Stuck In Fire 1 - Kapitel 1-17 (Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez)

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8. 8

"Tonight?" I asked.

"Yes." She answered, whispering back into my ear.

"Are you sure?" I asked in a very hushed voice, "I can wait as long as you want."

I CAN? That's my penis talking again. Shut up, Eddie. Go to sleep.

"No, I am ready." She said with no hint of hesitation or fear, "I want to be with you, Justin. I'm not afraid. You don't have to treat me so fragile. I'm not a virgin and I know what I want. And it's you. I want you tonight."

I was so glad to hear that. I want to treat Selena gently and carefully, as she is new to all this but at the same time I want to have my way with her and play games with her, too.

When we got off the train and ascended the subway steps, it was pouring rain outside. Selena stood there, like she was going to wait for the rain to let up before going out there, but I couldn't wait. I grabbed her, flung her over my right shoulder, and ran out into the wet streets, beginning the 10 block walk back to her place.

We were getting soaked and Selena was screaming and kicking pretty hard, but I couldn't stop laughing. I felt like a kid again, somehow. Only a happier and more carefree kid than I ever was before. Being with Selena is so easy.

When we got there, it was already beginning to get dark outside, with the rain clouds dark and gray overhead.

I was going to let her walk up the stairs on her own, not knowing if she had a fear of heights or anything. She was backing away from me, dripping wet and giggling as I slowly moved up the stairs after her, clutching at her cold, wet shirt. It was sticking to her body in all the right places. I wish she wasn't wearing a bra. I love wet nipples through a t-shirt.

I got close enough to grab her lips with mine and I delivered an intense, half-rough kiss, grabbing her hair in both fists, trying to control my strength with her in my claws.

She yelped and fell back on the carpeted red step and I laid on top of her, pinning her under me there as my wet hair rained down upon her.

"Great idea, Selena," I growled, "Let's do it right here on the stairs."

"Uhh, NO." she turned bright neon red, pushing me off her a bit, "I don't think Mrs. Nevitz would appreciate that. Come, wicked."

She got away from me and ran up the stairs now and I growled and chased her, matching her speed. She screamed, laughing as I caught her and flung her over my shoulder again like the caveman I am.

If she was trying to escape, she was being bad and now I had no problem carrying her up the stairs to her tiny room in the tower.

Screaming a little more, she grabbed onto my shirt in back, crying about how she doesn't want to fall.

"I guess I understand why you're so nervous." I said calmly, moving up the stairs, holding onto her securely. She would never fall out of my arms, but I said, "Your view of that long drop down the stairs can't be pleasant at all. Poor little Selena."

"Justin!" she yelled, kicking her legs a little bit as I got to the top of the stairs now, going to her door.

I used my key and opened the door, kicking it open as I brought my girl inside.

Well, at least I carried her over the threshold. That's romantic, isn't it?

The thunder boomed suddenly but she didn't pay any attention. To me, it seemed like the demon everyone calls God was up there, angry, trying to warn Selena what the penalties are for fucking a whore.

But the moment we got in the door we couldn't keep our hands off each other. I pinned her against the wall in the kitchen, kissing her hard, getting her eager kiss in return.

We should've been shivering and cold, being so wet, but I felt warm…and getting warmer as I felt Selena's hands yank up the wet shirt that clung to me. I moved back a step, letting the shirt pull up and off me, breaking our kiss for one second, but then my lips came back to hers even stronger, slamming her back into the wall again with a dull thud as she moaned out loud.

She whimpered as I returned the favor. I wanted her shirt off, too, but didn't want to lose her mouth on mine so, I just tore it down the middle. It was too easy. She yelped as I threw the wet ball of ruined shirt to the linoleum floor and began to search for the hook to this goddamn bra she always insisted on wearing. I swear, I'm going through her drawers tomorrow and hiding all her bras.

"In back." She panted, in between kisses. I got there fast and unhooked it without any trouble, knowing my way around these things. I yanked the bra off as she moaned and I grabbed her hair again in one of my fists, the other hand on her breast, squeezing and clutching in pure need.

It was completely dark in here, only the occasional flashes of lightning revealing each of us to the other as I lifted her up a bit, curling her legs around my hips and holding both my hands under her sweet, wet ass, carrying her to the bedroom as she kept kissing me with all the passion I accused her of earlier.

"Don't stop kissing me…" I breathed in between her deep, hungry mouth.

"Never.." she panted back, filling my mouth with her tongue as her hands dug into my soaked hair that hung over my left eye a bit.

I got her to the bed and we both fell onto it, her on her back and me on top of her. Her legs opened and I grabbed for the button of her jeans, opening it and moving the zipper down fast, yanking the right side down roughly as she moaned and yelped, sounds that were fast making me an animal.

This was wonderful but not the way I wanted our first time to go. So I had to change things a bit, for her sake.

"Selena." I said, hardly getting the word out between her kisses, "I want you in control tonight."

"Hmmm?" she wasn't listening much, her legs wrapped tight around my hips and her pelvis was raising up and down, pushing against my stiff cock.

"It's you tonight." I said, moving to my knees on the bed and pulling her jeans off.

She laid there, smiling up at me as I used both hands to slide up her little cotton panties, giving her hair there a nice stroke as she made this little kitten sound, and then I slid them down off of her, her cute feet moving up and out of them at last.

I unbuttoned my jeans and slid them off, revealing my black cotton bikini underwear as she smiled more at me.

I took these off, too, tossing them to the floor and coming back in towards Selena.

I kissed her again, with all the energy I had before and her leg was curling around my waist again.

"No, no." I gently scolded, smiling, "Bad girl. Come here."

I moved her so that I was laying on my back now, in the center of the bed, and she was on top of me, sitting on my hips.

"My hands will stay right here at all times." I informed, holding onto the ivory porcelain headboard, a design of roses and vines there, "You are in control, Selena. THIS time. Do anything you like to me."

This made her happy and I had a feeling it would. I was sure her first time, the 33 second marathon was all about him just being on top of her, sticking it in and bouncing until he came and then pulled out and left her totally humiliated and unsatisfied. This experience would be very different for her.

I closed my eyes, a pleasant smile on my lips as I waited for Selena's touch.

I would surely be taking charge and would be in control in our next few encounters, so it was only fair that this first time, I let her hold the reigns. It would also tell me a lot about her, letting her drive.

She moved over for a second, but didn't get off me yet. I peeked at her and she had my red t-shirt, folding it into a long rectangular piece. Smiling and leaning down, she kissed me gently and then laid the shirt over my eyes, not tying it behind my head, just letting it sit there, hiding her from my view.

"I love this so far." I shared happily.

Some women scare the shit out of me when they blindfold me, snipping scissors near my ear, striking matches…Raven once sharpened knifes near me when I was blindfolded.

But I trust Selena. With her, I'm not afraid.

Before she did anything else, she dropped small, sweet kisses onto my lips, my chin, the dent upon it, and over every inch of my face, even my forehead.

"Justin…" she said as she kissed me, "You are not a toy…you are not property…you are a wonderful, beautiful man and I'm not talking about what I SEE. I mean YOU. I don't own you but…tonight…you DO belong to me. Is that clear?"

I felt her crawling up my chest and then her legs were on both sides of my head, a wonderful aroma lingering above me close by.

"Yes, Selena." I replied, my voice deep with feeling as my lips turned up at the corners a bit. I hope she can't hear it in my voice how much I love what she just said, false though it may be.

I waited for her to say something more now, I wish she would just say "Lick." Or something like that, but her little girl tongue wouldn't allow her to utter such things. Her voice only said loving and understanding words.

Again, I made it easy on her but in the future, no more leniency. She would learn to voice what she wanted before my time was up here.

I took one small lick, teasing her as she exhaled a sharp breath. I felt a little tug on the headboard and pictured her hands holding onto the top of it for support.

"Be good, Justin." She said in a very quiet voice, "You don't want to be punished, do you?" And her small laugh let me know she was playing with me now. Yea!

I took another longer lick, then stopped again, trying to stop myself from laughing.

"Alright, Justin, that's it." She warned one last time, "No Sponge Bob for you tomorrow."

"Mmmmm…" I made a little noise of protest and plunged my tongue up above me, finding soft, warm, wet skin, so delicate and thin and pulsing as I moved my mouth and swirled my tongue hard.

Greedy little girl. I guess seven orgasms weren't enough. I think I'm creating a monster here. But I couldn't be irritated with her. She was getting what she wanted and I was very proud of her. I wanted to see her do this more and more as time went by.

"Mmmmm!" I growled and hummed as I was sucking and nibbling, making sounds for her as she was screeching and moaning and screaming for me. It was a beautiful duet we were doing together and I didn't want it to end. I would lick her all night again if that's what she wanted.

"Oh God, YES!" she was yanking at the headboard, tugging it as she threw her head back a bit, her legs starting to go, against her own control they vibrated and convulsed beside my face as I kept moving my tongue as fast as I could, right in that spot along the side of her clit that she loved so much.

"Ohhh, yes, Justin, YES!" she screeched and heaved breaths like a hurt tigress now, "DON'T STOP, DON'T FUCKING STOP Justin, PLEASE!"

I love when women get this hot, they curse like sailors. Especially the innocent ones who never curse like this in their everyday lives.

My hands stayed trapped in the headboard, and I lapped at the warm, milky juices that were slowly flowing from my goddess. I moaned right out, loving her taste, it was so much sweeter than most other women I've known. I wonder what her secret is. It must be something she eats.

My Selena was coming hard now and I was glad. I kept kissing the sensitive lips above me as she began to relax and come down from her orgasm. She yelped and flinched away, so sensitive to the least little touch now.

The blindfold was taken from my eyes then and I felt her wiping off my face, my mouth. She smiled down at me and held the t-shirt over my lips for a second.

"Mmmm." I made a little sound beneath it, pleasure and helplessness at the same time, turning my eyes smoky and heavy on her, wanting her but unable to beg for her right now.

"Your turn." She smirked and returned the blindfold over my eyes as she moved down my body, kissing places along the way, her wet hair trailing wetly down my skin as she went.

I waited as if it took 100 years for her to get there. My fingers tightened around the hard edge of the headboard where I was holding it. I felt her soft gentle hand curl around the shaft of my cock and begin to slowly move it up and down.

"Uuuhhhhhh!" I groaned hard right away, arching my head back as my spine curled up a bit also on its own.

Now I was panting and squirming like a girl, trying to be still and calm, but failing miserably.

"Do you like it slow…" she asked softly, moving it slower as I moaned some more, "Or…do you like it fast?"

And then she was jerking me up and down at a much faster pace, making me want to scream.

"Selena." I winced, my arms shaking hard, trying not to let go of the headboard.

"Well?" she made her hand move slower now, "Which is it?"

I couldn't decide. They were both wonderful. And all the while, I knew it wasn't what Selena wanted to hear, but, I wanted whatever SHE wanted. Maybe she is right about one thing. I don't even have my own opinion anymore. Hmm.

"I want to hear what YOU want, Justin." She said, "If you don't tell me, I'm going to stop and we can go back to therapy session time."

"No, no!" I whimpered, trying to decide what I liked more.

"Well, then, tell me." She pushed, "You have ten seconds."

She was doing it faster now and that was driving me wild. But slower will let me last longer and she can maybe lick and suck me during slower.

"Five seconds…" Selena warned.

"Slower, slower!" I chose and felt a little hot and sweaty now.

"Good boy." She moved slower as I panted and put her lips right on the tip of my penis, sucking for one second and licking a drop of moisture from the head.

I growled out in lust as she went MMMMMM in appreciation, liking the taste of me.

Moving me up and down in a very slow, smooth motion, she finally asked me, "Would you like me to suck you, Justin?"

No, not really. Let's go play checkers instead. YES, I WANT YOU TO SUCK ME!

"Yes, Selena…please…" I breathed hard, needing it now, like air.

Teasing me, she began taking small licks up my shaft just like I had done to hear earlier. She is paying attention, I have to give her that, and now she's doing the same exact things to me, showing me what it's like. Fast learner.

My eyes were closed, even though the shirt was covering my eyes. Please, please, I prayed to Selena, my goddess, please do it…it's so sensitive all of a sudden, usually it takes a lot to get me so wired and frenzied. But Selena had made me that way in a few moments.

"Please…" I whispered, groaning and clenching my teeth as she took a huge, long lick up the entire side of me, circling her tongue around the head and sucking her lips hard around it as I shouted out, without words, turning into a mindless thing, just reacting to the stimulation and velvet roughness of her tongue.

"So big…" she said softly, "I hope I can do a good job here."

All I could do was grunt and groan as she kept moving me up and down, licking and sucking only the head at the moment. It was killing me with pleasure, the head is super sensitive and she was teasing the hell out of it.

I wanted to yell at her to take me into her mouth but I bit my bottom lip, holding it in.

"I guess I'll put you out of your misery, Justin." She said caringly, and a second later her mouth was all around me, wet, hot, tight. Sucking, licking, stroking.

"SHIT!" I moaned and panted, my eyes opening wide against my will as the redness of my shirt stared back at me.

"GOD! DAMN! IT !" I heaved as she moved her mouth and tongue up and down a bit faster now, the pumping with her hand continuing at the same time. Then I felt her other hand cupping my balls.

She was killing me and I loved it! I guess here, in this department, Selena knew what she was doing. See, it's always the quiet ones…

"Selena! Selena!" I sneered through gritted teeth.

She ignored me and kept working me like an expert, moving up and down harder and harder now, my entire shaft in her mouth. Every so often, I felt my head hit the back of her throat and I half-screamed out from that raw sensation.

And I could hear her sounds while she was pleasuring me, small gags, moans, MMMMM's, all pushing me further to the edge.

"Oh fuck, Selena, I'm gonna cum!" I sneered, warning her in case she wanted an out before that happened. Some women don't care to swallow.

But this made her go FASTER and harder! I shouted out in my most masculine sounding voice, waiting…feeling my whole body convulsing in ecstasy and lust.

I felt myself explode hard and hotly and I stiffened, hoping this wouldn't disgust Selena. But instead, I felt a rush of new pleasure as her mouth kept sucking and her throat swallowed me down.

And she started licking and sucking the head now. NO GOD! Too fucking sensitive now for that.

I writhed and bucked as I growled and then Selena gave a soft laugh, stopping that and laying beside my legs below, her lips placing kisses up the cuts of my pelvis.

"God…." I moaned, still limp and feeling weak, but in a glorious way.

"Did I…do alright?" she asked, as innocently as a 1st grader. Who does she think she's fooling?

"No, that was terrible." I joked, "I just came like that because I felt sorry for you."

She laughed and pinched her fingernails in my inner thigh.

"OW!" I laughed, almost taking my hands off the headboard, "I was kidding! Kidding! Yes, you did – alright. Fucking amazing, Selena! I don't think I've ever come so hard like that – ever. Really!"

"Well, you deserve it." Selena replied, not taking my blindfold off yet, "I wish I could give you six more like that, like you did for me."

"Seven." I corrected, "I've given you eight now."

"Thanks, Mr. Count It." She said, stroking between my legs with one hand.

"You're welcome, Mrs. Suck It." I quipped, smiling and trying to get my breathing to calm a little more.

"Can I lay down on you?" she asked.

"Always." I replied.

She climbed up and laid her warm, naked body directly on top of mine, her breasts two hot circles pressing into my chest as she laid her head down under my chin. Her hair was still wet and cool but that felt good against my red hot skin now and I could feel her wet little pussy against my satisfied, sleeping cock.

It wouldn't be very long before he'd awaken again but I didn't know how to tell Selena this. A few minutes was all he needed, unlike a lot of men who usually needed 15-20 minutes. Yes, I'm a freak. Franken-cock.

"I am starting to see why people always shove things into your mouth." She picked on me as she relaxed there upon me, "You talk a lot, too, like me."

I grinned, "Well at least I'm not asking you if you need to go to the bathroom."

We both laughed for a couple minutes and she said, "I like the way you scream and grunt. It turned me on so much it made me go faster and harder than I've ever gone before. You inspired me."

"Thanks, I think." I wished I could hold her but I had not been released yet by her words.

"Uh oh." Selena said, moving a little, "Someone is already back up."

I could feel my penis all standing at attention again, ready for more.

"Sorry, Selena." I began quietly, "It's just—"

"Shhhh." She put her finger over my lips, "Stop apologizing. I don't like it."

She's stealing my lines now. What a little thief. I smiled, unable to stop myself.

"Yes, Selena." I said in a deep voice.

"I'm going to let you see now." She informed, taking my shirt off my eyes. The one light on was soft and dim so my eyes didn't need much time to adjust.

Selena's body looked so beautiful there above me, so perfect.

"I might need your help, Justin." She whispered shyly, straddling me.

"Can I have my hands, Selena?" I asked, wanting to help with all my soul.

"Oh, yes," she made a confused face for a second.

I let go of the headboard and sat up a little bit, "Come here.", I said and took her lips with mine again, thanking her for making me feel so fucking alive. I took a fistful of hair into my hand and made it a long, deep kiss filled with emotion.

When I let her hair go, she opened her eyes, looking a little dizzy. I smiled and asked, "You alright?"

She nodded and blushed and grinned at me.

I rolled to the side of the bed and went into the nightstand drawer, where I'd put my condoms. I tore the foil with my teeth and slipped it on quickly with no problems. I could do that in my sleep.

Victoria is the only woman I could never use a condom with. She couldn't have children and she said she only slept with myself and Emmett. I would have questioned her about that but it was a rule of hers. Victoria didn't like condoms and if I insisted on wearing one, I was out. And Victoria had saved my life, I wasn't about to give her a hard time over it.

"I want you, Justin." She finally said the words, "Right now."

"Yes, Selena." I grinned, ready to be her teacher, "Have you ever been on top before?"

"No." she said with no shame.

"Alright, it's easy." I assured her, "Straddle me."

She blushed again, doing it, her pussy a bit in front of my erection.

"Move back a little bit." I guided, "Get yourself right over me."

I held the base of my cock and watched her timidly position herself in place.

"Good girl." I said approvingly, "Slowly let me in…sink yourself down…"

One of my hands stroked up her outer thigh as she obeyed my instructions…moving slowly…down…down…uhhhhhh, my head is in…penetration….yes….CHRIST, she is TIGHT! She wasn't lying to me about that.

She let out a little moan and whimper as she let me impale myself into her hot wetness. It felt like my cock was being squeezed as she reached all the way down to the base. I am inside her…completely. Paradise.

"Wait." I took her hands, wanting to just feel myself there, without moving, without anything distracting from this awesome thrill. We fit together perfectly. That's the only thought I had in my head at the moment and I couldn't argue or push it away.

She was making delighted sounds, also, maybe feeling it, too.

"Alright, Selena." I let her hands go, placing a kiss on each one, "Hold the headboard for leverage and at any pace you like, you can start moving up and down."

My fingers touched the back of her bare ass as she began to ride me, going slowly at first, taking her time to feel me and savor her own feelings at the same time.

"Ohhhh yeaaaaa…" I growled, letting her know everything below her in Justin-ville was happy and conent, "Ohhh, Selena."

"Justin…." She breathed, "I'm doing okay?"

"Flawlessly okay." I winced, biting my lip again, almost tasting blood, "You are so wet and tight, you're killing me, Selena. But it's SO good. Don't stop."

About fifteen minutes later, she was riding me pretty hard and I was thrusting up inside of her, clutching onto her ass and helping her move deeper and harder as her knees started to shiver a little.

"FUCK Selena, FUCK !" I was shouting, bucking my hips and slamming her ass up and down over my balls, the pounding sounds of the mattress battling the squeaking of the headboard as Selena moved it with her hands, breasts bouncing and mouth screaming right along with mine.

33 seconds. Not a very hard record to break.

"Ohhhh!" Selena was screeching and slamming herself down, "Justin! OH MY GOD, Justin!"

I was sweating and so was she. I could usually go longer than 15 minutes, but, she was so tight that I knew I couldn't hold out much longer.

"Hot little BITCH!" I heard my voice snarling and heaving as she pummeled me harder. Yes, I can curse like a sailor when I'm hot also.

She was screaming so shrill and with no words that I suspected she was coming again. I was not far behind her.

"UUGGGHHHHHHH!" I screamed out, feeling myself streaming into her, well, into my condom, actually. I couldn't move for a bliss-filled minute.

I was panting and exhaling like an animal that had just run 10 miles as I eased Selena's ass upwards, slowly, my eyes clenching as she raised all the way off of me now.

I gasped in relief and utter joy as she laid down beside me, in the crook of my arm that curled around her tight, holding her to me securely as we both fought to breathe, wordless and suffering side by side in the sweetest torture imaginable.

We were two quivering, wet, sweaty messes, but we clung to each other desperately, neither of us wanting to let go.

After about ten minutes, after I had slyly disposed of the used condom, I asked, "So…being on top was…good for you?"

"God, yes." She breathed, moving her damp hair out of her eyes, kissing my nipple and playing with it with her finger.

"Good." I reached into the nightstand drawer, "I think you've earned a little treat, then. Lay back."

She smiled up at me and frowned, confused.

But she did as she was told and I showed her one of my favorite little things.

It looks like a small little oval-shaped plastic egg, but very small. It has a thin wire coming out of one end and that it attached to a little palm sized white box.

"This is a brand new toy of mine, Selena, and it's just for you." I informed first, "It's not hard-core, it's very small and not scary at all. See? It's just a little tiny thing. Care to try it?"

"Alright." She looked curious, parting her legs a bit.

"If you don't like it, just say so and it's gone, okay?" I asked, kissing her mouth three times in a row.

"Okay." She closed her eyes and relaxed, trusting me completely now.

"You'll like this, though, I suspect." I assured, "Now, when I put it on, it's gonna make a little buzzing sound, but that's okay."

"Justin, I've heard of vibrators before." Selena opened her eyes and smirked at me.

"Alright, shut up, before I stick something into YOUR mouth." I grinned, turning the dial in my hand to low to begin.

I placed the tip of the oval egg right into place, right above her little wet clit.

It buzzed away, and Selena began to react right away. I smiled down at her, my leg curled around her right leg, keeping her legs parted a bit, not letting her escape it.

She was moaning and gasping, opening her wide eyes at me in disbelief.

"Told you you'd like it." I grinned over her, then concentrating on where I was placing the little egg next. I moved it slowly, finding different spots where I would stop and let it sit there, buzzing and vibrating away as Selena's screams began to intensify.

I increased the speed at times, then decreased it others, making her yell at me while I laughed to myself. I would bring her almost to orgasm then lower the speed at the last moment.

Three times I had done this and finally Selena was screaming at me.

"NO!" she howled, "Justin, NO! PLEASE! PLEASE!"

She clutched at my arms and I sternly held her down.

"Behave, you little bitch." I put a hand over her mouth and smiled at her to let her know I was playing with her, "You'll take it and be quiet or I'll put you over my knee. You'll come when I say you can come."

After a couple more of those teases, I did let her come – and come she did. HARD. Over and over and over again. She was soon screaming like a banshee after an hour of the little vibrator and then I yanked her up by her hair, getting her onto her knees, turning her ass to my hips.

"Time to make that fantasy of being taken from behind come true." I announced as her hair fell half over her face, my new condom in place as I bent her over and thrust myself inside her again, her screams like music to my ears.


The next morning, at about 7:30am, I brought Selena breakfast in bed. I woke her up with kisses and petting and although she looked very happy and exhausted, she was also very hungry, too.

We sat in bed naked and ate like pigs for about an hour and then she said she had to shower and get ready for school. Today she would be home around 4pm she said.

Which worked perfectly because today at 12pm I had a pizza delivery with Paige.

I felt like a low-life shit going there today after last night with Selena. I wished I could blow off these day jobs during these two weeks I was Selena's but Victoria would tear my balls off. And I had endured Victoria's wrath before. It wasn't pretty.

Victoria got a small cut of whatever I earned but it was more about her reputation than just the money. Plus, she wanted complete control of her employees. If she said it, we had to do it. Or we were out. And I just can't be out. I need all the money I can earn. Working at Red Lobster will not pay the hospital bills.

Well, Selena did always say I could do what I liked while she was in class. I feel like I'm cheating. I don't like this. I FEEL myself getting attached already.

My internal brain shouted at me like a drill sergeant. Do NOT get attached, Bieber! Do your job and stop acting like a BITCH!

ALRIGHT! I shouted back inside of me as she got dressed. I sat on the bed, wondering if I should tell her or not. She was very cool about the bachelorette party, but this was different.

"Hey." She smiled at me as she put her shirt on, "Are you okay?"

"Yea." I snapped out of my coma, smiling up at her, "I just…have another appointment today, at 12. Is it okay if I go or do you want me to stay here?"

"No, go." She rolled her eyes at me, going around the apartment and putting her notebook and things into her backpack, "Stop asking me all the time. I told you, I don't own you."

"I know but—"

She leaned in, kissing me deeply before I could say anything else. Kneeling on the bed, she grabbed my hair and wrapped her arms around my neck. I got six more baby kisses after that and Selena stared down at me with a loving pair of eyes.

"Last night was just…magic, Justin." She got all misty eyed as she spoke and I felt my own eyes begin to water, too.

"You've ruined me for anyone else, you know." She informed, kissing me again and I felt my arms tighten around her waist, my hands rubbing up and down her little back, touching the bottom of her hair.

I didn't know what else to say in response but my voice almost cracked when I said, "Selena…"

"I'm not in love with you, that's not what I'm saying." She assured me, looking away for a second, then kissed the tip of my nose, "I'm just saying that…you were…I can't even describe it. I'm just saying, when I'm old and gray, and sitting with my bald, fat husband watching Hollywood Squares…I just know I'll be thinking of you…dreaming of last night...and how good you feel…how you make ME feel…"

I felt my throat clench up and silence me.

"I don't know what I'm saying," Selena smiled, tossling my hair, "You no doubt fucked my brains out last night and now I have to go to school and try to THINK. No fair."

"Selena, I have to—" I began, about to tell her but a knock pounded on the door.

"Oh, there's the girls!" she giggled, squirming out of my arms and darting off to answer the door as my eyes closed. My head hurts. Why? Selena knows what I am, she bought me! Why is this bothering me now?

I was wearing only my underwear when the girls came inside. I was sitting on top of the messed up quilt and sheets when they crossed the big open doorway of the room.

"Selena, did you study for the quiz on—" Alice was asking when they stopped and stared into the room at me. Rosalie was not talking, either, but smiling at me with a raised brow when I realized I was being looked over.

"Hi ladies." I perked up and smiled affectionately at them, not bothering to cover up or anything.

"Hi…Justin." Rosalie was gawking now and then Selena rushed over and grabbed them by their arms.

"Gotta run, we're late!" Selena shouted, getting her friends' eyes off my body, as I stood up and followed, wanting to say goodbye to Selena.

Alice spun around at the doorway and saw me standing there in my small white bikinis and her voice dropped five octaves lower when she exclaimed, "OH MY GOD!"

"Selena." I said low, not able to lose this feeling in my gut. I felt awful.

"Wait outside for me, guys, thanks!" Selena said, throwing them out and closing the door behind them.

"What's the matter, Justin?" Selena came over and held me, laying her face on my bare chest, "Do you feel alright?"

"Yes." I held her too, "But there's something I should tell you…about today."

"What is it?" she looked worried about me now.

"Come on, Selena!" Rosalie pounded on the door as I frowned at it, "We have to study a little bit before class! I know YOU didn't have time to study last night!"

I frowned, looking down at her, "Did you have to study last night and you didn't?"

"It's not a big deal." Selena looked down, "It's only a little quiz."

"Selena…" I growled, not liking that, "I can wait for you from now on. If you have important things to do, you should do them first and then you can have me all you want. Alright?"

"Alright." She smiled up at me and I grinned down at her cute little mouth.

"I'll miss you." I heard myself saying to her and immediately regretted it.

Way too attached. Maybe it's good that I'm doing this pizza thing today. It will re-focus me.

I'll take a shower, I'll get back into my routine, and this feeling will go away.

"You will?" Selena smiled up at me, as I gave a weak smile, "I'll miss you, too."

"I should go, I'll see you at 4, okay?" Selena began to move towards the door, the girls still pounding for her.

"Okay." I gave a nod.

"Oh and for tonight…" Selena's eyes lit up, "I have a little plan. I'll tell you after dinner, alright?"

"Alright, Selena." I tried to smile more.

"Be good. See you later." She waved and opened the door, leaving me.

Go to work – I ordered myself – and I went to the shower, washing all the wonderful scents of Selena off my body, feeling colder now, even though I was standing under steaming hot water.


EPOV I stood on her doorstep, holding my pizza in its box. My cap said "Johnnie's Pizza" and I wore a t-shirt and jeans, underwear, and sneakers.

Swallow. Breathe. Ring the bell.

I did and waited. I had been here before. This place was a mansion, but very empty and cold.

After I rang the bell for the third time, the door yanked open. And there was Paige, a 40 year old woman now, still attractive with only a line or two at the corners of her eyes. Long blonde hair, flawless make up, perfectly manicured fingernails, wearing an expensive long silk robe, black. She also wore a very large diamond ring and a wedding band.

"Pizza delivery." I smiled, about to hand the box over to her when she held the door open for me and turned, walking back into the huge, expensive looking house.

I stayed where I was, waiting to be paid.

"Come in, kid, I have to get your money." She called behind her and I entered, the wooden door closing on its own after I stepped just inside the doorway.

She was standing in her kitchen now, purse in hand, digging, looking for her wallet.

"How much is it?" she asked, sounding bored.

"$12.50, Ma'am." I answered, politely waiting, placing the pizza on the long wooden island in the center of the amazingly large kitchen.

"Rip off if you ask me." She muttered, taking out her wallet, "It's always fucking cold by the time you get it here."

"I'm sorry, Ma'am, I brought it right over, it should be hot." I began a little nervously, my eyes intimidated.

"How much would you like to bet…" she turned to me, her eyes annoyed, "that it's ice cold again?"

I gave a slight frown and looked confused as she yanked open the top of the box. The cheese wasn't melted or even remotely hot at all. It was stone cold.

"Feel that." She challenged me.

I looked at it, then her, swallowing, looking more nervous now.

Carefully, I put a finger on the edge of it. I winced.

"Cold?" she raised a haughty brow at me.

"Yes Ma'am." I looked down a little, "Uh, let me return it and I'll bring you back a real hot one."

I began to walk towards the door but she grabbed the back of my shirt and yanked me back over to the island, slamming me over the pizza as my eyes widened.

"What are you doing?" I tried to straighten up but she grabbed my hair, sticking my face in the pizza as I yelled, trying to struggle a tiny little bit.

"Now if that was a HOT PIZZA, your pretty little face would be burning!" she yelled, "But it's COLD so all that means is that you're getting all messy!"

"Ma'am, please!" I tried to straighten but she held me down. My face was very close to the pizza now, but not touching. Only a little sauce was on my mouth and a little on my cheek, "I said I'm sorry. Please, let me get you another—"

"I am so sick of being screwed by people!" she sneered, taking a sharp knife out of a wooden block a couple inches away from my face. She put it near my cheek and said, "Give me your hands and if you try to run, I stab you in the face!"

I put my hands behind me, shivering a little as she opened a drawer nearby.

"Ma'am…" I began, "Please, I'm not trying to screw you…I just deliver pizzas."

"SHUT UP!" she shouted and I felt duct tape being coiled around my wrists, about five times around, then she bit the tape and tore it off, securing my arms.

"Get up!" she yanked me to my feet by the hair as I cringed and felt her throw me into the wall, my back against it.

She grabbed a large silver pair of meat scissors and grabbed my throat with her hand.

"What do you do instead of delivering my pizza on time, kid, hmmm?" she moved the tip of the scissors along my jaw, "What do you do, watch me take my shower? Is that it?"

"No, Ma'am, I swear!" I made my face look terrified.

She opened the scissors and placed them under my balls as I screamed out. Her hand clasped over my mouth and she whispered, "Admit it. I know you watch me."

She took her hand off my mouth and waited.

"Alright." I clenched my eyes, "I saw you showering and I watched. The whole wall is made of glass!"

"Well, you bought more than you bargained for, kid." She took the scissors and began to cut a straight line up my t-shirt, ripping the rest of it off me as I panted and trembled.

"What are you doing?" I asked.

"Giving you what you wanted." She put the scissors to my chest, "Hold still."

She stabbed the scissors into the wooden island and turned back to me, undoing my jeans and unzipping them. She took off my cap and threw it onto the floor.

"Oh God, please don't…" I frowned, breathing heavier, "I'm so sorry, please…"

"Shut up I said." She ignored me and pulled my jeans down to my ankles, then retrieved the scissors, opening them and sliding them into the side of my underwear, making a long crisp cut as I exhaled a hard breath.

Then she cut the other side, taking the ruined garment in her hand and smiling at me while I stared back in fear.

"Open." She danced the scissors around my throat.

I opened my mouth and she stuffed the underwear inside, all of it as I protested in muffled discomfort.

"Look at that…hard as a rock.", she grabbed my cock in her hand as I groaned out through the cotton in my mouth.

"Stay." She frowned at me in disgust and got the duct tape again, tearing off a nice long strip. I closed my eyes as she stuck it over my mouth, my lips completely hidden now beneath the silver strip that also ran along the entire lengths of my cheeks.

"Mmmmm" I tried to make noises through my gag. Paige likes that. Sounds like begging her to let me go, making my eyes very afraid.

"Yes, beg me." She squinted her eyes at me, "That's right. I'll listen to that while I'm sucking you dry, you little pervert."

"Mmmpphhhh!" I protested as she bit my nipple hard and dropped onto her knees, savagely sucking her mouth over my cock, even scraping it with her teeth as I stood there, eyes clenched, making muffles shouts and sounds of pain and protest…and pleading.

After a short while, she grabbed my penis and led me out of the kitchen. I muffled arguments through my gag as my feet, trapped by my jeans, could only move small little baby steps after her as she dragged me out to the dining room.

"Come on, follow me, sweetie." She cooed sweetly, "Shhhh, don't be afraid. I'll let you go when I'm finished with you, I promise."

"MMmmnnnn" I said, yanking my face to the left, trying to struggle as much as possible as she brought me to the fancy mahogany table in the dining room.

She untied her robe, taking the black silk belt of it and putting it around my neck, making a special knot so that when she pulled it tight, it would choke me a bit.

"There…very pretty." She moved her hand over my face and down my chest, pinching my nipples as I muffled a little scream and tried to look away from her, still resisting a little.

"Now…" she opened her robe and let it fall to the floor. Her body was fit and firm, plastic surgery on the breasts, definitely.

She laid on the table, on her back and pulled me forward, between her opened legs by my leash as I choked a bit, moving closer.

She remembered the rules, and sat up, taking a condom off the table and opening it, rolling it onto my ready penis as I tried to plead and beg again through my underwear gag.

"No…no!" I tried to resist through the cotton in my mouth and throat.

"You are going to fuck me now, pizza boy." She demanded, "If I can't have hot pizza, I can at least get something out of you."

She yanked my leash and it tightened hard. "NOW!" she ordered angrily.

I got all the way between her legs now and inserted myself into her wet, ready pussy as she moaned and I muffled out a small whimper.

"Come on, that's it. Do a good job for once and maybe I'll let you go.", she put her feet up, resting them on the table as I moved myself back and forth harder, my hands still behind me the entire time. I'm glad I work out everyday and have good hips or else this would be near impossible for some men.

"Oh, YES! YES, YES!" she was soon screaming out, taking it as hard as I could pound it, "Yes, fuck me harder, HARDER! SLAM me….you hot FUCK, YES!"

With Selena, coming was very natural and easy for me. Right now, it was a little more difficult. But that was good news for Paige, it meant I had to keep fucking her until I came. It was a good half hour of her screaming and yanking the silk around my neck before I felt myself getting there.

I kept thinking of Selena from last night and that was helping me a lot. I imagined it was her on the table as I rammed into her over and over again, almost angrily now, wishing I would just come already so I could get out of here.

I let out a strangled, muffled cry as I felt myself ejaculate and seconds later, Paige's screams quieted then ceased.

"Mmmmmhhhhh.." I groaned, slowly pulling out of her with a little shiver as she smiled up at me, relaxing…not moving.

"Mmmm, pizza boy…" she purred, touching her breast, slowly sitting up, pulling me back closer to her by my leash. She wrapped her arms around me and kissed my chest for a few minutes. I made myself lay my head on hers, nuzzling her a little affectionately.

"You…are so sweet…" she ran her fingernails along my torso, gently now.

She looked up at me and both her hands caressed down my taped cheeks.

"Such a pretty face." She began to unpeel the edge of the tape from my skin, adding, "Such a pretty…everything."

And with one quick yank, she stripped the duct tape off my lips. My eyes bulged out hard as the pain grabbed hold of me.

Without a word of apology, she was pulling the wet underwear out of my mouth.

"There you go, sweetie." She acted like she did something nice for me.

"Thank you, Paige." I leaned in and kissed her mouth, getting her kiss in return.

Still making no move to untie my wrists behind me, she instead slipped the condom off me and walked away to get rid of it. I stood there, waiting for her to return, clenching my jaw a bit now that she wasn't in view.

In a minute, she returned and had the meat scissors in her hand.

"Turn around, sweet cheeks." She grinned as I turned my back to her and she stroked my ass, giving them a couple of light slaps before she cut me loose.

"There you go." She said again, helping me get the tape off my wrists.

This is one of the reasons I don't like much hair on my body.

"Thanks, Paige." I said again.

I began to pull up my pants and she watched me.

I turned around towards her and she handed me an envelope. I didn't need to check it. I've dealt with Paige for months now. She was rich and married and neglected and she always paid properly.

"You earn every penny, gorgeous." She complimented, "You really did look so scared and humiliated. You're great."

I bet she doesn't even know my real name. She never says it.

"Thank you." I smiled, putting the envelope into my back pocket.

"Come take a shower, love." She took me by the hand and led me down the hallway towards the master bathroom.

"Yes, Paige." I smiled, curling my fingers around hers.

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