What Is Meant To Be Will Be

One Girl Gets The Courage To Tell The Boy That She Was His Cinderella


1. Its Either Now Or Never

The pep rally finally ended and everyone was getting up to leave. Keeping Tom in sight for the most part was hard, but she was determined to follow through with telling him since things went well at the diner the night before. Where would she start when they were alone? Another question, where could they be alone here?
"Kelly, do you just want to call me after you talk to him?" Carter asked me. Taking her away from her thoughts.
"Yeah, that's fine, Carter." He nodded and left to meet his dad.
"I don't think I've been this nervous before in my whole life," she whispered under her breath. To her surprise there was a clearing in the crowd of people and he was alone. Wow I'm not sure if this is good or bad. I mean, him and I alone is good since I'll have a better chance of telling him, but on the other hand what if I chicken out? Gathering her courage, she walked over to him slowly still having no idea of what to say or even how to start. He turned towards her and he smiled, then greeted her as she approached him.
"Hey, Kelly, how are doing?" Looking straight at her waiting for a response. It seemed like he was sincere by looking into his eyes. There was no hate them, maybe this was possible.
"Hi, Tom." she said nervously. "I need to talk to you, we never finished talking last night at the diner, and there something you needed to know." Watching his reaction his eyes grew larger instantly obviously remembering that they were cut of by Fiona before she could finish.
"Oh yeah, that's right you were about to say something. What was it?" Laughing while asking. Biting her lip and swaying back and forth.
"Well, I don't want to talk about it here." He looked a little confused for a second. "Tom, please, its really important." He continued to stare her as if I was crazy.
"Okay?" He finally said. "We can go inside I have to go to my locker to grab a few things." She nodded. They walked inside the school and as they were walking down the hall, they saw that most of the flyers were still up on the walls, which didn't help the situation. Finally they reached his locker and he turned to her while grabbing his books for his homework. "Well, what did you need to tell me?" He'd caught her off guard and she panicked.
"Um...I...I" Looking back at her waiting patiently but then asked again.
"Well, Kelly, I need to know what you were going to say, I got a lot homework to do tonight."
"Alright, I guess it can wait until tomorrow." I was such an idiot!
"Um okay?" Looking behind him then turned back to me closing his locker. "I guess, we can talk tomorrow then. See ya." Turning around and walking away.
NO! She thought. Not long after he walked away she finally figured out how she could get his attention. Here it goes. This is the time to tell him. I just can't wait another day. "Tom, I would like to have my cell phone back," she yelled down the hall. Tom instantly stopped and froze. Oh geez, I guess there is no turning back now we'll just see where this goes. Tom finally turned around and made eye contact with her. What if he says I'm not what he was expecting? He hasn't responded yet. He is just looking at me, maybe pondering if I'm telling the truth or not.
"Your cell phone, Kelly?" He asked with hesitation. "Can you tell me what color it is?" He stopped for a second then added. "And what it looks like?" She stood there for a moment after he mind went blank. Stuttering while she replied back.
"It's bl...blue and it's...got stars on the top of it." Confirming it was her his facial expression lit up. Reaching into his pocket he pulled what she had described perfectly. Smiling he offered Kelly's phone back to her.
"So, you came forward, huh?" He asked nervously.
"Yeah, I felt that our talk at the diner yesterday was a sign of hope." Taking a deep breath and she asked, "Am I what you expected?" Looking away after asking.
"Well, I'm not disappointed if that's what you're asking." Smiling at her. "I'm just surprised I didn't remember your eyes this whole time, ever since that night at the dance I couldn't them out of my head."
"Tom, we've been going to school for almost three years now and you're acting like you've noticed me this whole time?" She had a feeling he was just telling her exactly what she wants to hear. Should I trust what he's saying? She secretly asked herself. Shaking his head and smiling.
"Kelly, I've noticed you. I was just too absorbed in my pretend world to see it, yesterday at the diner was an eye opening experience. I kept asking myself the rest of the night why didn't I get to know this girl sooner?" Taking a deep breath. "I had a slight idea that you could of been Cinderella, but finding her was all I could think about. It's like every girl resembled her so I just let it go." There was a silence for a moment, but what could she say to that. Deciding to break it, Tom continued. "If you don't believe me why did you even come to me?"
"I just didn't expect the answer you just gave me, I guess." Scared to death and confused. What should I do? Tom is being a gentlemen, but I'm just pushing him away. "Look, I just don't want to be rejected. No one in this school gives me any respect except a few people, I'm just careful who I trust. He nodded and then looked at his watch.
"Kelly, I'm sorry to say that I really need to get home I got a lot of homework before work, but I'd like it if you were to come with me." Gripping his backpack getting ready to walk away. "Would you want to go back to my house with me until I go to work?" Staring at her nervously and waiting for a response, he added. "I really want to prove to you that you make me the guy I wanna be."
Kelly's brain was telling her not to go with him but her heart in which she never listened to was telling her to take a chance for once in her life. "Okay, Tom." She took her cell phone from his hand and placed her hand in his and continued down the hall and out the door. The looks she got from other students was priceless. She had a feeling that things were going to be a lot different depending on how things go at his house.
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