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12. LoveLy Harry Styles

Du har været op at skændes med din kærste Carl. Du få hjælp af Harry og skal bo hos ham i noget tid.


Harry grabbed his phone from his pocket and walked into the kitchen and called Eleanor telling her that you weren't coming because you weren't feeling well and Harry was looking after you, Eleanor understood and said she would be over later to see you.

After Harry got off the phone he came back into the living room and grabbed his car keys. Harry: Wait here.

You: Where are you going? You asked Harry confused.

Harry: Carl's house.

You jumped out of your seat and ran to Harry grabbing his arm stopping him from walking out the door,

You: Harry please no you can't!!! you could get hurt!!!

Harry: I don't care Y/N i can't let him hurt you!!!

You: Please Harry no!!! if you go to him he will hurt me even more!!!

Harry: even more? so this isn't the only time he has hurt you!!?

You stood in silence again.

Harry: That's it im definatly going!!!

You: HARRY NO!!! Harry stopped again looking at you.

Harry: You need to leave him he doesn't deserve you.

You: Harry i can't. Harry: why not!?

You: He said if i ever left him he would come after me.

You spoke through your tears and Harry looked at you in shock.

Harry: he's all mouth Y/N he wouldn't do anything.

You: Trust me Harry you don't know him he's been in trouble before for fighting and going after someone.

You let out another sob at the thought of him coming after you or hurting Harry. Immediatly Harry wrapped his arms around you and held you close to his chest, you pulled away and looked into his eyes.

You: I'm scared Harry.

Harry grabbed you again protecting you and you wrapped your arms around him tightly.

Harry: you don't need to be scared i promise i won't let him touch you again, but you need to stand up to him.

You: I don't know if i can i tried last night but he just hurts me even more.

Harry: Well if im there he won't will he.

You: you're not going near him Harry, i will try and talk to him myself i'm seeing him Friday so i'll talk to him then.

Harry: Promise?

You look into Harry's eyes and promise him that you will try but you knew exactly where this was going, you knew it would make Carl angry and he would lash out at you again.

You started to calm down when suddenly the door bell rang making you jump.

Harry: It's ok, it's only the guys they said they would come over.

You let go of Harry and he went and answerd the door. you quickly wipe the tears from your eyes and cheeks.

Harry: Hey guys come in! T

hey all came in the house and into the living room to see if you were ok. Liam: Hey Y/N how are you feeling Harry said you weren't feeling to good?

You: I'm fine now :) just a bit shakey that's all.

Eleanor: omg Y/N are you ok? we have been worried about you. Eleanor came running into the living room and hugged you.

You: I'm fine really don't worry. You gave her a smile and hugged her back.

Then Niall burst into the room. Niall: We brought popcorn!!

Niall had bags of popcorn under his arm.

You: woah!  Niall is there any left at the cinema you've got loads.

 Niall: Naa we brought all this from the shop. :)

You: ooohh.

Zayn: So what was wrong?

You: oh i just went dizzy and felt sick so Harry drove me back home, so how was the movie?

Niall: We didn't go we didn't want you to miss out so we bought a movie and popcorn here.

Louis: Yeah we didn't want you to miss out. :)

You: Awww guys that's so sweet of you. what movie did you get?

Niall: Paranormal Activity 3.

You: oh ok cool. :)

Harry put on the DVD and you all sat with popcorn and drinks and watched the movie Harry came and sat beside you and you rested your head on his shoulder and you could feel your eyes closing and you drifted into a deep sleep feeling safe with Harry next to you.

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