Best friends forever? Does that mean nothing too you?

We grew apart.

My voice breaks.

I tried to explain. Isn't that what the police officers are doing in CSI? Talking kind to the lunatic? No, really, I know where they say it. In the horror movies, right before the person dies.

I try to think straight, but by the thoughts of how I could possible end, I just sob even harder.


She is screaming. When we first meet, I really thought we would be BFFs. I didn't know her other side. This side.

I only manage to see a glimt of something, not remorse, just pure craziness in her eyes. Then she jumps after me. My scream is a bit to late. The knife hit me in my stomach. I curl up. Sobbing, crying even harder now. The blood is everywhere. It hurts so much.

But she isn't done.

You know what you are? You are a LIAR! A BETRAYER! You don't deserve to live! 

My sobbing stops immediately, when she repeatingly stabs the knife in me, always the same spot. My screaming, that has been going on the whole while, also dies out, after I try to fill my lungs with air. The footprints on the floor are hard to hear, but it is impossible to overhear my mothers screams after me.

I look up into Cecilias eyes, her mouse brown hair is unkempt and greasy, her blue eyes looking at me, while her red-lipstick covered mouth is drawing a dangerous thin, smiling line at her pale face.

Cecilias face is the last thing I see, before my lungs give up to breathe, and my heart stops.

Merci, for beeing you.

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