A small soppy poem, as its near valentines day :)


1. Heart

It hurts went I look you in the eye,

Right here in my chest, it hurts,

My heart beats too fast, too hard,

And I wish that you would tell me why I loose my breath,

I can't say a word,

My hand trembles when in yours,

While the sound of my heart skip,

Hop and beat is all that can be heard.

I'll say something stupid, or something Absurd just to run away from You.

I'm running from how you Make me feel,

make me smile, make me sing Till I'm dizzy

and drunk from your Light,

Till I find myself thinking Only of you

and your smile And how everything feels so very right

But so very wrong because I'm scared.

Maybe it's just me feeling Like this,

maybe it's just my Heart hurting, nervous and unprepared?

So calm my racing heart, please say you

Will run with me, together,

Tomorrow and forever, Please don't say it's the maybe that's true.

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