Stuck In Fire 2 - Justin Bieber

Justin is finally reunited with Katie.. and that's awesome. I don't know what to write, 'cause i haven't read the story o.o IT'S NOT MIIIINE. I JUST POST IT TO READ IT :P


5. 5

Justin sat down on my floor, crossing his legs like an Indian's and smiled at me like a child on Christmas morning, awaiting his gift.

We were both damp from our shower, which we took together – you know, just to save the hot water – (yea right) and we were in our pajamas and ready to begin our first session in about a month. I took a deep breath, nervous to still be doing this, but at the same time, I had to admit, it felt good to be doing this again.

"Alright Justin.", I moved my wet strands of hair back away from my eyes, "You said—"

He looked disappointed and was watching me like I just killed Santa.


"You're not gonna do it?", he asked, crestfallen.

I rolled my eyes and smiled, pretending to hit a button on the carpet between us.

"Justin Bieber – session 2 million.", I joked as he beamed back at me. God damn that perfect colgate smile!

"Hello Justin.", I smiled at him, shaking my head a little, "Nerd."

"Hello Dr. Selena.", he grinned back, "Gorgeous."

"That's very inappropriate, Justin, so stop that.", I acted professionally, unable to resist that face, "Behave or your session will be terminated early."

"Yes.", he looked down, getting serious, "Sorry."

"Alright.", I looked up a little, then opened my little notebook. Justin tried to peek up over it to see what I had in there, a nosy little boy peeking into his presents.

"Quit it.", I yanked it towards me as he chuckled.

"So, Justin, you had a big day today.", I began, "How was your day at the new job?"

"It was great.", he shrugged, "It was so nice to do an honest day's work. I got a decent workout too."

Time to play hide and seek with Justin.

"Justin…", I looked into his eyes, sternly, "You know if therapy is to work, you have to tell the truth…"

"I am telling the truth.", he looked at me without a hint of guilt.

"Cause, I used to go to camp working with horses when I was a kid.", Selena informed, "I thought it was all going to be fun and riding. But I was so shocked when I saw all the work that goes into caring for horses. Two summers of it and I never wanted to do that again. My dad was smart to send me there. It showed me that animals are a big responsibility and damn hard work. I never hurt so much in my life…"

"Are you calling me a liar?", he asked, his face a little tense now.

"No…", I looked away, "I know you probably had to color your stories up a bit for Katie. But I'm not a little girl. I would like to hear what happened. Good and bad."

"I like it there.", he stared back at me, his tone getting a little hostile, "Okay?"

"Why are you already hiding from me?", I asked, "You just said earlier, no more hiding. You wanted this session. Come on, Justin."

He looked down at his hands as they opened and stretched under his eyes.

I waited.

"I think you'll be ashamed of me.", he began.

"After all the ways we just had each other?", I tried to joke, "Can't you see we have no shame?"

He took a breath.

"I…", he began and stopped, then started again, "I suck."

I almost laughed, remembering myself saying the same thing when I tried ballet. But I kept my face straight.

"I got pushed around by every single horse there.", he continued, "They hate my guts. They kicked me, bit me, pissed and crapped all over me. And those were the HIGHLIGHTS of my day!"

I hid a smile, imagining it for a second. But he looked so sad.

"Did you get our note?", I asked, hoping that made at least three seconds of his day a little nicer.

He smiled then. "Yes I did.", he almost whispered, "You have no idea how much I needed it today. It did a lot of good for me. Thanks."

"Katie's idea.", I shrugged, "She's a little sweetheart, just like her Dad. I wish I had thought of it."

"I used to put notes in her lunchbox.", he informed, smiling to himself, remembering, "So really, it's my idea."

"I should've known.", I grinned at him.

"So what will you do now?", I asked, trying to stay objective, "Will you go back?"

"Yes.", he said, not looking very thrilled.


"A bunch of reasons.", he looked up, thinking about it, "For one, Bob, the guy I told you about, he's a good guy. He helped me a lot today, but not too much. He treated me like a man, a man who could handle it on his own. And I don't want to change his opinion of me. I want to get better and show him that I can do it."

I smiled. Good, he was talking now. Come on baby, tell me more.

"And Sharon, the lady who runs the place…", he thought as he spoke, "I don't want to let her down."

I nodded.

"And also…", he looked up at me then down, "I heard Victoria's voice in my head today."

I frowned before I knew I was doing it but I didn't want Justin to think I was angry with HIM for this.

I waited, in silence.

"When it was getting really hard…", he went on, "And I was hurting all over…I…I invited her into my head."

His voice cracked a bit as he said, "I know I shouldn't have, but I needed it, Selena. God fuck me, I needed a voice – a voice that was cruel and mean – to make me push myself harder, to keep going. It worked. And I felt myself becoming that…thing again. I couldn't even raise my eyes if I wanted to. And then Bob snapped me out of it somehow."

"What did he do?"

Justin smiled and gave a small laugh for a second. "He took me to a lake.", he stated, "We had lunch with our feet in the water. And then he jumped in, clothes and all. It was great. I felt…new again. It was weird. I mean, it was just a lake."

"It was more than that.", I smiled warmly at him, "Someone cared about you. Someone showed you that work doesn't have to come with insults and demands. Someone showed you that it's okay to suck on your first day."

"He is really cool.", Justin admitted, "At first, I didn't like him at all. He calls me ANT."

I laughed at that.

"And something else happened before the lake…", he remembered, "I thought he was going to…attack me. When he suggested lunch by the lake, alone…far from the stables…I got scared."

"Oh sweetie.", I touched his hand, "It's okay."

"I thought I was over it…", Justin said, "I thought in time, I would forget it and it would be gone…but it never goes away. The only reason I could be with you tonight is because I felt so good after the day was over. I was sore and tired and everything, but I didn't feel like a whore anymore. I felt…clean, even with the odor I brought in here tonight."

I hugged him and stroked his hair.

"That is so great.", I said, "And I know in time, with the right therapist, you won't feel afraid of people all the time. You can never really GET OVER what Victoria did to you…it was six long years of horror for you. And this is where I tell you that you need to see a REAL doctor. I got some names for you from school. I want you to pick one out and try calling them, see if you like one, and we can make an appointment for you."

"No.", he said flat out, his eyes defensive again, "I told you, it's just you. I don't want this town whispering about me behind my back. I don't want kids talking about me at Katie's school."

"Everything is TOTALLY confidential Justin!", I said for the three thousandth time, getting a little loud, "No one else will know ANYTHING!"

"This is a little crap town, all the hicks stick together here.", Justin frowned, "He'll tell everyone what I am and Katie will hate me. She'll be sick to her stomach…"

And just like that, I felt myself break.

"That's it, I can't do this anymore!", I stood up, watching his eyes follow me as I turned then turned back to him, "I am NOT a psychiatrist! I don't have all the answers for you! I can't snap my fingers and make it all okay! Do you know how much pressure this puts on me? Not only do you need deep counseling, but so does Katie! So do I ! And it wouldn't hurt Ben and Angela either. I can't save everyone here myself!"

"Katie does NOT need counseling.", Justin's mouth was in a hard line.

"Yes she does!", I sneered, out of control now, my voice lowering, "The poor kid lost everything, including her very skin! She lost you, Tanya, and she told me today that when she was little, kids used to scream at her, cause they were afraid of her face!"


"But she went to school today.", I pointed towards her room, "She went with a big smile on her face and made every kid in that class love her! She is so strong but she needs some help too. Do you know we got a call from the police today?"

Justin looked up at me, his eyes alarmed.

"Yea.", I said, "We all freaked out, thinking maybe something had happened to you. Katie was SHAKING! And she told me she thought the bad people killed you. She is hiding it but she's afraid too. She's so afraid she's going to lose you again. That's the reason she hates you being out of her sight!"

Justin was clutching at his hair, and I could hear sniffling.

"No one has even helped her get over the death of her mother.", I pointed out, "Ben and Angela never took her to see someone!"

"My God, Selena, she needed constant care for the burns all over her body!", Justin growled under his breath, "Not to mention her internal organs! Where were they supposed to find time to squeeze a therapist in there?"

"They should've found the time.", I had to admit, as much as I loved them, they had messed up there, "The poor little thing went through so much physical pain not to mention the emotional – I'm sure it would've done her a lot of good to have someone to talk to. She seems fine on the surface, Justin, but I'm telling you, if she doesn't see someone soon, she's going to have real problems later."

"I know, you think EVERYONE needs therapy!", he sat there, glaring at me.

"YOU keep begging for it!", I accused.

"I'm completely fucked up, that's why!", he hissed, leaping to his feet.

"You are NOT!", I flung my fists at the air, "And you will keep getting better if you just grow some BALLS and go SEE someone!"

"This has nothing to do with my BALLS!", he shouted back, his eyes ablaze with fury, "I am trying to make this life work for us! I'm trying to suck it up and not complain all the time!"

"Oh GOD!", I laughed with a cruel voice, "Are you KIDDING me ? I am SO SICK of hearing you complain! I think it started on the airplane on the way over here and it hasn't stopped since ! You whined all through August! And you're gonna WHINE all through September too! I can't WAIT to hear your CHRISTMAS whining!"

He just stared at me with this hurt little face…but my mouth had more horrible things to say.

"You told me you wanted to be with your daughter, you told me you wanted to be FREE!", I went on, unstoppable, "You have that now! It took a fucking miracle to free you ! It took my father's leg ! You were SHOT ! And yet everyday I hear you complaining about EVERYTHING from the fucking cowboy hat to the NO SLURPEES in this town! GOD ! What did you think this was gonna be? Perfection?"

He looked away, his face in a wince that I hated seeing there.

"Do you miss your old life?", I asked, feeling tears in my eyes now, "Do you miss HER? Do you want your nice clothes back? Your cool friends? All the fun parties? Your beautiful car ?"

"NO!", he answered, his own eyes glistening with unshed tears, "NO!"

"Do you think you're the only one who's having a rough time here?", I asked, "Do you know that I think of my father everyday? I left him in the hospital with half a leg and I can't even call him to see how he is! I can't check on him and see if he needs help getting around. I just dumped him! And Alice, Rosalie…I love them and I'll never see them again!"

He let out a sob and turned away from me, standing up. "Please stop." He almost pleaded.

"Do you know why I was so quiet at dinner?", I kept going, "I found out today that I have to start college all over again, because all the credits I earned in New York can't be transferred over here, especially since my name is now Marie Brown!"

There was a small pause. He looked at me, heartbroken, looking around as if there was some way he could fix it. But we both knew he couldn't.

"I'm sorry.", he wept, "I didn't know…"

"And why did you just walk past me when you got home like I wasn't even there?", I asked a little loudly, "Are you pissed at me for making you go to work today?"

"NO!", he said and as his eyes squinted, a tear trickled down his cheek.

I wanted to stop fighting with him…I knew I was hurting him. But I was hurting too and it was all pouring out now. I had held it all in for too long. It was the cruel part of me out of her chains, raging.

"THEN WHY?", I demanded, "Why did you DO that? I feel like the only time you WANT me is when you know Dr. Selena will be coming after! You never touch me anymore! You hardly even TALK to me! Then you just walked by and went with Katie like I was fucking FURNITURE! I was worried about you all day!"

"I think this session is over.", Justin wiped his cheek and tried to get to the door, but I blocked it.

"No, I want to know!", I yelled, "Tell me!"

"Selena, move out of my way.", he warned me, "I told you I have a nasty temper and I don't know how long I can keep it under control."

"I knew it!", I said, "I can't be your Dr. Selena anymore because you LIE! You say you're gonna tell me the truth but then you hide and run every time! When you stop doing THAT, THEN you'll be a man."

He grabbed my arms and I let out a little gasp or squeal, or a combination of both. I thought maybe he was going to hit me, even though I didn't think he would do that.

"You wanna know why I'm not MR. LOVER all the time?", he shouted, growling it, "You wanna know why I'm not the fun little TOY you miss so much ?"

"Let me go!", I fought but his hold on my was tight as he shook me.

"I was raped!", he let me go, letting my back fall against the door.

For a minute I couldn't even move…or breathe.

"And not the way I usually am. It was that…Sir Kevin guy…from the club.", he informed, his voice low and solemn. His eyes didn't look into mine. There was such shame all over his face.

I watched him in shock, not processing the words right away.

As he spoke, I began to shiver all over, hating what I had just become.

"The bug…", Justin said quietly, turning his back to me, his hands in his hair, "I bit down on it and destroyed it. I didn't want Charlie…or you…to ever hear that…to ever find out. I thought I could at least keep that part of my…past a secret. But it keeps coming back. He pops into my mind all the time. Even today at work. Bob went to take my hat off and I lost it. He was totally nice about it, though. When I came home, HE was in my head again. I was afraid to look at you, afraid you'd see right through me and know. Katie snapped me out of it. A few minutes later, once it was gone and I knew it wasn't coming back…I felt how much I missed you all day…how much I wanted you, wanted to tell you that even though I hated the job and the fucking horses, that I LOVE you…and I still do…even if I can't always be the lover I used to be all the time. I guess I felt guilty, not telling you about it all this time…I should've trusted you."

"Justin…", was all I could say, crying, pinned to the door by my own evil mind. I felt like I didn't deserve to touch him now…or maybe he wouldn't want me to.

He was facing me now and his eyes held no rage anymore. He just looked empty.

"I am so afraid that you'll get tired of all this…of me…", he said softly, "And want to leave. I wouldn't blame you. I'm more afraid of that than all the Sir Kevins in the world. I want to be the man you deserve, Selena. I want to make you happy. I don't want to be a whiner or a crybaby…or a stranger to you. I'm sorry I've been that way. You'll never hear me complain again."

"No, Justin!", I cried, throwing my arms around him, "I'm so sorry, baby, please don't pull away from me! I didn't mean all those things I said. I love you so much! You are the man I want, right now!"

I wanted to say so much more but I burst out crying in his arms…and he held me, crying in mine. A lot of women say they want a tough man, a man who never cries. But I love that Justin can cry in my embrace and not be ashamed. I'm glad he wants to lean on me when he needs it. I felt closer to him now than ever before.

"I'll never leave you.", I wept, clinging onto his back, "Please forgive me…"

"Nothing to forgive.", he whispered, "You were right. I DO need to see someone. I don't want to put all my baggage on you. You have enough shit to deal with of your own."

"I love you.", I cried in a little girl voice.

"I love you too, my crazy little Dr.", he kissed my head, "And if you think we all need therapy, we'll get it. Hell, maybe I'll even bring all the horses with us."

I laughed and so did he. It didn't erase all the bad things we would have to deal with, but at least we knew we were still together…still loved each other as much…no, more, than the two weeks we spent together in the start.

The more of these hurdles we climbed together, the closer and closer we would be. I knew even more now that I needed therapy, after the way I attacked Justin just now. That's not me. But I was glad at least I had forced some things out that would've never come out any other way. I was sick to hear what that fucked up Kevin guy did to Justin, but I was thankful that he let me know about it. I was thankful that he could see that nothing would make me abandon him. And most of all, I was thankful that now he could deal with this latest nightmare with a professional. Even the best of all, I couldn't wait to report his ass to the marshals coming tomorrow night. He would be ass fucked a million times in prison, I would make sure of it.

"No more secrets, okay?", I whimpered as he rocked me in his arms.

Secrets could kill. I've always known that. Maybe now Justin did too.

"No more.", his voice croaked as he kissed my lips, just right.

We held each other all night…well, after I gave Justin a very thorough body massage. He instructed me how to do it like the one he'd given me on our first night together. I think it loosened up all the pains of his very long day, (he made enough very happy sounds while I was doing it) and also, I wanted him to feel my touch…slowly get used to it again…and relax without fear as I touched him.

I hoped that he could face tomorrow a little bit stronger.

When I got up in the morning I could hear and smell someone cooking in the kitchen. I thought it was Angela. But as I walked into the kitchen, I was so glad to see a very handsome Justin at the stove, creating something that smelled sooo good.

Is my man amazing or what? He has to go tend horses all day today and he gets up early to make breakfast. What lottery in heaven did I win?

"Hey Cutest Maximos !", he smiled at me as my eyes adjusted on him. He was wearing a black short sleeved t shirt, a pair of jeans, and workboots. In short, he looked adorable!

"Hey.", I smiled back, pleasantly surprised, "Nice booties."

"Booties?" he raised a brow, "Boots. They're Ben's."

"You STOLE Ben's boots?", I asked, shocked, looking around for him.

"NO.", he frowned at me, squinting again, "I asked him!"

"Have a seat and eat.", he demanded like I was his daughter and I giggled at that.

He put a plate in front of me and placed a kiss on my head, whispering, "Thanks for the massage last night. I feel like a new person today."

I didn't know what to say so I just gazed at him as he went back to the stove. Then I looked down and found an omelet with bacon and toast…orange juice !

"Come on, Kaitlyn, I called you twice!", he actually sounded firm, like a real Dad, not a buddy. Cool. That's very new.

"Where does that child get her laziness from?", Justin teased, "Mmmm mmm mmm!"

He went into the room and I heard Katie screech out suddenly, then laughter from both of them.

Justin came out of Katie's room with her tossed over his shoulder. She was giggling and he was smiling. Then he spun her upside down and deposited her in her chair.

"Feed your face, kiddo.", he said, putting pancakes in front of her. It had a face on it, bacon smiling lips, and an M&M for each eye.

"Cool!", Katie loved that and started to make the mouth talk. Justin handed her the bottle of syrup and said, "Drown him."

And she did. I never saw so much syrup go onto pancakes before. I see a very big dentist bill in Justin's future.

Katie was making her pancake man beg for mercy while she killed him.

In a high pitched voice she was going, "Nooo please! Don't drown me, I'll do anything!"

I laughed and shook my head, saying, "There is something very wrong with you people."

Everyone laughed at that. I waited for the appearance of Ben and Angela but they never showed.

Justin sat down and began eating his eggs, winking at me as the three of us sat there alone together.

I was about to say something but Justin got there first.

"Katie, I want to tell you something.", he said, sounding very serious.

She ate and listened and so did I.

"I wasn't totally honest with you last night.", he said, making direct eye contact, "I told you how fun my day was yesterday with the horses. Well, it wasn't all true. It's a very hard job and it nearly crippled me yesterday. I'm a city boy, those other guys were right about me. I haven't had to work very hard in the last few years, not like this. But it's a great job, an honest one. I don't want you to think that a job that pays more is better, just because it's easier. I don't want you to quit something just because it's hard.

And this is a good town. The people here are wonderful. So, even though it might be hard for me, and I'm still not that good at it yet…YET…I am going to try as hard as I can to make you happy here…you and Selena and Grandma and Pop Pop…and I am going to stop being such a baby and complaining all the time. Alright?"

Toughlove…who knew that was the key?

"Alright.", she said, popping a big bite of pancake into her mouth.

"I love you.", I had to say to him, kissing his cheek and touching the back of his hair.

"I love you.", he said back to me. And he didn't push me away as Katie watched us. Wow. What happened to him last night?

And I saw Katie smiling at us, as if she were watching characters in a romantic movie.

"Why are you making goo goo eyes at us?", I teased her, tickling her stomach,"Eat something."

She laughed and ate and I whispered to Justin, "Where's Ben and Angela?"

"They're still sleeping.", he said, looking down the dim hallway.

"Really?", I asked, "They usually get up to see Katie off."

"Maybe they wanna sleep in today.", he shrugged, whispering, "Besides, this is nice, just us three."

I blushed a little. "I know.", I whispered back, feeling awful to admit it.

"Do you think they heard us last night?", I almost mouthed the words to him.

"No doubt.", he chewed, "Maybe they're mad at us for keeping them awake."

"Oh God…", I could now see things from their viewpoint of last night. The bed banging on the wall, the screamings into the pillow and not into the pillow…the fighting…

"I can't look them in the face today.", I felt my face get hot as Justin smiled at the blush in my cheeks he loved so much, "What are we gonna say?"

"What are YOU gonna say?", he drank his milk, "I'm an innocent victim, I was seduced."

I felt my mouth fall open and I slapped his arm. He laughed and tried to shield himself.

"Old man coming through.", Ben's voice was more gravelly than usual as he shuffled in wearing his ratty old robe and slippers.

"Hey Ben.", Justin greeted warmly, "There's coffee and eggs if you want any."

"Oh, coffee, yea.", he got a mug and poured himself some.

I still didn't have the balls to say anything to Ben yet. Besides, he wasn't much of a morning person.

Angela came in wearing her lavender robe and gave Katie a huge hug.

"Hi little angel.", she kissed Katie's lips, "Oooh, lots of syrup, huh?"

"She is very tasty, isn't she?", Justin asked, chuckling at his daughter, "You could get a cavity just smooching with her!"

Angela tensed up when she heard Justin and silently went to the fridge.

"See, she IS being weird about hearing us last night.", I whispered to him as he made a face at me.

"I'm sure she's had sex before Selena, she'll live.", he whispered back and then noticed Katie was paying very close attention to us.

While I was very attracted to this new Justin, I really didn't want to talk about our sex life in front of that little face. She looked like she was taking mental notes.

"So Ben…", Justin began as Ben sat down, stirring his coffee, "What did you two do last night?"

"We watched 24.", he said back as if it were obvious. Justin nodded, not looking too interested.

"Then I got lucky.", Ben added and Angela dropped a glass pitcher of juice. The shatter was so loud Katie even screamed!

"BEN!", she gasped.

Ben gave the dirtiest laugh I ever heard in my life.

"Gotta thank you guys…", he winked at Justin and I, "It would've never happened if not for the sounds coming down the hall."

"Oh. My. God.", I said under my breath as Justin got up to help Angela clean up the mess on the floor, he was such a clever avoider. But he left me here alone with BEN! Oh, Ant, you are SO dead when I get you again!

"Next time, skip the yelling at the end, but other than that it was great!", he took a big sip of his coffee.

"I'm glad you…liked it…", I heard myself saying as Justin laughed from the kitchen.

"Pop Pop!", Katie asked very loudly, "What does it mean…reduced?"

"Reduced?", he asked, "That means to make something smaller. Why?"

"Daddy said he was reduced last night.", Katie informed.

Now Justin was laughing more. "I certainly WAS.", he said.

"So was I.", Ben wiggled his bushy gray eyebrows at me.

"Ugh!", I stood up, "My skin is itching, I have to go get dressed for school! Yukky men!"

As I went, I heard Ben asking Justin, "Hey, Ed, is it okay if we talk later when you get home?"

"Sure, Ben, what's up?", he asked.

Yea, I was listening in. So kill me.

"Nothing much.", he said, "Just guy talk."

UGH! If he tries to compare notes about last night, I'll vomit!

"Sure.", Justin said. And that was it.

I came back in, remembering what else was happening tonight.

"Oh, Justin, I forgot to tell you…", I made a face, clenching my teeth, "The marshals are coming over tonight. Around after dinnertime. That's why the police called yesterday."

"Why are they coming?" he looked worried.

I shrugged, "They said they check in all the time. No big deal."

"Oh.", he scratched the back of his head, "Alright."

"By the way…", I said as I leaned against the doorjamb, "You're wonderful."

He smiled at me, those teeth! "I am?"

"Yes.", I closed my eyes for a second, "I'm so proud of you…everyday."

He knew what I meant and I didn't want to go into it more in front of everyone. I blew him a kiss and went to get dressed.

I felt like Justin had turned a new corner today. I saw a bunch of things that were a big improvement already this morning and I was thrilled.

But we will have to find a more private place to make love from now on, that much was certain. I was thankful that Katie slept like a rock, just like her father.

Later, I saw that Justin had put together his own lunchbox and Katie's too…and he put on his black cowboy hat without a cringe or any argument. He looked much more comfortable and relaxed today, that was for sure. I just knew today's day at work would be a little better than yesterday's.

"Katie!", he called at the top of his lungs as he neared the door holding his lunchbox.

She came running out, all dressed in the outfit he helped her choose.

"Kiss your old man.", he bent down.

"Pop Pop?", she asked.

I laughed at that one. Ben just raised his brows, a tad insulted.

"No, me you goofball!", he kissed her cheek and she hugged his neck.

"Be a good girl.", he tipped her chin up with his finger, "Stay away from the boys."

"I hate boys!", she flinched and ran away.

"That's my girl.", he gave a strong nod. Then he saw me standing there.

"And that's my girl, too.", he motioned me over by curling his first finger up and down.

"Daddy!", I jumped up and put my legs around his waist. He let out a big laugh of surprise and held me up with very little effort, his hands cradling my denim ass.

God. What would Charlie say?

"Be a good girl too.", he smiled at me under that sexy as hell hat, "I know it'll be hard for YOU cause you're the BAD one!"

"Yes I am.", I kissed him and I heard him drop his lunchbox.

Then I whispered something very dirty in his ear. He almost dropped me.

"My God!", he teased, "VERY bad girl! Spanking for YOU tonight."

Then he whispered to me, "Ben is watching us."

I turned and he was staring at us, his mouth open.

I giggled and hopped off my cowboy.

"Go give those horses hell today, Masen.", I moved his hat down, and had to admit he looked so incredible with this hat on.

"I will.", he promised, looking very determined.

"Bye Ben!", Justin called, "You be good, too. Tell Angela…hi."

I giggled at that. Angela was hiding out with Katie now, ashamed to show her face because of Ben's big mouth.

"Yea…", Ben grumbled, the show over, going back to reading the paper.

I knew it was still hard for Justin to leave, to know Katie would be alone again in school today…but he never showed it.

"We'll miss you.", I said, wishing I could tell him how much it meant to me that he was trying so hard already…hoping that he just wasn't playing a part…praying he could really be happy like this for real here.

"I'll miss you too.", he stroked my face with the back of his hand, "But I'll be back. I'll always come back to you. And thanks…for straightening me out last night. You are one in a million. I just don't know what you're doing with ME."

"I have a thing for guys in black hats. Get lost, Ant.", I flicked the brim of his hat…and that made him smile.

"See you, Gorgeous.", he said, opening the door, picking up his lunchbox, and going out into the dawn.

I watched him walk away from the house and his silhouette was just lovely. I wanted Sir Kevin dead. I wanted everyone who ever harmed him dead. He deserved so much…I wished I could just give it all to him right now.

I closed the door and without even looking, I walked by and said, "Close your mouth, Ben."

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