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14. Sad and Romantic Louis

LONG IMAGINE #LOUIS PART 1. #Imagine. you're on tour with your best friends, Louis, Niall, Liam, Harry and Zayn.

you're always with them, and when your not, you missed them really much! the fans loved you, and you loved them. but.. when you're with them on tour.

I meet louis in 2010. It's a weird feeling. i'd love him really much, but once, Niall told me, that Louis had a little crush on me. It's okay.. i love him, and Louis is just your best friend. I was in love with my bestfriend 

i'm in Spain with the Up All Night tour, and tonight, i'm in front, and the boys on stage, so i can celebrate the concert. all the fans behind me, are looking at me. they want a picture with me, and my sign. finally, the concert starts, and the girls leave me alone.

Louis is looking at me all the time, and i don't know what to do. suddenly you hear a voice saying: ''Louis loves you ..'' it's Paul. ''what?'' I said. Paul nodded and smiled.

then, 'More than this' started. ''I'm broken, do you hear me? i'm blinded, cause you are everything i see..'' they sing.

And Louis is looking at me all the time. why? ''when he open his arms, and holds you close tonight.. it just don't feel right, cause i can love you more than this..'' they sing. I did not know what they meant by it. I was confused. Louis was by looking at me. He began singing and pointing at me. While his song'' More Than This.'' He shouted'' Bella! I love you more Than anything else on earth.

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