Stuck In Fire 2 - Justin Bieber

Justin is finally reunited with Katie.. and that's awesome. I don't know what to write, 'cause i haven't read the story o.o IT'S NOT MIIIINE. I JUST POST IT TO READ IT :P


8. 8

Eating chocolate cake made Katie very happy. We decided to let her enjoy it. Ben and Angela would take Katie out after this and have a nice heart to heart talk with her about what was going to happen. I knew it would be hard, but I also felt it wouldn't be the end of the world. Katie would spend the night with them at their new place tonight and they would get her off to school tomorrow. I thought it would be good for her to see their house and be part of it. She could have two homes, neither of us would make her choose.

But now I would be the Dad of the house. I would be the old man coming through every morning. What the hell do I know about running things? For the last six years I've done every single thing I was told without question! How could I correct Katie when she was wrong…oh JESUS, how could I punish HER? She is going to walk all over me, I know it. I can't be like a tough DAD. And I can NEVER spank her or anything like that.

Every time I thought of it…I had another bite of the cake. Damn it's so moist and DARK! Just the way I love it. Save me, chocolate cake…I know you can do it.

Ben said he would call if Katie needed me. They took my little waitress with them, under the premise that they were going to the movies to see the new Harry Potter. That worked and as they left, I hoped she'd be alright. They should let her watch the movie first, before telling her the news.

"Come on, Papa, she'll be fine.", Selena assured me as I watched them drive off into the night.

I walked back into the living room, following Selena's lead and sitting with her on the couch.

"It's gonna be so weird, not having them here.", I shared, feeling so all alone with Selena suddenly.

"I know.", she touched my hand, stroking it, her eyes on mine, "They love you so much…it really touches me how they want to do the best thing for Katie…and for us. It must be so hard for them to go…after all they've gone through with her. I can't even imagine looking into that little face and saying that I'm moving…even if it IS only a few minutes away."

"I should stop this.", I said right away, seeing things from their point of view. I couldn't ask them to do this.

I was on my feet but Selena yanked me back down onto my ass.

"Katie looks exactly like Tanya.", I explained to her, "They've already had to lose their daughter once, this is too much to ask. Their hearts will BREAK if they make her cry…"

"Justin.", Selena was firm and looked deeper into my eyes, "They want you to be her father. They're right. Things are a little difficult for kids sometimes, but Katie will be alright. She's not LOSING them. She'll never lose them."

I took a breath and tried to listen to her words. Selena was right. Maybe we shouldn't blow this up into a huge drama. We should look on the positive side of things.

I was nodding, feeling her hands holding mine, and I raised them to my lips, kissing them both. I got that breathtaking smile of hers in return and she leaned us back on the sofa, snuggling herself into my arms. Selena is my anchor. As long as she's around, maybe I won't screw up this Dad thing too badly.

"Just think…", she whispered, "After Katie goes to bed, WE can hang out in here and watch 24 together."

I laughed, admitting that did sound very nice.

"I don't think we've ever made out on this couch before, now that I think of it.", I said, raising a brow and looking over at her.

"No, I don't think we have.", she commented, not moving, raising her brow back at me, hurling the ball back into my court.

"Maybe…", I slowly leaned forward, close enough that I could smell her perfume…or was it just that strawberry body wash…"We can fool around a little on THIS sofa sometime…you know, in the future…"

She was shivering…and it made me smile how nervous she could still be around me sometimes. It was adorable…innocence…was becoming like a drug to me.

"We…could do that…maybe…", she half whispered, her voice not as strong as she might have liked right now.

"Maybe…", I gave a deep whisper, and placed a very small and very soft kiss on her bottom lip.

I leaned back and watched her reaction. Her eyes closed, heavily, and she trembled. I was always amazed at Selena's responses to me. There was this sweet girl…naïve…and timid…but then, right under the surface…if you knew how to please her…was a sexual PANTHER. She was so exciting. And I hadn't been sexually excited for years before she came along.

"Come here…", I smiled and saw her eyes open as I curled my arms around her.

She leaned into my embrace and sighed as I moved my fingers over her back, firmly massaging, letting my fingernails scratch lightly….

"Uuuhhhh…", she moaned, clinging her little fingers into my own back…and I could feel her sweet, small breaths of hot air on my neck…in my hair.

"That feels sooo good…", she whispered.

Good, Selena…you're getting so great at talking while I'm touching you.

"Tell me…", I said, challenging her to say more while I buried my nose in her hair, my lips hungrily drinking the flesh of her neck, "Tell me what you want…it's yours…"

But she just sighed again and let her fingers wander to the back of my head, tugging a bit on my hair. God, I love that! Pull harder, baby! Rip it out!

"I just want YOU.", she said right into my ear before she bit her teeth into my earlobe. It was hot and wet and I felt Frankencock leap up, completely awake. Damn you, Frank! Can't you ever play hard to get?

"Selena…", I groaned, unable to restrain myself anymore. That's how it always was for me and Selena…a couple little sparks…then…BANG! A raging fire!

She was wild now…taking a huge lick up the veins of my neck and then a very firm bite. Mmmm….my vampire girl. She loves to use her teeth.

"Oh yea…", I panted, my eyes clenched, "Bite…harder…taste my blood…"

I had no idea what I was saying but I was caught up in the moment…I WANTED her to mark me…hurt me.

But then she eased up a bit…and placed a very open mouthed kiss on the spot she was biting a second ago. I smiled. I know she hates hurting me, even if I'm begging for it.

I felt her laying me back on the arm of the couch and to my surprise, she was pulling my t shirt up, exposing my chest, all the way up to my neck. My arms could only go above my head now, and I grabbed onto the sofa arm, turning my head and closing my eyes, awaiting her attention.

I opened my legs, and felt her settle in between, laying on my aching penis.

Come on, girl…

Gone was the shy, notebook girl…her thick, wet tongue roughly moved up my right nipple…and she was sucking it so hard…I grunted like a teenager, feeling my teeth biting my own lip this time.

Control…I had no control anymore. I used to be able to wait hours before coming if I was ordered to hold it…but with this hot little angel…I couldn't last five minutes.

I felt the teeth again and I let out a pleased breath, smiling in spite of myself, keeping my eyes gently closed.

I could hear Selena, breathing harder, her fingers all over me…moving down my ribs, clenching my hips…

"Fuck YES!", I moved my head in the other direction, raising my cock until it was resting against her denim pussy.

Selena gave a little whimper and moved my hips down, my ass back on the couch. I almost pouted.

What a little tease!

She rained a trail of warm kisses from my right nipple to my left…and she began attacking that one just as fiercely as the other.

God, I wish I was tied down! I won't be able to hold still much longer if she keeps this up!

I could feel my socks digging into the cushions, as if they'd rip right through at any moment. I curled my leg around hers, silently beckoning her to come closer.

"I think I LOVE this couch!", I panted, peeking down at her as she licked a circle around the pert flesh there…her other hand found the lonely right nipple…and began pinching it, little pinches over and over again…

Her other hand was tickling its fingernails up my side…and I nearly flinched.

"It was worth waiting for…", she whispered, fully in control, and she devoured my lips with her mouth…tongues licking…almost intertwining…mint…strawberry…heat…God, so WET!

My hands were free and half way up Selena's shirt…she moaned out loud, harder, as my fingers moved over the warm flesh of her back…on their way to that damn bra that I'm sure was waiting for me.

She let her pussy lay on top of Frank and grind against me.

I couldn't take anymore…I growled loudly and pounced.

"Selena!", I breathed roughly, curling up into a sitting position, my hands grabbing the back of her hair like a savage…then, my hands on her neck…just holding…not squeezing…be careful, DICK…my mouth swallowing hers down. My tongue was all over hers…and I could hear her fighting to get a little breath every couple seconds, when I allowed it. I FELT like a vampire for real, swallowing…drinking her…insatiable…not even aware that I was stealing her life as I just kept gulping her up, helpless to stop myself.

She made no move to stop me or calm me down…no…she was as wild and thirsty as I was. Suddenly, we weren't people anymore, we were just two stupid, horny animals…incapable of speech…clawing at each other with no apologies.

I thought I heard a thudding noise but I ignored it, my two hands grabbing the hem of Selena's shirt collar and yanking the edges apart, a glorious tearing sound filled my ears along with her screech that said keep going. I found the right breast and the miracle of no bra covering it there…and I attacked! She was seated in my lap, her head above mine a bit…but I was blissfully at eye level with that sweet little white tit and it's little button pink nipple.

She was really pulling my hair now and that spurned me on harder. She wasn't pulling me AWAY…she was pinning my head to her chest…silently ordering me not to leave this spot. I would obey her…in anything she wanted. I was hers now…happily, forever…a prisoner without chains. A willing slave…an adoring, broken doll…loving his girl.

Then that fucking noise happened again. I heard myself murmur, "What the fuck is that?"

Selena didn't seem to hear it either, she just clawed one of her hands into my half bare back, holding me closer to her, if that were possible. We were almost ONE right now!

I heard her incoherent voice slur the words, "Thinkitsssthedoor…idonnknow…donnttt stoppppp Eddddwarrdddd…"

Don't you fucking worry about that, baby. Justin's not stopping anything.

Then it happened again and both of us roared at the same time, two pissed off lions.

I shouted, "GO THE FUCK AWAY!" and Selena screamed, "FUCK OFF!"

Jeez…I hope that's not Katie at the door.

And just like that…Justin the lion became…Justin the bitch.

As hard as it was, I had to tear my flesh off Selena's body. I whispered my deepest apologies, kissing her lips a couple of time before I left the couch, saying, "Wait…just a second…it might be Katie. I'm sorry, baby, I'm SO sorry…wait a second…"

Selena didn't balk or look angry at me as she tried to close the rip in her blouse I'd made. I'm glad she at least realized, as I did, that we can never ignore doors knocked upon or ringing telephones…not while our daughter was out there. Hmmm…OUR daughter…that thought just popped into my head but sounds so right…so good.

I yanked open the door and looked down, as if expecting to see my baby there. But she wasn't. It was a man and a woman…and they were staring at me very sternly. They must've heard what we shouted at them a few seconds ago. I hope they wouldn't take it the wrong way.

I pulled my shirt down, realizing it was still half way up my torso, and greeted them.

"Yea?", I asked, seeing a woman with long, dirty blonde hair in a ponytail, wearing a white blouse and black slacks, black boots. Then there was a man with her, short, brown hair, wearing a purple button down shirt, gray blazer and matching gray pants. They looked like cops, and they looked like they were from New York. These must be the fucking marshals. Cock blockers.

"US Marshals, Benson and Morrison.", the woman rattled off as if she was bored already, showing her badge quickly.

I did not open the door to them.

"You aren't the marshals we came here with.", I said, never able to forget a face or a name. That rude little shitty redhead and the dopey guy were the marshals to bring us here on the plane.

"They've been…reassigned.", the man said, "Trust us, you have the better team NOW."

"Why'd they get reassigned?", I asked, still not trusting this.

"Look, if we were bad people you'd already be dead right now, Justin.", the man said, "If you need proof we're for real, let us in and we'll explain it all to you."

It took the marshals about ten minutes to explain things and prove themselves. We even called the Casper police while they sat at our table, waiting while we checked out their story. Everything was okay. Oh, yea, and Selena had put a new shirt on too…sadly.

Then, once we knew all was clear, Selena began with her questions.

"How is my Dad?", she asked first, almost desperate to know.

"He's fine.", Benson, the woman, informed, opening a file, "He's moved back to Forks, he's still refusing our help. But a woman's just moved into his house."

"What woman?", she looked threatened as she asked this…or maybe she was just angry.

"Sue Clearwater.", the man read from his own file, "I don't think it's a romantic relationship. She's taking care of him, as much as he lets her, anyway. He's not a very good patient, is he?"

"I know Sue.", she looked less irritated now, "She's a friend of the family. I'm glad he's not alone. What about his job? Will he still be Chief of Police?"

"Not likely.", the woman said, her eyes looking a little sorry for Selena at this, "A new Chief has already been appointed, a Sam Uley. We're not sure if it's permanent or not, I don't think THEY even know. Charlie resigned his position as soon as he got there."

"Maybe he just needs some time, Selena.", I said to her.

She nodded and fidgeted, grabbing a pencil off the table.

"How about Emmett and Jasper?", I asked, "Alice…Rosalie?"

"Yea.", Selena chimed in.

"Emmett and Jasper are in the program, we can't tell you where they are.", Benson informed, "And Alice and Rosalie went back to their lives. They're in school, like before."

"And they're safe?", I asked, wishing I could know that for sure. Those girls had put their lives on the line for my second chance. I didn't want them hurt in any way.

"Yes.", the man, Morrison, said, "You told us they didn't see Alice or Rosalie at any time, so we have no worries about their safety."

They sounded so positive. I didn't like that.

They told us about Ben and Angela's new place – we told them we knew about it already. They gave me a fat envelope for Ben with extra keys and paperwork inside.

Selena looked very on edge. I don't think it was very nice of the marshals to say Alice and Rosalie just went back to their own lives, as if Selena were nothing to them at all. I knew that's not how it was, but the way they spoke…bothered me.

Police made me itchy…Charlie was the only one who I ever got close enough to and trusted. He was a real person, and he treated me like one, too. But these two were like the others…they knew what I was and were treating me like a stupid whore, and worse, they were treating Selena like the dumb bitch who got involved with a stupid whore. Aren't there any human beings on the police force?

"So now, who exactly are we running away from here?", I asked after awhile, "James is locked up, yes? And Raven?"

"Yes, they are both in our custody.", Benson said, opening more of her files.

"And that Kevin guy, the fucker with the long black hair…", Selena piped up, making me stiffen, "He's dead, right? Jasper said he was."

"Kevin Doran." Morrison opened a file, laying it down on the table in front of us.

I actually jerked away from it before I realized I was doing it. There was a big picture of Sir Kevin in there, maybe from a couple of years ago. It looked like a picture that they would've found in his own house…a casual picture of him sitting in a chair, smiling.

I had gotten a good glimpse of his face…his smile…his fucking eyes…and I hated it…it was like, for a split second, he was looking into my face again…seeing me…glad he'd found me again.

Selena was holding my hand tight, her other hand rubbing my back as she spoke to the marshals.

"He's dead, right?", she asked again.

"He was badly burned…but he survived." Benson said, "They nearly left him for dead but then he started screaming your name."

I jerked my head up and gaped into Benson's eyes.

"He was screaming MY name?" I asked, repulsed.

"Yea.", she informed, "They had him at the hospital after you had joined us. Someone there dropped the ball and didn't cuff him, they weren't sure if he was a victim or not, so…when they went to arrest him, his bed was empty. We're still investigating his whereabouts."

"Well, I feel better now, you're investigating his whereabouts!", Selena started shouting at them, "Do you KNOW what that fuck DID to him?"

"No Selena!", I yanked her towards me by her hand, growling under my breath…no, more like pleading with her, "Don't!"

She looked at me and touched my face…remembering what I had said…putting her rage aside to think of me first.

Looking at the marshals, she bit her lip and said, "He was one of them…one of Victoria's men. He chained me up with Justin in the basement. He whipped us. He intended to kill us, he told us he would. He should be put away with the rest of them. Find him. Fast. He's a sick SHIT."

"We can go after him for kidnapping, assault, maybe attempted murder…", Morrison said, almost to himself, taking notes in Kevin's file, "It won't put him away for life, like the rest of them. Even Raven may walk. She says it was all consensual, a play party for masochists. A jury might buy that. You were all into the lifestyle."

"Can you…close that please?", I asked Selena, jerking my head at the file still on the table. I knew it was there…but until it was closed I couldn't look at that end of the table. And I couldn't even HEAR what the cops were saying as long as it was there, waiting for me to peek over at it again.

"Oh, yea, I'm sorry, Justin.", Selena said, slamming the damn file shut, shoving it at Benson.

"You have the tapes my father made that night. You have Justin screaming his head off for ten minutes while they dragged us to that dungeon! And we weren't INTO the lifestyle. I was never part of that world and Justin was forced into it.", Selena was an invincible defender. I knew she had my back.

"We know.", Benson said, "Don't worry, the evidence is safe. Your side will be told. We will do all we can to put them away, I promise you."

A silent moment passed. An awkward pause. I hoped justice would prevail, but I've never been a huge believer in the system. The guilty walked all the time. At least Victoria wouldn't walk away from this. For that much I was grateful.

"So then, there's Victoria's family, right?", Selena was asking, "She was in some big mob family Justin said. So they could be after us, or men hired by them."

"Yes, Victoria's father is Victor Spears. He's one of the most intelligent criminals we've ever faced.", Morrison said, "No matter what they try, the FBI can't get him. And now that his daughter is dead, and his son is in jail, he may try something stupid for revenge or to stop you from testifying against James. As far as we know, James is the only child he's got now…he may make a mistake, now that his emotions are involved. If he does, maybe then we can finally get him."

I looked at Selena, wondering if it sounded to her like it sounded to me…like they were hoping.

"Well, good luck with that.", she said sarcastically.

"I didn't mean it to sound that way.", Morrison winced a little, "We are certainly doing all we can to ensure that you're NEVER found…by any of these people.

"We don't mean to come off unfeeling or anything.", Benson said, her eyes a bit more sympathetic now, "But we have a job to do. This case won't be a slam dunk, easy win. A jury will have very little sympathy for a male prostitute and his girlfriend."

I cringed, hating the way she saw us. Would I always be that? A male prostitute, no matter how old I was…no matter how long I lived a clean, good life? Jesus, what if Katie had heard that? I would just die if she ever found out any of this. I felt my body break out into a cold sweat just picturing the revulsion in her eyes as she would look at me.

"FUCK YOU!", I heard Selena spit out as she leapt to her feet, "Justin wasn't a MALE PROSTITUTE, he was a fucking SLAVE! He was FORCED to do all those things!"

Morrison looked at me with this glance, as if to say, yea, right, while Selena was talking.

Even I knew that although I wouldn't have done it all on my own, I WAS actually, a prostitute. I had taken money from thousands of people, Selena included. I can't blame it all on Victoria. I'm a grown man.

"That's all very sweet, but will a jury believe that?", Morrison asked, keeping his distaste partially hidden, "At the end of the day, that's all that matters, what they'll think. If they don't believe in Justin, then they'll let every one of them walk out of that courtroom."

"That is a load of SHIT!", Selena kept yelling, her face beet red, "They're fucking GUILTY! They murdered Jasper's brother!"

"And James' lawyer now tells us that he says Justin was in on that too.", Benson informed, opening James' file, "He said it was Victoria and Justin together, high on acid, bathing and having sex in the kid's blood."

"What?" Selena snapped back.

"The cloth that was soaked with blood…", Benson turned a page in her file, "Two types of blood were on it. Jasper's brother…and Justin Bieber."

I felt my entire stomach hollow out. I couldn't breathe. They were going to try and pin that murder on ME?

"I NEVER did ACID!", I began, then added, "And I NEVER KILLED anyone!"

"How is your blood on that cloth, then?", Morrison asked.

"I told you before, they had my blood, when I signed myself over to Victoria.", I explained and began to see what the marshals were saying. Even I didn't buy my own story.

"Wait, I thought you were FORCED…a slave?", Benson asked.

"I—was!", I frowned more, trying to defend myself now, doing a lousy job, "But she made me sign a contract…"

"Which James' attorneys have now…", Benson looked at me as if I were retarded, "And they will use to prove you consensually entered into a Dom/Sub contract with her."

"Oh my God!", I heard myself groan, "I knew she'd cover her ass…I knew it…she knew if I ever tried to leave, she'd fuck me over. And all I have is my word, which means nothing to anyone!"

"It means something to ME.", Selena sat next to me and jerked my chin so I was looking at her, "Look at me, Justin. It doesn't matter what she did to cover herself. Don't you give up now. Not after all we've been through so far. You're not going anywhere, you hear me? We're gonna go into court, tell the fucking truth, and those assholes will go away, where they can never hurt anyone again. And we're gonna come back here, raise Katie, and grow old finding that goddamned Slurpee machine. Got it?"

I couldn't help but grin at that last part. Even though I was scared as Hell, and felt as if I'd been thrown back into the darkness all over again, Selena was my lighthouse…and man, did she shine!

"Got it.", I breathed, kissing her hand, holding it.

"We are on your side, guys.", Benson said, reminding us they were still here, "But I don't sugarcoat things. I hope you can appreciate that."

"I do.", I said, looking at Selena, hoping she didn't get mad at me for understanding their point of view.

Then, to Selena, I said, "I would rather have them tell us the truth than to sit here and say how easy it will be to win this case. I like to hear it straight, honestly, no punches pulled. Just like Dr. Selena gives it to me."

She smirked and nodded, closing her eyes and taking a breath. This whole being a witness thing would not be easy at all, and I could end up going to prison right along with the rest of them…or worse…I could go to prison…and they could go free. And Selena…what would happen to her? And Katie? Great, all I needed…more to worry about.

"Emmett and Jasper's testimony will help…but I don't know how much…", Morrison commented, "They're also prostitutes."

Selena clenched her eyes and made a very nasty sound that told them to stop using that word. I stroked her hands, trying to soothe her a bit…then she let out a ragged breath.

"What about Charlie?", I asked, trying to help a little.

"He'll help.", Benson nodded, "But he wasn't actually there in the start of your relationship to Victoria or when that boy was killed. He only knows what you told him, so it'll be hearsay."

"No, I think my father's missing leg IS NOT hearsay.", Selena pointed out, "They shot him, they shot Justin! And if he didn't get in the way of that bullet, I'd be dead now. And funny, I didn't see any policemen there to protect me…except my father! But a male prostitute put his life on the line to save me. And if this is how you people PROTECT us, we should put hookers in blue uniforms and stick YOU GUYS in the cages!"

"I know this is emotional for you guys, but you can't do this in court!", Benson scolded Selena for her passion, "You have to give yes and no answers, keep calm. If you show this kind of rebellion, we'll lose."

"We have a lot of work to do before court.", Morrison sighed, glancing at his partner.

"What does THAT mean?" Selena asked, her face very unforgiving.

Benson sighed and rubbed her eyes.

"It means we're going to have to ask Justin questions, as the defense attorney would. They're gonna be hard questions…questions that are designed to anger, confuse and humiliate him…and we're going to have to ask them over and over again until Justin can answer them calmly…and with credibility…to win the jury over. And when all that is done, then we'll have to work on you, Selena."


"You are very spirited and full of passion, and that's great.", Benson informed, "But it won't fly in court. You'll be removed from the stand and your testimony will not get in. The jury will think you two are…and I'm sorry for my use of words here…big mouthed trash…and worse, they'll think you capable of violence and drug use…it stinks but that's the way juries are."

Selena snorted, muttering, "Yea, like murderers don't sit quietly in court."

"And the innocent don't shout out from the bullshit of it all.", I muttered back.

Even now, we're still a team. Granted, we're a bratty, big mouth thrash belligerent cop hating team…but a team, nonetheless.

"Lots of work to do.", Benson muttered to her partner.

I know I should probably be worrying over all the humiliating questions and role plays we'll be doing soon, but right now, I couldn't give a shit. Selena was holding my hand and I was holding hers…and it felt like even God himself couldn't tear them apart…tear US apart. But still, I hated more shit being loaded onto Selena's shoulders because of me.

How much would be TOO much before she broke…snapped and decided she couldn't take this anymore? I didn't need more things trying to tear her away from me.

It was clear that I was going to be raped all over again the second I took the witness stand…and I could deal with that. But to think of Selena there…I'd rather go on a honeymoon with Sir Kevin right now.

Was I wrong to keep it my secret from the cops about Sir Kevin and what he did to me? Would that put him away longer…or would it just be a pointless ordeal…telling the whole courtroom in detail about that endless fucking day…no pun intended…I'm sure they'd eat it all up too…it would make a juicy, sordid tale. And I'd have to tell it calmly…without emotion? Get real. I couldn't even tell it to Selena, how could I tell it to god damned strangers? Reporters scribbling down every word…or taping everything I was saying…Jesus, what if they let the trial be videotaped? I'd become a fucking rerun on Dateline or something.

The marshals didn't insult us any further that night and just asked how we were doing here…how my job was going…Selena's school. That's when I loudly asked what kind of bullshit is making Selena having to do her college credits all over again. They just quietly said they'd check it out and see what they could do…but no promises.

No promises…the story of my fucking life.

They told us they'd be close by. They would not be going back to New York for awhile…they had to begin preparing us…going over our stories over and over again while the lawyers prepared their cases back home. I mentally told myself Selena and I would have to go over our story together alone before Cagney and Lacey here got us separated and eventually heard two different things. After all, we were keeping stuff out…and…our story about Victoria's death was definitely a lie. They would never know that Selena was the one to shove that candle down, setting fire to the bitch.

If it came down to it, I'd admit to it myself before letting them take Selena down for murder. She would protest, of course…but who would the jury believe capable of it? A police chief's daughter…or a male prostitute bent on hurting his pimp? They'd believe me on that one point I'll bet.

Hopefully it would never be questioned. But if Sir Kevin was alive…if they found him…he would tell them he wasn't the one to burn Victoria…he was knocked out when it happened. How would a jury believe that he set fire to Victoria, and then himself? And why would he turn on her, if he was one of her men?

That left Jasper, me, and Selena. Fuck! I can't believe it, but I hope Sir Kevin is never found. Maybe he died after he ran from the hospital. A simple infection could kill him if he was so badly burned without medical care. And in the darkest part of my soul, I actually prayed for that to be true.

Does God hear prayers like this? Or am I praying to someone else now? I felt myself shiver, and turned away from my inner monster. He was the ugliest thing I'd ever seen…and Selena had never really got a glimpse of him…I hoped she never would. I hoped, foolishly, that living well…living this good life…would kill and suffocate the sick thing living inside me. And that Dr. Selena would help burn him out with her words…with her love. But I'm wrong. Only I can end him forever. I have to find the way…I have to get counseling. If we are to survive this shit coming up…I have to get better…stronger.

When the marshals left…and Selena went to get a shower…I glanced at the phone…seeing Selena's list next to it. She had names with lines through them so I skipped those.

I went through the oh so fun process of calling out through the police station…there were just two names left on Selena's list: Dr. Marilyn Saunders…and the last…Dr. Peter Facinelli. When I got through to Dr. Saunders, her voicemail was on…and it said to leave a message.

Like a fool, I began mine this way:

"Uh, hi.", I hesitated, "My name is…Anthony Masen…and I…I guess I would like to make an appointment to discuss my…well…"

Can I say, "I'd like to discuss my fucked up life" on a doctor's answering machine? It didn't feel right.

Actually, I felt like a horse's ass…and I can speak from experience on that one.

"Never mind.", I finally said, hanging up the receiver with a loud CLANG!

Try again, Justin – my inner drill sergeant demanded. I looked at the clock. It was already like 9pm. No doctor would answer his phone at this hour. I'll probably have to leave another message. I worked out what I'd say before I dialed this time.

'Hi, Dr. Facinelli. My name is Anthony Masen and I'd like to make an appointment with you as soon as possible. My number is blah blah blah…' That doesn't sound too bad.

Okay…here I go. I dialed and took a deep breath, waiting for the machine to start.

The phone rang twice and then nothing…someone picked up and a male voice said, "Dr. Facinelli's office."

Now I was thrown…and my speech flew out the fucking window.

"Oh…HI!", I stood up with the phone in my hand, "Uhhmmm…I didn't think anyone would answer so late…is this his service or something?"

Then this perfect, smooth laugh trickled into my ear.

"No, I don't have a service.", he said, "I'm not that huge yet. My office is in my home so if I hear the phone, I pick it up. It's not like I'm doing anything that exciting anyway. Are you a patient of mine?"

"Uh…no…", I tried to sound as relaxed as he did, failing miserably, "I just moved here and I…wanted to see if I could set up an appointment."

"Of course.", he sounded like he was smiling…and I even felt a warmth from him…over the phone! How'd he do that?

"What's better for you…mornings…afternoons…evenings?" he asked.

"Um, definitely evenings.", I answered, not adding anything more.

"Great.", he said without any sarcasm, "What's your name?"

"Ed" FUCKKKK! "I mean…Anthony Masen." I was silently screaming at myself, my mouth moving and all for fucking up already.

He gave a little chuckle and said, "Don't worry…I don't give anyone's names out or anything. Anything we share will go to the grave with me. On that, you have my promise."

"Cool.", was all I could think to say on that. Man I sound dumb.

"I have an opening on Saturday night…", he said, "This Saturday at…mmm…8pm if that's okay."

That could work. Katie could be with Ben and Angela…and maybe Selena could come with me that first night…we could go out to dinner beforehand.

"That's perfect actually.", I couldn't keep the surprise out of my voice.

"Are you sure?", he asked a little playfully, "I'm not interrupting a date or anything? Saturday nights are never taken…everyone has more fun things to do that night of the week."

"I know…", I said, smiling, liking this guy already…then corrected myself and said, "I mean…I can see that a lot of people might feel that way. But not me. I really need…this…bad. And my girlfriend will be really proud of me for setting this up without her…is it okay if I bring her with me?"

"Sure.", he said, "Anything you want."

This guy is very cool.

"So tell me, Anthony…", he said, just when I thought the call was nearly over. And I panicked, thinking he'd ask me things now about my problems…about myself…and I wasn't sure if I was ready to just open up on the telephone with a total stranger…but again, he surprised me.

"What is your favorite drink?" he asked me.

I knew my brow was furrowed…and I answered…"Uhhh…Cherry Slurpee."

God, I am a total moron. I can't believe I said that!

"Oooh, good choice.", he said, as if he were writing it down, "Any what about snacks? What do you go for?"

I let out a little chuckle and shrugged like he could see me…"Uhh, I don't know…chips…Doritos?"

"Sounds good.", he said, "And oooh, that great warm cheese dip…"

"This is…a psychologist's office, right?", I had to double check, "I got this number from my girlfriend…"

"Yea.", he sounded a tad insulted, "Why? Don't psychologists eat? Would you rather not have the chips and the slurpee?"

"There are no slurpees in this town, but thanks for asking.", I smiled as I spoke to him…it felt like talking to a buddy, not a doctor.

"I might know where to get one…", he said very mysteriously…and suddenly I wanted to go there NOW.

"Oh man…you're good.", I laughed, "I've been searching for one since I moved here."

"Oh, now I DEFINITELY have to get it for you.", he confirmed it, then his voice got a bit more serious, "Listen…can I call you Anthony?"


"Anthony…", he began, "I may be a little stranger than the usual doctors out there…my ways might sound weird or different than everyone else's…but I have all the degrees nailed to my walls…you can see them when you come here…and I have helped many, many people…I can help you. Whatever you need, I'm here for you 24/7. All my patients have that promise. If you choose to see me again after Saturday, I'm with you all the way."

I got so choked up I almost couldn't respond. And then the bathroom door opened and Selena was coming out, wearing a towel around her body….mmmm….

She looked at me standing here with the phone in my hand and looked quizzical, as if asking who I was chatting with. I hoped she would be proud of me and not insulted that I did this without her.

"Anthony…you still with me?", he asked, not hearing me for a minute.

"I'm here.", I piped up fast, not wanting to lose him, "And that DOES sound great to me…what you just said. I like weird. The snacks and slurpee sound great too, if you can find it."

I laughed so he'd know I was kinda kidding with him. And he laughed too. It was a good laugh. I like this guy…so far.

Selena came closer to me and leaned her damp cheek against my chest…softly putting her free arm around me…rubbing my back up and down as I finished my call.

"I will not let you down.", he sounded amused by the challenge and I heard him click his pen. I guess he was writing my name in now. I got the double meaning from his sentence…and I appreciated how committed he seemed to me and we were just talking on the phone for the first time.

"Thank you.", was all I could think of to say next. Selena placed a very sweet kiss over my heart through my t shirt…I think she figured out who I'm talking to.

"You're welcome Anthony.", he said with all the sincerity in the world, "I look forward to meeting you. It'll be fun…the first meeting won't be too hard…don't be nervous. If you're nervous, then you'll make ME nervous, okay?"

"Okay.", I said with a little laugh. I like that he's not all cocky…like he knows everything. He doesn't make me feel like an imbecile.

"Alright, man.", he said, "Saturday. Do you know how to get here?"

"Uhhmmm…", I looked at the list and saw there WAS an address written under his name, "I have the address. Yea."

"If you get lost, ask.", he suggested, "Everyone knows where I'm at."

"Alright, thank you Doctor.", I said politely, not sure why I was being so formal while he was being so down to earth and real with me.

"Take care Anthony.", he said…and then he waited for me to hang up first, I guess in case I wanted to say anything else.

"Bye, Doctor.", I said, fumbling a little, and then hung up.

I let out a deep breath and felt the room tilt a bit….but then Selena was right there with me…her warm, wet body wrapped in terrycloth….waiting for me. But her mind wasn't in the gutter with mine at the moment.

Her smile was pure heaven…this wasn't a smile I had seen often…she was beaming with pride…love…adoration…

"Baby…", she purred, "You called a doctor…you made an appointment for yourself?"

"Yea.", I said like a little boy awaiting his prize for a good deed, "He was the last guy on the list…but he was SO cool. He says he's gonna have a cherry slurpee there for me when we come."

"What?", she giggled.

"I know, I know, he sounds a little weird…", I nodded, "But I…liked him. He's not all stuck up sounding like some of these other ones…"

"You didn't even talk to those other ones…", she smirked at me, shaking her head.

"You know what I mean.", I rolled my eyes, "You didn't like these other guys…you crossed them off."

"Yea I know…", she looked at the list by the phone, "They weren't good enough for you."

"Well, I don't know how this Facinelli guy will be…but I have an appointment.", I said, "Saturday…8 o clock. He said you could come with me if I wanted you to."

"Wow, Saturday?", she looked impressed, "Lots of doctors are only Monday to Friday."

"I know!", I couldn't help but hear my own excitement as I spoke…and I realized…I was allowing myself to hope a little, "And he answered his own phone…and it's so late already."

"And he said if I become his patient, he's there for me 24/7, whenever I need him.", I shared, "That sent chills up my spine!"

"What else did he say?", she asked, smiling up at me.

"He said he could help me.", I shared the other thing he'd said that touched me.

She let out a breath and held me tighter.

"I love you, Justin…", she sounded a little weepy, "And I'm so fucking proud of you."

"I love you, too, Selena.", I held her closer, moving my hands through her wet hair, "And I don't want you to worry…or be afraid of what those marshals said. We'll be alright. We'll get through this…together. Partners, right?"

This is something Selena said to me back in New York.

"Partners.", she agreed, "Forever. And I'm not worried. If they try to put you in jail, I'll be there the next day to break you out. No one will take you away from me…not ever."

"I know it.", I said, trusting that with all I had, "And this time, I'll be a strong partner for you…you won't have to carry me. That's why I called the doctor. I don't want you to have all the weight on your shoulders. I'll help YOU this time."

She clung onto me tighter, and I saw her eyes glistening with tears as she kissed me…saying all she needed to say to me now.

"I'm taking you to dinner, too, before our appointment.", I announced.

She laughed, kissing my neck and looking back up at me.

"Oh yea?", she smiled, "Where will we go?"

"I think a Chinese place…", I thought aloud, looking down at that adorable face, kissing her sweet little nose, "We haven't had Lo Mein in over a month."

She gasped…"Ohhh Lo Mein!"

"Take it easy, kitten…", I teased her, "Daddy has to find the place first. We're not in Kansas anymore you know."

"You can do it…", she was hopping up and down, "Please, please, please!"

"Jesus…what's gotten into you tonight?", I laughed.

"More like…what's GOING to get into me tonight…", she jumped up and threw her legs around my waist…the towel falling to the floor. Oh my God…wet Selena wrapped around me! How can I resist this? And why would I try?

"Oh yea…we kinda got interrupted on the couch earlier, didn't we?", I asked.

She kissed me hard and then whispered into my ear, "Walk over to the freezer, I have a surprise for you."

"I think I've heard this one before…", I teased, laughing and carrying her as I went to the freezer.

"Open it, DUH!", she said as I stood there, waiting.

I laughed, saying, "You just said to walk to it…you didn't say to OPEN it."

"Oh my God.", she yanked it open and reached in, letting out a little squeal as the frosty air flew out and hit her warm, wet breasts.

She shrank back from it but I couldn't let this go.

"Oh, no WAIT!", I opened it more, putting her back right up against it as she screamed, struggling against me.

"NO Justin…AAAAA!", she hollered, "Let GO!"

"Let's go to the freezer, you said…", I taunted, laughing, "Oh, look…ice!"

"NO!", she bucked and jerked against me…and that was turning me on even more, "NO! DON'T!"

She was trying to stop me but I managed to get a nice hunk of ice out of the tray to the right…and I put it into my own mouth…sucking off the sharp edges before using it on my Selena.

"Justin!", she cried out, "I'm NOT enjoying THIS!"

"Yes you are, you don't fool me, Dr. Selena…", I smiled as she let out a nervous laugh.

I took the ice out of my mouth and slowly moved it around that pert little nipple, already standing at attention from the cool air around it. Selena "let" me do this…and I watched as the small drops of ice water moved down the round valleys of her breasts…down the middle of her torso…traveling to better places below. But I couldn't torture Selena for very long. My heart wouldn't allow it. I saw she enjoyed it but she was also cold and uncomfortable so I had to stop.

After moving it all around her flesh, I had a small piece left and I popped it into my mouth, tasting her as I let it melt on my tongue, soaking into the crevices of my teeth.

"Mmmm…Selenasicle…yummy.", I smiled, about to close the freezer door.

But she stopped me. And pulled out a red box of something, handing it to me without a word.

I looked at it and heard myself go, "NOOO WAY!"

"Way.", she giggled, watching me act like a little kid.

"Are you SERIOUS?", I tore open the box with my teeth as she made a face and laughed at me, "Where'd you FIND these?"

"It's a big secret.", she shook her head at me, "Only I know…and you only get them if you're a good boy."

Then she winced at herself…as if she said something wrong. But I didn't take any offense at that. It was cute.

"Then I'll have to be very good.", I said with a tone that let her know I was fully aware what she meant and that I had not forgotten how naked she was, wrapped around Dr. Frankencock.

"You're ALWAYS very good.", she said, her eyes dizzy and wanton just like mine probably were right now.

"I wanna eat these…", I informed, very seriously while she laughed.

"But I wanna lick them off of YOU after they melt a little.", I finished.

She looked scared but thrilled and asked, "Is this where I say Lo Mein?"

"Nope.", I shook my head, tossing her over my shoulder, "I'm going to erase those words from your memory bank, little girl!"

She giggled and said, "Lo Mein, Lo Mein, Lo Mein!"

"That's it!", I slammed my bedroom door behind us as I took her inside, "Spanking time!"

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