Stuck In Fire 1 - Kapitel 1-17 (Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez)

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4. 4

After Selena left I looked around for things I could do for her. The place was immaculately clean already. She must have been doing that for me. Sweet girl.

I already liked Selena a lot. She is shy and too smart for her own good. That must keep guys away, most men are intimidated by that. Not me. I saw Selena as a closed, tight rosebud. Lovely, fresh, new…part of me felt wicked for even accepting this job. I didn't want to spoil her or corrupt her with myself. But I wanted to free her, to make the rosebud bloom and open…slowly…delicately…carefully.

She is so refreshingly different from most women I've known.

College girl. Just like her, my girl. Also a smart one, all into books and school. And she blushes, too. My girl used to blush. Not the same way as Selena does, but it reminded me.

Selena asked me to say her name today and I couldn't do it. I wanted to but my throat wouldn't work. I have never spoken to anyone about it, not ever. How weird is it that a girl would buy me for two weeks and want me to talk out all my problems of my past? Maybe it's not a coincidence. I wanted to believe that somewhere, up there, someone might have sent Selena to me for a reason, to help me, to try and reach me.

But there is no "up there" and there is no someone who would care about my pain or future. If there is, where have they been before now? If they wanted to help me now, they were too fucking late.

I checked the time. 1:30 pm. I had to make my call at 3pm so I have a little time. I already called Victoria and told her I couldn't make it into the club tonight.

Tonight was Selena's, our first night together.

She looked so scared this morning when I took my shirt off. Poor little thing. I'd have to be less abrupt than normal with this one. I knew that right away. I don't mind. It would be a nice change taking my time, seducing her, not rushing in. I couldn't remember the last time I got to move slowly with a woman.

There is a lot to be said for going slow. Most women I work for don't see it but if done correctly, building up the anticipation, the mystery, the sensuality of exploring and taking small bites first aroused me a great deal. The longer I would have to wait for Selena, the more I would want her and delight when I could finally have her.

She had told me she wasn't a virgin but she also said she did it once before and for…33 seconds? Was that a joke? It sounded serious when she said it. If this is true, then she has not really made love before, or had sex, either for that matter. Not good sex, anyway. So I would treat her as if she were still a virgin, I decided. She deserved to start over again. I could be her real first time.

I have been paid by mothers to give their daughters their first time. That part was always a little weird even to me, but most of those times, I had just serviced the mothers and had pleased them so much they wanted to give me as a gift to their daughters. No girls under 18, though. I still have a couple rules I haven't broken of my own.

The daughters never found out that I was paid to be with them. I had to play the part of being a man they bumped into at the Blockbuster, or set up on a date with her, a son of her mother's co-worker, some story that got me into their lives somehow.

Buying me for their daughters was their way of ensuring safe sex, that I always practice, and sometimes to tear them away from some loser boyfriend that wasn't treating her properly. And also, to give them a wonderful and sensual first experience.

Afterwards, I would have to have a very delicate conversation with the girl and make up some excuse for why I couldn't see her anymore. I could always say something like, I live in Cancun or Hawaii and have to go back home now. I had a million decent reasons that didn't hurt them and took me out of their lives quickly. But it always bothered me even days and weeks later. I always felt like I had hurt them in the end.

But the point is, I know how to be gentle and soft and slow. It made me happier than some of the rougher things I did with women.

So this is how I would begin with Selena. And later, if she wanted to explore those darker fantasies, I could do that too. I can be angel…and I can be demon, too.

I ran out to the bank and made my deposit Selena had given me, swung by a couple more good food stores to get supplies for dinner, and some things from my place that I would need for tonight.

I got back to Selena's place just in time to make my daily phone call and everything went well today in that respect.

I checked over my schedule for tomorrow and saw I had a bachlorette party to dance at, only for about 2 hours at a private home. I'd ask Selena later if she really wanted to go with me on these jobs.

Flipping the page to Wednesday I saw 12pm – Pizza Delivery – Paige.

Selena can't come to that job. Maybe she'd have a class that day. I hoped.

Nothing on Thursday – good.

Friday night I'd have to be at Fire. Friday's were big nights there and Selena could come with her friends if she wanted.

Then I turned the page and saw Saturday – 1pm - Raven.

Fuck. Raven was not her real name, I never knew her real name but Saturday would be a rough day for me. I would have to make something up so Selena wouldn't follow me along on that one.

Sunday said – Film – 4pm. Jackie's place.

That's a tough one. I'm not sure if Selena would want to see me playing my part in a low budget sex film. Maybe I could try to get out of that one or change it to after I was finished with Selena.

I put my book away and began to get things ready for my Selena when she got home.

I was going to sauté shrimp in oil and garlic and have angel hair pasta on the side with a nice loaf of French bread. I almost got wine but decided against that. Seeing Selena's fridge I could see she didn't normally drink. Only cokes and juices were there. And also I didn't want to make her think I was plying her with wine to seduce her easier.

I wanted tonight to be just for touching…talking…and getting to know each other, to break the ice a bit. I had no intentions of making love to her yet. We have time. Lots of it.

I had some nice massage oils of mine from home sitting in a little bowl of hot water, warming up nicely. And I found some nice towels of Selena's and put a few in a basket near the bed. And yes, I did the rose petals on the bed, a few of my candles around the bedroom.

I even put a pink light bulb in her lamp in the bedroom to create a soft glow of light. And I had my ipod set up in the bedroom, an entire playlist of mine already set up to play sensual, soft music perfect to relax to. I had created a young girl's paradise here and was pretty proud of myself when I was finished.

The sun was still out but by the time we had finished eating dinner it would start to become dark. Then I could center myself on making Selena happy. I was wearing black jeans and no shirt, as my rule dictated when I heard her coming up the stairs. I hoped she was alone. My feet were always bare inside and even outside sometimes. I hated shoes.

For the tenth time, I peeked at myself in the full length mirror on the back of Selena's bathroom door. Hair still sticking out in all directions, but not too messy. Nicely shaven, no stubble on my face, teeth – good and clean, breath – cinnamon flavored. Every thing as good as I could get it. I wish I could erase that damn bite mark on my ass. It was still there. But I couldn't help that right now.

I went to my food on the stove and stirred it a little more, hoping she could smell it out in the hallway.

Opening the door before Selena reached it surprised her. She was alone.

I smiled warmly at her, not wanting to make her more tense.

"Hello, Dr. Selena." I greeted, wanting to see her smile. I leaned in and got a soft, small kiss.

She did smile up at me and chuckled as I got back, letting her inside. She looks more nervous now than she did this morning. I would put her out of her misery in a few minutes but not yet. I liked seeing her squirm a little bit.

I gently closed the door as she entered the kitchen.

"I was so scared you'd be on your knees when I came in." Selena admitted, then saw the food and added, "Ohhh God, that smells GREAT! I smelled that from downstairs but I didn't think…that was coming from my place."

"I am insulted." I said with a deep voice, "I told you I'm a good little toy. You doubted me?"

I took another slow kiss, taking her backpack off her shoulder, placing it in the corner of the living room.

"And I don't get on my knees until you tell me to." I informed, "The one rule you gave me is being obeyed."

"I see that and I'm glad." She said, "I'd hate to have to punish you."

She blushed again as I laughed and spread a tablecloth out on the living room floor.

Selena has a lot of potential. A rosebud dieing to bloom and show all her wonders.

"We're having dinner down here tonight." I informed, "I'll set the table, don't worry."

I began putting the food onto plates and getting the silverware. I laid everything out on the cloth on the floor. This would be much nicer, looking out the window seeing the sun going down instead of hunched over the little counter on stools.

She looked very pleased about my idea and I offered her a seat across from me as I sat on the floor, my back resting on the sofa behind me.

I had the music playing in the background very quietly so we could talk.

I poured two sodas into chilled glasses and set them down also on our picnic blanket.

Selena sat Indian style on the floor and I had my legs laid out straight before me, my feet crossed.

We began to eat and Selena confessed, "I love shrimp. It's my favorite. Thank you so much for doing all this. You didn't have to, you know."

"Hush." I stopped her, "I wanted to. Now eat."

"Yes sir." She joked, eating from her fork.

"Oooh, I liked that. Say it again." I teased her a little as she giggled, covering her mouth.

"Selena, can I say something before we go any further?" I asked politely, wanting to set her mind at ease.

She still looked so stiff and nervous. And now that I asked this she stared at me, frozen.

"Sure," she said, tense now.

"After we talked earlier," I began, smiling tenderly, "I realized that all this is very new to you, like you said. So I want you to know. Tonight I have some things planned, but it's not about having sex. I want us to take our time and get to know each other tonight. I want to touch you and I want you to touch me. I want to talk to you and kiss you. I want to hold you and massage every inch of you and then I want you to massage me. And I want us to fall asleep together, wrapped up in each other. But I will not push you into having sex with me tonight. I want you to tell me when you want me. And then I will be glad to ravage you. I don't want you to be afraid of me, or nervous. Does all of this sound good to you?"

She looked up at me and had tears in her eyes. I didn't move. For a few seconds, she was silent and then she exhaled a long breath.

Her voice cracked but she said, "That sounds perfect."

And she smiled this amazing smile I had never seen on her before. She liked my plan for tonight! I was so relieved and glad I had read her correctly. She was very difficult for me to read. This one important time I had gotten it right.

My goddess was pleased with me. And I felt my chest loosen and relax.

I gave her a big smile back, excited about what tonight would hold. I was almost too excited to finish eating.



After her last bite of shrimp was gone and the bread was a faint memory, I picked up all the dishes, letting them soak in the sink until tomorrow. When I returned a few minutes later, I reached my hands down to her.

She looked up at me shyly and gave her hands to me. I brought her to her feet and asked, "May I kiss you, Selena?"

She seemed a lot more relaxed now after I had made my statement earlier, I was so glad it put her at ease.

Nodding at me, she blushed a little bit then.

I kissed her slowly, not going too hard as I sometimes tend to do. I placed lots of little baby kisses on her mouth and her lips were responding in kind to me.

Slowly, I was dancing with her, my feet moving her around ever so slowly in a small circle.

"I am yours, Selena." I closed my eyes and whispered, "There is no wrong for us. Anything you want…is yours. Never be afraid of me. I will never deny you…anything."

Her eyes were closed now, too and she let my words float into her ears, not answering yet.

I waited a few more minutes and then I asked, "Would you like to take a shower with me?"

She smiled up at me and I knew her answer was yes.

"Come, Selena." I led her towards the bathroom, backing myself to the door, biting my bottom lip as I kept my eyes on her innocent face.

She instructed me once inside how to work the water and the lever to raise to make the shower spray. Her shower had glass see through doors, the glass blurred so anyone looking in from outside wouldn't see every detail of the one showering.

The shower water running hot behind us, I wore a sexual little smile as I began to undress my Selena.

She looked a little afraid but she tried to hide it. I kissed her again to calm her and whispered, "Don't be afraid, Selena. I meant what I said. I will go slow."

"Thank you, Justin." She kissed me back, sounding braver now, her hands reached up and grabbed the back of my hair, her kisses increasing in desire.

"You're very welcome." I tried to say between her large kisses, my fingers slowly moving her green sweater up her stomach, taking my time. She let out a little moan that sounded pleased to me. I lifted the sweater up past her breasts, a white bra cupping them nicely into a heart shaped cleavage.

Finally, I lifted the sweater up over her head, letting her small hands slip out of the sleeves as I peeled it completely off of her body, placing it down on the counter behind me.

"You're so gorgeous, Selena." I said, still kissing her, breathlessly as I tried to keep up with her rough kisses now.

She'd have to stop this if she didn't want me to take her right in the shower.

"You shouldn't cover yourself up with sweaters." I added, taking my lips away from her hungry mouth, moving them to her shoulder, kissing them softly as I moved the bra straps down and unhooked the bra at her back, having no trouble there.

She gave another sexy moan as the bra hit the floor. I took my time and kissed down her creamy little neck, coming to my knees as I placed kisses over every inch of her. I did not go right after her breasts, as most men might do. I took my time getting there.

I circled her wrists with my hands, holding them at her sides, almost in a restraining way, to keep her still while I covered every peak and valley from her shoulders to her belly button, licking my tongue inside the little hole there, getting more sighs of pleasure from her.

I would get back to this later, but now I wanted her in the shower with me. I opened her jeans while I was on my knees before her, unzipping and gently pulling them down to her ankles, and then her panties, too.

I stood up and held her hand as she yanked her feet out, now completely naked for me. My eyes liked what they saw and I quickly got out of my own jeans, wearing no underwear.

She went in the shower first and I was right behind her. I loved the slight burn of the hot water on my skin and I ran my fingers back through her long, thick curls, watching the water wet and soften it, soon making it a nice, slicked back almost ebony plait. I kissed her chin and mouth, nose, closed eyelids, forehead, down her cheekbones. I let her stand under the showering hot water while I slightly shivered just out of its reach.

I was adoring my goddess, worshipping her every where, not missing the most insignificant area.

I moved my hands down her neck and then lower, stroking her breasts softly as she let her mouth open slightly, her breathing hard and fast, enjoying the sensations of water and fingers, palms…kneading gently, not groping.

"How does this feel, Selena?" I asked in a whisper, my own hair becoming wet now.

"God." She panted, "So good. Don't stop, please…"

"Your wish is my command." I purred playfully, moving my hands down her ribs, finding her nice ass cheeks, my hands squeezing lightly, circling with my palms.

"Can I touch…Selena?" I put my hand cautiously between her legs, stroking ever so gently, not making any moves to insert fingers yet.

"Yes, Justin." She peeked at me and then closed her eyes again.

I smoothed the little bit of hair there down, the hot water darkening it as well.

"I want to wash you." I told her without hesitation, taking one of her bath sponges and pouring some of her body wash into it.

She trembled a little bit as I began, turning her back to me and stroking her wet hair aside. I kissed the skin of her back, soaping in wide circles after each kiss with the sponge, my other hand softly moving the suds down her body. Her voice hummed in response, telling me I was doing well.

I used my hand to glide the bubbles down Selena's white little ass, resisting the urge to slide my fingers down into the crease of it. No, I did not want to frighten my goddess. I was here to serve her, not myself.

Kneeling down, I slowly washed down her smooth, shiny legs. Hmm, someone had shaved recently, I smiled to myself. I slowly moved her legs around so she'd face me now, continuing my lathering into my right hand.

I lifted each foot carefully, letting her hold onto my shoulders for support while I washed her feet, loving her little toes. I leaned in and placed a kiss on her foot and she gave a little gasp.

"No, Justin, you don't have to kiss my feet." She whispered, looking a little sad.

"Yes, Selena." I agreed with her,(never argue with your goddess), "I'm sorry."

"Don't be." She smiled sweetly down at me, stroking my wet hair, "You are so wonderful. I never had anyone wash me before."

I smiled up at her and said in a low voice, "You've been neglected, Selena. But I'm here now."

I moved my hands up the front of her legs, over her bony little knees and up her thighs. Slowly and carefully, I stroked my hand between her legs, making them open slightly. I sponged and soaped and washed the bubbles out of her little tuft of pubic hair and placed a small kiss there, but I did not linger there for very long. Later.

Showers were good for washing and touching, but despite the romance novels, a shower is not a good place to have any kind of sexual activity. Especially if you use soap and shampoo. No friction between skin is a big problem and most times, 20 minutes is all the hot water you have in a shower. It's an awful feeling to be making love to a woman in sudden cold water.

Safety is also a big concern. A shower is a good place to begin the evening, but I preferred not to fuck in there, even if I had planned on having Selena tonight.

Rising to my feet again, I continued stroking the white strawberry suds over her.

Soaping up her stomach, then up her ribs, peppering more soft kisses there after their washing, I moved up to her breasts. I gave them a nice, sensual, methodical wash, not pinching nipples or biting yet.

I reached for the shampoo, not finished with her yet.

"This one?" I asked her with a grin. I chose the strawberry shampoo, to match the body wash. It seems she likes strawberry.

She giggled and nodded and I could already feel as if a big weight had been lifted between us. I didn't notice if she was looking at my body at all but that would also come later. Before the end of the night, she would see and feel every inch of me and I hoped her nervousness would fade a little bit from now on.

"Come here you." I kissed her nose and moved her head back, turning her a bit so the water didn't run down her hair anymore. I got my fingers in there and massaged her scalp as I lathered the shampoo.

"Uuuhhhh God." She moaned and closed her eyes while I used both hands, using all my energy and giving my every attention to her.

"I love your hair, Selena." I kissed her mouth again, moving her quickly back into the hot caressing fingers of the shower. My fingers slowly worked the shampoo out of her thick, wet hair, my lips not releasing hers yet.

"Mmmmm, so warm…" I couldn't pull my lips away and I didn't want to.

Then I felt her lips break away slowly and she actually grabbed my shoulders, pulling me down towards her so she could kiss my neck. I felt teeth and soft nibbles and tongue.

Yes, Selena wants to be a sexual being, I was aware of that since she flung her arms around me at the club in the dressing room. And before I go, she will be. I didn't want to make her into a slut, I just wanted her to be free to do what she desired and stop being so closed and afraid to act on those desires.

There is another Selena inside, trapped, clawing to get out. I will free you, Selena, don't be afraid.

"Selena…" I moaned now, loving what she was doing to my neck, her little short fingernails digging slightly into my big shoulders.

Then she moved me so I was standing under the pouring hot water. I had to admit it did feel sooo good to feel the heat and become wet before her.

"Your turn." She whispered, roughly spinning me with my back to her now. My lips smiled involuntarily. I like this.

She kissed my back, her fingers moving over it, exploring every line and curve, just as I had done for her. She reached up and intertwined her fingers into my hair, pulling my head back a little until I was almost looking up. She wasn't rough with me, still sweet but firm.

The water ran down my throat as she held my face back this way and I could feel her other hand moving under my arm, on my chest, moving in small little circles.

I moved my hands behind me, moving them up and down the sides of her legs, unable to stop touching her.

"God, your body is so beautiful…" she purred sexily into my ear now, "Especially wet."

I let out a breath, smiling. Maybe this rosebud would bloom quicker than I imagined.

"So is yours, Selena."

"Let's see how nice you look with soap suds all over you." She hugged me from behind, her breasts pressing into my warm wet back.

"Yes, Selena." I agreed again, smiling more.

She washed me all over, just as I had done to her. Selena is smart and a fast learner. I liked being her teacher. Every bit as thorough as I was, even more gentle than I had been with her, she amazed me and I could not remember a time when I was so pampered as I was by her tonight.

When I felt soap suds dancing over my ass and her hand was stroking them away, I felt something I didn't expect. She kissed the bite mark that was still embedded there.

Something inside me tightened and I actually felt little tears come to my eyes. I blinked them away and thank God we were in the shower and that my back was to her. She didn't see. But I had felt her, caring for me again. And I had to admit to myself at least, it was a monumentally beautiful feeling for me.

She finished washing and shampooing me, avoiding my penis as much as she could without insulting me. I just grinned at that. Selena was still wrapped in her shy girl paper and that was okay for now. I would be tearing off that paper soon enough.

I got out of the shower first, all the hot water gone, and grabbed her towel from the bar on the wall. Wrapping her up in it, I towel dried her hair, moved down her face, her neck, shoulders, under her arms, tickling her a little. I again took my sweet time drying every inch of skin, placing small wet kisses upon every thing I had just dried off.

Her breathing became deep and heavy and when I peeked up at her face her eyes were closed happily, her lips smiling as she let herself enjoy it.

I gave her cute little ass a vigorous towel massage as she giggled and tried to escape me but I wasn't having it.

Finally, I wrapped the towel around her dry body and kissed her lips, my own body still naked and damp.

After I kissed her, I told her to go into our bedroom. I used the word 'our' hoping that pleased her. I told her to go into our bedroom and lay down on the bed, on the towels.

She went without a word, smiling as I quickly dried myself off and set off after her. I found her laying there, completely naked and looking content.

"Justin…" she cooed, "You made my room look so beautiful…"

She referred to the candles, the pink light, the rose petals, the opera music playing low nearby but it was nothing compared to her body being completely exposed to me, and her not being afraid or nervous anymore. It was a lovely sight to behold.

"Shhh." I sat on the bed at her side, laying my finger lightly over her lips, "The only beautiful thing here is you. And I'm not finished with you yet. Roll over, little girl."

Her wet, tussled hair looked so black and wild as I crawled over to her, starting my erotic massage as she laid there, face laying on her pillow, her eyes closing.

"That's it, relax." I said in my soothing voice, moving so I was sitting on my knees between her now parted legs. I used my warmed up oils and lotions, working my trained hands up and down the entire length of her legs first, one at a time. Up and down, my thumb in the center of her leg, firmly pressing and sliding down along the hot thickness of the oils.

I worked the bottoms of her feet, too, going terribly slow as she moaned and breathed slower, not moving at all as I worked.

After her feet were good and limp, I began moving my oiled hands up and down her legs a little higher, beginning to let my hands travel inches up over the bottoms of her ass cheeks, just barely crossing that line enough for her to notice.

"Oooohhhhh…." She breathed, letting me touch her as I wanted, not resisting me but enjoying me again. I felt my lips smile a bit but I kept my eyes on what I was doing, determined to give her the best massage of her life, one she'd never forget.

"I love touching you, Selena." I shared softly, "Your skin is perfect."

"Oh my God…" she barely whispered, almost to herself.

Now I was working my lubed hot hands in wonderful wide circles, one hand on each ass cheek, circling into it and then gliding with ease down the center, down the little crevice there, over and over…slowly…painfully slowly, making it last forever.

I could feel my cock hardening but I tried to ignore it. No, I told it mentally, no sex tonight. Go take a night off, willya? Go see a movie or something. Leave me alone, you insatiable thing.

I moved my hands together on each ass cheek, one coming from under it, the other coming down from the top, meeting in the middle and giving a firm kneading on each meeting. I repeated this on the other little ass cheek, getting lots of happy sounds from my goddess.

Then I put one hand on the bottom of each ass cheek and slowly, very slowly pushed upwards, making her skin a wave, a small ripple moving gradually.

I kept moving my hands up over her ass and now firmly and crawling slower going up the bottom of her spine, brining this hot wet wave up her back now. As I did this, I laid my bare chest slightly onto the backs of her thighs, then resting my pecks on her round little ass, letting her feel my flesh against hers.

My palms moved all the way up her back, my arms almost together as they reached up, straight and long as my eyes closed, my lips moving one inch down and finding her there. The musky scent of the oil inhaled into my nostrils as I placed a deep wet kiss right over the crack in her ass. Right upon that kiss, I took a soft lick, kissing again. My body moved up a bit, my fingers massaging deeper into the slick oils as my mouth embedded another longer kiss on the bottom of her spine next, my chest now fully laying against her tight little cheeks.

I wasn't kneeling between her legs anymore, now I was laying there, on her body, my legs now straddling her as her own legs straightened and laid closed slightly within mine, almost trapped by me. She was going nowhere.

Her noises were constant and aroused little utterances that drove me further, loving it when I pleased my owner. Nothing gave me more pleasure than making them all happy with me, only me.

My hands moved along the sides of Selena's body, and I exacted a few giggles out of her, tickling her a little bit. I let my breath do a little massaging of its own along her back in between the kisses I was raining down upon her spine and shoulder blades.

33 seconds…I thought to myself. What buffoon did she let in her bed? Hell, it took me longer than 33 seconds to just undress the little college goddess. Poor Selena, having to endure a boy's version of lovemaking. Well, hopefully after me, she would know what real sex was and wasn't and what a man is, versus what a boy is.

"Justindddd…." She started breathing my name between her moans and heavy exhales of breath. I love that. I love her saying my name. I could listen to it forever.

I was sliding my hands under her arms, slowly moving a bit underneath her breasts, then back towards the center of her back, just barely touching the sides of her breasts as I spread the oil around generously.

"Feelllsss…soooo…goooood, Edddwaarrrrdddd…." She growled, her breathing slower and deeper. Her body was responding very well to my hands and lips.

"I love pleasing you, Selena. I love it so much." I spoke softly, kissing the center of her back, laying my cheek there for a moment as my hands kept dipping under her, lingering for too briefly on her breasts then moving up their sides, gone too soon from her.

My words excited her even more and she let out a deeper groan, her hands almost making little fists over her wet head.

"Relax those hands, Selena." I almost ordered her, then I made my voice soft again, "Unclench the fists…good girl. Let the fingers relax…yessss…forget everything…except my hands…and my lips…"I added, kissing a spot on the side of her, near the right breast as she sighed deeply, her body trembling a tiny bit.

She made a little high pitched squeak sigh and I kept kissing around this area. Not well known, this little valley, but very erotic. I moved Selena's body on its side slightly, moving her arm up and diving in for slow, sensual kisses under her arm, down the sides of her breasts, along the ribcage.

"Oh GOD!" she was almost screaming as my fingers held her wrist captive, not letting her squirm out. My legs curled protectively around hers, encoiling them as her body shuddered with hot waves of pleasure. I took a couple small soft bites against her ribs, getting a loud gasp as a response.

Like I said, this area was very sensitive and very stimulating. I loved coming here. Every woman loved it and was surprised at their own reactions when I explored there.

You must move carefully, gently, and slowly…extremely slowly…when awakening a goddess. Especially awakening her for the first time in her life, after twenty years.

Selena's back was all conquered territory now and slick and shiny with hot oil. I lifted my body up and gave her a sensual, tender roll onto her back now, smiling wickedly down into those angelic brown eyes, shiny and wet also as she stared up at me, speechless.

Her breasts were rising and falling with each breath she took and I gave her an unspoken, loving smile, the back of my hand moving along each cheekbone, my fingers curling around and closing the goddesses' gorgeous eyes. Relax, Selena, enjoy. I am still not finished with you yet.

I had to smile when I moved my hands down to her ankles now instead of going right for her breasts. She made this little annoyed growl, peeking at me as I began to make circles on the inner anklebones of her feet.

I gave a little laugh, resisting the urge to tease her a little bit verbally about her wanting my hands on her breasts. I didn't want to make jokes to her tonight, I wanted her to know true pleasure, loving touch, and gentle arousal.

I took more oil into my hands and went up her legs, as I did with the backs of them, as I made my way up to her thighs, I slowly parted them, slicking my fingers firmly up and down, my touch almost going to her waiting little crotch, but not. I repeated this motion over and over and over again, driving her right to the edge, but not going over it.

Her breathing was picking up, quickening, the desire building up more the longer I teased her. She kept waiting for my touch between her legs, but I just kept moving my fingers into the creases of her inner thighs then out again. I wondered how long I could keep this up before she started screaming at me.

My penis was completely raging and hard but I ignored it again, digging my fingers in a little bit harder, moving up and down the sides of her little dark haired pussy.

I saw her eyes clench a bit and she began panting, whimpering now.

"Breathe, Selena." I purred, not letting her know I was paying any attention to her noises at the moment.

"Please…please…" she kept whispering. I just smiled to myself, not crossing the line, just dancing right along its edges.

Her legs were tensing and stretching, writhing between mine.

"Stop, Selena." I gave her a stern warning voice, "You are ruining all my hard work with your squirming. Hold still."

I am a little stinker. I laughed to myself.

She tried to hold still and relax but I knew I was making it almost impossible for her. I began to massage the stomach area and pelvis right above her clit, but ignoring it completely.

Her little fists clenched the pillow her head was laying on and I nearly laughed.

Someone is beginning to awaken…little goddess Selena…you've slept long enough, don't you think, sweetheart?

Stubborn little thing, she still won't ask for it. I told her whatever she wants, all she has to do is ask me. But it's so hard for her. I would make her ask me, order me even.

I moved my oiled hands up her ribs again, working them in and out, making a wing shaped design in the oils. Up along the ribs, swoop down into her torso, then pelvis, almost touching her pussy…but not. Then back up, and down again, very slow…

More whimpering from goddess Selena…poor little thing she is resisting me. She will not win. Trying so hard to be a good little girl. Sex is not dirty and orgasms are not a crime. Come on, Selena, let go.

God, she's so aroused I can smell it…

Alright, my final plateau…the breasts and neck. My fingers got more oil and began to make firm circles around both breasts, one hand on each.

"GOD!" she shouted, licking her lips, her eyes trying to stay closed.

He's not here…try again, Selena.

I moved my warm wet hands up and down her breasts, kneading them firmly and working them up and down, in slow little circles. I bent my head down and gave her little pink nipples wet licks, circular, then back around the other way. One…then back to the other. My erection was touching her stomach and I'm sure she could feel it but she had other things to focus on right now.

I sucked her right nipple into my wet mouth first, sucking. Wet. Releasing it. Making my oiled hands make the wing pattern up along the sides of her neck, then swooping back down, coming over her breasts. Then back up…and down again. Over…and over….and over.

"Justin!" she gasped and whimpered now.

"Yes, Selena?" I acted like I was unaware of her dilemma.

"It feels so good….feels so good…what…" she panted, opening her eyes a bit at me.

Poor little thing. She doesn't have a clue what's happening. I am so evil.

"Does it?" I smiled, my hands back in her thighs, in and out, just barely touching the dark hair there…but not.

"UUUHHHHH" she arched her back, growling even louder now.

She almost sounded as if she were about to cry. But I didn't stop.

I began moving my wicked fingers under her, digging into her ass cheeks, then curling back into her inner thighs, down past the crotch area, then back again. Over and over again. Horribly slowly. My fingers like sharp claws now.

Almost ready. Her body is right at the brink.

"Justin, please!" she begged, her legs writhing again, "Please…oh God…GOD!"

"Would you like me to make you come, Selena?" I made it easy for her this one time.

"YES!" she screeched, "YES, PLEASE – YES!"

"Are you sure?" I teased, almost laughing.

Her eyes opened, so wide and crazed it almost scared me.

"YES I'M SURE Justin!" she hollered now, "PLEASE! PLEASE! I'M DYING!"

At that I had to give a little chuckle. The goddess WANTS to wake up now…badly.

"As you wish." I purred, moving my hot oily fingers to her pussy lips, giving them the same slow massaging I did to the rest of her. Hold on, Selena, I thought internally as she whimpered and cried out a little more.

Her pussy was soaking wet and hot. Wow, she really was enjoying my massage!

I laid down on my stomach and licked my lips, holding her legs apart with my hands on her thighs, shoving them as far open as they would go.

Her voice was grunting and whimpering louder as she peeked down at me, her eyes frightened and curious at the same time.

Don't be afraid Selena…you'll love this.

My tongue worked well at this task. It was sure and strong and very wet as it moved up those moist strawberry lips of hers. I lapped up all the sweet juice I could find and hummed my vibrations of thanks into her quivering weak pussy.

MMMMMMMM is a great thing to do while you're swirling your tongue in and out of a tight little mound of flesh such as this one.

She screamed out loud now, staring blankly at the ceiling as I closed my mouth over and over again over her little pink clit now, then moving my heavy tongue so fast over it from side to side, then up and down…then in circles, wet, hot circles. I have tons of different tricks my tongue can do. I did them all.

"Ohhhh FUCK!" little innocent Selena screamed, pounding her fists wildly into the pillow her head laid on.

"God…God…God…Justin…Justin…Justin…." She kept gasping and panting and screaming.

Uh oh. It's me VS. God again. I win this little battle every time. Sorry God. You made the instrument, I'm just playing the song.

I am so going to hell someday. Well, if I am, I'm just going to do what I want then and let the chips fall where they may.

I didn't use my fingers here yet, I wanted her to come from my tongue alone.

I was licking and sucking and kissing, twirling my tongue, lapping Then I started to work my tongue in along the folds inside, along the sides of her clit.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAA!" she suddenly squealed.

Eureka ! I feel like Lewis and Clark every time I discover where the treasure is.

"Justin!" she screamed like a wild animal now, bucking and thrashing up and down while I pinned her down, not stopping no matter what she said.

"Justin…Justin, Justin!" she kept screeching.

I won.

I pictured God and me arm wrestling and I just slammed his white robed arm down HARD!

I kept licking in the area I had discovered and her screams grew louder and louder. Finally, her legs tensed and began jerking uncontrollably as I kept holding them apart. It was happening.

Then she was growling like a savage again, and I could taste heavy juices oozing from inside her. Screams…no words only unintelligible wild screams.

"MMMMMMM!" I moaned so loudly I even put her screams to shame. I didn't move my lips and tongue away until she had full orgasm and had already started to come down a bit from it all.

She was panting, her breasts heaving in and out as I finally released her swollen clit from my mouth and began to crawl up beside her, laying my head on her stomach, just stroking her….inhaling her scent…one of the best scents I had ever smelled before and I wasn't just saying that, either. It was true.

My fingers played, making small little designs on her white flesh as her fingers found their way into my hair, clutching it in appreciation as I smiled, kissing her skin where I was laying. I waited for her to regain the ability of speech again, and I now had two fingers moving dizzily around her flat stomach.

Finally, she laughed, tickled by my touch.

"What are you doing there?" she couldn't see me but she could feel it.

"Mice." I informed.

"Mice?" she sounded out of it, and rightfully so.

"Yes." I said, "Two little mice, ice skating on your stomach."

I began making music with my voice to accompany the ice skating routine they were doing across Selena's stomach as she laughed.

"Mice Olympics!" I announced playfully as she laughed harder while I tickled her ribs a little bit.

"No, stop, please…" she asked so I stopped, kissing her belly button, laying my head back down next to it.

"Justin…" she breathed, then stopped and said, poking my back, "Turn around, I want to see your face."

"Wow, one orgasm and you're so demanding suddenly." I smiled, rolling over and laying my face on her stomach, looking at her face now.

"Justin…." She said so softly it wasn't even a whisper and her fingers moved across my forehead, down my eyes, over my nose and along my cheekbones, as if she were blind and reading my face with such affection.

I kissed her fingers as they glided past my mouth, wanting more of her already.

Then my eyes turned up into hers and there were tears in them.

"Selena, what's wrong?" I felt scared and almost sat up but she smiled at me and looked so beautiful I almost couldn't move.

"Nothing, Justin." She breathed, "That was the most…I can't even find a word big enough…to describe how incredible you made me feel. I was on fire, and burning, only it felt so good…and so agonizing at the same time…and then when you…Oh my God…"

I gave a small laugh and smile, relieved that she was alright. I laced my fingers through hers and closed my eyes, still resting my cheek on her hot, shiny stomach, wanting to spend the night right here. I brought her hand to my lips and gave it a deep, strong kiss.

"So I take it to mean that you enjoyed it, then?" I smiled more, looking up and seeing the under side of her breast and playfully leapt up a bit, trying to nip at it.

Sex is fun. I wanted her to know that, too. Laughter and sex go together very well. As long as the woman is not laughing at you while you're trying to have it with her, that is.

"Oh my God, yes I enjoyed it!" she answered, "DUH! I think I was almost coming while you were still massaging me!"

I closed my eyes for a second and smiled contentedly, perfectly happy that I was able to make her first orgasm a great experience.

"Do you know what's even better than your first orgasm?" I asked her.

"What?" she asked, not having a clue but sounding very curious to know.

I opened my eyes and got on all fours over her body as she giggled, my lips kissing hers for a quiet moment.

"What?" she repeated.

"The second orgasm!" I informed with a wicked glint in my eyes, forcing her thighs apart again, and closing my lips over her clit again as she screamed out, her eyes wild and gaping open once more.



"I can't believe you…" I slurred my speech a little as he laid in my arms, his cheek right above my bare breast, "Seven….seven orgasms in a row….my legs are like jello!"

"I knew you'd be multi-orgasmic." Justin sounded like his lips were smiling but all I could see was his strands of wild hair below my face. I kissed his head, truly trying to emit deep love into that kiss.

"You are way too passionate to only come once." He informed, sounding a little tired.

"Passionate?" I tingled at his word.

"Very much so." He said without hesitation.

I felt high and I loved the way it felt. We had not had sex…but I had experienced orgasm. Seven times. And damn it, I loved every single one of them! I never knew it could feel THAT good. What I've been missing all this time! If it wasn't for Justin…I'd probably never have felt it. Jesus Christ, but he is talented !

"You touched me everywhere…" I purred to him as I felt his tongue lick my breast where he was laying.

"Yes, I know." He took my nipple into his mouth, lightly sucking it.

I think I can see stars! Holy shit!

"Just wait until I'm inside you." He murmured, sucking on my other nipple now.

Oh sweet Lord. You mean it will feel better than this?

We laid there for a little while after that, talking about nothing important. He was good at making me laugh and he never stopped touching me or kissing me or licking me. I really felt like he truly desired me and could not get enough of me.

But he's paid to be this way.

I almost felt a tear come to my eyes but I pushed it away, not thinking about anything that would bring me down tonight. We laid there in silence for a few minutes and then Justin rolled over onto his back beside me on the big bed, saying, "I want you to touch me now, Selena."

I felt afraid now as his angelic eyes found mine. His body was completely nude and laying right here, waiting for me and I knew I could not do to his body what he had done to mine. He would be so disappointed.

"I don't know how to do that fantastic massage thing you did to me…I wish I did!" I confessed.

"It's alright, I don't want all that." He said calmly, his hand stroking the back of my hair, "I just want you to touch me…any way you want, for your pleasure, not mine. I want you to know my body. Explore me."

He smiled and closed his eyes, waiting. He rested his arms at his sides and was as still as a statue. A very perfect and lovely statue.

Smiling to myself, I couldn't deny my hands wanted to go roaming in Justinville.

"What if disappoint you?" I heard my insecure voice ask in a little sqeak.

His eyes opened and were fierce now.

"You could never disappoint me, Selena." He stated flatly, "Don't ever say that again."

Then he came up and took my face in one hand, kissing me deeply and touching his tongue to mine until I forgot my name again.

So I began touching him. I just did what came naturally to me and began with his sweet face, moving down to that muscular, thick neck. I couldn't help but kiss everything I was touching. He just laid there and closed his eyes, a pleasant look there as I crawled closer to him, taking a chance and straddling him, sitting my naked bottom on his waist.

"Mmmmmm." He smiled, not peeking, "I like where this is going."

He almost reached for my waist but he made his hands stop and go back up to rest near his head, his hands relaxed and open.

I felt proud I had the guts to sit on him like this and that he did not object. I moved my shivering fingers over his pecks, intimidated by how flawless they were.

"This is why you need to touch me, Selena." He kept his eyes closed, "You've never really touched a man like this, have you?"

Then he opened them and looked into my eyes, not trying to make me feel naïve or inexperienced, but as if he wanted to teach me what he knew.

"Not really." I admitted honestly.

"Well then touch away." He closed his eyes, "When your hands stop shaking, then I will touch you some more."

Oh God…I don't think I can take much more of that. My crotch is throbbing as we speak. I think if a breeze blew on it, I would come again…or scream.

So for the next hour, my hands touched him and caressed him. My lips covered him. I had taken my time and explored Justin's chest, his arms, his hands, his legs and adorable feet. I avoided the crotch area for now and rolled him over without a word, moving up the backs of his legs and deciding to be brave, I put my hands on his sweet perfect ass.

Oh God. I'm an ass girl.

"Wow…" I couldn't help but breathe out, moving my hands along its lovely slope, playing my fingers along the little dimples, even being brave enough to squeeze the firm round flesh there.

"Oh my God, Selena." He moaned, "You have great hands."

Wow, I was turning him on? Cool ! Look at me, Selena Gomez, playing with a man's butt. And not just any man's butt, but this heavenly piece of sexy right here before me.

"Don't stop, keep going…" his voice sounded so sleepy and dreamy, "Oh…yea. I love it when you grab hard like that."

I had to stop after awhile so I didn't creep myself out but I had to admit, after touching Justin any way I wanted and for doing it for so long, I didn't feel so scared about it anymore. He made me feel so alright with it, because he was so comfortable with it, too. I didn't feel dirty or perverted like I thought I would.

I just felt…good…and free.

I was kissing down his back, my hand softly rubbing carefully over the huge bite mark on his right cheek, wishing my fingers could rub enough care into it so it would vanish and heal.

I thought Justin might have fallen asleep because he was so quiet but then he slowly rolled over and took my hand, kissing it.

"Lesson is not over yet, Selena." Justin reluctantly informed, "You chickened out on this."

And he brought my hand to his penis and I tensed involuntarily, hardly able to look down at it.

"Selena…baby…relax…" he said with a calming tone of voice, "Shhh…it's only skin. Don't be afraid. It's just a part of me, like my arm or foot."

Yea, right.

"I'll help you…trust me." He guided me patiently, moving my hand slowly over the erect, hardness there.

"Right now, he's very hard, thanks to you." He smiled, wincing a little bit as he curled my fingers gently around it, "Come on, Selena, you can look at it. It doesn't bite…"

He began telling me all about his penis and I almost laughed. I was shown the shaft, the head, the balls. Again, the more I looked and let myself touch and hear…the less scary it felt for me.

I was afraid he wanted me to do things to his penis but he said no, not tonight. He told me tonight was just for me, not him. He wanted me to feel comfortable and unafraid with him…and by the time we began to get sleepy, I was.

"I always sleep naked, Selena." Justin said carefully as we began to get under the covers, both completely nude and very happy about it, "Is that okay with you?"

"Yes, very." I replied, getting his smile, "I think from now on, I will, too."

He laid on his side, looking at me as I laid on my side, staring back at him as he took my hands into his, kissing my fingers little baby kisses at a time.

"I am really happy about tonight." Justin said with his bedroom voice, his smoldering eyes dancing over my face, "Have I made you happy, Selena?"

"Yes." I almost said it too loudly, "I feel…so…(I exhaled a breath)…alive. I never knew it could be this wonderful."

I felt tears rimming my eyes but I didn't care about hiding anything anymore. I let them be there and added, "Thank you so much, Justin."

He smiled back at me, his chin creasing a bit as he held me close, gently rocking me a little, "It was all my pleasure, Selena. I love belonging to you."

My eyes closed and I let a tiny little tear escape. Wiping it without him seeing, I sniffed and laid myself back onto my pillow, beside him.

"Can I hold you until you fall asleep?" he asked, whispering it.

My lips smiled happily, as if I would mind that.

"I would love that." I confessed with the same small whisper.

"Yay." He sounded very happy about this and said he loves the spoon position. I didn't know what that was. He laughed, showing me.

He rolled me over, on my side, facing away from him and he curled his body right up along mine, behind me, his arm curled protectively over my bare waist, under the quilt, his fingers resting along my belly button area. I could feel his naked skin on mine and couldn't deny the heat emitting from his body into mine. His lips kissed my back and he straightened, laying his head on his pillow, and then I felt his chest against my back. God, that feels so good. His nose is in my hair.

The sensual opera music played on and in the still blackness, I began to drift off, lulled to sleep by the sound of his breathing and the glorious way his pecks would rise and fall against my back.

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