Stuck In Fire 1 - Kapitel 1-17 (Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez)

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13. 13

"Where are we going?" Justin was still smiling at me as I led him to the 5th floor of my building, then to the door that went to the roof. It is a large, flat, square area, ledges surrounding us. Buildings, trees, and the rich blue skies encircled.

"My other office.", I had him by the hand as I stepped out into the sunlight.

"Nice view.", he commented, walking behind me, the cool breeze playing with his copper hair.

"Yea, I felt we needed some air and sunshine." I confessed, "And I want to try something. I might be wrong, I am a student, but I had an idea that might make things….easier for you. Will you try it for me, Justin?"

His face looked so innocent to me again and he stood there, staring at me and said, "I trust you completely Selena. You can try anything with me. Remember, there's no wrong for us."

I hope he means that. I hope this isn't a mistake.

"Alright, sit down." I sat myself on the floor of the roof and crossed my legs, watching him do the same opposite me.

"Well, first, before we begin, I want to say that I'm very proud of you, Justin." I said, hoping my voice didn't sound too condescending, "It took a lot of courage for you to go against what you knew today and say no to that film. I'm not sure if you did it only for my sake or for yours, too, and frankly, I don't want to know. Either way, it was great. You decided. And you did it in a way that doesn't get you in trouble with the big V. That was genius."

"The big V?" Justin looked playful and laughed at that.

"Before I try my idea," I began, "Is there anything that you want to talk about first? Anything bothering you?"

"Well, I did want to ask if you still want to come to Fire tonight.", he said, "Like I said, you can bring your friends if you like and be my guests. Or, if you'd rather not, that's alright, too."

"Do you want me to come?" I made him choose again.

"Yes.", he looked worried that maybe he chose wrong.

But there's no right or wrong answer here.

"Then I'll come." I smiled, resisting the urge to reach for his hand, "And I understand that at Fire, you're working. I won't hold anything you do there against you, so don't worry about that. I don't want to make you uncomfortable or anything."

"I know, Selena.", he tilted his head and looked into my eyes.

"Thank you, Justin." I said, feeling the wind tugging at a lock of my hair.

"For what?"

"For not allowing me to watch that torture today." I looked down at my sneaker, "I would've endured it for you, but…it would've been so painful for me, to see them hurting you."

He looked down at his legs and didn't say anything.

"And I'll bring my friends." I said to lighten the subject, "They've been a little mad at me this week, hogging you all to myself and not telling them much."

"You don't tell them about us?" he smiled at me, watching me shake my head, his eyes twinkling in the sun, "Why not?"

"It's not that I'm ashamed of anything we've done, just the opposite." I said, "But it's ours. And I don't want to share it with anyone."

"I understand that.", he responded.

"Yes I know.", I answered, "Which brings me to my idea."

I unzipped my purse on the floor next to me and took out a couple of scarves, black in color. He just studied me as I grinned and, placing a kiss on his forehead first, I continued, speaking very softly and lovingly.

"You have a lot you don't want to share, because it hurts too much…"I said, slowly placing the one scarf around his eyes and tying just a single knot behind his head, "And you tend to be very tense and uncomfortable when my questions get too difficult. I notice you have trouble looking into my eyes when it's time to answer a hard question. I thought…maybe…this might help you a little."

I took his hands, treating them as if they were made of glass, curling the scarf around his wrists in front of him as his head turned halfway, his face so achingly beautiful with the blindfold on…my captive angel.

I lightly made one knot around his wrists, enough to make him feel secure…loose enough to escape if he chose to.

I finished, touching his leg with my caring hand.

"I'm right here." I said warmly, "Was I right? Do you feel more comfortable this way? More secure?"

His head bowed a little and his lips trembled a tiny bit. He bit down on his bottom lip and took a breath, answering me, "Yes, Selena."

"Are you alright, Justin?" I stroked his leg over the denim of his jeans.

"Yes, I'm fine, Selena.", he relaxed and I could see his body losing its tension with my naked eye.

"Don't forget, you can use the lo mein words, too." I said to him, "If anything gets too hard, say it. And we stop. That deal works both ways. I'm not going to push against your will anymore, just as you never do anything against mine. I want to be fair to you, Justin."

His lips smiled a little grin and he said, "This was a good idea, Selena. I wish I'd thought of it."

"Believe me, Justin, your ideas are fucking incredible." I said and he laughed out loud for a few seconds.

"Do you like being bound?" I asked, my voice so innocent sounding.

"Yes.", he answered quietly, his face pointed slightly to the right of mine.

"Why do you like it?" I felt my hand rest on his leg, to reassure him that I was nearby.

"It's like…" he thought for a few seconds and said, "someone wants you so much that they've tied you there, to keep you from getting away. I like feeling…wanted."

His answers are good and coming easier to him than usual. I was so glad. Maybe my eyes stare back at him in some strange disbelief that makes him feel ashamed.

"And do you like feeling pain?" I touched his right hand, unable to resist the urge to stroke him when he was this way. I wanted him to feel my gentle, painless touch while he was at my mercy instead of the agony he usually gets to experience.

"Sometimes…", his voice was low and a little dreamy and I had a feeling the way I was petting him.

"When do you….not like it?" my hands were still very slow and soothing on his arms.

He hesitated but then said, "I don't like being…raped. I thought, working with no men, that I could be spared that. But…I was naïve…and forgot all about strap ons."

I was glad he couldn't see my eyes now and I didn't dwell on this topic for long.

"And…what do you like about it?" I probed further, "Pain, I mean?"

"Mmm, hard.", he grinned, thinking about it, "Umm…pain is raw…and clean. There's nothing else to think about when it has you, it demands attention and respect. There was a line to a song once that goes, I cut myself today to see if I can feel. I don't know how else to say it. I'm sorry."

"Don't be – you're doing so great, Justin." I touched his legs again, "I'm so glad you feel more expressive with the blindfold and all on. I didn't think this would be a good idea."

"It's brilliant, Selena.", he smiled a little, "I feel a lot less…nervous."

"Good." I placed a small kiss on his lips, seeing his surprised face smile more afterwards as he didn't see that coming.

"Mmmm, Dr. Selena…" he purred, "I like the positive reinforcement."

"Tell me about when you first began working at Fire." I suggested, just moving my fingers along his knees now.

"Oh God, I was terrible!" he laughed after that little confession and smiled as he continued, "A week after I was hired, Victoria just throws her new guys to the lions on Friday night. I had worked out a little dance routine but I was trying to dance like all the other guys, trying to act sexy or something. I sucked! I remember Emmett cringing as he stood in the audience, ice cubes and cold water being thrown at me, and women screaming PENIS, PENIS – at me. Thank God I got another chance."

"What happened then?" I smiled, only at the beauty of his happy face wearing the blindfold.

"Victoria.", he said, "She took me out back and sort of…gave me some advice. She told me to drop my fear, kill my shame. I tried that later the same night and it worked. I got better after a lot of practice. I learned how to make my act my own, not copying from other dancers. That was the main thing that worked for me, being unique, I guess. That's what Emmett says."

"Emmett sounds like a good friend." I said, liking him more and more as Justin talked about him.

"Yea." Justin agreed.

"Tell me a little bit more about Victoria." I touched his hands again, treading lightly for now.

"She's a good friend, too.", he said, looking pleasant enough as he answered, "She's the boss so at times she can come off a little hard and tough. She has to be, running that place all by herself. She's very smart. And she protects us, all of us, who work for her."

"Well, I'm talking about you and her now…" I pointed out, "I know you speak well of her and that's great, but you said earlier, she would punish you if you didn't do the film today. She hurts you, Justin?"

"She hasn't had to for awhile now…" he admitted, "I don't give Victoria a hard time. I do what I'm told."

"What if you…didn't do what she wanted?" I asked, "What if you just didn't show up for that film today?"

He scoffed and shook his head a little. "Like I said, trouble." Justin reminded, "Don't even go there. You don't want to stand nose to nose with her, trust me. Besides, she has the power over me. I have to do what she says or I'm out."

And that thought scares the shit of out of Justin and I already saw that once before.

"Why do you trust her so much when she's hurting you?" I had to ask, it seemed that his eyes not looking into mine gave me a little courage, too.

"I told you, Selena.", he reminded patiently, "She watches out for me. If it weren't for her, I would be dead now."

"Does that make it okay for her to do whatever she wants to you?" I asked.

"Please, Selena, it is what it is." Justin said, not turning angry at all in his voice, "I accepted it a long time ago."

"I was so naïve before we met." I confessed, "I didn't think there was so much cruelty…or slaves…or…real dungeons like I saw today. I hate that you're in this world, Justin. You deserve so much more. You deserve to be happy."

"You sound so sad, Selena…" he leaned his head on mine, cuddling, "Don't be sad. I wish I didn't have to talk about all this…then I could just focus myself 100% on making you happy."

His lips softly reached out and touched my bottom lip so softly I nearly trembled from the emotion it brought out in me.

"Don't you want to be happy, Selena?" he whispered, his lips opening and crushing themselves over mine as his tongue licked up my closed lips. The moment it made contact there, he was in, his warm tongue tasting mine.

"Mmpphhh!" I said, gently pushing him back into place, glad his naughty, skilled hands were tied, "Justin…be good."

"I'm always good.", he said with a bit of a swagger that I couldn't help smiling at.

"Can I ask a couple more questions now…about Tanya?" I asked timidly.

"I think next time we make love, it'll be outside." Justin said in response to me, "What do you think, Selena? You seemed to enjoy the bookstore…up until the end."

"Hey…Justin…" I injected with a slight hint of annoyance, "We're on my time at the moment…"

"Yes, Ma'am.", he pouted, sticking his bottom lip out, his hands resting in his lap.

"Can we talk a little more about Tanya?" I asked again.

"Yes.", he looked a bit more tense now.

"How about if I ask yes or no questions." I offered, "You can nod for yes, shake your head for no. Would that make it a little easier?"

He nodded silently. So adorable. I can't wait to fuck him outside. Hey, Selena! Be professional for ONCE! Okay, okay…stop nagging me already!

"Did you and Tanya…divorce?" I started.

He shook his head. No.

"Did Tanya leave?"

Again, he shook his head. No.

This is bad. I had a feeling.

"Did Tanya…die?", my voice could hardly say the word, my eyes squinting as I watched his face, almost glad I couldn't see those sad, aching eyes.

I waited for a minute or two and Justin bent his head, internally battling to answer me. He could've said lo mein, but he didn't. He is trying to be braver and give me answers now. This is progress and I'm so elated at how far we've come in only 5 short days.

When he was ready, he lifted his head and nodded a couple times, exhaling a ragged breath, hurting going on inside him.

I held his bound hands in mine and gave them a caring squeeze, wishing I didn't have to do this to him. I'd much rather see him laughing and carefree…but I wanted it to be true, not an act to be put on for me.

"I know, Justin, I know it hurts…it's okay to hurt. Don't be afraid." I whispered, cupping my hands around his cheeks, "You are doing so well…can we keep going a little more?"

After a few seconds, he nodded, his jaw clenching then slowly loosening.

"Was Tanya sick, Justin?"

He shook his head.

"Then there must have been some kind of accident. Is that right?", I went as delicately as I could.

He nodded.

"Alright." I said, "I won't ask about that right now."

"Why did you say pass yesterday when I said the word child?" I asked, realizing that wasn't a yes or no question, then I added, "Did you and Tanya have a child?"

I kept holding his hands and his fingers curled a little bit more around mine.

"Justin, nothing you say will make me pull away. Nothing." I confirmed for him, "I want to know you – good, bad, and ugly. I'm your friend. I won't leave you."

He swallowed and let out a harder, more rugged breath, as if he were being slowly stabbed or cut.

Then he nodded once. Yes. There was a child. Or there is. I prayed the child wasn't dead, too.

"Is it a boy?" I found myself asking next, not releasing his shivering hands.

He shook his head. No.

"A girl?" I asked, picturing a little pixie with his fair white skin, crystal eyes and dark reddish hair.

He nodded twice, his mouth in a solemn frown.

"Okay, good…" I breathed, stroking his hands with my thumbs, "Are you alright, still, Justin?"

He took a breath and nodded. "Yes, Selena."

"That's enough for today." I said, my right hand moving to his face, stroking it with the back of my hand.

Justin nodded again, not moving to free himself.

"Justin…" I whispered, so attracted to his innocence and his hidden emerald eyes…and I grabbed the back of his hair in my fingers, placing small, hot kisses all over his mouth, from corners to the center. His kiss came back, adding fire and rough passion.

I heard his voice moan as his fingers curled and uncurled in their bonds in his lap and I realized he was still technically tied up in my control.

Finally, I stopped and his mouth still dropped tiny little kisses along my lips, then down my chin, he was blindly exploring.

"Alright, doll face…", I giggled, loosening the knot behind Justin's head, "Let's see those beautiful eyes…"

And when I took the scarf away, I saw the tears in his eyes and my eyes cried too.

"Come here." I took the scarf off his wrists and held him as tightly to me as I could, stroking his hair as he held me too, his lips resting on my shoulder.

"Thank you so much." I whispered in his ear that was right beside my lips, "Thank you for trusting me."

"Selena…" he whispered, kissing me with even more affection, along my jaw, "Selena…"

"Shhh…it's okay." I closed my eyes and just let my embrace encircle him, wishing it was enough to dry his tears forever, "We don't have to say any more."


Later, we talked some more on the roof and I told Justin more about my boring past. He seemed so interested in everything I said. I revealed that Charlie was a cop and that didn't scare Justin at all. He said he admired police.

At 3pm, Justin made his phone call and I went down to the apartment to invite Rosalie and Alice along to Fire tonight. They both had lots of questions and I told them I'd talk to them about it later tonight.

I also appointed Rosalie to keep an eye on me tonight. I had a feeling I was going to be drinking heavily during this whole evening. I kind of felt badly for not telling them more. We were best friends, but I still wanted to keep Justin all to myself. I felt wrong gushing on about the details of our sexual adventures and I'd never tell them anything spoken to me in private during our therapy together.

After about 20 minutes, Justin came into the apartment and curled his arms around me from behind, playfully kissing my neck, down my shoulder.

"Mmmm…I love your lips." I confessed, my head falling back against his rock hard chest.

"I love your…everything.", he answered, his teeth closing down in the spot where my neck met my shoulder, "But, alas, fair Selena, we don't have time for a proper fucking right now. Later."

He moved back away from me as my voice whined. I watched him and he headed into my bedroom, opening the closet and moving some hangers.

I laughed for a second and followed him.

"Are you dressing as a girl tonight?" I teased.

"No, but you are.", he smirked, tossing a couple things onto my bed, "I want to see that little slut I've been fucking tonight. You'll wear this. And do your makeup, the way you did for the bookstore. That was very hot."

I looked on the bed and felt a little scared suddenly, but I didn't show it.

And, as if he read my mind, he came over and tipped my chin up with his fingers.

"You're always hot, Selena.", he stated, "So don't misunderstand me. Now come wash me."

With this, he pulled me to follow him as he backed towards the bathroom.



I can't believe it. 5 days. 5 fucking days and I practically told her everything. Everything I didn't want her to ever know.

What kind of spell does this girl have over me, anyway? Why can't I resist her?

Oh yea, because I've fallen in love with her. Shit. This is against the rules. Victoria would murder me for this. I can't let it show tonight. Victoria will have been missing me this last week. Every morning I called and said I couldn't come in her voice became more and more tense. I would have to keep my distance from Selena tonight. I'm glad her friends are going to be with her.

This shouldn't be too difficult. Selena has already seen me in action at Fire. She knows what I do there.

Dope, that was before she knew you. Now she holds you all night and curls her legs around yours while you sleep. Things are different now. Even when she didn't know me, she rescued me from that monster woman. She is starting to get attached to me. I can feel it in her every touch, her words are filled with compassion and care.

I don't want her pity and she doesn't seem to pity me in an obvious way. Once therapy is done, she becomes my girl again. She hasn't said lo mein once to me. I didn't want to say it, either, when given the option. I want to tell her my whole story. I want her to be there and hold me while I say the words.

I am going to hurt so badly after these two weeks are over. And worse, I will have to hide it. Victoria doesn't want to see that I care about someone else. She won't want to see me moping around, looking all depressed. Her arms don't hold anyone. And her words cut, they don't care.

We are on the train now, on the way to Fire. And I'm holding her hand and letting her legs lay on top of my extended ones on the empty seat in front of us, and all I can think of is our last shower together, only about an hour ago.

She washed me this time, getting all that crappy makeup off my body, and before I knew it, she was on her knees, taking the entire length of my penis into her wet, warm mouth…she looked so fucking eatable as the water and soap suds ran down over her almost black shiny hair, moving down her slender neck towards her round, full breasts. It didn't take me very long to come. She has one talented mouth, both in talking and sucking.

And that was no pity blow job. She was wild! It felt like she really and truly wanted to drink me down, all of me. I even screamed a couple of times, in a very masculine fashion, of course.

I'm glad she wanted to come with me. Part of me knew it might be hard for her to watch me working tonight, but this was the tamest job I worked, and was sort of PG-13 compared to my R and X rated activities.

God, Selena looks smoking hot in that outfit I picked for her. Little tiny mini skirt, black lace that barely covered her tight little ass…black stockings, ankle boots, stiletto heel…and for her top, we combined a see-through white lace tank top with a black tank top that I ripped a little down the middle to expose a little peek at her naked tits inside, encased in sheer white.

And before we had left the apartment, I added one more thing – a little egg vibrator – no wires on this one – was now sitting deep inside her. I have the little remote control and I could tape it on the outside of my leg, up near my hip, and whenever I see her getting anxious or maybe a little jealous, I will give her a little taste to calm her down a bit…or rev her up if she's looking a tad depressed or sad. Maybe later, I could kidnap her again and take her to one of the private rooms, only this time I'd give her more than a massage.

"Can you feel it, inside you?" I reached between her legs, not caring about other people around us and felt the sheer panties I picked out for her to wear. I wish she had some thongs, but, sadly, no. I'd have to have her friends take her shopping over the weekend. She is in desperate need of some sexy things.

"No." she trembled a little as her eyes twinkled at me, looking so sensual from inside the painted up eyes, the plum shades of eyeshadow…the black eyeliner…the glossy crimson lips…the soft hints of blush accenting her cheekbones.

I hit my remote from the pocket of my jeans, turning it up just a bit, and asked, "Can you feel it now?"

Her eyes widened as her lips smiled at me, her fingers clutching at my arm for support, not to stop me.

"Yes!" she gasped, her legs tensing as I enjoyed watching her squirm.

"That's the low setting, Selena." I informed wickedly, "Here's a little more."

Cranking it up a notch, she gasped louder and her back arched high. Her little fists clenched and I took this opportunity to move her a little, to lay sideways, across my chest, and I forced her chin up with one hand, making her face point towards the people in the row beside us.

My other hand slipped in under the white lace, plucking at her right nipple, twisting it as her boots clicked against the plastic seats they were perched on.

"Bend your legs up and open them, Selena." I demanded, "Do it or I increase the speed…and you'll be howling like an animal in front of all these nice people, whether you want to or not."

Her eyes opened like slits for a moment, then the fear of facing strangers made them shut again, tighter, as she obeyed me, her thighs and knees shivering.

"Very good, Selena…you are such a good girl." I praised her, kissing her lips and petting and stroking my fingers up and down her breasts underneath the fragile top she was wearing.

She moaned out, trying to keep quiet. I almost laughed. Everyone around us had their eyes glued to us already, it didn't really matter.

"You like the way that feels, don't you, Selena?" I growled into her ear as she panted and quivered.

"Yes.", she answered, in a breathy whisper.

"Louder." I urged as she whimpered.

"Yes!" she gasped again, quickly losing control of herself and her inhibitions.

"Kiss me." I ordered next and she clung onto my hair and pulled her mouth to mine, ravaging my mouth with a very brutal, wet kiss, her hips rocking a little as my hand moved to her panties, clutching them with my stern fingers.

"There's my slut…" I cooed, "Give me your nipple."

She half whimpered, the little shred of her good girl side dieing fast. But her hand moved to her right breast, and quickly brought it out of her top, holding it for me as her other hand, still in my hair, forced my face down to it.

Wow. Selena, the bad girl is RED HOT! She is doing so well since she joined the Justin Bieber Institute for Future Bad Girls of America. She might make valedictorian!

I licked, bit, and kissed that baby nipple until it was erect and rock hard. I loved the sounds of Selena's husky, sexed growls and moans. She wasn't even trying to be quiet anymore.

I loved how she was obeying me without any hesitation. I can't wait to play Dom and slave next week! What a wonderful blessing that she had some days off of school. She will be my slave for days!

I hit the button to stop the vibrations all together and her body fell limply into my arms, her eyes opening and looking up at mine with raw distaste.

"We have to get off soon." I explained, cruelly.

"I WAS getting off!" she argued.

I laughed and kissed her lips affectionately, adjusting her top so her breast was back inside. The train was stopping now and I poked her in the ass with my finger, bidding her to stand up.

Now, here is how sick New York is.

We stood up and moved to the opening doors of the train and…yes, this is true…a round of applause burst out from behind us, where we just were sitting!

I started to laugh but Selena's face turned the absolute shade of an eggplant! She yanked me by the shirt out of the car and didn't even look back as it charged on without us.

"You are so incredible." I said to her as I led her by the hand up the stairs towards the street.

"This city is so ill." Selena chuckled, getting over her embarrassment, "I told my Dad this is the perfect place to be a psychiatrist."

I smiled, agreeing totally with her.

"Yes, you'll never run out of patients around here." I concurred.

"Well, maybe they'll have to lock us both up, then." She said behind me as we walked down the sunny street full of quick walking people.

"Ohhh, you enjoyed that, did you?" I walked side by side with her now, proud of her courage.

"Yea.", she said, as if it should've been obvious to me.

"I love trains." I grinned.

"Well, now, thanks to you, every time I get on one, I'll be all hot and bothered." , she pinked a bit in the cheeks.

"Good." I kissed her, looking both ways and crossing the street.

We had a quick bite to eat at this great little deli across the street from Fire. This is where I get my giant Icee, a sinful little pleasure of mine, before I go to work. Selena had one, too, a green apple one, in her hand as we left, about 4:45pm.

"So…you don't have a car?" she asked, after we ate and crossed the street. I wondered where that came from.

"Yea, I do." I said, "I never drive it to work, though. Another rule I learned the hard way. Jealous boyfriends or husbands…they sometimes hang around outside at night, waiting to jump us. One night, they really smashed up my poor baby before I came out. Then they tried to smash me up."

"Oh God.", she sounded afraid for me, "Did you get hurt?"

"No." I grinned, "I knew how to fight at that point. Emmett taught me. Don't worry, if anything ever happens, I can protect you."

I almost told her how Victoria had my Volvo all fixed up, good as new, but for some unknown reason, I skipped that.

"Oooh, I love a man who knows how to kick ass.", she said, surprising me again, "Bruce Lee, Brandon Lee, too…Jean Claude Van Damme…and now…Justin Bieber…"

I laughed. "I'm no martial arts guy. I know how to fight dirty. Street fighting. It's not pretty like in the movies."

We approached the club and I checked the alley with my eyes first before bringing Selena into it. Sometimes there were homeless there, or drug dealers. But, now, thankfully, it was empty and smelly, as usual.

"Hold your breath." I advised, leading her down the whole length of the alley, dodging broken bottles and puddles until we were behind Fire.

Emmett was there, chewing on a piece of apple, enjoying the warm weather and sunlight. He wore a red muscle shirt and black shorts with sneakers.

"Hey Bro!", Emmett perked up when he saw us and stood, offering me a slice of apple.

I took one and so did Selena, when he offered his little plastic container of fruit to her next.

"Emmett", I said, "You remember Selena, don't you?"

"How could I forget a face that beautiful?" he laid on the charm, taking her hand and kissing it. I almost rolled my eyes. Is that what I look like?

"Hi Emmett.", she giggled, not used to his attentions.

"So, Selena, has this jerk been treating you right?" he asked her, ignoring me now as I chewed my apple slice.

"Hey!" I injected.

"Yes," she blushed a little, holding my hand as she swallowed her apple piece, "He's ruined me for anyone else."

"That's because I don't want anyone else to have you." I said and immediately wanted to kick myself. I meant it but I didn't want to hurt her. I didn't want her to know how involved I was getting.

She was smiling and not acting funny so I pushed that aside and said to Emmett, "Victoria here yet?"

"Not yet." Emmett popped another apple piece into his mouth, "Just me so far…and now you guys."

"Who am I tonight?" I asked, wondering if I wanted to hear the answer.

"Vampire boy again.", he smiled fiendishly, "You were out for a whole week, so that's your punishment. Everyone else hates doing it."

"Including me." I complained.

"I thought you said you didn't mind." Emmett reminded.

"Selena's already seen me as the vampire." I kept griping.

"Tough.", he smiled without sympathy.

"Come on." I dropped it and took her into the back door, my voice tender and sweet now, "You can help oil me. Somehow, I think I'd enjoy your hands on my back much more than Emmett's."

She laughed and followed me, but instead of going into the dressing rooms, I brought her out into the empty club area. There wasn't anyone here, as Emmett said.

"Wow, it looks kind of…not so bad with all the lights on and no one else around." Selena commented as I opened the vampire cage and made sure it was fairly clean.

The cage door slammed behind me and my head spun, seeing her on the other side, smirking devilishly at me.

"Bad little vampire.", she said with a dark tone to her voice.

I frowned and hissed at her, lunging at the bars of the closed door, yanking and uselessly pulling on the hard steel between us.

She stood her ground as I poked my nose a bit through the bars, a low growl coming out of my throat, a sexual snarl.

"You want a little taste?", she teased me, placing her throat between the bars, "Come on…don't be shy…snack time."

She is getting very good at playing. I love that.

My tongue lapped at her throat, sucking the flesh and kissing over every vein and muscle available to me there. I growled contentedly and she moaned, too, enjoying it as much as I was.

"Good boy….", she stroked my hair through the bars.

I went to take a bite but she jerked back, angry now.

"No biting, you evil thing!" she scolded me, slamming her hand into the bars, trying to suppress her groan at the pain in her hand as I bit my lip to hold my laughter inside.

"You will get no dinner tonight, just for that.", she punished.

I made my face sad and she melted.

She opened the cage door and stepped inside, saying, "This is where we met. Now there's a story to tell the grandchildren."

We laughed as she closed the door behind her. I opened my mouth to stop her but it was too late.

She pinned my back to the bars and kissed me and I hit the button in my jeans pocket again, giving her a small little buzzing inside.

"No…" she moaned into my mouth a little as my tongue rolled around hers, the tastes of cherry icee and green apple mixing together surprisingly well.

"Yes." I grinned, digging my fingernails into her ribs, holding her hips to mine as my cock hardened.

"No…Justin don't…" she whimpered, her nails scraping down my t-shirt in back, "You work here…we can't…"

"Emmett will sit outside for another hour." I informed, sliding the straps on her shoulders down hard, forcing them down to her waist, exposing the perfect breasts, then lifted the skirt a bit, moving the panties aside, "And no one else will be here for a couple more hours…"

I unbuttoned my jeans, unzipped and pulled them down just enough to release my cock from my denim prison.

"You have no condom." Selena thought she had me there…but I had planned for this.

"Wrong, little girl." I smirked, taking one out of my jeans pocket, "Vampire whores always have condoms, don't forget that."

I spun her around roughly, putting her hands on the bars, silently ordering her to hold onto them. Then I bent her over a bit, placing my red vampire condom on, and holding her legs, I pierced myself inside her.

She screamed out and so did I…her pussy was still so tight, it squeezed me every time I entered, holding me tight like she loved to do to my body all the time.

Her legs were spread out wide and I moved slowly in and out of her, at times coming all the way out, then penetrating her again, all the way in.

"I wanted to do this to you that first night you walked in here." I said in a jagged voice as I moved inside her, my fingers stroking over her ass cheeks, "And I know the egg is still inside you…buzzing away as I fuck you…let's turn it up a bit, shall we?"

"No…no…" she gasped as I reached down a bit more, finding the button and increasing the speed even higher than in the subway.

"This will make you lose your brilliant little mind, Selena." I kept pumping inside her, going a bit faster now, "You won't have the will or reason to control yourself now. So you scream now…scream for me, bitch!"

And she was screeching and howling like a mindless thing, a pleasure ridden lump of flesh at my mercy as her white ass cheeks slapped against my pelvis as I rode her harder.

It wasn't long before she was screaming, "FUCK! FUCK!" at the top of her lungs, all inhibitions and shyness a memory.

I shoved her breasts into the bars, lifting her legs with my arms so her feet were off the ground, dangling and kicking uselessly as my hands took the bars on each side of me, slamming harder and harder, a brutal beast myself now…grunting and panting over her half bare back below.

"No matter what else you see tonight," I grunted, "Know this…that I fucked you in this tiny cage…and that you're my bitch…and that you're taking me home with you tonight…and then I wanna fuck you on the roof."

She screamed out, affected by my words and coming hard…I was glad…I wasn't much further behind her and I exploded and cried out, growling savagely.

Carefully, I lowered her legs down and eased her body down to the floor of the cage, a nice little black fur floor there as she rested, laying her cheek against the bars, holding onto them, and then she screamed and jerked again, whimpering, "Please, Justin…please…no…"

I frowned, wondering what was wrong…then a light bulb lit above my head.

"Oh, the egg!" I snickered, hitting the stop button, "Sorry, sweetheart."

I zipped up, deciding to clean up the condom mess once we got out of here, but first I needed to check the egg.

"Come here, Selena, open up for me…" I eased my voice as I parted her legs and reached in, inserting my two fingers as she arched her back and screamed out, clinging to the bars.

"Shhh, shhh…it's okay…" I had to reach way up to find the egg and I moved it back down into place, right inside her lips, not too high up, that would only be painful for her, not exciting, "There you go…sorry about that, Selena."

"Sorry about what?" she panted, her eyes looking heavy, "That was so fucking…great!"

"Well, I meant the egg…" I smirked, "And the cage door."

"What?" she frowned, waking up now, "What about the cage door?"

"It's locked." I informed, sitting on the floor behind her.

"What?" she looked panic stricken.

"When you closed it, it locked.", I stated, "We're prisoners now."

"No." she thought I was kidding, but she looked scared.

I laughed, "Try opening it if you don't believe me."

And she did. There was no knob in here to open it with. Then she tried putting her hands through the bars to come under the handle to open it, but the way the bars sat, your hands don't reach the handle that way.

I couldn't help laughing again. "It's funny to see someone else try to escape the cage for a change.", I said, folding my arms.

"Emmett!" I finally called, chuckling, "Emmett, save us!"

I was smiling until I heard high heeled shoes clicking down the stairs that led down from Victoria's office.


I got to my feet and wasn't sure what to do.

"Selena." I cupped my hands under her arms, "Stand up…stand behind me."

She didn't look like she understood but she did it. I fixed her shirt and lowered her skirt into place fast as the footsteps kept coming. As she reached the bottom of the stairs, she turned and now came into my view.

"Justin!" she smiled and lit up inside, "What are you doing in there all alone and dressed, my sweet?"

She was coming to let me out as I smiled and said, "I stepped in to clean it a bit and it fell closed. Sorry,Victoria."

I wish I were able to keep Selena out of her view completely, but as she got closer, she saw Selena standing there behind me.

"Oh, you have a little friend in there with you.", she kept smiling and looked at Selena, up and down, "And she's so cute, too."

Victoria didn't move to the door to open it yet, she stood there, outside the cage, moving around to the side, to get a better look at Selena.

"You must be Selena.", she greeted with a nice, friendly tone while I watched like a hawk, hoping Victoria's fangs didn't come out. Not in front of Selena, please.

"Yes, Selena Gomez.", Selena replied in a low, emotionless voice.

"I'm Victoria.", she said proudly, putting her hands on her hips. She was wearing a tight little gray business type dress, sexy and short, cleavage showing.

A pause came up and I tried to break the silence.

"I'm Justin." I informed and only Victoria laughed at my little joke. Selena stared at Victoria, not showing anything in her eyes.

Yes, I'm Justin and I have a mess in my jeans, can I be released now?

"Yes, I know you…you're my Justin…" Victoria didn't emphasize the word MY – but she did make her point as she walked up to the cage door and opened it, "It must be you he's trying to free, Selena, Justin loves spending time in this little cell, don't you, Justin?"

"Yes, Victoria." I smiled, letting Selena step out first as I held her hand to support her. She was out and I went to follow but Victoria slammed the door closed on me, almost getting my foot.

"Stay.", she gave me a hard look as my stomach sank.

Selena looked back at me with worry in her face as Victoria took her by the hand and smiled, saying, "Come over here and sit down. You're a client now and I do want to make sure you're happy, Selena."

My eyes felt like they were round hollow holes as they sat at a table right alongside me. The cage was slightly higher than the table and they sat down. Selena's eyes stayed on me and she gave me a little grin to relax me.

"I'm not really a client." Selena said in a respectful and low voice, looking very uncomfortable there with Victoria.

"Sure you are." Victoria smiled and winked at me, "You paid for him, your check cleared, and you are fucking him."

"Victoria, I have to start getting ready for the show." I cut in, not wanting Selena to yell or shout at Victoria. It would be a huge mistake.

"Justin, kneel !", she barked at me and my eyes darted to Selena.

Oh God, how humiliating would it be to kneel after she ordered me to, instead of trying to help Selena. What would Selena think of me? She'd see me as weak.

"Don't look at her, I said KNEEL!" Victoria sneered, not even turning to look at me.

I slammed to my knees with a loud, angry thud, my fists at my sides, my head turned away, ashamed, in front of Selena.

I made myself a statue, staring at the bars as Victoria said, "And silence, too, Justin."

Bitch. Motherfucking, cocksucking, Queen of Whores, burn in Hell for eternity, God damned bitch!

"Is that really necessary?", Selena asked with a tense voice, "You don't have to humiliate him. And don't I own him right now? I don't want him to kneel. Justin, stand up."

Oh no…what do I do now? Before I could think to do anything, Victoria's voice rose up.

"He won't disobey me. He knows his place, Selena.", Victoria glanced in my direction as I stayed still, hating myself for listening to her. Hating myself, period.

Then she spoke to Selena, her voice still polite but icy, "I'm just going to say this once, Selena Gomez. And I'm going to be nice because you're a customer. Justin is not yours. He is mine. You are renting him, like a DVD. You can play him all you like and have a good time with him, by all means, but when you're through, clean him up real good and make sure he gets back to the store in the same condition he left in. Because there's a line of other people waiting their turn. I hope you take no offense. I do like you, Selena. But I just had to make things clear."

Selena didn't answer and I was glad she was too smart to dare it. It would get very nasty and then, Victoria could order me to leave Selena. And it would kill me to miss the next nine days with her. It would kill me to miss an hour with her.

She got up and walked over to the door of my cage, opening it.

"Justin, stand and go get ready.", she ordered and I slowly stood up, unable to hide my expression of anger and betrayal at her as I stepped out of the cell and went down the three steps, moving past Selena and to the hallway towards the dressing rooms.

"Enjoy your evening, Selena." Victoria said to Selena behind me.

The cage door closed and Victoria's heels walked the other way. I heard Selena calling me from behind but I kept rushing, getting to the dressing rooms and yanking the door open to a small bathroom, slamming it behind me.

I roared, slamming my fist into the mirror, hating my weak face and weak soul. My knuckles felt wet and stung a bit but I didn't care. I spun around to the cement wall on my right and pounded my fist against it again and again, growling and letting the pain sink in, calming me a bit.

Why did she do that? Victoria never went out of her way to fucking humble me like that, unless a client asked for it. And Selena…what she must think of me now…I closed my eyes and pictured a look of pure repulsion on her face and it killed me inside.

I roared out again, wanting to trash the whole bathroom.

"Justin!" she was calling, knocking on the door, "Justin, are you okay?"

It's Selena. I had to calm down. I had to hold my anger in…it was threatening to spill over.

"Go away Selena!" I felt my ass on the floor as my eyes looked at my shivering hand, it looks like my fingers aren't broken…they can all bend.

Victoria called me a DVD. Christ ! I should've told her to go fuck herself. Yea, hello. I'd be starving in a week. And Katie would never get the rest of her cosmetic surgeries. I had to stop being a girl and get my act together. I have to be good and not complain. She likes me better that way.

A few minutes later, I cleaned up my condom mess and zipped up my jeans, taking off my shirt and washing my hands, cleaning up the little cuts on my skin.

When I opened the door, Selena was waiting, sitting in my chair next to Emmett.

They had been talking and stopped when I came in.

I smiled and said, "Here you are."

"Justin…" she looked a little sad again but I didn't let her say anything else. I wanted to erase what Victoria did and pretend it never happened.

"Selena…" I stopped her, putting my fingers over her lips softly, "I told you…Victoria is very tough sometimes. She has to be. Let's just forget her and have a good night, okay?"

Her eyes looked a little wet but she made herself smile at me and agreed.

"Alright.", she said, looking down.

I lifted her chin with one finger and kissed her very, very, softly. Emmett just ignored us and ate his apples, the last of them.

"Thanks for not leaving." I said, head to head with her, closing my eyes, still trying to hide the shame in them.

"I told you…", she kissed the cleft in my chin, "You're never getting rid of me."

I kissed her again, holding her by the back of the head and Emmett turned, smiling at us and complaining, "You guys are making me sick already! Get a room!"

"Shut up." I slapped Emmett in the back of his head.

"Can I watch you put your makeup on?" she asked me now, looking excited about this.

She is so intelligent I knew that she was trying to do the same as I had done, put on a happy face and forget the last few minutes, because talking or thinking about it now would just be too unbearable.

But I knew it would come up in therapy tomorrow.

"Sure." I grinned.



Later on, after I had my pale white face done and my teeth were glued on, it was time to put my eyes in.

"It's gonna be evil vampire tonight." I told her, my voice a little weird from the teeth in my mouth.

"Cool." Selena grinned, a glint of pleasure in there, "That'll let you get out some pent up rage…"

I smiled back at her, knowing she meant well. And I put the red eyes in.

"Oh my GOD!", Selena looked afraid of me with these eyes in, "Those are WICKED, Justin!"

"Aren't they?" I bared my teeth and hissed at her. She let out a squeal, darting away from me as Emmett and I laughed.

Soon, Jasper and a few of the other dancers on for tonight trickled in, getting their assignments and dressing for it.

Selena was especially funny as she helped oil me up for tonight. At first she was a bit grossed out by the slimy texture of the oil, but then, as she rubbed it over my pecks and down my abs, and the scent of my flesh combined with the sweet smell of the oil lured her in…and she was very much enjoying herself by the time I turned and let her do my back.

The other guys were so jealous of me and they said so right in front of us, making Selena blush again. They were asking when she was going to do them. I said never, she's mine. And Selena blushed even deeper.

I just can't stop saying things like that. My big mouth is so stupid. I didn't want her thinking I wasn't going to let her go when our time was up. I would not become some whore stalker. I would let her go, smiling, thanking her for this brief, magical piece of her life…and I would never make her regret choosing me.

Selena went to meet her friends out in front as I got my shredded leather shorts on.

Victoria came in and I cast my eyes downward, grabbing the leash and clipping it into my collar.

It's times like this I'm glad I'm a good actor. This would take some work.

"Hi beautiful boy.", she lifted my chin with the leash and carefully placed a little kiss upon my mouth, not wanting to mess up my makeup.

I kissed back, smiling at her with all the sweetness I could muster.

She never apologized to me, for anything she did. We just acted as if it never happened. She liked it that way.

"Hi beautiful boss." I said back, hoping she'd think I wasn't holding any grudge.

Deep inside, I was fuming.

"Come, my wicked beast…", she yanked on my leash as she began to walk down that dark hallway, "Time to cross the line."

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