Stuck In Fire 1 - Kapitel 1-17 (Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez)

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17. 17

A small piece of me almost thought, as I opened my eyes, that last night had all been a terrible dream. I still can't believe I dressed up as a cop and broke into Raven's house last night. It was the first heroic thing I'd ever done. I rescued Justin from the jaws of evil! It was the kind of thing I'd always see in a movie and would tell myself, I would probably do that if I were her. But I was never really sure deep inside, if I would risk it all for someone else.

I never had any adventure or conflict in my life before. I could hardly complain at a restaurant and in the last two days, I've assaulted two different women. Wow. What's happened to me?


It happened.. I DID do it. Charlie would be so proud. Or would he?

I'm so glad Justin is here with me now, instead of shivering naked in that cage at Raven's basement. I would be a wreck at this point, not knowing where he was or what was happening to him.

He looks so warm now and peaceful and I couldn't help smiling as I just studied his face…who could harm something so beautiful? And there are those little puckered lips again.

I have to kiss those.

Leaning in a bit, I ever so gently touched my mouth to his, loving the sensation of his petal-soft skin.

"Mmmmm…", his voice was colored with pleasure.

His eyes stayed closed but his lips kissed out at the air, wanting more.

I smiled, coming back and giving him more, but just gentle caresses with my lips.

Then I kissed each eyelid, forehead…and the little dent in his chin.

His lips smiled contentedly, the eyes still resting closed.

"I'm still mad at you.", I said in a firm voice.

And then his eyes opened, looking ashamed.

"Well, you have to forgive me.", he said very plainly.

"I do?"

"I can make you forgive me, Selena.", his smile became a devilish smirk as he began to sit up.

"No, no." I grinned, easing him back onto the bed, "Today, you're my prisoner. You will be resting and behaving yourself all day. It's all part of my – I care about you – fetish."

"But, Selena, it's so nice outside …", he sounded like a little boy, "Don't you wanna come out and play with me? We could go to another bookstore…or maybe a supermarket…cleanup on aisle 9…"

His fingers were trying to worm their way under my pajama top but I pulled away.

"Justin, down.", I smiled at his playfulness as I got out of bed, "I'm going to make you some breakfast and you're going to be good and stay in bed today. Period."

He growled and pouted a little as I went into the kitchen and began to make him a wonderful meal. I moved the TV into the bedroom and let Justin watch his beloved cartoons while I worked. Once in awhile, I heard him laugh and was again amazed at how fast Justin bounced back from things.

Therapy can wait until tomorrow. He needs a break, a nice whole day and night to relax and heal. I noticed already he's trying to play the part of sexually attentive lover. Is that real or is he avoiding what happened last night? Where is his anger? Where is his fear?

I have seven days to find a way out for him. I'm not letting him go back.

As we sat in bed together, eating and watching TV, Justin's cell phone rang next to him on the nightstand.

He quickly picked it up and peeked, looking at me, holding a finger up and saying, "Don't say a word."

He flipped it open and said, "Yes, Victoria?"

After a pause, he said, "Yes, I know."

His mouth became a hard line and he listened, then said, "I'm sorry."

Unbelievable. He's apologizing to her? After she left him there with that nut last night? I have real work to do this week with him in therapy.

"Yes. I'll be there.", he said, looking into my tense face.

He winced and then flipped his phone closed, looking up at me from under his lashes.

"Does she know?", I asked, unable to breathe yet.

"No, at least as far as she's telling me.", Justin said, "She was just mad I didn't call her after I left Raven's place."

"Maybe no one found them yet.", I wondered.

"No, Raven lives in a mansion. There are maids, gardeners, servants. I'm sure they're free by now.", Justin looked pensive, "Maybe Raven doesn't want to get me into trouble."

"What was that I'll be there part?", I asked, already knowing.

He looked at me and tensed a little, "She said to make sure I'm in my room next Monday morning at dawn."

I hate her.

"Do you think she really knows and isn't saying anything?", I felt paranoid now. I didn't want Justin hurt any more because of something retarded I had done.

"No.", Justin took a sip of his juice, "If she really knew, she'd be here to take me home herself. I think we're safe, Selena. Please don't worry."

"Justin, that's not home, with her.", I said clearly, my eyes dead serious as I looked at him, "You're home now."

He smiled at me and opened his mouth to speak but no words came. His eyes twinkled with traces of tears and he kissed me, cradling my face in his hands.

"I love you, Selena.", he whispered, as if afraid to let anyone else hear it.

So I tried not to worry, but I still did. Anyway, we had a very pleasant day just watching movie marathons and laying in bed, side by side, holding hands, cuddling and kissing like teenagers during the commercials.

I was letting Justin eat junk food and this seemed like a big treat for him. Another discovery: Justin loves Doritos, Cool Ranch style.

"How am I doing at this I care about you game?", he asked later, as he moved his nose up the slope of mine, laying on his side, his arms curling around my back.

"Pretty good so far.", I kissed the tip of his nose, "You haven't tried to escape once."

"You make a very pleasant jail, Selena.", he smiled, "I like doing time here."

His mouth opened and lured mine inside it and in seconds, I was kissing him with raw lust and he was matching my intensity.

How does he always do this to me? I planned on being innocent and resting today. And now I'm in heat again.

I moaned as his hand slipped in the side of my pajama pants and slid half of them off my ass and down my thigh a bit, his fingers digging into my left ass cheek. Before I knew it, his head disappeared under the covers, and then I felt his hot, wet tongue and mouth playing along my lower stomach.

A knock sounded on the door and I groaned, about to move when from under the covers, teeth bit into my hipbone and his voice gritted, "Don't you dare."

I laughed and winced and struggled a little and said, "Someone's at the door."

"They'll go away.", he said before his thick, hot tongue moved up near my belly button. SHIT! That feels so fucking good!

"Justin.", I felt him move my body and lay me on my back, holding my wrists at my sides as his nose moved my top up, his mouth nibbling and licking my ribs.

"Selena…" a man's voice called from outside the door and my head popped up, and Justin stopped kissing and biting me under the blanket.

"Who's that?", Justin asked.

"Not sure.", I frowned, getting out of bed as I moved to the door, putting the chain across the lock and opening the door a crack, hiding my body behind it.

"James- I mean, Dr. Collier, hi.", I smiled as he stood there with two Starbucks coffees in his hands.

"Good afternoon, Selena.", he smiled, "I was just on my way to the MOMA and thought maybe you'd like to come along."

MOMA stands for Museum of Metropolitan Art. This is a first. He never just showed up here before. What's that all about?

"Oh, thanks, but, no.", I said, "I'm not feeling very well. Kinda just laying around in bed today."

"Oh I see.", James' eyes moved up behind me.

I turned and saw Justin there, arms crossed, giving James a look that could freeze water.

My head spun back to the crack in the doorway and I felt my cheeks turn hot.

"Sorry, Selena.", James gave a nod and glanced at Justin again and turned to walk away, "See you at school."

"Okay, bye.", I said, closing the door, spinning around, "What're you doing? I said stay in bed today."

"So that's James.", he raised a brow, "He's not that horrible looking."

"Why did you do that?", I half smiled, "Are you jealous?"

"Just letting the other wolves know that I'm here, that's all, little Selena sheep. All men are predators, searching for prey. And James can keep searching.", he grinned, tossing me over his shoulder and taking me back to bed.

Emmett checked in later, calling Justin on his cell phone as we had pizza for lunch in bed. (Justin commented that he'd have to work out for two hours instead of one tomorrow because of all the great junk food.)

After Justin hung up, he told me that Jasper stayed at Fire last night after Emmett left and covered for him, telling Victoria that a customer requested Emmett in a private room. Emmett said that everything seemed quiet with Victoria right now, and if anything suspicious happens, he would call us right away.

I checked Justin's lashes, front and back, and applied more ointment to each one, after placing very cautious kisses upon them, of course. I noticed Justin was remarkably silent as I did this and after a long time, he spoke.

"No one ever took such care of me before.", he said quietly, staring down at the blankets.

"Well, you've been neglected.", I said, using one of his more brilliant lines, "But I'm here now."

Three o'clock arrived and Justin reached for his cell phone.

"It's time for me to make my call.", he said, staring at the phone in his hand, again, more quiet than normal.

"I'll go for a little walk or something.", I grabbed my jeans, "You stay in bed, though."

I went towards the bathroom to change and check my hair in the mirror but Justin said, "Wait."

"What's the matter?", I spun around, seeing his eyes were closed as he held his phone with both hands, "Are you alright?"

I thought maybe something hurt or was bleeding.

"I'm fine, Selena.", he opened his eyes and looked at me.

Looking at him, I was confused and waited to hear what he wanted.

"Would you…", he looked deeper into my eyes, "like to stay? You don't have to go."

He wanted me to stay while he made his phone call? Really? This is a big deal. I certainly wouldn't speak to who ever it was he was calling, but him asking me to stay and hear it…showed so much trust. After last night, I thought his trust capacity was shattered and he'd never let his walls down with me again. I was so glad to be wrong about that. I nearly cried.

"I would like to, if you want me to.", I inched closer and closer to the bed.

"I want you, Selena.", he gave me a small smile and he patted my side of the bed, offering me a seat beside him.

I turned off the TV and sat down and Justin began to scroll down his list of numbers.

"So…", I took a breath, "Who are we calling?"

"My daughter.", he informed with a soft voice, as if he were saying a prayer, adding, "Kaitlyn…Katie."


"Justin – session six.", I was saying later that night after dinner. Again, Justin had asked for his session, and wanted to try it without the blindfold or scarf around the wrists.

I was glad, too, because after seeing him in that cage at Raven's, I don't think I could've even done it to him.

"Hi Justin." I smiled at him, admiring him so much. He was being so brave and I had really enjoyed listening to little Katie's voice on the phone earlier.

She mostly talked about her day, spent at a carnival in town. She got to ride the pony ride twice, had lots of cotton candy, and petted a bunny. The one thing that hurt me to hear, and I know it hurt Justin, too, even though he acted used to it, was when her tiny little voice asked when he was coming home.

"Soon, sweetie.", he had said as I grinned at him, but on the inside, I wanted to scream.

But at least one more good thing came from me hearing the call. Now I had this sweet little voice in my head, wanting her Daddy, to drive me harder to find Justin his way out.

"Hi Dr. Selena.", he responded, smiling at me in my pajamas, sitting in my chair, trying to act all professional.

"I want to say something before we go any further, okay?" I spoke gently, getting a nod from Justin.

"You went through a terrible ordeal yesterday.", I got it out there, "What happened to you was evil, brutal, and savage. And today you're smiling. This morning, I heard you laughing at cartoons."

He paused and shrugged, "It was a funny one."

"What I'm saying is…", I pointed out, "You seem to come back very quickly from things. Do you block it all out or do you forget it?"

"I have to forget it.", he moved his finger up and down the edge of the sofa cushion he was sitting on, "It's part of the job. I don't have time to cry over it and I'd never be allowed to lay in bed all day after a day with someone like Raven. "

"I want you to say some things out loud.", I said, "Okay?"

"Okay.", he didn't look bothered by this.

"I am someone.", I stated, raising my eyes to his.

He looked down for a second and I added, "And look at me when you say it. And mean it."

"I am someone.", he said, not sounding very sure of that phrase as his eyes half stayed on mine.

"Again." I firmly pushed with my voice.

"I am…someone.", he repeated, sounding less confidant than the first time.

"I matter.", I said, wanting him to repeat that next.

Justin sighed and looked at me with hurt eyes.

"Selena, this is stupid.", he muttered, struggling inside again, avoiding my eyes.

"What's stupid, Justin?"

"Having me repeat things that aren't true won't make me believe them.", he confessed, "I'm a fucking slave, I don't matter at all. I'm no one."

Here we were, back at step one again. We keep hitting this wall. I want it gone. I had to break through it. Justin couldn't be saved if he truly felt he was a slave and worth nothing.

"You're Katie's father, aren't you?", I asked and watched his eyes flame over and look up into mine.

There is the anger. This is the moment I didn't want to happen yet, but has to happen to wipe the polite smile off his face. Maybe it was good that it's happening now, not giving him much time after Raven's day to recover and pretend it all away.

"I'm not that, either, anymore.", Justin almost sneered, "Ben is Katie's father now."

"Well, that's probably best, since you have no self worth, how can you teach her any?", I began to ignite that flame inside him.

He began to answer, his eyes squinting and his voice saying, "I don't think-"

"I mean, how can you teach her to be strong and defend herself against all the evil predators of the world when you just smile, lay down and let them feed on you and lick your bones?", I asked, hiding my feelings for him and hating it. I had to be Dr. Selena now, like it or not.

"I told you, I—", he was frowning fully now, not liking what I had to say.

"What if Raven or Victoria someday got their hands on Katie?", I asked, "Would you kneel down and say, Yes, Victoria, then?"

"SHUT UP Selena!", he leapt to his feet and roared, tears and rage burning in his eyes.

"Now! Say it!", I stood and grabbed his arms and almost shook him a little.

"I MATTER!", he shouted, shaking a little, "I AM someone…"

"Good! Stay with me, Justin.", I grabbed the scarf and quickly put it around his eyes, making the one knot behind his head.

I closed my eyes and gave his cheek a light slap, saying, "You worthless slut."

"What do you say, Justin?", I gave his other cheek a little tap, "Come on, I'm Victoria…right here in front of you. Talk to me."

I tapped the other cheek again and he flinched.

"No…", he shivered all over, "Don't, Selena."

"I'm not Selena. And where'd the anger go so fast?", I asked, "You can let it out, Justin, don't be afraid. It's okay. I'm Victoria and I want you to answer me. NOW."

"Stop.", his voice was quiet again and I was getting mad. I wanted his anger.

"Pretend Katie can hear us now.", I tapped his face again as his face half turned to the left, "Use that in your mind every time someone is hurting you. See yourself as Katie's father, not a slave. I am Victoria. I want you to answer whatever you're feeling. Let your anger out. It's killing you."

I slapped his face and sneered like Victoria would, "Time to fuck me now, slut."

"Stop!", his mouth frowned more and his voice was louder.

"I don't take orders from you, you little whore, I said FUCK ME!" I yelled and slapped his face harder.

At this, he let out a deep growl and out came this lion voice that I never heard him use before scream out, "GET YOUR FUCKING HANDS OFF ME!"

Ooooh. YES!

"Good…good, Justin…shhhh…", I said, holding his hands and kissing them as they trembled in mine, "Sit down here…careful…it's okay…shhhh…"

I eased him back onto the sofa and was about to take the blindfold off him when he spoke again.

"I hate you.", he sneered from a dark, ancient place in his gut, "I hate your face, your body, your voice, and even your smell…I HATE YOU VICTORIA. I hate you…"

The venom in his voice was clear and I knew he'd never said these words before. I was so relieved to hear him voice this. It's a big step forward. I am again amazed by Justin's openness, his willingness to try during my sessions. In only a few days, he's come so far. I think deep down he's always wanted help but never admitted it…until now.

"I love you…I love you…" I whispered as I held and rocked him. I felt his hands slip around my waist and touch my back, tightening.

"Good, Justin…so good.", I whispered, closing my eyes.



Monday, Day 8

I slept like a baby last night. I think Selena has some kind of a spell on me or something. And last night's session was just pure genius. I still can't believe it worked, but for a few seconds, I actually felt Victoria in front of me, slapping me around, as she loves to. How did Selena know that? It couldn't be just a lucky guess.

Even now, I feel like I really told her off last night. Although, if I had, I'd be in the cage today, bleeding down my back.

I was dressed and feeling great this morning after my day of leisure yesterday. I told Selena we were going out to have some fun today, away from therapy and Fire, and Victoria and school.

I just wanted to be Justin today and take Selena on a day long date in the city. I have a week off and I don't intend to waste a second of it. I would be taking my girl out.

Wearing my jeans and a gray sweatshirt with the collar and sleeves cut off, I checked in the full length mirror to make sure my scars weren't showing on my arms and they were well hidden.

Selena finally emerged, wearing a little pair of red cotton shorts and a cute little white tank top. Jesus, she's sexy, even in casual clothes.

My leer and growl let her know I approved of her look today and finally, we were outside, in the breeze and sunshine, and I drove my car with all the windows open, blasting my music and feeling so great I wanted to scream it out loud.

Selena complained at first that her hair was getting messed up but then she let herself go and let it fly out around her face…and she was the most beautiful woman I'd ever seen. I mentally took that picture and stored it in my heart for later, for when I needed to see something pure and magical and true. I placed it right within the set of pictures I had there of my daughter and Tanya. It fit in very nicely there.

We went to Central Park and walked around for hours, just talking about fun everyday things, nothing too heavy. I liked it. I felt normal. We ate hot dogs and popcorn, ice cream, all while sitting on the grass enjoying the warmth and peace all around us, under the light shade of tall oak tree.

"Have you ever made love on the grass, Selena?", I asked her, my eyes not letting her avoid me with their stare, my fingers moving over the high, fresh wet blades of green beside me.

"I think I've told you, I did it once before you.", she blushed a little, smiling back at me, "And that was in the back seat of a car."

"So, then, no.", I answered.

"No.", she hugged her knees with her arms.

"Come here, Selena.", I smirked at her, wondering if she'd do it.

"Every time you say come here I get fucked.", she retorted.

"Are you complaining?", I almost laughed at her comment.


"Then come here.", I said again, not demandingly.

She crawled over to where I was sitting on the grass and stayed on all fours, kissing my lips as my hands held each side of her face. I kissed her as if it had been years since I'd tasted something so soft and delicious. It's how I felt.

I swept her up in my arms and rolled her so she was laying on her back and I laid beside her, one leg curled over both of hers, gently holding her there.

Her dark hair looked so gorgeous strewn out against the emerald floor beneath her. And her ivory skin…damn it.

I held her hand in mine and our fingers laced together as she smiled up at me, wondering what was on my mind.

Without a word, I kissed her hand and then placed it up above her, resting on the grass as my fingers slowly moved her t-shirt up, exposing her stomach and finally, her white bra. She tensed a bit and turned her head to the side, looking to see if anyone was watching or around.

"Shhh, shhh…Selena Gomez…" I took her chin and turned it back towards me, "None of that. Keep your eyes on me. No one is looking. No one is around. And so what if they were? Relax…enjoy."

I moved my fingers over her chin like it was made of delicate glass, moving extremely slowly down her neck…her body relaxed again and her fingers loosened…and she moved her other arm up over her head, closing her eyes and breathing in and out as I stroked her face with my right hand.

"That's right…just feel me.", I instructed with a whisper, "Feel the air on your body…kissing your skin like I do…"

Still moving very slowly, I moved the t-shirt up, moving it off her chest and up over her face, letting it fall around her wrists as her eyes opened, looking up at mine…her lips smiling a little…nervously but excitedly.

"Feel the wet grass on your back…", I smiled, adoring her expression. "It's so natural…so cool and wet…it's not wrong…nothing is wrong…"

I unclasped the front hook of her bra, taking my sweet time to open it as her little voice gave a whimper, her body shivering a little.

"It's okay…", I assured her, moving my fingers over her right breast…then her left…so carefully as if she'd pop if I touched her too hard…I wanted my fingers to be as delicate as the breeze.

I moved the bra straps off her shoulders and placed it next to me on the ground.

"Just lay here…feel how good it is…", I nearly whispered as another pleasant breeze danced around us, enjoying the show, "You are so beautiful…you belong here…with all the other beautiful, eternal things….air…earth…water…sun…."

I still had not kissed or grabbed her too roughly, I was worshipping her every inch…every pore…every curve…I was taking mental pictures again…her white, perfect breasts…pouting out below my fingers, nipples hardening the second I made contact…moving in extremely painfully slow circles around them.

She let out a little moan, and her eyes stayed on mine, obeying my instructions as I smiled down on her with pride. She is such a good student.

"Feel the sun kissing your flesh…", I leaned in cautiously and kissed the warm land between her breasts, hearing her moan again, her breathing deepen.

I moved my fingers down her torso, and both my hands gently sliding the shorts down. I waited for her to tense and protest…but she didn't.

Along with the shorts, I also moved the panties off, too and her eyes were clinging onto mine, her fingers curled a bit above her head then relaxed once more. I knew this was a lot for her, to let me undress her like this outside in the open, but you couldn't see the internal struggle from my view. She was trusting me…completely.

"Uhhh….", she let out as I exposed her ass to the earth below, letting the sun sparkle in the little curl of brown hair between her legs as I placed the garments under her head, letting them serve as a pillow of sorts.

"Very good, Selena…", I used my low voice, removing her sneakers carefully…then each ankle sock, "Rest…enjoy it…some people never get to feel how wonderful this is…you are far too alive…not to feel this."

I stroked her legs as they laid straight out beside me. I didn't open them yet…I wanted her to just lay here with me…and drink the feelings and sensations inside her…I tilted my head, smiling as I watched her eyes close…no signs of tension in her anywhere…amazing.

"I love you so much…", I whispered, "You are too beautiful to be real. You look like a goddess…Goddess of the Grass…"

I smirked at my own comment as she gave a little laugh and I plucked a daisy from a few inches away, beginning my Goddess worship.

Touching the petals to her forehead, I made a V across the skin there, moving at a snails pace. She smiled and so did I, then I moved down her nose, turning the daisy a bit as I went, and tickled the tip a little, chuckling as she wiggled her nose in response.

Next, I let the petals kiss her lips, moving along their edges. Her lips opened a bit and her eyes opened, looking at me again.

God, what a picture right there! Click. Mine forever. And only mine.

Moving downward, I let the flower caress her chin, moving in a soft circle, letting every petal participate there.

"Feel the grass tickling your toes ?", I asked and she nodded, closing her eyes again.

"Good.", I admired her again, moving the daisy down under her chin, then down the slender white of her neck….down the center of her chest…

Without a word, I spun the flower slowly over her nipple, letting each one get a turn kissing it. She let out small moans and her eyes kept opening and closing, each time holding more fire than the last. But I took forever to make sure the flower explored every inch of Selena. I'm sure daisies dreamt of touching something so unique and exquisite as she. This was the lucky daisy.

"Justin…", she whispered, opening her eyes again.

She didn't have to speak to say what she said to me. I hoped she wouldn't be turned off by my marks as I took my own shirt off, but she smiled at me as if I were the most handsome man she'd ever feasted her eyes upon.

She always made me feel that way. I will really miss that look when it's gone.

I stood up and without looking around, I unzipped and removed my jeans and underwear, kneeling back down in the cover of the tall grass, joining her.

"Justin, I love you…I love you so much…", she clutched my face into her hands and gave me an intense, smothering kiss I would never forget. I've been kissed so many different ways…but never this way.

I tried to keep up with her lips but she was far more passionate than I and my voice whimpered from the sweet burns her hot mouth made in me.

"I'm sorry.", she panted, kissing me between her words, "Did I hurt you? Too rough?"

"No, Selena, never…" I kissed as I tried to speak, "You never hurt me…grab me as rough as you want, I love your touch…please…"

With this, she dug her nails into my back and pulled me on top of her…my legs instinctually straddled hers as I touched the ground with both hands, not wanting to lay my entire weight on her little frame.

I loved her scratching my back and the little stabs of pain as she dug in where my scars were…it was like she was wiping them away with her own marks, erasing them with her fingers.

"Yes…Selena…yesss…oh God…", my voice was breathing as she kissed me even harder.

"I want you now…", she panted between kisses, "Now!"

My little kitten is a tigress!

"Yes, Selena.", I smiled, hoping she didn't get mad that I was talking like a slave again.

I am her slave…forever…and it has nothing to do with her twenty thousand dollars. Even Victoria doesn't own me anymore…not really…it's Selena…it will always be her now…even if I can't be with her.

Yes, thank God I brought condoms. I always have condoms, being me. I had one on in two seconds.

I was inside her now and my mouth never left hers…my tongue letting her dominate it, tasting it, licking roughly and wetly along its edge as I moved, still very slowly….in….out…..innnnn….ooouuuutttttt….

Somehow, this was even more wild and intense than a good old fashioned slamming, which I loved to do…but it seemed here, in the center of all this, was more fitting…right…natural and good…pure.

"Selena…", I breathed as I made love to her, feeling the blowing blades of grass tickling my ass cheeks, "Selena…so good…so…." And her mouth took me in again, silencing me.

She wrapped her legs around my waist as I struggled to keep moving slow within her, not wanting to make one wrong misstep in this perfect little bubble we were immersed in…what world is this…I've never been to such a beautiful place before…and why would anyone allow me in here?

I opened my mouth and felt her sucking my bottom lip as she panted louder and my pace began to move a tiny bit faster…I teased her with my tongue, licking her mouth and pulling up a bit as she tried to kiss me again. We laughed as we fucked and that was new for me, too.

Even ten cops approaching us right now wouldn't stop me. They could fucking wait…or shoot me in the ass…but I wasn't stopping until I was ready to…for once.

"Justin…", she finally whimpered, her fingers in my back, "Fuck me…please…fuck me hard…"

Everyone stand back. Justin's gonna fuck hard now.

I unrestrained myself and instantly pounded my cock into her, moving her left leg up a bit, her knee bent as I held it there, getting a deeper angle to thrust myself in as she screamed. Her eyes told me to keep going and I did, biting down on my bottom lip, causing myself a little pain as I began moving all the way out then diving deeply in again instantly.

Breezes blew around us as I shouted out, letting Selena's screams mingle with mine as we banged each other like wild animals, grunting and forgetting words.

We were both sweating and shaking at the end, and Selena let out a scream that made the birds fly away from our tree beside us as I came with her.

Moments later, I dropped onto my back beside her, staring up at the clouds and bright blue sky and I wondered what my name was, trying to catch my breath as she did the same. My heart was bouncing around inside my chest.

"Oh my God…", Selena was speaking before I had figured out how to do it yet.

"I think you killed my uterus.", she breathed, "I know I said fuck me hard…but…Christ…I think I'm bleeding internally…"

I heard her try to laugh and I smiled, looking at her, panting in response.

"I guess you didn't see the warning label on my ass.", I joked, "Some toys are very dangerous, you know…"

She made a scoff and said, "If I wasn't so tired…I would tell you I really hate that statement…"

"If I wasn't so tired…I would care…", I widened my eyes and then closed them.

"I'm afraid when I get up my ass print is gonna be in the ground!", she chuckled.

"Are you complaining again?", I asked, hovering over her, half laying on her body.

She smiled and shook her head at me.

"Good.", I raised a brow, "Because there is no complaint department here."

"Is there a kiss department?", she asked.

"Perhaps.", I smiled down at her, "What can I do for you, Miss?"

"I am looking for a big, wet, juicy kiss.", she smiled at me, so innocent looking, "What do you have?"

"Well, there are several different things I have…", I pointed out, "First, there's this…"

And I opened my mouth and placed a very wet, soft kiss there, no tongue…followed by a few small kisses peppered all over her mouth.

"Mmmm.", she smiled after I ended the kiss and my nose was moving around hers, "I like that one…but what else do you have?"

"Oh, you want to see the entire stock, do you?", I smiled darkly over her, "You're gonna be one of those all day customers, aren't you?"

"Yes.", she confessed and I laughed a little.

"Good, because I love to please my customers…", I said, and I hated that I said it as soon as it was out of my mouth.

"Oh God…Selena…", I felt sick inside, "I didn't mean…I was just playing…I didn't mean to call you a customer."

And once again, she understood me and calmed me.

"I know, Justin.", she held my face, "It's okay, we were playing. But I know that I'm only a customer. It's okay."

I frowned at her and said, "No, it's not okay. You're not a customer to me, you're…" I paused, sitting on the grass on my bare ass, adding, honestly, "everything."

"Well now you know how it feels for me when you call yourself a toy or a slave.", she pointed out, expertly teaching me something without me seeing it coming again.

"Touché.", I smiled.

"Now…", she pulled me back towards her lips again, "Show me those other kisses you have in stock. I don't have all day."

"Yes Ma'am.", I smiled, leaning in and demonstrating my savage, 'I'm trying to suffocate you' kiss.


It wasn't until it was dark that we were near Selena's place, but we were having so much fun I never wanted it to end. We walked around, going nowhere, just talking, learning more about each other, eating ice pops from the ice cream truck.

My life will never get any better than this and I knew it at the time. I wished Katie were here with us. That would be the only thing that could make it more perfect.

We window shopped and I got Selena a cool pair of sunglasses that she looked hot as hell in, and she bought me a friendship ring. It cost five dollars and wasn't meant to be a real gift, but to me it was priceless. I wore it on my pinky and knew when I got home it would be going in my secret wall.

A slave has no possessions. I have clothes and jewelry, but only for show, so I don't embarrass Victoria when we go out. Things like this friendship ring and my fortune from the cookie last week were things I'd never be allowed to keep.

Mementos of love and gifts from clients, gifts from female friends were forbidden. So, I have a secret wall in my room where a couple bricks can be removed and I have some important things in there. Things Victoria can't steal from me. Pictures of Katie and Tanya, a ring my father once gave me for graduation when I was 17, my wedding ring, and now this one, along with my fortune. These are my most prized possessions. And I'll always have them, somehow. I hope.

Neither one of us wanted to go inside and we hung out on the stairs outside Selena's place, her sitting on the lower stair from me, surrounded by my long legs that wrapped around her protectively…more like possessively. She held my legs to her as it began to get a bit chilly around 11, and she began shivering so I suggested we go inside.

"I still can't believe we didn't get caught making love outside today.", Selena commented as we ascended the stairs going into her apartment.

"I've found that people don't really care what others do.", I said, "Everyone is so afraid these days to even make eye contact with strangers. And even if someone saw us…who cares? It wouldn't have ruined the time I was having…how about you?"

"Nope.", she smiled, my prized student, "I might've even flashed them."

I laughed as she opened the door, going in.

"What have I done to that sweet, notebook girl I met at the club?", I followed her.

"Freed me, saved me…", she answered, "Letting me feel what it is to LIVE…finally?"

"Mmmm…" I took her in my arms and closed my eyes, feeling her lips find mine again as I kissed her back.

"Thank you for not seeing me as some pervert, Selena.", I truthfully responded, "I was afraid of that in the beginning, that you'd find me…too strange."

Smiling up at me, she said, "Well, you are strange…but I like it."

"Thank you." I smiled as she giggled.

"Selena, can I ask you something?", I laced my fingers at her back, "You can say no if you want to."

"Sure, what?"

"Can I…make you my pet tomorrow?", I asked, almost afraid of what her eyes would do in reaction.

"I wouldn't hurt you or do anything horrible, like Raven would…you would be a slave of pleasure, not pain.", I quickly promised.

"I know you wouldn't hurt me, Justin.", she said with no fear in her face, "Besides you trying to pound me into the ground earlier, that is."

"You asked for it!", I said for the fifth time today, "Next time, know who you're talking to when you say fuck me hard ! I have a shirt that says Thumper on it for a reason, Selena!"

"You own a shirt that says Thumper on it?", she laughed.

"It's a long story, but yes.", I said, "See, this one time…"

"Never mind.", Selena cut me off, grinning, and added, "I would love to be your pet, Justin. I trust you."

"You do?", I felt warm all over suddenly. Is this girl real or will I wake up soon, in Victoria's cage?

"Yes.", her brow creased, "How can you ask me that after I let you fuck me in the middle of Central Park?"

"Let me?", I teased, smiling as she laughed, holding me closer, "Bunnies and raccoons probably know how to say 'fuck me harder' now because of you! You scared BIRDS away!"

"Shut up!", she laughed as pushed her against the wall, holding her there with my full, erect cock.

"Ouch!", she looked at me in surprise, "What is THAT?"

"This is the Cock Department.", I smirked, "How can I help you today, Miss?"

She laughed and straightened, seeing my face wasn't kidding.

"Ow!", she jumped as my cock twitched against her tight little shorts and said, "I am looking for a very talented cock, as a matter of fact. And big…but not vicious, like one I found in the park today!"

"Oh, I see.", I thought about it for a moment, "Well, maybe I have something for you."

"I suppose you're going to show me all the cocks you have in store now?"

I smiled, "No. I just have one. But it's all you'll ever need. It does everything."

"Oh, really?", she blushed, trapped as my hands leaned on the wall on both sides of her head.

"Yes, really.", I yanked the shorts down off her, and the panties, too as she let out a little squeal.

"Let me demonstrate.", I unzipped my jeans and underwear, "Look at it…big enough?"

"Yes, it's huge.", she looked at it, smiling, "This must be the extra large size."

"Not a scratch on it, either.", I stared into her eyes, "Feel it…"

She did, staring back up at me, letting her hand curl around the shaft as I nearly groaned. Last week, Selena didn't want to even look at my penis, now look at her!

"Hard enough?", I asked.

"God, yes.", she smiled, "Impressive."

"And look.." I tore a condom wrapper in my teeth and put a black condom over myself, "It comes with a nice case to store it in."

"Wow.", she giggled as I spun her around and sat her ass on the kitchen counter.

"But that's nothing.", I sold my product, "Wait until you feel the demonstration."

Without any more foreplay, I opened her legs and penetrated her, going all the way in slowly.

"Feel how deep it can go?", I asked, my voice a bit strained at how tight her pussy still felt to me, it was so hot.

"Yes…", she closed her eyes and opened them, "That is…good."

"Not done yet.", I grinned down at her, "Let me show you what this baby can do."

Seconds later, I was slamming her, pounding into her, holding her hips and moving them to mine as I took her.

She was screaming and moaning, keeping herself sitting up on the counter, holding the walls at her sides for support.

"It has great thrusting action, as you can see…", I grunted, "And the power lasts for a very. LONG. TIME." I said those last three words, thrusting in each time as I spoke them.

She screamed out louder, sounding wounded but pleased at the same time.

"I like that.", she managed to say, playing her role, and then the little bitch added, "But can it fuck harder? Thumper?"

"Oh, you-", I growled as she laughed.

"Yes, Ma'am.", I grunted, "But don't say I didn't warn you…remember…there is no complaint department."

And she howled as I fucked her harder, making her pay for that Thumper remark.

Notebook girl is dead. Sexy Bambi is born.

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