Stuck In Fire 1 - Kapitel 1-17 (Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez)

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15. 15

I can still feel the icy rain pelting down over my breasts as my back arched all the way up, lines of water flowing backwards across my face as he thrust inside me again.

As if on cue, the lightning raged, revealing the city to my eyes as the harsh thunder shouted at us, making its anger known at the path we were taking as we fucked tirelessly on my rooftop, unashamed as I felt my clothes tearing off me by the brutally wicked hands of my dark, wet attacker.

God, how many positions did we do? I still can't count them all, I only know that when he carried me downstairs over his shoulder to get back to our apartment, I didn't even care that I was stark naked and that someone might see me, even though it was about 4 in the morning when we finally got our fill of one another, at least for then.

He took care of me, dried and dressed me in my nice comfortable t-shirt and flannel pajama pants and he wore the nightshirt I gave him, as always, with a pair of shorts. Snuggling under the covers, he held me this time, my face laying happily on his softly falling and rising chest. I wanted to tell him that I loved him again at that point, but by then I had sobered more and realized what problems now faced us, now that we had both said those three important words.

Part of me was afraid to fall asleep because maybe in the morning he'd be gone and some note would be waiting there for me, explaining the rules, and how he'd broken them, too, by letting himself feel something for me in return, and how it could never be.

But his touch is so gentle and soothing to my body, especially after the hours of pleasure it had endured, and I fell asleep anyway, feeling his lips on my hair.

It only took me about four hours to jump awake, startled, shaking and afraid that my paranoid suspicions were correct.

The sun was shining over the foot of my bed and I was glad to see four bumps under the blanket instead of just two. He is still here. My body relaxed and my breath exhaled in one long string.

I thought he would be fast asleep but then his voice was floating right into my ear, "Did you have a bad dream?", the godlike voice asked, sounding concerned.

Funny, but I was wide awake now…and it sounded like he was too. He didn't sound tired or drowsy in the least. Without having the guts yet to look into his eyes, I flashed back over last night's many mistakes of mine: the drinking, the climb up Victoria's stairs that forced me to run over my friends who were trying to stop me, the pounding on her door, the way I lunged onto her desk and grabbed her hair…and the most stupid of all – the I love you in the rain.

How can I be tired when I've fucked up this badly and need to do some serious groveling?

"No.", my voice sounded like a little girl's, "Bad memories."

His finger moved around and played along the bottom edges of my lower lip, still extremely loving and tender, even though he should be so pissed off at me right now.

"Go back to sleep, fair Selena.", his voice was deep and lulled me, "It's Saturday and you can sleep in today."

Saturday – Day 6.

Only 8 more days left….I hate how fast time moves. Damn time.

I made myself sit up and try to at least apologize for what I'd done. I owed him that much.

"Justin…", I felt like crying but didn't let myself. He was laying there behind me but I still didn't have the strength to look at his face. And my heart was hurting because of it.

He didn't say anything and that was scaring me too, but I forced myself to speak.

"I am so stupid, Justin.", I began, stating the obvious, "I got drunk…and I never get drunk…and Victoria…I was so mad at her…jealous, I guess. I lost control of myself and I put all of us in danger. We could've gotten hurt…and because of me, you WILL definitely get hurt."

Okay, now I was crying…I knew I wouldn't be able to hold out for long.

He sat up and hugged his arms around me from behind and his lips touched a part of my bared shoulder.

"It was my fault.", he said in a quiet voice beside my ear, "I asked you to go with me, again, not thinking what it would do to you. I just…I didn't want to be alone last night…for once. It felt nice, for me, having someone. But I forgot…I can't have anyone. You don't belong to me, Selena, as much as I want you to."

I tensed up and let the tears fall and was about to argue with him but he held me tighter.

"Please, don't…just…listen…", his voice pleaded, "Don't turn around. I can't say it if I have to look into your eyes, Selena."

I relaxed and didn't move. I made myself say, "Go ahead, Justin."

He exhaled a breath and said, "I know what we said last night and I would never take it back, Selena. It's been forever since I've wanted to say those words to someone, besides my daughter. But…"

Here it comes…I didn't want to, but a sob came out of my throat and I felt his lips kissing my neck and his perfect nose nuzzled against my hair until I calmed down and stopped. I could hear his voice, saying, "Shhh…shhh….", and that helped me a little, but I knew the words were still going to come and crush me.

I waited and his lips stopped kissing me. Then he continued.

"I want to love you, Selena.", he said, "But I can't. It's wrong for us to be in love with each other. Even if it is true. We have eight more days together…and I want to be with you, Selena. But we can't say we love each other anymore. It's too cruel…for either of us to pretend that we have some kind of future together. We don't. I'm sorry, Selena. I am so sorry."

His voice was cracking in those last few sentences and my heart was breaking faster then I ever thought it could. I knew he would say something like this but I didn't think it would be so damn crippling to hear him saying it.

"You said there was no wrong for us.", my voice whimpered as the tears fell from both my eyes.

He didn't answer, but I was too afraid to listen to hear if he was crying, too.

After a minute, Justin's voice sounded a bit stronger and he was still holding me.

"Today, you're going to have some fun with your friends.", Justin said, "I've arranged that for you. Take the day to get away from me and refocus. Tonight, I'll take you out to dinner and we can have a date. Then you can tell me if you want me to stay or not. Either way, I won't give you a hard time. Whatever you want, Selena, is what I want. You can just tell me yes…or no. "

I wanted to have therapy with him right now but I didn't know if I could handle it at the moment. There are so many questions I have for him, so many things I wanted to know…but at the same time…I didn't want to know.

Is he right? Maybe I should just try to have fun with him for the next eight days, do my sessions with him, and let him go. Maybe I couldn't really love him after only 5 days. In Bridges of Madison County, they fell in love in less than 4 days…oh Christ, I'm looking in movies now for help…great. If I'm gonna go that route, I might as well watch Pretty Woman all over again and take some notes. I think Julia Roberts was far easier to rescue than Justin will be.

All she had to do was kiss Richard Gere and get into his limo. I would have to take on She-Bitch Victoria, and Justin's parents, his list of psycho johns and if I made it through all that, then there was merely the pesky little problem of taking care of Justin's daughter, and I still was in the dark about that whole situation, too. All that aside, all I'd have left to do then was deal with Justin's broken heart, his shattered self worth, his self loathing, not to mention all the memories of his past, trying to build a future and enjoying the present.


But I still love him.

It looks like Justin and I have something in common. I like to punish myself, too.

"Now…", Justin said, still holding me in front of him, moving us out of the bed until we were walking out of the bedroom and towards the bathroom, "You will go get yourself locked in the bathroom again, like before, and I will come rescue you again. And we'll go from there, okay?"

I still hadn't seen his face yet when he gave me a little shove into the bathroom and closed the door behind me.

If only I could go back in time…only trouble is…I loved him even back then, too.

I tried to play along but my voice wasn't very convincing.

"Justin?", I called.

"Yes, Selena?", his voice was right outside the door.

"I need you.", was all I could think to say and my voice cracked a little.

I wasn't talking about the damn door, either. I know he's smart enough to hear that.

A small pause went by and then his voice spoke, sounding deeper.

"Stand back, Selena.", he said, all playfulness and joking gone from his voice.

I was back, but not in the shower as the door swung open but didn't smash the wall this time. It was then that I saw his face and I wondered if mine looked as sad and void as his did.

Before I could even whimper or let the tears fall, he was there, holding me, whispering his "I'm sorry.", to me again as I clung onto him. I just hated myself for being this way, wondering how many other girls let themselves fall for him this way. I'm sure I wasn't the first to depress the crap out of him as he tried to keep things fun and free and light.

Finally, as I rubbed my eyes, Justin tipped my face upwards to his and placed a wonderful deep kiss on my mouth.

"Let's eat.", he suggested, trying to make his voice pleasant as he flung me over his shoulder, taking me to the kitchen and plopping me onto a stool as he began taking off the shirt I had given him, again, taking very good care of it, folding it ever so neatly first.

"How about a nice egg, bacon, and cheese sandwich on a bagel?", Justin had his happy face on again and I tried to do the same, I'm sure, poorly.

"Okay.", I shrugged.

Justin looked at me as if he knew I wasn't so trained as he in the art of making believe but forgiving me for it as he poured me an orange juice and placed it in front of me.

"So…", Justin began to get busy taking things out of the refrigerator, "Maybe tonight, if you want me to stay, we can have therapy again?"

"I want you to stay.", I informed him right out first, "And…you're liking therapy now? This is the second time you've asked for it."

"I like your idea…with the blindfold and all…", he took a sip of juice out of his own glass, "It made me feel very free to talk. And, since you know most of my story already, I might as well tell you the rest. I really would like you to know. I believe you now, Selena. You really would…stick by me. I saw that when we went to do the film. That really meant a lot to me, you know…"

He broke a couple of eggs and shook his head at himself, as if he'd said too much or the wrong thing to me but something else came to my mind now.

"There's something I wanted to bring up to you," I smirked, "And I don't even thing you realize it…but…last night…when Victoria wanted to…cut me…."

"Oh God, Selena.", Justin turned to me, his face now stern, "That reminds me, if you ever go near Victoria or Fire again, I swear, I'm gonna go so Dom on your ass, you won't know what hit you. Promise, now, that you won't do it."

"I will promise not to go near Victoria again, how's that?", I offered.

"Your promises are no good, anyway.", he joked, "You also promised not to fall for me, and you broke that one."

"Anyway…", I cut in, slightly irritated, "Last night, you stood up to her. You said if she tried that, you'd have to stop her. And she backed off. Did you see that?"

His face looked a little strange and I couldn't read his thoughts but then he said, "I don't think she meant things to go that far. She might have grabbed the knife out of instinct. She keeps it there in case someone breaks in. You're a client to her, she didn't really want to cut you, Selena. She was angry. I think I calmed her down."

"Don't water this down, Justin.", I argued as he cooked the eggs and bacon, his marvelous back facing me, "The point is, you did stand up to her. And she did…listen to you. Don't you see how major that is?"

"Yes, it's very major.", his voice sounded hollow, "I'm still her slave, you still have your face…it's a miracle."

"Ugh, you are such a jerk sometimes!", I frowned at his back as he chuckled to himself, cooking, "And that's another thing I want to address, too. This slave thing. You can't be her slave, Justin. Lincoln freed the slaves in the 1800's."

"Selena…there's a lot you don't know.", Justin turned to me, making eye contact, "But she does…own me. There's a lot more to Victoria."

"Well, tell me about this.", I drank some juice, "You told me about the loan sharks and that Victoria paid them off, and that then she said she owned you. But that doesn't make it true, does it?"

"It's more than that.", Justin turned to me, putting a plate down in front of me with my sandwich on it, and then putting the same kind down across from me where he would be sitting, "If it was just that I owed her, that would be different. I have already paid her back long ago for what she gave those loan shark guys, but…the night after I made this…deal with her, these men came to the club, with Victoria. They made me go through this weird ritual thing and I thought it was some sexual game Victoria was playing with me. There is a contract I signed. They cut me and took some of my blood. It was weird but I did it. I just did it."

"That still doesn't mean anything…"

"Victoria's family – these men – told me that if I tried leaving or starting anything, they could use my blood to connect me to any murder or rape they wanted. Victoria's family is some big mob type family. I don't know why they care that I stay with Victoria, but they really seemed serious to me. They even threatened my daughter. So I am her slave. I can't go anywhere.", he sounded so hopeless.

"Why would you agree to all this?", I was baffled.

"It was either that or die right then by the loan sharks.", he sat down across from me now, picking up his sandwich and taking a bite, "I wasn't in a good place to negotiate at the time. My daughter needs the money, Selena. My daughter needs lots of money. That's why I stay with Victoria. Nothing else would keep me there. They knew what they were doing. They have me."

I felt sick inside while he casually informed me of this and part of me said, forget it, it's hopeless, but the other 99% of me decided to keep fighting for him, no matter how impossible it seemed.

"Why would these men do this?", I asked aloud, not understanding.

"I don't know.", Justin shrugged, eating, "Emmett isn't owned and neither is Jasper. Jasper is only a dancer, he doesn't have sex with the customers. But Emmett does. He's not owned by Victoria, though, he can leave Fire is he wants to. As far as I know, I'm the only one she owns outright."

"Justin…", I sighed, taking a bite of my sandwich, "You have really locked yourself into this world tight. But I'm gonna find a way out for you."

He smiled, almost laughing at me with a mouthful of food.

"Oh, you are, are you?", he smirked.

"Yes I am.", I informed, almost glaring at him, taking a bigger bite of my sandwich.

"Well that should keep you busy for the next eight days.", he chuckled, swallowing, "Half our days are still for bizarre sexual play, so you really have only four days, actually."

"I mean it, Justin.", I frowned, "I'm your friend and I'm going to find a way out for you."

"Selena…" his face turned very serious, "Don't do anything. If anything happens and my daughter is hurt…we won't be friends anymore."

"I'm not stupid, Justin.", I said, trying to ignore his last few words and the fear they put in my heart, "I would never do anything to put your daughter in any danger. I am just going to figure out the way to free you, that's all. And you can't stop me from doing that."

"Fine.", Justin relaxed a bit, "But don't contact Victoria for any reason. I'm serious."

"I won't.", I agreed, "Hey, this sandwich is pretty damn good, Justin. Maybe you can be a short order cook."

I was kidding and wanted to see him laugh or smile. And I got that. He laughed, shaking his head at me, muttering something about crazy.

Hey, I'm a college student. I can figure this out. Yea, right.

By the time we were finished eating, I asked Justin what he was going to be doing today while I was gone.

"I have some cleaning to do at Fire today.", he informed without blinking, "No big deal, I'll be there alone all day but there's some painting that needs to be done, some other maintenance down below."

"In the dungeon?", I asked before thinking.

"Yes.", he said with a grin, "The equipment must be oiled and cared for."

"Is your room right in there with the dungeon?" I probed further.

His eyes squinted at me and then I added, "Emmett said…you have a room there."

"It's a nice room.", he sounded a little defensive, "And no, it's apart from the dungeon, although I have slept many nights in the dungeon, if that's what you wanted to know."

"Justin…", I closed my eyes and then looked into his face, "If I find you a way out that works for you and your daughter…would you leave her?"

He smiled to himself and then to me.

"If by some miracle, anyone finds me a way out that works for my daughter…then, yes, I would leave.", he confessed, then added, "But, Selena…there is no way out. I'll let you try to figure it out if you like, but…I've thought it over a billion different ways. And I've concluded this. There is no way out. Period. Trust me. Don't waste your time. Let's just enjoy our time together. It's not very often I get two weeks with an angel. Maybe I'm selfish, but I want every second I can get with you. Because this is all we have. You understand?"

I nodded, not wanting to speak and hear my voice crack again. I was thinking of Bridge of Madison County again, when the four days was all they got together and she never heard from him again until the day he died and all his things came to her in a box. I could see myself, a 90 year old woman, taking the nightshirt that I bought him out of a cardboard box and dieing inside.

"I will take care of the dishes…", he leaned forward, kissing my lips with a smile, "And you will go take a shower and get ready to go shopping."

I whined. "I hate shopping."

"Go.", he pointed…and I went, reluctantly, not enjoying this.


EPOV Once I heard Selena in the shower I was safe to make my call.

I closed my eyes, waiting while the phone rang twice and then it was picked up, and his voice answered, "Hello?"

"Hi Ben." I tried to sound pleasant, actually liking hearing the old man's voice.

"Justin!", he sounded glad to hear from me, "How're you doing, kid?"

"Fine, fine.", I said, bringing the pan from the stove to the sink, "I didn't wake you guys up, did I?"

"No, no, you kidding?", Ben scoffed, "This little ball of energy gets up every day at the crack of dawn!"

I smiled, seeing her in my mind and laughed along with Ben for a second.

"Did you want to talk to her?", he asked.

"Not right now, Ben.", I said, "I just wanted to let you know that I won't be able to call at 3 today. I have an important meeting I can't get out of. So…maybe, later tonight or tomorrow?"

"Hold on, Justin." Ben's voice sounded more serious now and I heard a door close near him, as if he went into another room for privacy.

Oh shit.

Then he spoke again.

"Justin…what is going on, son?" Ben asked with real concern in his voice, not judgement, "Are you still…working at that place?"

"Yea, why?" I asked, panic rising up in my voice, "The hospital's still getting the payments, right?"

"Oh, yes, Justin, yes, calm down.", he assured, "Everything is always paid for and you know I thank you more than I can say for that…but…I feel so sick about this, son. Don't work at that place anymore. Listen, I'll send you a ticket. You come here and live with us. We will figure out another way. There are all kinds of loans or aid we can apply for…and…."

"No, Ben…", I said and it killed me to say the words. I would love to go live where my daughter is but it's too late now. I can't leave Victoria. They'd hurt Katie and I would rather die than worry about that all the time. And Victoria knows exactly where Katie lives.

"Justin, listen, talk to me.", he said, "You call me Ben but I'm your father, too. You and Katie are all the family we have left now. We don't want you there doing all that crap. Come home. Katie misses you, son."

I couldn't listen to anymore of this. He was killing me. It would hurt less to have my skin torn from my bones.

"I have to go, okay, Ben?", I tried to keep my voice strong, "Call you tomorrow. Bye."

I hung up before I could even hear his voice again and tried to blink the stupid tears out of my eyes while I slammed the pans in the sink, trying to clear my head of the thoughts of my little girl missing me, crying.

Thank God Selena takes long showers. By the time she was out of the bathroom I had shed a few tears and composed myself, all the dishes done and drying in the holder.

I did my showering next, wishing I hadn't been so sad after talking to Ben earlier. I could've snuck myself into Selena's shower and had some nice, clean fun. But then I thought back to last night, well, really, only a few hours ago on the roof, and thought maybe it was better to give her a break for awhile.

I hated keeping a distance from Selena and so far, I really hadn't done it, but she said she loved me. I believe her, too. A giant part of me wanted to shout it from every rooftop and celebrate. But this made my problem worse. It's one thing if I'm hurting, but now she will, too. Love is so cruel.

And now she wants to somehow find me a way out of my life. Good luck. I hurt everyone who loves me. Tanya, Katie, now Selena.

I should just let Raven have me already, that's where I'm headed anyway. Maybe I'll get lucky one day and she'll succeed in killing me. Sweet, peaceful death…

I was allowed to wear a t-shirt with my jeans when Selena's friends arrived. They both greeted me warmly and returned my hug when I let them inside. I slipped Rosalie the envelope that held their shopping money while Alice talked to Selena.

Alice also gave Selena back her notebook from the club last night and informed her that she was never allowed to drink in public with them again. I was really starting to like Alice.

Emmett and Jasper had agreed to meet them at the mall to hang out and shop for the day, and it seemed like a casual, laid back kind of get together for all of them. Even if they all just became friends for a couple days that would be nice, I thought. It's not often Emmett and Jasper get the chance to hang around with girls off the clock just for fun. I didn't get any angry calls from them for giving their numbers to the girls, so I guessed I was right.

I wished I could go but I had torture penciled in for today.

It seemed Alice was going to drive them to the mall and they said they'd be back at around 7pm or so. Selena didn't like the sound of that, but she went along willingly anyway.

Before they left, I asked if I could talk to Selena for one minute before they went. Rosalie and Alice just smirked at each other and went downstairs to wait in the car for her.

"Selena…" I began, holding her hands, "I want to say something. Last night, I was very scared for you and said some things wrong. I'm sorry I said you were stupid. Standing up for me like you did to Victoria…it took a lot of courage and I know you did it because you care about me. You don't know how much that means to me, Selena, so…I thank you for that. Don't ever do it again, but still, I thank you."

She smiled and had misty eyes, answering, "No problem."

"And I'm sorry about before when I said if you did anything to get my daughter hurt we wouldn't be friends. That was a shitty thing to say. I just get…very nervous where she is concerned. We'll always be friends, Selena. Even after our time together is over, I'll always count you in as my friend. I know you wouldn't do anything to hurt us."

"Thanks.", she looked more misty eyed now and I smiled down at her perfect face.

"Are we okay?" I asked.

She gave a nod and smiled, wiping a tear away quickly. "Yea, we're okay."

"I'm sorry.", I cupped her face in my hands and kissed the wet spot where the tear had fallen, then touched my lips to every inch of her face, "I don't want to make you cry. It seems like one of us are always crying. We'll have to concentrate on having some fun in the next few days. Alright?"

This made her smile and she said, "Alright. But I'm still gonna find your way out."

"Okay.", I smiled, admiring her perseverance, "I'm sure we can do both of those at once. Have fun and I'll see you tonight when you get back."


"Can I have a kiss?", I asked, nose to nose with her.

She nodded and I smiled more, opening my lips and taking her delicious glossy mouth into mine, touching and closing, licking and tasting her. We clung to each other so tight during that kiss and although I couldn't say it, I knew I loved her…would always love her, even if I never got to see her again. I heard her voice whimper, as if she couldn't kiss me hard enough but wanted to.

We weren't even finished with the kiss yet and already it was powerful enough to help me face down what was coming up for me today. I needed strength…and now, I have it. I have love, even though I shouldn't have it. It felt like I just grew a very thick skin, just from the touch of her lips.

Finally, she broke the kiss and nuzzled her little nose against mine as I stared at her, delirious as if I'd just taken a drug.

"Get lots of kinky things.", I slapped her hard on the ass, snapping her out of her haze as she screamed, rubbing her ass as I held the door open for her.

"Bye, Evil." She nicknamed me, slowly moving out the door as I watched her.

"Bye, Rooftop Goddess.", I smart cracked back, making her face turn bright purple.

"Hey, shhhh!", she slapped my arm playfully, walking to the stairs, laughing with me as she descended, then, finally, dropping out of sight.

Now it's time to see Raven. Shit.




When you arrive at Raven's mansion, you get to a gate first. Whenever I arrive, the gate is wide open, but I'm sure when Raven's Daddy is here, it's always closed and requires you to buzz and announce yourself in first.

I drive in. Yes, for Raven's place you need your car. It is very remote and out in the center of the woods. Many times I had been used here outdoors and most likely would again today, as it was nice and warm now, but then maybe not. Raven liked me outside when the weather was chilly and cold, more suffering that way.

I drove around the winding cement path that led around behind the west side of the house, passing the tennis courts and outdoor pools that were all vacant and empty. Whenever I was invited over, I never saw anyone else, except Raven's assistant/bodyguard.

He was a former bouncer at some NY club and Raven took a liking to him and hired him. He liked to wear expensive Armani suits and covered up the muscles, spiky blonde hair, but a couple of times Raven would have him assist her in playing with me and then he was all shorts and muscles.

He would never do anything homosexual with me, just do things like punch me in the stomach, hold my head underwater, lift or take me down from any position she wanted me in. He would always act like my friend, smiling at me and saying, sorry, she's the boss. His name is Dylan and that always made me laugh, remembering 90210.

I parked in the usual place, behind the kitchen entrance. I put my car keys in my jeans pocket and approached the door. Always, before I even knocked on it, Dylan was there, opening it for me.

"Justin.", he flashed a bright smile at me and I smiled back as he shook my hand, "Nice to see you again. Come on in."

"Thanks Dylan.", I kept the smile on but lessened it a bit as I entered the kitchen, hands behind me, waiting for my instructions.

"She wants to see you first, before going downstairs, as usual.", Dylan informed as casually as if he were telling a plumber what to do, "The usual pose, at the bottom of her bedroom stairs. I might see you later on, if she requires, but for the most part, it's just you and her today."

Sometimes Raven lets her girlfriends play with me too, but not today it seems. I guessed today was kind of special since it had been six months since she last saw me. And also, since she nearly killed me last time she had her hands on me.

"Thanks Dylan.", I said again, making eye contact with him as he gave a nod and walked out of the kitchen.

I began taking off my shirt, laying it on the kitchen table, not bothering to fold it, then my sneakers, socks, jeans and underwear all joined my shirt on the table top.

And I slowly walked out of the kitchen, down three hallways, knowing exactly where I was going. Finally, when I reached the rock hard ebony marble floor that laid at the bottom of a white carpeted staircase, I knelt on the unforgiving surface and closed my legs, my hands behind my back, my body erect and straight. Slouching or bending was not acceptable. But my eyes had to be on the floor. Eye contact was not allowed, unless ordered.

I knelt there for quite awhile, not budging from my position, my face relaxed and expressionless, almost as if I were a thing, not a person…a toy waiting to be used.

I kept seeing flashes of my last time with Raven but I kept trying to block them, wishing I could erase those. Victoria said she would make sure at 5, if I wasn't out of here, she'd call. But that was before Selena attacked her. And she did leave me here for three days last time, and she wasn't mad at me at all back then.

I am so fucked.

Her door was opening now and my body tensed then instantly relaxed. My body was smart enough to tense, my brain was overriding it, ordering it to loosen.

I didn't really have to look up to see her in my head. Raven is a woman my own age, 28 maybe, very beautiful to the eye. Ivory, cream skin, long black hair she has never cut in her lifetime, bangs over her forehead, silky and shiny and usually braided tight reaching past her ass. Bright blue eyes, almost a turquoise color that was so unusual and attractive that she could surely catch and hold any man's eyes. Her lips were always dark red and glossy, full, pouting rose petals. Her body was very fit and toned, not overly muscular but strong and still feminine, attractive. She was never fully nude in front of me. There was usually an elaborate leather or rubber outfit she sported for our games.

Today was no different. She was wearing a black leather corset, her naked breasts exposed above it, and a black leather collar tight around her neck with no rings on it, meaning she was not a slave, not owned. Over her crotch there was a little triangle of leather, a thong that left her ass exposed behind her, thigh high leather boots completing the whole dominatrix look.

Slowly, she came down the carpeted steps, making no noise at all, holding a half filled glass of wine. Placing it on the round, flat banister at the bottom of the stairs, she had two free hands now as she greeted me.

She was smiling at me and her hands slipped under both sides of my jaw and tilted my face upwards to her. I had fallen for this once before. I made eye contact when she did this and was severely punished for it. This time I closed my eyes as she moved my face up.

"Good boy.", she purred affectionately as her fingers and thumbs stroked my forehead, cheeks, and lips.

I didn't answer. I was not given permission to speak yet. It is very strict with Raven.

"Mmmm…Justin…I have missed you so…", her voice was deep but sincere sounding, "No one suffers as sweetly as you."

"You look very beautiful…", her voice said next, and I kept my face in place and eyes closed even though she let go and was moving around me now, looking me over.

"Even your ass looks more muscular than before…", she commented, standing in front of me again, stroking her fingernail down the cleft of my chin, "And you still remember my rules…such a good boy."

"Open your eyes.", she ordered and I obeyed, seeing her porcelain painted face above me.

"Oh God…", she smiled, moving her fingers over my eyebrows, "I forgot how gorgeous those were…so sad and innocent…the color is straight from the forests of eden."

"Did you miss me?", she slid her fingers into my hair as she added, "You may reply without words."

I nodded slowly, holding her eyes with mine.

"Then why don't you smile?", she moved her fingers over my mouth and added, "You may."

I smiled my best up at her, my hands still behind me as she smiled back down upon me.

"My sweet pet…", she bent over, whispering, "You may give."

This means I may give her my love or affection, whatever she would call it.

As if I hadn't been able to breathe without kissing her, I opened my lips and roughly assaulted her glossy mouth with mine, quickly using my tongue and letting a moan escape me as my hands stayed pinned behind me. I was like a dog of hers that hadn't been in her presence for a long time and was attacking her, love starved. This is how she likes it.

She kissed me back for awhile and then finally moaned, "Mmmmm….", and broke away from me. I was never to stop unless ordered to so as she straightened, I kept kissing my mouth over her waist, on the leather corset with the same energy I had used on her lips.

"Stop.", she shoved my face away and I cast my eyes downward again, slightly breathing heavily, quieting.

She moved to the banister and picked up her wine glass, taking a tiny sip as she stared at me.

Walking back up to me, she tapped my chin up with her finger and placed the glass to my lips, saying, "Drink."

I swallowed it down but then she took the glass away and tossed the remainder of the wine at my face.

"Bad boy, look what you did.", she smiled, "And you got it on the floor, too. This is very expensive wine. Clean it up."

I got down and licked the wine off the marble floor until it was completely gone. In a few moments, I was back up on my knees, hands behind me, eyes down.

"Speak.", she demanded, moving around behind me.

"I'm sorry, Raven. Please forgive me.", I made my voice sound truly sorry, she didn't like me sounding like a robot. She liked the sounds of fear and sorrow and begging.

"I'll think about it.", she grabbed my hair from behind me, "But I know you don't want to be forgiven without being punished first, right?"

"Yes, Raven.", I answered with a soft voice.

"Sweet, delicious pet…", she let go of my hair, saying, "I have some new toys for you to play with. You remember the way…crawl."

I got on all fours and crawled to her basement, hearing her heels clicking neatly behind me as I moved.

Once down the stairs and in the dimly lit basement I knelt back in position and put my eyes on the cement floor as Raven came down the stairs behind me.

Dylan was there, now wearing jeans and a t-shirt, preparing things around behind me as I waited patiently.

"I have many fun things planned for us today, Justin.", she began, sounding pleased, "But first Victoria made me promise two things. First was to make sure this time that you get plenty of water. I guess I didn't give you enough last time. So first, open your mouth."

Dylan handed her something as I opened my mouth. Dylan secured my head back, holding his hand over my forehead as she inserted a little short tube into my mouth and pushed it back until it was almost touching the back of my throat.

Involuntarily, I started to jerk and struggle a little, gagging as the tube did touch my throat.

"Shhh, shhh, shhhh…relax…right there is the spot, Dylan.", she half said to me then to Dylan.

The tube was hard and plastic and thin and pointed to the back of my tongue as I saw Raven began duct taping over my mouth, taping the tube in place as Dylan yanked my head back tighter. I closed my eyes and stopped struggling and about ten minutes later, my mouth was completely taped over and on the other end of the tube was a medium sized blue funnel.

"Good boy.", Raven pet my hair as Dylan let go of me and stepped back, "Let's try it out."

She held the funnel up a few feet over my head and Dylan unscrewed a bottle of water, handing it to her as my eyes widened a little.

"We'll try a little at first until you get used to it.", she informed me, pouring some water into the funnel. The water came through the tube fast and before I knew it, water was in my throat and my eyes clenched, my throat refusing to swallow.

"Swallow, Justin.", Raven rubbed my throat and I swallowed against my will, choking a little, finding air.

"You're going to have to practice with this.", Raven said and poured more water into the funnel.

By the eighth or ninth mouthful of water I had learned how to swallow it down this way, little by little, quick gulps, opening my throat, closing, opening, closing. It was awful and I couldn't breathe or even taste the water but I could endure it. It was like drowning and swallowing was the only way to get air…and then Raven would pour more water in.

After she had poured a couple bottles of water into me, she kept the funnel firmly in my mouth and announced, "Second thing I promised Victoria…keep you cool. There had been some complaint last time that poor baby was too hot down here."

Dylan moved a tarp off a long rectangular object and I saw it was a giant block of ice, ropes laying underneath it.

"Lay down, Justin.", she ordered, "On your back for now."

I did as she said, the funnel over my head and hooked onto a chain that hung from the wall. As my ass and back touched the giant ice block I heard my muffled voice moan out in discomfort but that was ignored.

Dylan and Raven stood on both sides of me and began to expertly bind my wrists with the ropes under the ice so that my entire arm was held against the cold, slick surface.

"You won't be hot today, I guarantee it.", Raven commented as my body already began to shiver.

My ankles were bound next and my knees bent my lower legs down against the ice where the block ended, but my feet didn't reach the floor.

"I heard you've been a bad boy, Justin.", Raven looked down at me after I was helpless and trembling below her, "Victoria told me to ride you hard today."

I tried to make as little noise as possible but my breathing was troubled and my body wouldn't stop shaking.

"More water, Dylan.", she said behind me and without unhooking the funnel, Dylan uncapped another bottle of water and began to pour a good amount into the plastic cup above my head.

All I could say was, "Mmm –nnnnnffffff…", before the water was in my throat again. This was even scarier and more impossible laying flat.

During this, Raven was speaking to me.

"All this lovely flesh…", she was stroking my chest and neck as I swallowed over and over again, hoping the next gulp would be air and not more water, never knowing how much more there was.

"Come on, Justin, cock up.", she demanded and I winced, struggling to swallow all the water in my funnel and harden my dick at the same time.

Thank God it hardened and I heard Raven down near the bottom of the ice cube, kneeling down.

"Oh yes, look at that magnificent hard cock…" she complimented right before she took the entire length of it into her mouth, roughly sucking and yanking it in her hand, the other hand gripping my balls unforgivingly.

Right then I got a breath of air and I let out a hard moan, my eyes peeking down at her as she licked and jerked and sucked with her own eyes closed, enjoying this. Then I felt the water in my throat again and almost choked, my eyes darting up and seeing Dylan pouring a lot more water into the funnel.

"Nnnnnnnn….." my voice protested as I swallowed again, a few drops at a time, praying for air and a break.

After a few minutes, my cock was wet and rock solid and Raven told me she bought me a gift.

"This is a cock cage.", she informed, showing me this long, metallic looking thing with lots of little thin bars, "You ever seen one of these before?"

I had but I shook my head anyway. Dylan stopped with the water for now as my legs and arms quivered. I was filled with cold water and laying on a block of ice, this didn't feel very good at all. But I knew it was nothing yet, she hadn't even begun.

Cock cages are very small and tight and basically encase your penis in this hard little restraint. When you're erect, it's pure hell.

"So innocent…", Raven shook her head at me as she opened the little cage and began to stuff my engorged penis into it as I started groaning and growling in pain, "Poor little pup…"

The contraption closed after an eternity and I screamed right out, my head pressed between little hard prongs as the rest of my shaft throbbed in their extremely tight prison as well.

"There you are, my sweet…", she licked the head through the cage and made me scream again.

"Dylan, bring me my needles please.", she said casually as my eyes closed, trying to mentally prepare myself for this. Raven loves needles. These were sterilized, three or four inch long needles with green plastic handles on the ends for the Dom to push on to properly drive the needle end in.

My mind worked quickly, retrieving Tanya's face for me to look at. She was crying because of my cruel words and then I felt a sharp point poke the edge of my cock's head and slowly stab through until it poked out at the bottom of it.

My voice roared out, growling as my chest rose and fell in agony. I wanted to scream – Please, no more – don't! But I couldn't do that. Not until I was allowed to beg…and that wouldn't be for some time yet.

"So brave…", Raven took another needle from the holder Dylan was holding for her and pierced it down like the first one, in the ridge of my head, downwards, and out the bottom.

I growled and panted, keeping my eyes clenched so I could keep Tanya in view while I hurt her over and over again in my thoughts. It made the needles easier to take, knowing every time I verbally stabbed Tanya, I was stabbed in return.

This was just the start of the needles, and I knew it, as the third one stabbed into the head of my cock. Raven liked to pierce me all over – chest, nipples, face, ass. Once she sewed my lips together and Victoria got mad as hell because my lips were sore and useless for three days afterwards.

"Are you cool enough, my love?", Raven asked with a sugary sweet voice.

I nodded vigorously and felt a needle poke itself into my balls until it was all the way in. This one didn't poke out the other side. My fists were clenching down at my sides as she continued, no more worried about me than a nail salon tech would be about the customer she was servicing.

Raven moved slowly and took her time but it wasn't long before I had both chest nipples adorned by needles that went around in a circle there, my balls and cock thoroughly pierced through the spokes of the cock cage.

Now she was sitting on my chest and I could feel her warm, naked ass on my cold skin as she held a new needle, now staring at my face.

"Enjoying yourself, Justin?", she smiled.

I nodded.

"Have to piss yet?" she asked next.

I shook my head, not wanting to even think of how humiliating that would be.

"More water, Dylan.", she said and I almost yelled out. Instead, my voice was moaning its protest and dislike as Dylan went to get another bottle of water.

"You wanted water, my love.", Raven reminded me, replying to my sounds, and as the water poured into the funnel again, I felt the needle in Raven's hand prick me in the cheek.





The single tail whip is a true bitch. I can take most whips but the single tail sucks. I was now on my knees on the ice block, hands above my head tied with rope, together. The funnel was taken out of my mouth for now and my stomach was painfully bloated with bottles of water sloshing around inside while I took my whipping.

My back felt wet and sore and my ass was throbbing with the lashes slashed across it as well. Usually, I wasn't to be marked when I was working for another client at the same time but I'm sure after Selena lunged at Victoria, she didn't care if Selena saw all the marks I'd be taking home tonight. Perhaps it was a message from Victoria to Selena – this is what happens when you fight me.

Fuck, how am I going to explain this?

Selena, I was attacked by a grizzly bear on the way home from Fire…


I arched up a bit and let out a whimper, too weak at the moment to do any more screaming. Raven didn't gag me during whippings – she wanted to hear me scream…and I had. Now I was just sore meat, taking it without much fight.

"Turn around.", she demanded and I let out a moan, turning towards her on my knees.

"Have to piss yet?" she asked, looking at the needles in my flesh.

I shook my head, lying.

"You can't hold it forever, pup.", she smirked, "And you better not have an accident…I'll get very angry at you."

She snapped the whip across my chest, decorating the front side of me now as I screamed out, panting and sweating as she attacked new flesh.

Once my whipping was over, Raven told Dylan to wake me up. I was exhausted and weak and then I heard him turning a faucet behind me somewhere. The hose…in a few seconds, cold water from a garden hose sprayed on my body from the front and I yelled out, the icy water making contact with the lashes and bruised skin, not to mention the painful sensation of holding my piss for so long.

Dylan kept spraying me all over as I jerked in vein, stinging all over. After a few minutes, I was more aware of what was going on around me, more alert.

And I had to piss badly.

"Raven…", I spoke without being told to and hoped I wouldn't be punished too harshly for that.

Dylan stopped the hose and Raven said, "Yes, my pet?"

I closed my eyes and made my voice ask it.

"May I please piss?", I asked, hearing no laughter or mockery from either of them.

"Good boy.", she said approvingly, "Bring me your cock."

I winced and turned myself towards her and she was coming towards me with a long plastic container. She took hold of my penis and placed it inside that and said, "You may piss, sweetheart."

I glanced up at Dylan and he wasn't watching, he was doing something with a little dog crate in the corner.

I swallowed my pride and let myself piss, hating this part most of all. Raven wouldn't even let me piss like a person, using my own hand to hold myself. It was the ultimate humiliation.

"Very good, love.", Raven said as I finished, taking the container away, "You may give."

She stood on top of the ice block where I was kneeling and bent down towards me again, letting my mouth kiss her savagely again until she stood up and moved away from me. My lips kept kissing her body where I could reach it and she was letting me this time, her fingernails playing in my hair.

"I think baby needs a little rest.", Raven said to Dylan as I ignored it and kept kissing Raven's inner thigh.

"It's been a couple hours.", Dylan said with a friendly voice.

"Yes.", Raven pointed her finger to her other inner thigh and I kissed that one completely next, not stopping.

"Come to bed, sweetheart.", Raven said as Dylan cut the ropes from behind me, letting my arms fall down limply.

Raven helped me down off the ice block and over to a black wooden box against the wall. She opened the front of the box and it opened like a door, showing a little goose down comforter on the floor of the box. This is my bed.

"Crawl over and lie down, baby.", Raven stroked my hair again as I crawled over and laid on it, having to curl into a ball to fit inside the box.

"Good boy.", Raven put her hand over my eyes, closing them, "Take a little nap."

She closed the front of the box, sealing me into a black wooden cube, a padlock snapped shut outside the box and then a tiny little circle window opened in the upper right corner of the box above my head.

Fuck, my body hurts. It's shivering and I can't stop it. It's so cold. Calm down, breathe, close your eyes. Forget where you are. You're with Selena now. Selena is holding me now. We're warm in her bed under the blankets. Yes. Good.

Raven was being pretty nice today, maybe she was sorry for last time and was trying to make it up to me somehow. But then her mood could turn in a moment. And I had three more hours to go. At least.

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