Stuck In Fire 1 - Kapitel 1-17 (Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez)

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7. 7

EPOV As I led Selena up the subway stairs to the busy street above, I heard those heavy breaths of surprise and frustration. Maybe it was because only a moment ago, I was her dark captor on the train, and now I was hungry boyfriend, rushing her to a little Chinese restaurant I know.

I hope she didn't think I was just kidding. Oh shit, maybe she does. I did just flip my whole personality in two seconds. Fuck. How am I gonna tell her that's just how I am? I hurt her feelings, FUCK! FUCK! FUCK !

I decided to explain more to her once we were sitting down and waiting for our food.

I had to say something to fill the void.

"This is the best Chinese place in New York." I informed, although I didn't really know that for a fact. I just liked it there, myself. It isn't fancy looking or too large, it's not crowded. And the food is great.

"Oh yea?" she asked, rushing to keep pace alongside of me.

"Oh yea." I stated in certainty, "My treat."

"No, I have—" she began and I knew she would but I talked over her.

"Can't hear you, Selena." I put my hands both over my ears now, "Selena keeps talking but I can't hear her…LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA!"

I love doing that to girls. I stole it from Eddie Murphy – Beverly Hills Cop.

"Brat." She said, dropping her protest as I took my hands off my ears and smiled down at her, taking her hand again.

She smiled back. It doesn't appear she's angry with me. Good. I felt my chest sigh in relief involuntarily. I hate anger.

Selena looked very comfortable once I showed her what door to enter. I pushed it open for her and she looked relieved it wasn't a Gomezky, posh looking restaurant. I had guessed right, she preferred normal, not lavish things. 2 points for me.

I would still take her out for one luxurious night of Gomezk, I decided. She deserved it but I wouldn't give her two whole weeks of it. It would make her uneasy and more nervous so I had to avoid over-doing anything that would make her feel that way.

"Wanna sit over here?" I offered, going to a little round table in the corner, a big black room divider beside the table with a large red dragon sprawled across it.

"Sure." She came with me, still letting me hold her hand.

We sat down , menus in the center of the table. I handed her one and opened mine, it was a paper menu with only two pages inside.

"So, Selena…do you see anything that you've been hungering for?" I purred, knowing this would earn me a peek at that cute little blush she does so often.

And there it is. I smiled and lowered my eyes to the menu, keeping my snicker to myself. I didn't want her to think I was making fun of her or enjoying making her nervous. Just the opposite, I want her to come back at me with something just as naughty. But I had just begun with Selena, maybe, in time, she would come around and tease me back.

She cleared her throat and I saw her peek up at me over the edge of her menu. But then she made herself concentrate on what she wanted to eat and she chickened out on me.

"Uhh." She frowned a little, trying to remember how to read as I chuckled, watching her closer now, "The- l -lo m-mein, (clears her throat harder) the shrimp lo mein looks good. And I like pepper steak."

Poor little Selena. I hope once we make love she can relax around me more. Making love I call it. It sounds so sleazy saying once I fuck her. Besides, I could call it making love with Selena. She is so rare and honest and cute. I don't know if she could call it making love from her end. I'm a well paid hooker to her who needs therapy.

I know I don't or can't love Selena in the sense that I could marry her or anything. That part of my life is over and I wouldn't impose myself on her by ever falling for her, but if I were a normal, real man…I would go after her. But I am not real and I am not a man. And I can never have her.

Just do your job, Justin, and make her as happy as you can and then go. Stop thinking love whenever you're around her. Girls don't love whores. You'd only make a complete fool of yourself if you really did fall in love with her or anyone else for that matter.

The one you love is somewhere else, far from here, don't forget that. And that's all you have, that's all you need. Focus. She is counting on you. I know, I mentally answered my inner voice, I know.

Perhaps after Selena, I should start turning down younger women, I considered. It's easier to stay unattached with the older ones, they don't cling onto you and blush when you compliment them. And a lot of young girls do become attached to me, especially the virgins. When you give a woman that first taste of passion, they fall in love with you, unwillingly, stupidly, devastatingly.

I know Selena's not a virgin, but close to it. 33 seconds. In my book, she is a virgin. My first time with her had to be soft and sensual, like the massage was. But maybe I can make it a little more exciting for her, somehow. I would love to have her outside somewhere, the breeze touching our bodies. But in New York, finding a secluded outside spot was like finding books in Paris Hilton's apartment.

Yes, I have been there. No books. But lots of toys. Thank God I didn't have to talk to her, much. See, I will do anyone.

But I am getting off track here. Oh, yes, find something to order. Food, remember? Yea, yea, yea.

"That does sound pretty good." I answered her, "But I like things dangerously spicy. My usual is General Tso's chicken with broccoli."

She winced, smiling, "Ouch. Too hot for me!"

"Oh, come on, you can try a bite of mine." I smiled, closing my menu, giving her my full attention now, reaching over and taking her free hand into mine, resting against the table between us, "You might like hot, Selena, if you gave it a chance."

I got her eyes and her bigger smile now, and she put her menu down. Yes, Selena, come on, say it…say it out loud…something evil and sultry. You can do it.

I am on the edge of my seat.

"I want to try it…" she said softly, "But what if it burns too much?"

Oh, not bad. I smiled back at her, stroking my fingers over hand. I brought it to my lips and kissed it with real feeling. She wants me but she's afraid. I wonder if it's physical pain or emotional pain she's talking about.

"It won't burn too much." I said, seriously, giving her my honest eyes, "I promise. I'll be good to you."

She rubbed my hand with her thumb, gently, her eyes a little sparkly now.

"I know." She said, sounding so sincere. It seems like she wants to trust me, even though she shouldn't.

"Besides…" I wanted things to turn light now, "I know where your ice cubes are if things get too hot for you."

She laughed with me and turned a nice shade of burgundy then. I let Selena order her own food and I gave my order. Some women like me to take charge and order their food for them, the ones who like me to be dominant and controlling over them. But this was not Selena. Not yet, anyway. I want to play that game later in our relationship, if she allows me.

"Brat." She finally quipped, taking a breath, and I could see she was relaxing now. Good girl.

"So how did your appointment go today?" she asked, trying to make conversation. She was looking right into my face and I hesitated, not knowing how to respond. Do I tell her about it? Will she get jealous?

"Justin, you can tell me." She read my mind, "Actually, I would like to know more about your appointments and things. It would help my study. And I know you don't mind talking about sex."

Hmmm, maybe she is more observant than I thought. Okay, if she wants to know, I have no problem talking about this.

"Okay." I folded my hands, glancing away for a second, then I brought my eyes right to hers, knowing this would probably blow up in my face.

"Well, I had a bachelorette party today." I began, "I went as a cop. I love being a cop. The bride was very nice. They were all pretty nice. And…it went well."

Selena stared at me and smirked. "God, you so left all the good stuff out."

"Alright, Selena." I smiled, ready to unleash the whole story on her.

I told her every detail of how I entered the house and obtained my bride in her chair, cuffing her. Selena smiled at this and listened with huge interest.

"I started dancing and once I got my clothes off, the ice was broken." I was saying as the waitress, a chinese woman with short black hair in her 40's came over, brining our sodas to us.

Selena turned bright red but I kept right on talking, ignoring the waitress' glance at me.

"I rubbed my penis up and down her body and that usually gets my little bride hot and stoked to begin with." I said as Selena blocked her eyes from the waitress, her red face turning deeper red now. I think the waitress was lingering too long at our table just to keep hearing our conversation.

Selena glared at me and sliced the air with her hand, as if to tell me CUT – or shut up. But I didn't.

"And once I put my mouth against the crotch of her jeans, she was mine." I stated casually.

I took a sip of my coke from its straw and swallowed, continuing my story.

Once the waitress was gone, everything seemed alright with Selena. She laughed and listened to my stories, she asked questions. I'll bet she was wishing she had her trusty notebook with her now.

When our food came, I was almost finished telling her all the things I had done at Anna's house and it didn't look like she was getting mad. My friends were the only other ones I could talk like this to. Then I remembered, Selena is my friend, too. And now, I'm sure of it.

"They made you into a sundae?" she giggled as I took my chop sticks out of the paper, snapping them in two and taking them in my hand.

"Yea." I grinned, "They came up with that on their own. They laid me on the table, on some towels and put all kinds of ice cream and cake, whipped cream, and hershey's syrup all over me. Then they all sat around and started using spoons to eat the ice cream off me. It started out nice and lady-like at first, and then they were all on me at once, licking me and squirting more whip cream and syrup on me, and licking it off again. It was fun. They didn't bite, so, I was glad for that."

In my mind, I remembered Anna, the blushing bride, covering my mouth with chocolate syrup and devouring it with hers, licking and groaning into me.

Selena was holding a fork and breaking the sacred law of Chinese food at the same time, but I let it go. It was nice having someone to tell my day to, and she wasn't getting upset or disgusted with me.

"What are you thinking while that's happening to you?" she asked in a nice way, not judging.

I gave a little laugh, answering, "Mostly – Cold, cold, cold! That's during the ice cream part, when they were all scooping different flavors out and dropping them on my body. Then, later, when they were licking it off, I was thinking, Thank you, thank you…warm, so warm. And then, later on, I was thinking, God, I'm sticky!"

Selena chuckled at me during my answer but now she just stared at me, grinning, saying, "You know what I mean, Justin. Don't play dumb with me."

I grinned back, taking a bite of my chicken with my sticks while she twirled her fork into her noodles, placing them carefully into her open mouth, licking her lips quickly, afraid to have good all over her mouth with me sitting right across from her. Girls are like that. But I would love to see Selena's mouth all messy and shiny with sauce. I would lap it up in a second. But – wait – back to Selena's question.

"What is it you'd like me to say?" I asked with an extremely pleasant tone, even giving her a small smile, "That I was thinking, please, someone help me…save me…don't touch me…?" I used a small wimpy voice as I said those phrases and wondered what Selena would make of this now.

"I guess, something like that…I don't know." She muttered, going back to her food.

"I don't have any of those thoughts anymore, Selena." I said, not ashamed to admit that, "I shut those off a long time ago and now, I don't even have to think about it. They're just gone. I don't know exactly when it happened, but it did. I don't feel shame or modesty."

"Lucky." Selena said in a low voice, "I wish I could lose those."

"No you don't." I said sternly, and she looked at me, silently asking me something with her eyes.

I took a sip of my drink and made myself take a breath, adding, "Don't wish that."

"Alright, I take it back." She smiled, and got my smile in return.

I ate for a moment then she asked me, sounding more curious than analyzing, "What do you say when…they are doing that to you? Are there like, lines you always use, or…do you just say whatever comes to mind?"

"I usually go with what comes to mind." I replied, "Using the same old lines on people just takes all the real-ness out of it for me. And, this time, I didn't have to say anything, I was gagged."

She stopped in mid bite and glared at me.

"Gagged?" she half-shouted, sounding shocked. Then she looked around, hoping no one heard her utter that word.

I nodded, chewing.

"With what?" she probed further, making herself whisper now.

If I could blush, I might have.

I leaned in and whispered back to her, copying her, "A banana."

"Oh my G—" she looked around, blushing, whispering lower, "A banana? Peeled?"

I almost laughed, what difference did THAT make?

"No, unpeeled." I answered honestly, "It's better that way, it doesn't get so mushy then and it stays hard longer. It wasn't all that planned out, I just went to yell out for a second when the ice cream hit my…crotch…and one of them said, shut him up and before I knew it, there was a banana hitting the back of my throat. I guess I could've spit it out easily enough, but they told me to keep it there."

"And you did." She finished for me, staring at me, almost like I was an alien.

Shrugging, I nodded and bit my bottom lip for a second, taking another bite of my chicken.

"You are just…amazing to me." She said, drinking through her straw.

I like watching her suck on it. God, my mind is constantly in the gutter. No wonder she looks at me like I'm another species. Maybe I am.

I smiled and began to steal pieces of her shrimp off her plate, popping each one into my mouth as she tried to guard her precious seafood from me.

"HEY YOU!" she protested with a giggle, "Ever heard of boundaries?"

"No, never." I teased, taking another one.

"Punk!" she squealed, unable to keep me out with her defenses.

"Here, I'll give you a bite of mine." I offered, taking a medium sized piece into my chop sticks, "No hands, just open up."

She pinked a little bit in the face and let her hands sit at her sides, opening her mouth slightly, leaning towards me.

Damn it, I'm hard now. God, I hate my dick, it's the easiest bitch in New York.

"More." I demanded with a crooked smile as she obeyed, "Good little Selena. Here you go."

I placed it inside with care onto her tongue and she began to chew it. I watched intently, and then a few seconds in, she began to widen her eyes and rush to drink her soda, drinking a lot of it.

I chuckled, "Oh no…Selena…too hot?"

I laughed for a second more as she finally let go of her straw and panted a little.

"Wow…very hot…" she shared between her breaths.

"Sorry, baby." I truly apologized, "I thought you'd like it. But at least you tried it. I'm very proud of you. And that reminds me…"

She looked at me, blankly, a deer in the headlights.

"In the next couple of weeks, " I began, looking at her food, then to her, "There are going to be things…things I would like us to try. Nothing too wild, but, I think we should talk about it first, and agree that you are alright with it before I perform it on you. Like, let's just say right now, if you want me to stop, I want you to say the words…lo mein. This way, you can still scream no and struggle and have fun while we're playing, but I'll know you don't really want me to stop."

She was red now but smiled at me.

"That's for later, in our time, if we ever get to that level of play. We don't have to, if you don't want to. Like I said, it's all up to you. Maybe you could even write down for me before you leave for school, just one line, something you'd like me to do with you that night. How's that sound? I see you don't like to SAY what you want, so perhaps that will work for you better. What do you think?"

After a long pause, she finally spoke and whispered, "I like those ideas. That's very…observant of you…and nice….Justin."

I pleased her. YES! And I was still hard as a rock, why did I say scream and struggle ? That always wakes up Eddie Munster. I wanted to get to that rape fantasy scenario with Selena. Bad. But I knew I'd have to wait a little while to get to that level of trust with her. That game takes real trust on her part. And she was still very nervous and shaky around me still. I would have to wait a bit.

When she no longer shakes or stutters around me, I will start to plan that game.

"Hey, you know," I just realized aloud as I ate, "I never asked you any questions today."

Selena tensed a little then made herself loosen. Ah, maybe she is learning something from me after all…relaxing.

"I wondered when you'd remember that." She sounded caught, as if she had done something naughty, "Go ahead."

I had been running some great role play plans in my mind with her but needed some more information before I'd spin them into realities. I should've gone slower but my brain forgets about "normal people" sometimes, and since Selena had been talking to me so openly and freely earlier, I just forgot to be delicate.

"Have you sucked cock before?" I asked as she was sipping her soda.

A horrid choke sound erupted from her throat and she spewed out a spray of coca cola at me as I felt myself fly back a bit.

Her face was purple and she was covering her mouth with one hand now, the other hand patting herself in the chest to loosen up whatever was killing her.

"Selena!" I got up and went behind her, slapping her back lightly, "Bend over a little…good." I kept rubbing and smacking her back until finally, after a minute, she quieted and started to breathe normally again.

Her eyes were wet and she wiped them with her napkin, blushing again as I leaned in to look closely at her face, "Are you alright?"

"Yes, I'm fine." She muttered quietly.

The waitress, the only other one in the room with us now, was standing a couple feet away, concerned.

"She's alright." I said to her, "Thanks. Maybe…some water, for her? Thank you."

I reluctantly took my seat and looked at her, feeling so horrible. I almost killed her with my cock question. I wonder if that would stick in a court of law.

"Honey, I'm sorry." I purred, meaning it, "Are you sure you're alright, Baby?"

"I am fine." She gritted through her teeth, grinning at the waitress who gave her a glass of water.

"Sorry about that." Selena looked at me with embarrassment, "See, this is why I wished my shame away."

"It's okay, I like you this way." I informed her honestly, "It was my fault, I shouldn't have asked so…quickly like that."

She took a deep, cleansing breath and peeked up at me, smirking a little, and then began laughing at herself. I love that. She is really a cool person. I like Selena Gomez. So much. I laughed, too, for real.

"You owe me a new shirt. Look what you did to me." I now looked down at my shirt with the dark dots of soda splattered everywhere as I wiped myself off with my napkin.

"I'm sorry." She giggled, helping wipe me off, almost standing to reach me.

"I don't forgive you." I teased, laughing too, "You will have to make me forgive you later."

"Oh yea, how am I supposed to do that?" she played a little. Good, Selena!

I raised a brow at her, "Oh, I'm sure you have your ways. I am starting to suspect you're not as innocent as you seem after all. There's a little harlot in there just dying to get out. And when she does, I think I'm going to be in a lot of trouble."

She just laughed at that remark and began to eat again, this time being very cautious.

"So, are you going to answer me?" I looked at her, taking a sip of my own coke, waiting.

"Ummm…" Selena looked away at the empty tables behind me, "Yes."

Is that all I'm going to get ? Yes?

"Would I be able to just answer yes to one of your questions, Dr. Selena?" I asked, knowing the answer to that one, "Be fair, Selena, elaborate please."

She exhaled. "I have had a couple…boyfriends…during high school. I didn't want to…sleep with them, I wasn't ready. But…I did…perform…oral on a couple of them. That made them stick with me for awhile, until they found someone else who'd do more. So….yes."

She looked as if she just admitted to molesting young children. Her head dropped into her hands and she couldn't look at me now.

"Hey." I half frowned, staring at her, "Hey, look at me, Selena."

She looked into my face and I gave her a warm smile. "Don't be ashamed, Selena. Nothing you say will shock me or turn me off or anything. Okay? That's our agreement. I will open up to you and you can open up to me. Alright? I'm glad you've done things, it's good. It means you're alive and sensual and I love that. And I'm glad you've done that particular thing. It gets me hard thinking of you doing things to me. Did you like doing it? Just say it, don't hide."

"Yes." She answered, smiling at me like a little girl, so proud of herself.

I felt my mouth smile back before I knew it and I purred, "Excellent."

I had another question now.

"I have a follow up question." I warned her, taking her soda away and placing it next to my end of the table, then I took her fork away. She was giggling at me.

Then I asked, "Swallow?"

"I did, I have nothing in my mouth, you can ask it." She giggled at me some more.

"No, my question is – swallow?" I made my eyes turn smoldering, to give her a hint.

The lights went on inside her eyes and she covered her mouth, shocked again, laughing.

After a few seconds, she nodded. With a sly smile, I handed her soda back to her and her fork, not saying any more on this subject. I didn't want to murder her.

"See, you're not that innocent." I joked, purring my words at her.

She stuck her tongue out at me then, the perpetual child.

"Don't stick that out unless you plan on using it on me and don't make me think up little girl fantasies, I don't like those." I feigned sternness, pointing at her.

"Why not?" she asked.

"I just don't like them, that's all." I was almost finished eating and didn't offer any more information to her on this. Change the subject. Don't let her get near this.

"So, my next question…" I decided to change things all the way around, away from this spot, "Do your friends know that you bought me yesterday?"

I asked this smiling and in a joking way.

"Oh God…" she shook her head, smiling as she ate, "Yes, I told them."

Then she looked scared suddenly, looking at me, "Oh God, is that allowed? I didn't mean to…will it get you into trouble?"

"Shhh shhh shhh!" I stopped her, then smiled, "It's okay if they know. I don't mind."

She looked so relieved and went back to eating. "You should've heard them. I never knew that side of them before."

"What side?" I let my eyes widen at her, acting shocked, "What did they say?"

"I hate even repeating it." She avoided my eyes, eating, "I thought they'd call me names or something but instead they just kept asking if they could play with you, too."

I laughed, not surprised at this. I was often shared by two or three women, them all being girlfriends.

I was asking because I wondered if maybe she was fantasizing about sharing me with those two girls. Lots of best friend groups had this fantasy.

"It was really embarrassing." Selena peeked up at me again, "I guess it really shows what people are really capable of, deep inside, when you work in this…business. You must always see the inner parts of people, doing what you do. It bothered me a little, seeing my friends like that."

I swallowed my coke and moved my jaw a bit, loosening rice out of a back tooth for a second, "I see women clearly, if that's what you mean. The good, bad, and ugly. Women don't show their true selves to their boyfriends or husbands. But I see them."

She looked me over closely and took a minute to ask, "Which one am I?"

I gave a chuckle and smile at her, then honestly replied, "You are the good, Selena."

She blushed and looked down, then raised her eyes back at me.

"What do you really think of me, Justin?" she dared herself to ask.

Wow. What a brave question.

"I mean, no bullshit." She said, surprising me , "You can say anything you want, just…I can take it. I want to know."

I sat back in my chair, folding my hands and resting them on my chest, letting her stew for a moment while I let my eyes wander over her. She waited, endlessly, as if she were being mentally tortured.

"You are good." I began, "But you want to be bad. Not very bad, just slightly. You think of yourself as plain and nothing extraordinary. You prefer being in the background, behind the scenes. You hate lots of attention. You're very smart and that scares you. Your brain keeps stupid boys away so you believe yourself undesirable. You are extremely sensual and curious and want to explore your desires but have not had a chance to do so. You are warm and loving. Your body is gorgeous. You always smell incredible. Your touch is soft and shy, and innocent. Your voice is deep and throaty and sexy as hell. You make noises that make my body ache. And, Selena, there is nothing plain about you. You are desirable."

She had tears in her eyes, hearing my assessment. She said nothing but just looked at me in wonder.

"Oh." I added, "And you are a klutz and talk too much."

She laughed and so did I. And it was wonderful.

"Well, that's true." She giggled.

"It's all true and you know it." I sat up and took a sip of my drink.

"Wow." Selena couldn't say much at the moment, her mind working behind her eyes, "How do you know I'm a klutz?"

"This morning…" I said casually, "when you tripped over my shoes and landed flat on your tits."

Her mouth fell open and I couldn't hold the laugh in for long. It burst out and she joined me.

"I thought you were asleep!" she hit my arm, already into beating my poor little body.

"I was until that!" I chuckled, "But my favorite was, watching you crawl to the bathroom naked. That was a Kodak moment."

"Oh shit." She hit the table, embarrassed but letting me laugh.

"I hate you." She blushed and pretended to be mad at me.

"Awww…" I tried to get her legs in my legs under the table, "You do not…don't say that. You hurt my little feelings!"

"Good!" she squirmed, trying to free her legs from within mine as I grabbed at her kneecaps, tickling her.

"Be nice to me…tell me I'm the greatest." I said, toying with her.

"NO!" she laughed.

"Tell me I'm hot, come on, tell me how much you worship me, I can handle that kind of criticism. Come on." I prodded her.

"NO! LET GO!" she squealed and laughed. I was really squeezing her kneecaps now, making a mental note. She was very ticklish here.

"Say it." I demanded, "Say it!"

"ALRIGHT!" she squealed, "Alright, I worship you, you're VERY HOT! I WANT YOU, OKAY?"

I released her, getting my answer.

"Was that so hard?" I asked, "Jeez, I gave YOU a whole speech about yourself and I get nothing."

I was teasing her and I thought she knew that.

Then she said, "You are impossibly fast…and strong. Your skin is ivory white like marble…but warm. I know that's probably because…you don't go out too much into the sunlight. You hide yourself in dark places: clubs, dungeons, bedrooms. Your eyes…are a wonderfully strange emerald color I've never seen before. They change colors. When you laugh they look lighter and sparkle. When you're sad or angry they get a little darker. And the way you speak…sometimes…it's like…you're from another world. You have had so much pain, sometimes you look like you're 100 years old inside. How old are you?"

My voice almost didn't work. Everything she was saying about me was true. But she was leaving all the bad of me out and we both knew it. She would say it soon and I braced myself to take the impact of it.

"Twenty-six." I answered, my voice sounded scratchy and hollow.

She looked at me with sorrow in her eyes again and took a breath, going on with her inventory of me.

"You think your only worth is in your face or your body." She went on, "You think there is nothing inside you. You think very little of you. You long to please everyone else except yourself. You are in a lot of pain but you smile and laugh and play. You wear a good mask. But that's only to keep people away. You don't want a girlfriend. You use your profession to scare them all off. Even that girl who threw the drink in your face. You must've said your profession to her in a purposely vulgar way to get rid of her, because maybe you found yourself liking her a lot and that scared you. You are funny and sweet. Your voice is beautiful. It…does things to me. You sing like a sad angel, the most beautiful song I ever heard came from you, in the shower. You long for family. You are a loyal and true friend. And…(she hesitated a second)…you are worth so much, Justin. You are priceless and unique and special. I wish you knew that. And I don't want to share you with my friends. I want you all to myself, for as long as I can have you. I hate it when people hurt you. I want to save you but I don't know how. I love the way you look at me and touch me all the time and I love the way you hold me at night. I love your kiss. And I want to give myself to you. And it's not because of your body or your perfect face. You are beautiful…inside and outside."

I just sat there, lost. For once I didn't know what to say. It took guts for her to say all those things. But I already knew she was brave, taking a strange man into her home, into her life.

I wanted to cry but I turned that right off, not wanting to show her my emotion, the depth of my feelings. Whenever I did that, I got hurt, worse than any whip or chain, and I just didn't have anymore tolerance for this kind of pain.

On the outside, I can bruise and bleed and that's okay…but if I take one more hit to my heart I don't think I can make it. Internally, my hands were up, in self defense, protecting my broken, closed up heart. Women like Selena are the most dangerous of all, the most lethal. They make you fall in love with them and then they ruin your life. They don't mean to…but they do.

"Oh." She said, "And you're a brat, a shrimp thief and a fan of Sponge Bob Squarepants."

We both looked at each other and burst out laughing. We laughed for a long time.

We sat and didn't talk for a few minutes. A lot had been said by both of us, too much. But, still, it was nice to hear. Even if it wasn't true.

"Selena?" I asked, not hungry anymore, "I want you to promise me just one thing, okay? Don't get mad."

"Sure." She smiled back at me, pleasantly.

"Please don't fall in love with me." I tried not to plead as I looked into those amazing eyes of hers, "Promise me that, please."

She looked at me with this strange look that I couldn't read.

She huffed, "I'm not in love with you, Justin. I just wanted you to know what I think of you. All that I said is true. I told you I'm your friend. "

I breathed a sigh of relief and grinned, "Good. I mean, I thank you for all those things you said. I appreciate all of that. But it wouldn't be good for you…to start to have…those feelings for me. Don't misunderstand. I meant all the things I said to you, too. I do want you and I can't wait to experience all the things you want. And I do love belonging to you, like I said."

"I know, Justin." She smiled, looking fine, "I love having you."

"Good." I repeated, feeling as if a weight had been lifted off me. She's not angry with me, thank God.

The waitress came over and asked if we wanted any dessert. Selena said she was stuffed and so was I.

I paid the bill with a generous tip and then she placed two plastic wrapped fortune cookies in the center of our table, wishing us a good night.

"Oooh, I love reading my fortune." I smiled brightly at her, seeing her return it to me. I unwrapped my cookie and closed my eyes, being my child self to cheer Selena up after our heavy words earlier. She was unwrapping hers now, slowly, watching me act like a 5 year old kid.

I broke it open, opening my eyes and slipping out the little line of paper, holding it to my chest.

"You can't read it, it's private." I teased her, she had been leaning in, trying to look at mine, "Just read yours, little girl."

"Brat." She mumbled to me, cracking her own open as I peeked at my paper fortune.

It said: Love is the only medicine for a broken heart.

Okay, why did my entire stomach just drop in one blob into my intestines? I feel like my chest is being stretched out from the inside. It's only a stupid fortune cookie, for Christ's sake! Breathe, Justin.

Selena's POV:

I opened my fortune cookie, hoping for a little advice with my problem here. I had just promised Justin not to fall in love with him but I was already there. After not even two days.

Then I had to act like I wasn't in love with him in the slightest and that took some doing on my part. I hope he bought it. Then I hoped he didn't. I hate my life.

About three things, I was absolutely positive:

First, Justin was a prostitute.

Second, there was a part of him – and I didn't know how dominant that part might be – that thirsted for my body and planned to do things to me, lots of different things in these next 12 days.

And third, I was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him.

I need help, fortune cookie, help me.

Mine said: The one you love is closer than you think.

My brow creased and I felt it as I thought over what this meant. I know how close he is, he's right in front of me. But does it mean that he's emotionally closer to me than I think? Or is this just talking about geography?

Stupid fortune.

EPOV "Did you get a good fortune?" I asked her, she looked confused reading hers.

"Yea." She looked up at me, grinning, "I guess. What does yours say? Is it good?"

"Uh-uh." I played, holding mine to my chest, "You tell me yours and I'll tell you mine."

She looked at it and read, " A thrilling time is in your immediate future."

"Oooh, " I smiled at her as she blushed hard, "It KNOWS what's in store for you, Selena. And it's so right."

"Okay, spill." She looked at me, a small grin there, "What's yours say?"

"Uhhh…" I looked at mine, trying to think of something else to say instead of what was actually written there.

I didn't want to read it and have Selena think the way for her to cure my battered soul was to love me. That was crap and I didn't want her to love me. My life is a toilet and I'm a piece of shit . She deserves so much better than me. She likes me now because I'm pretty and I gave her seven orgasms – nothing more.

"Do you need help reading the big words?" she teased, laughing at her own joke.

I looked up and smiled big at her. That WAS a good one. I had to laugh, too. Go, Selena.

"No, I can read it." I stalled, "It says, the time is right to make new friends."

She smiled wider. "See? It knows what's good for you. And it's so right." She amended my statement a moment ago.

"Shall we go, fair Selena?" I stood up, getting her chair for her as she stood.

"Sure, thanks for dinner." She said as I slipped my fortune in my pocket, planning to save this for myself.

A little souvenir of my first date with Selena, a real date, my first successful date in 7 years.

"Anything for you, Selena." I said without thinking about it as I took her hand again, leading her back towards the subway.

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