Stuck In Fire 2 - Justin Bieber

Justin is finally reunited with Katie.. and that's awesome. I don't know what to write, 'cause i haven't read the story o.o IT'S NOT MIIIINE. I JUST POST IT TO READ IT :P


9. 9

Chapter 9


"You're a bad little girl, Selena Gomez.", his voice informed as he grabbed me by the hair. He was kneeling behind me on the bed and I was naked and on all fours in front.

"I know…I'm sorry.", I said, smiling from ear to ear internally.

"I didn't say you could SPEAK.", he sounded cold and pissed off. I felt something cool and soft curling around my throat…and then he yanked me up onto my knees, resting my head behind me on his shoulder.

I heard a buckle click and realized he had a belt of his around my neck. He wasn't cutting off my air, but the leather kept me securely in place before him. My naked ass was against his jeans and I whimpered because I couldn't feel any sign of Frankencock there.

"You're a beautiful little pet…", he said, his voice deep and dark, "But you need discipline. You need to know who your master is, don't you, girl?"

I let out a little whimper and that pleased him. He moved around to my side and looked into my eyes from this angle now.

Now the buckle was under my chin and he was holding the strap of the belt like it were a leash.

"Back on all fours.", he shoved me down, my hair almost blindfolding me as I landed on my hands, the mattress giving a little groan.

His hands went under me, groping my breast…clutching it…squeezing it.

"Perfect tits…", he muttered, like I was really a puppy and couldn't understand him.

"Ready for your spanking, girl?", he moved his hand down my spine and down my ass crack.

Before I could even THINK of answering, he had delivered a very hard slap against my right ass cheek with his hard as a rock hand!

"AAAA!", I let out a little cry, and I tried to struggle away from him, but he pulled me back to him with the belt around my neck, his other hand around my thigh, moving me back into place. He was so strong, escaping him was not an option.

"Get back HERE, you little bitch!", he nearly laughed as he said it, "We're not done yet!"

"No, no…", I tried to crawl away…

"Yes, yes…", he mocked my voice and in a couple seconds, he had me right back in my position, whether I liked it or not.

"Hold still or you don't get fucked after.", he roughly moved my hair out of my face, to look into my eyes.

I nodded, letting him know I was still alright…and that I was enjoying this little exchange.

I braced myself as his hand moved over the place he'd struck me a moment ago…he was massaging the area…letting the pain dissipate before landing another blow.

WHACK! WHACK! Two more very firm slaps against my ass. I panted, feeling little tears prickling the sides of my eyes…I took a deep breath, letting the feeling wash over me. It was a bit painful…but it was also very arousing, being spanked like a child…being leashed like a dog.

"Good girl.", he stroked where he'd just spanked, "You took those without any struggling at all."

He stuck his fingers into my mouth and I sucked them hard and deep…closing my eyes…moaning.

I heard Justin's breathing become a bit more labored while I sucked those fingers good….then he yanked them out…I felt myself pout when they so rapidly abandoned me.

He didn't intend to spank me for long…this was just in fun. After a few more light slaps, I was REALLY warm and almost buzzing in my bliss.

"Get up against the wall, bad girl!", he yanked me up suddenly, and before I knew it, I was standing up against the powder blue wall. His hands were all over me…his body shoving up against mine, holding me tighter to the flat surface.

I couldn't help my moan of desire as he spun me around to face him. He held my hands in his and moved them up over my head, his mouth kissing me with a savage energy that made my knees shiver.

His one hand broke free from mine and grabbed a handful of my long hair, tipping my face up so he could bury his face into my neck…I felt his tongue and teeth again…my vampire!

He let out a ferocious growl and then took a step back from me, in one circular motion, he yanked off his t shirt. Then, with the speed of a magician, he undid his jeans, quickly stepping out of them, a naked and very large Dr. Frank smiling back at me.

I'm glad I didn't give him any underwear earlier.

God, his body is gorgeous…those lines…the perfection of his skin…the muscle tone…and then if that wasn't enough, there was that face…JESUS…this is really MINE?

His bare feet took the step forward, back against me now, his hungry mouth suffocating mine, his hands moving my legs open…his fingers moving…and playing with my aching, wet clit.

I screamed out, his touch like sexual fire…he towered over me but I never felt SMALL with him…without a word, he pulled both my legs up and around his waist. I locked my ankles together at his spine and my arms curled around his neck as he nodded at me once, a very sensual smile there.

"Yes…yes, Justin…take me…", I whispered, wanting him so bad, "Fuck me…"

And then I felt him penetrate me…entering with the precise right slowness…and once inside…there was no stopping him then.

We both cried out when he had sheathed himself all the way inside…his head fall back a bit but his hold on me never weakened. I felt totally secure as he held me against the wall, a bit higher than his head…but he could reach my breasts…sucking my nipple as he rode me hard, my back thumping over and over again against the wall behind me. I felt him trying to fuck a little easier, so not to hurt my back…but screw that!

"NO!", I screamed, "HARDER! DON'T STOP! Don't fucking stop!"

His face was so damn hot as he looked up at me, pounding me without mercy. I could hear pictures falling off the wall on the other side of this wall and I loved it.

A couple minutes later, he moved me off the wall, still fucking me in his arms as he brought me to the bed. In seconds, I felt him withdraw but then I was on all fours again….and he was behind me, and right deep inside me again, my howl of ecstasy rising up into the dark air.

He was kneeling behind me, riding me fast, his hands clutching my waist…the sounds of our flesh slapping against each other arousing me even further. And then there was Justin's voice….growling and violent like a raging bear.

I knew Justin could fuck forever if he wanted…this would not be over in a few minutes. I'm going to be wonderfully sore tomorrow, sitting in my wooden little school chair all day.

He clutched the belt leash around my neck and firmly held it, bringing my head back as he pummeled me over and over again. God, his dick was talented! It's so huge but while it fills me up, it doesn't hurt in a bad way. The pain is sweet…red hot.

The clinging bell of the buckle drove me on further, lighting something inside me as I thrust my pussy against his oncoming cock. The crash of them together with each stroke was killing both of us…but still we didn't slow down.

I love hearing his voice as he fucks me. It's something I can't describe. He's not speaking but those low moans…the panting…the growls…I wish I could get it on my ipod so I could hear it during the day. Oh…I don't have my ipod anymore. Damn.

"Hot little bitch…", he panted, breathing the words, shoving me down, releasing the belt collar around my neck, "Get down, stay!"

I wasn't on all fours anymore. He forced my head down into the mattress, my hands resting beside my hair. My muffled sounds of pleasure were now floating through the quilt beneath my lips.

At this angle, he could get in much deeper…as if he wasn't going deep enough before.

But when he thrust into me now, I couldn't help but let out these shrill little screams. I hoped he wouldn't stop, thinking it was hurting me.

"Yea…", he growled, his hand giving my ass cheek a couple of light slaps.

Thank God Justin is an expert at this stuff. He just KNOWS. It's amazing. Would I ever get this good?

The hours went by in a haze for me, like always. I would just move into the positions he guided me into…and then fuck, fuck fuck! Some positions were tougher than others…he really knew some STRANGE things that I never even heard of before…but I think I did well. I was open to everything he wanted to try, up til now, and I just hoped someday he didn't want to do things that would be too much for me. I would hate to disappoint him. He was so advanced in this love making game…and I was a novice still trying to learn the basics. I knew I had to learn fast…I didn't want him getting bored with me in this way.

I loved, especially, the in between times…after Justin would finally come…and we'd wash up a little…he was what dreams and fantasies were made of. He fed me as I laid back in the bed…he did some very sexy things with the leftover chocolate cake…not to mention the cherry icees I had bought him. That was a cold time for me, but I remembered when he told me once women had put scoops of ice cream all over his naked body and then ate and licked it off him. At the time, it sounded so erotic to me. Now that I was on the other end of it…well, okay, it was still very hot…having Justin lick and eat an icee off my flesh as I shivered…but it was still a little cold and uncomfortable at times. And I was sticky afterwards. But Justin washed me from head to toe in the shower so I couldn't complain…much.

We had a lot of fun with the hershey's syrup, too. I love Frankencock splashed with dark chocolate sauce!

This had been one of the first nights we had been totally free to explore and do whatever we wanted, without fear of sounds traveling or eyes seeing too much. It was so amazing to walk naked through the dark house, giggling like two little kids - to go to the fridge or the bathroom. We even sat at the table together, not a stitch of clothes on either of us. It was all I could do to stop Justin from taking me on the tabletop. It just didn't feel right to me. This is where Katie does her homework, for God's sake!

We made up for that, though. Besides Katie's, and Ben and Angela's rooms, we christened every other room in the house. The basement…man! Justin found a lot of wicked possibilities there. He loved the thick pipes overhead and the low ceilings. He said someday he'd love to tie me up down there. I couldn't deny that did sound like pure heaven…but my Dr. Selena side shook her head on that one for now. Justin was still getting over being tied and subjected himself. I didn't want to dredge up any bad memories and have that poison our lovemaking.

We never did get a call from Katie, Ben or Angela. And I knew Justin was starting to worry after the sixth time we'd made love. He laid next to me, trying to hide it…but I could see it. He kept looking at the clock, sighing.

"She's probably asleep, Daddy.", I smiled, moving his chin so he'd face me again, "She has school tomorrow."

"You think Ben would at least CALL to let me know she's okay.", he sounded frustrated.

"Maybe they fell asleep too.", I tried logic, "I'm sure they'll call you in the morning, before they take her to school."

"He better.", Justin sounded stern.

"I love you.", my voice sighed, my body so light and exhausted.

He smiled at me, as if this news thrilled him…and he turned more towards my body, on his side, moving his fingers over my lips…so gently…

"Really?", he asked, as if in awe of me. I wondered what he SAW when he looked at me. I don't see it when I look in the mirror.

"Yes, really.", I cuddled into his warm chest, searching for a little chest hair to play with…but it was smooth as a baby's bottom, just like the day I met him.

"So smooth.", I kept stroking the area where his heart was…"I can't believe no hair has grown since last month."

"It'll never grow.", Justin's eyes closed, looking a bit heavy now, "Vic—SHE made me do it. Lasers…it's permanent."

But I had bigger fish to fry now.

"Hey, you didn't say you love me too.", I almost whined like a kid.

"Didn't I?", he kept his eyes closed, smirking…he knew what he was doing…"The hours and hours of sex didn't say anything to you?"

"You're SO mean!", I frowned, pretending to be mad and roll over, my back to him as he laughed.

"I'm so mean?", he came up behind me, his hands slipping around my waist while I struggled to keep him off me, and he added, "I just fucked your BRAINS out…obviously!"

"Get OFF!", I squealed out, trying to pry his hands off my body.

Then there was a moment of dead silence…I almost thought he was hurt…I was just joking…and was about to turn around and tell him that…but then…

His fingers moved over my hair like it was a precious, fragile lace…then down my bare shoulder…it felt like a feather, not skin. I felt my eyes roll back into my head…my back arched a bit…this man was something that rose from my dreams…sometimes, he was too good to be real.

"I love you, Selena Gomez.", he said, his voice soft and deep with emotion.

I felt his lips touch the back of my head and he did it so reverently, as if I were a goddess or something. I felt tears in my eyes instantly. God, this man could TOUCH me.

"I don't know how NOT to love you." He whispered in that same delicious voice, moving my hair slowly off my shoulder…his mouth opening and closing on my shoulder blade.

"Justin…", I closed my eyes, breathing…so incredibly turned on again…and I didn't know HOW…I was like jello right now, I'm sure I would not be able to go for round seven.

"Yes?", he kept kissing my shoulder.

"You are gonna put me in the hospital…", I said with a grin and he laughed at that. His laugh made me feel so good. Emmett had told me that Justin hardly ever really LAUGHED for real…before I met him.

"No hospital for YOU, Selena.", he kissed me again from behind, "You'll recover right here, in the bed of Dr. Frankencock."

As wonderful as that sounded, my inner diva stomped her foot. She wanted sleep. We had school in a few short hours. Didn't Justin ever get tired?

"Aren't you tired…", I stroked his arm that was wrapped around my waist, "I mean…from the horses and all?"

He sighed and kissed my back, saying, "Yes. I am very tired of fucking the horses. They don't seem to appreciate it the way YOU do."

I burst out laughing at that one. I never would've known it when we met, but Justin Bieber is very funny. He's a little jokester.

"But at least they don't say, 'you're so mean' afterwards!", he teased, mocking my girl voice, giving me a small nibble at the back of my neck.

"Shut up!", I giggled, the total hysteria from lack of sleep kicking in, "I just meant, it's such hard work…feeding 'em and washing' em…cleaning out their stalls…"

"Is THAT what I'm supposed to be doing with 'em?", he joked some more, "Jesus! No one ever told me….in that case, that makes my day EASIER!"

"Cut it out, you nerd!", I chuckled.

He stopped kissing me and cuddled in, spooning me, his cheek resting in my hair.

"Close your eyes and fall asleep, little girl.", he whispered, "You have some book learnin' to do tomorrow."

He said that last part with a southern accent and I was giggling again. So was he.

"Yes, Pa !", I retorted in my best hillbilly voice.

"Goodnight, John Boy…", he said, giggling in the dark. It felt like summer camp.

It seemed like I had my eyes closed for two seconds, then Justin was there, shaking me.

"Time to wake up, little girl!", he announced, sounding awfully chipper today.

"Noooo….", I pulled the covers up more over my shoulders, "Don't wanna."

Then he came back a minute later, poking me in the butt through the quilt.

"If you think that you can fuck me senseless all night long and then sleep in the next day while I go to work, guess again, bad girl!", he said and I could hear the smile in his voice while he said it.

"Why are you such a morning person all of a sudden?", I groaned, my eyes still closed, "I thought you vampires slept during the day!"

"I know, I used to.", he said lightly, "But now I see all that I've been missing. Daytime is really great. And it's BRIGHTER."

I hate him and his damn positive outlook. I want SLEEP!

I didn't answer him…I floated back to sleep again and then he was stomping back towards the bedroom….sounding pissed now.

"GOD, GO AWAYYY!", I put the covers over my head.

"Selena Marie Gomez!" he sounded very scolding now. I could almost picture him with his hands on his hips, he sounds like my MOM or something…"If you don't get up right this second, I'm gonna pick you up and put you in a cold shower!"

"Uuuuhhhh…", I heard myself whine.

I am withdrawing my vote for Justin as Den Mother. He's so bossy!


He was counting?


I growled, hurling back the quilt and leaping out before my brain knew it.

"ALRIGHT! CHRIST!", I screamed.

"No, Justin.", he corrected me.

"Ha ha…so FUNNY.", I saw him through the two slits that were my eyes, "Have I told you funny guys turn me OFF?"

"That's not what your orgasms said to me last night.", he came back quickly, smiling, not seeming to take any offense.

"I was faking it.", I grinned, going into the bathroom.

He laughed. "Yea, right.", I heard him say…and then I heard a sizzle sound…that might just be him…he is very hot. But I have a feeling he's cooking again! Yay! Maybe I can keep the food down this time.

I took care of my human needs, and then tried to fix my fucking hair! Jeez, it was so nice last night…and NOW! I look like I stuck my finger in an electrical socket!

I did my best and put it up in a clip…when I came out and walked into the kitchen, I saw a very familiar and welcome sight.

He was there, in the soft glow of dawn, cooking…and his t shirt was around his waist, tucked into his jeans. I almost cried!

"Eduardo!", I whispered, so glad to see him again, "Where have you BEEN baby?"

He smiled that fucking sexy ass smile of his and turned to me, putting his hands out and giving an elegant bow. Then he said something in Spanish, I think…it was very natural to him and the accent he used even sounded Spanish too. That turns me on.

It took me a second to recover from that but I finally said, "I have no idea what that means, but it sounds incredibly HOT!"

I walked up to him and put my arms around him…he kissed me as if he hadn't seen me in five years…how does he DO that?

"Buenos dias, hermosos.", he used that sultry voice again, "Has dormido bien?"

"Mmm, don't stop…", I could listen to him all day, and I hugged him tighter…smelling irish spring on his chest.

"What did you say?", I asked, needing to know.

"I said, good morning, beautiful. Did you sleep well?", he translated.

"Yea, until some NUT came waking me up!", I shoved him as he smiled more, laughing to himself, "Did I sleep well?"

"Yo soy el amor lo siento.", he said, his lips pouting as he gave me the puppy dog eyes. I was on the way to the table, sitting down and pouring orange juice. On second thought…no orange juice. I'm still not over how that tasted coming up yesterday.

"What's that mean?", I asked, unable to keep the smile off my lips as I watched him plate the eggs and bacon.

"I'm sorry, love.", he interpreted again, putting my plate in front of me, sitting down at my right hand side.

"No grande deal –o.", I tried my hand at some Spanish…and Justin laughed, muttering, "No grande deal –o."

"No es gran cosa.", he was teaching me now. I felt like Lucille Ball to his Ricky Ricardo.

"See?", I pointed at him, "I got the 'no grand' part right."

He rolled his eyes. "Yea, you got that part right."

"Where'd you learn Spanish, anyway?", I asked, taking a bite of my melty, cheesy omelet de Eduardo.

"Victoria.", he said, honestly, eating a piece of bacon, his eyes watching me for signs of anger, "Well, not HER. She made me take classes. I can speak a few languages."

I looked at him in shock. "I never knew that! What other languages can you do?"

"French, Italian…", he shrugged, "Japanese, Chinese…"

"Did you have a lot of…foreign speaking clients?", I asked, not putting any judgment into my voice. It reminded me of our beginning, when I'd ask him things about his life and he'd just tell me anything I wanted to know. As long as we weren't discussing HIM, he was an open book.

"Yea.", he admitted, taking a sip of his orange juice, not saying anything more.

"It's okay, you know.", I nudged him with my arm as I leaned into him, bumping him, "We can still talk about things…we did before. I won't get mad."

"I know.", he looked at me sheepishly, "It's just that we…haven't…lately."

"Lo siento, Eduardo.", I said, hoping I got that right from before when he said he was sorry to me.

He smiled at me…proudly. "That was sexy.", he gave a little shiver.

"Did I get it right?", I squealed, happy that I had pulled it off.

"You did.", his eyes sparkled as they held me, "Smarty pants. Or should I say smarte pantalones?"

"Yay.", I enjoyed my little victory.

"I know that it's hard to talk about things when Katie is here…when the folks were always around…", Justin looked at his plate, "And I didn't know it until just now, but…I have missed our talks."

"Me too.", I looked sadly at his face, "We'll have to make time to talk, just us. Maybe after Katie goes to bed every night."

"No, I like to do something ELSE after Katie goes to bed.", Justin looked at me, laughing…playful.

"Me too but we have to preserve ourselves.", I said sarcastically, "If we go like that every night, I won't live to be thirty!"

He liked that one and I loved seeing him look so happy and carefree. Even though I knew we were both anything BUT.

"This is nice.", he said, his hand laying gently over mine on the table, his fingers stroking mine.

"Yea, it IS.", I agreed, "I love having you all to myself. I've missed that, too. I mean, I love Katie…you know that. But our relationship is still very new…you know? I feel like there's so many things I still don't know about you…I want to know everything…what toys you liked when you were a kid, your first friend…the first time your heart got broken…"

He just beamed at me, shaking his head a little.

"What?" I asked.

"Who ARE you?" he asked in awe again. It was like he couldn't believe someone could be so in love with him.

"I'm your girl.", I said in my best Forrest Gump voice.

"You'll ALWAYS be my girl.", he said back in his best Forrest accent. But it wasn't a joke…his eyes told me that.

And just like that…in the middle of breakfast…we were kissing again.

"Te quiero." He mumbled as we kissed.

"What?", I asked as our lips melted together, "Did you just call me queer - o?"

He laughed as we made out and he said, "No, it means I love you, LUCY!"

Oh, so he felt the Lucy/Ricky thing too, huh? We have alike minds sometimes.

"Shut up and fondle me, Ricky!", I let my tongue slip into his bacon tasting mouth.

"Ooh, morning breath!", he said at the end…and I shrieked, shoving him away.

"You JERK, I BRUSHED my TEETH!", I growled with a smirk.

In seconds, we were on the floor, wrestling with each other…laughing like idiots. I wondered what Ben and Angela, and Katie would do if they were here now.

Later, Katie DID call. I was glad, I'd hate to force Justin out the door if he didn't hear from Katie. He'd never go.

He spoke to her and I heard his end of the conversation. It went like this:

"Hi Baby, how you doing?" Justin asked.



"Do you like it there?" he asked, trying to sound upbeat.

Justin listened then clenched his eyes for a second, sitting on the arm of the sofa, his back to me.

"No, Baby, I'm not trying to leave again.", his voice sounded frail, cracking a bit, "You're coming home today. You're just visiting G-Mom and Pop Pop. I told you, I'm NEVER leaving you again."

Another pause.

"I promise.", he said, his voice deeper and full of agony, "I SWEAR!"

"Oh man.", I said to myself, listening from the kitchen as I cleaned up the dishes.

Before I knew it, I had my car keys in hand and gave them to Justin, saying, "Go there now. It's the ice cream place down the street from her school."

Justin looked at me and I saw gratitude there.

"Baby, I'm coming there now.", he said, standing up, leaning over the phone a bit, about to hang it up, "Yes. Don't cry. I'm coming. Bye."

"Thank you, Selena. I'm sorry, bunny.", he kissed me fast.

Bunny? I kinda like that.

"I have a late class this morning, it's okay.", I handed him his lunchbox, putting his hat on his head, "I'll take the bus. You drive to work. I'll tell the cowpokes when they get here."

"Okay, good.", he hurried around, "You sure you don't mind?"

"GO DAD!", I smiled at him, shoving him out, adding, "Adios LOCO!"


If I wasn't sure where the ice cream place was, I shouldn't have worried. Ben was outside in his bathrobe, waiting for me, to flag me down as I approached.

He actually waved his arms like I was an airplane coming in for a landing.

"I see you, Ben.", I said to myself as I pulled up, rushing out of the car.

"What happened?", I asked him, with an almost accusing tone of voice. I kept walking, going to the door as he followed alongside me.

"She was fine last night.", Ben began, "We had a great time. We talked to her about things. She was a CHAMP! Then this morning when she woke up, she started asking us where you REALLY were and if you took off with Selena…"

"Oh God.", I felt my chest constrict just hearing him saying the words.

I was in the door now and Angela was there, holding Katie as she cried.

"I'm here, baby." I said just as Angela whispered into Katie's ear, "Here's your Daddy."

I threw my damn hat off and knelt down next to their couch where Angela was sitting with her. Katie launched herself into my arms and almost knocked Angela out of the way.

"Daddy!", she clung onto me.

"Hey, what's all this about?", I held her tight, stroking the back of her long hair, "I told you we'd see you today."

I should've never run here without Dr. Selena. How was I going to handle this?

"I thought…you left.", she hiccupped as she tried to talk…and she panted a little, as if it was hard for her to breathe.

"Calm down.", I rubbed her back, "Breathe…relax…"

She cried like ME. Is this what Selena has to deal with when I go off?

Then I got a little bit of an idea. I would act like Dr. Selena…I would do what she does with me…maybe it'll work. It was worth a shot.

"Now…tell me…", I began after she was breathing normally again, "What got you so upset?"

"I don't know…", she sniffled, wiping her eye, "I went to the table to eat…and you weren't there…and I just got scared that you and Selena left without me."

I wanted to cry and hold her forever…that was Justin Bieber…but I was being Dr. Selena now.

"Now, Katie…first of all…", I said so calmly I amazed MYSELF, "You know we would never leave you. Didn't I promise you that? Didn't Selena tell you the same thing?"

"I…know…but" she let out a ragged breath.

"Now look at me.", I tipped her chin up so she was looking right in my eyes, "Do you think I would really LIE to you? Do you think I would hurt you like that, ever?"

Please say no. I felt like a bastard. I had lied to her. I had to. Had she already seen through my disguise?

She looked confused but then finally shook her head no. Thank God. Then it occurred to me…she's like me…she doesn't trust. Either that or trust was hard for her, too.

"Katie…do you know what trust is?", I asked.

"Yea.", she answered, but didn't say anything else.

"Well…what I think it is…", I said, "Is letting someone inside the soft part of you…the part that loves…that can get hurt…you know?"


Wow, she's listening to me. Cool !

"For a long time, I closed that part of me…after you moved in with G Mom and Pop Pop…I shut down because I was so sad without you. I just didn't want to ever feel sad like that again…so I stopped trusting everyone. I was very lonely and it started to make me into a very different person. Do you know what I mean?"

"I think so."

"Well, what I mean is…I wasn't very nice.", I shared, glancing at Ben as he looked away quickly all of a sudden, like he wasn't listening.

"I began to think that everyone was out to hurt me, so I never had many friends…and as long as I was like that, no one really had a chance to know me either.", I explained, "Selena tried very hard when she met me to get to know me…but I was so closed up…it took her a long, long time to see the real me. I was so used to putting on faces…masks to keep everyone away."

I was getting off track…she was looking confused.

"What I'm trying to say is…I'm happier now that I trust. I can be myself.", I took a breath, "I trust you. I trust Selena, G Mom, Pop Pop…and that's a good feeling. I'm scared sometimes that I'll get hurt…and I still might…but you can't keep going on thinking that people will leave you…some people in your life will be forever….others won't. But that's okay. Old friends go…and new friends come…sometimes old friends come back again…but you still love them all no matter where they are. But, Katie…I am forever in your life. I know it might take some time for you to trust in me…I haven't given you many reasons to believe in what I say…but…you CAN believe this: I love you with all my heart and I would DIE before I ever left you again. You CAN trust ME."

I felt very hurt that she didn't feel that way already but I also knew I had lost six years with her when she'd needed me most. I couldn't expect her to just snap her fingers and trust in me right off the bat.

She was crying again…and I thought I screwed up.

"I DO trust you Daddy…", she buried her face in my chest again, "I'm sorry!"

I felt something weird happening inside me…did that work? Did I do good? I looked at Ben and Angela and they were smiling at me…at US. Ben gave me a thumbs up sign! Wow! I feel like I just won a million dollars! I know it's not all instantly fixed…but maybe what I said clicked…and made sense to her. And that was good enough for now. Healing would come in time.

"I'll always be here, my baby girl.", I held her close, stroking down her smooth, lovely hair, "I promise. You can believe it. Not all the forces of HELL could drag me away from YOU."

She sniffled and kissed my arm, the one that was closer to her face. I have her love…I have everything.

"Hey.", I had a good idea, "Wanna sing ? Remember we used to sing after your bath? I'd wrap you in the towel and then we'd sing a song before getting dressed?"

"Uh huh.", she nodded, wiping her other eye.

"Hakuna Matata?" I asked, knowing what she used to love…I hoped she still loved it.

"Yea!", she lit up…she was always a sucker for the Lion King.

Turn your back, Elton John, I'm stealing some of your magic.

"Hakuna Matata…" I sang, "What a wonderful phrase…"

She sang with me, smiling, turning and laying her back against my chest as I rocked us back and forth.

"Hakuna Matata…ain't no passing craze…" we sang together. Disney was a big deal for us when she was a kid. We heard every song a million times. The lyrics to every song were permanently engraved in my brain and I couldn't get rid of them if I wanted to. By the way, I don't want to.

"It means no worries…for the rest of your days…" we sang together as I closed my eyes, loving it that we could do this again…even if only for this one time. I thought I missed these years and she was too grown up for this now…but thank God… I was wrong. And for a moment, I was back in the past…with her, three years old…before Tanya was stolen from us…before Victoria stole me…back when her heart was completely unscarred…and before hurt and lonely found her.

This was the perfect song for the moment, I thought to myself…and how I wished singing these words could make it come true. I wish all our worries were behind us…I wish I could erase all the wrong I've done to this child.

"It's our problem free…philosophy…", we sang, "Hakuna Matata…"

Let's see if she remembers this part.

I said, "Hakuna Matata?"

She smiled…remembering we used to do this, doing our own parts.

"Yea! It's our motto!", she said, looking up at me.

"What's a motto?" I went, grinning like a dope.

"Nothing!", she giggled, "What's a-motto with YOU?"

She laughed and I owned the world.

I hugged her and closed my eyes again, making my wishes for her inside my heart.

"I love you, you little goofball.", I said, my voice betraying my pain.

"I love you too Daddy.", she clung onto me even tighter.

"Forever.", I said, looking at my hand, smiling at how little her hand was against it.

"Forever.", she repeated, closing her little fingers over mine.

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