Stuck In Fire 2 - Justin Bieber

Justin is finally reunited with Katie.. and that's awesome. I don't know what to write, 'cause i haven't read the story o.o IT'S NOT MIIIINE. I JUST POST IT TO READ IT :P


42. 42

"Getting a little tired, baby?", Kevin asked with a smile before he threw a crushing punch into my jaw, and I both saw and felt the blood fly out of my mouth as I fell into the wall in the hallway upstairs.

But one thing I have on my side is: STAMINA. I could take this shit for hours if I had to. I'd done it before.

"You kidding?", I panted in between my words, wiping my mouth with the back of my hand, "Victoria punched a whole lot harder than THAT when I was GOOD!"

Kevin got pissed at that remark and grabbed me around the throat as his lips got so close to mine. I shoved at him to keep him away while he scowled at me.

"Thanks for sharing that, love.", he breathed into my face, "I was getting tired of bitch slapping you. It's good to know that I can swing as hard as I want to."

And before I knew it, his fist was coming again…and I ducked it just in time…and his hand went through the wall and left a giant hole in the once perfect ivory surface.

I got the chance then to leap right on him and I twisted his arm behind his back, turning him and shoving him towards the black iron ledge, slowly pushing him towards the drop that would send him down to the bottom of the stairs on the marble floor down below. The fall was long and deep and it would kill him if I could push him over the railing.

Kevin struggled and tried to claw at my face behind him as I kept moving him forward. I even heard my voice say in a very evil and wicked tone, "I know you can burn…but can you fly, Sir Kevin?"

He planted his feet firmly but the floors were marble so they were slick and smooth as ice. I nearly had him there on the rails that reached up to his waist. I couldn't wait to hurl him over it and watch him plummet to the black and white floor below. I felt hot all over just imagining the sound his body would make when it struck the ground.

"Fly for me, Master…", I heard myself say…only it didn't sound like ME. It was a very dark part of myself. The raging beast in me that wanted Victoria's blood. That wanted Kevin's blood. That wanted revenge. Payback for hours and hours of fucking misery at this asshole's hands. They way he touched me. The way he spoke to me. Like I wanted it. Like I enjoyed it. Even when I screamed, he silenced me and petted me like a gentle lover, slipping a gag into my mouth, softly explaining that I was a bit too loud. I wanted to rip his hands off and keep them as mementos.

"BITCH!", Kevin sneered as he struggled, feeling his pelvic bone lean against the iron bars, "GET YOUR FUCKING SLAVE HANDS OFF ME!"

"That's right…", I smiled as I braced myself behind him, not letting him push us backwards any, "The last hands that touch you will be MY FUCKING SLAVE HANDS! The only thing I'm sorry for is that it'll be a QUICK death. You deserve twelve hours like I got twelve hours! But I guess I'll have to trust that your fucking eternity will be that…over and over again…all the things you did to me…now they're gonna happen to YOU…forever. Chained right next to Victoria. Or maybe she'll be the one to dominate YOU, a woman touching you, how you would HATE that. You can take my place in Hell with her. That's my fucking wish for you, MASTER."

Kevin lunged a foot up against the bars, using that to keep him from going over.

"You think it was so hard, that one little day I toyed with you?", Kevin growled, "You have no idea what you're in store for now, you little COCKSUCKER! Wait til you're mine for a month! A YEAR! Five years! I know things about pain and humiliation that your little brain can't even IMAGINE! Now let go or I'll make you EAT your own daughter's heart after I tear it out of her flat little chest!"

"That doesn't work anymore, Kev.", I hissed back into his flat hole of an ear, "You can't touch her. You can't touch Selena. You don't scare me. Not anymore. And you need to die. Now."

"Stop.", a woman's voice said calmly, halting me for a moment. And when I looked, I saw those icy eyes. Void of any feeling, like a snake's. She held a silver gun and pointed it at me.

After a moment of her staring at me and me staring at her, I informed, "I'm not gonna stop. I'm doing this. Shoot me if you want. But this fucker dies today."

Raven half smiled and said, "But if I shoot you, surely that will alert sweet little Selena here…and then innocent little Katie…your daughter will see your corpse on the floor along with his. And all the blood. Surely that will do some damage. Not to mention her entire life without you…you don't really think that Selena will raise your daughter after you're gone, do you? Maybe I'll take her with me. I always wanted a little girl. I'll teach her to be just like me. How'd that be, Justin?"

I was about to tell Raven that Kevin was not her friend. That he would kill her the second she served no purpose to him anymore. I was ready to push that button but then a sudden scream slashed out into the air, almost making me jump backwards.

It was Selena! And she was attacking Raven! In a few seconds, she belted the gun out of Raven's hand and belted her right in the eye with a powerful punch! I never saw her so enraged and ferocious as now….and I decided I liked it. I didn't even have time to worry that she'd get hurt…because she was already beating the piss out of the deadliest dominatrix I'd ever met.

I heard Selena growl in the midst of their fight, "You'll NEVER get MY daughter, BITCH! OR MY MAN!"

Every strike Selena made to Raven's face produced blood and Raven tried to put her hands up to protect herself but Selena knew what she was doing. She'd been trained by her father from a very early age…and I was so glad for that. And I silently thanked Charlie again for his help and for sharing his precious angel with me.

I went back to my own task and started moving Kevin again. I grabbed the bars and just pushed him forward with my own body behind his.

"Time to go.", I announced to him, one of my hands grabbing at what was left of his hair on the left side of his head.

I heard Selena scream out and I turned to see if she was alright. Raven was shoving her face down into the floor. And that's when Kevin made his move to get free. He slammed his head backwards into my face and I lost my grip on the ledge bars. For a second, everything was fuzzy and then I felt him grab my hair from the back and slam my face down hard into the iron ledge. And as if someone flipped a switch, everything went black. Jet black.


"Justin!", I screamed, seeing Kevin smash his face down into the ledge. The iron gave off this sickening BONNNGGG sound as it made contact with his head and I shoved Raven out of my way. Justin wobbled on his feet for a couple seconds and then fell like a ton of bricks to his knees, his upper half slumped over and his face hidden from me as it laid on the floor.

"That's right, bitch, assume your position.", Kevin breathed out in victory, delivering a hard kick of his boot into Justin's head.

I screeched out, feeling sick, because Justin didn't react. His head just swayed to the left and back again.

"Justin!", I ran over to him but Kevin turned, standing in my way, picking up the poker from the floor…the one from the downstairs fireplace.

"I'll kill him before I let you have him back, GIRL!", Kevin informed, as if disgusted by the sight of me, "You don't deserve him. Hell, you don't even know what he NEEDS! He needs to kneel before someone mighty. He needs to be controlled. You can't really honestly tell me that you two have had a happy little life together since he left me…can you?"

"You fucking rapist, get out of my way!", I snarled with venom, taking a couple huge steps forward. But he blocked me again.

"A little vanilla family…a little VANILLA LIFE!", Kevin spat back, "How disgusting you've made him. Jesus, he was wearing a fucking COWBOY hat when we found him!"

"I said get the FUCK OUT OF MY WAY!" I shouted louder, and shoved his chest to move him out of my way but he shoved me back harder, making me fall down on my ass.

And then Justin moved.

He quickly sat up, as if suddenly snapping out of it…and ready to fight again…only when he opened his eyes, they were swollen and dark red…and a single long line of blood ran down each side of his face out of those eyes.

I felt myself freeze, unable to breathe or speak…in shock.

"Selena!", he shouted out, feeling around with his hands on the floor. He blinked a few times, and opened his eyes wider but it was clear to me…and I felt my heart shatter into a million little shards. It looked like he had no idea if it was five minutes later…or five days later…and he was terrified that he'd already lost us.

"Selena?", his voice slurred a little the second time he called out to me.

"I'm here Justin.", I stood my ground, rising back up now, staring at Kevin with unrestrained hatred. I remembered that dream…or vision I'd had at Christmas…with Clarence the angel from It's a Wonderful Life telling me to be strong, to protect him…not to let Justin fall into their hands again. I could clearly see Justin's rotting and dead face even now, and would never lose that horrible image ever. I could smell the garbage…could almost TASTE it…it had to have been real. I had to stop them. I had to be tougher. Or I would lose my family forever.

"So striking, isn't it?", Kevin glanced back at Justin and then at me, "The crimson blood against the white face…even when he BLEEDS it's gorgeous. It should be a fucking CRIME to be that beautiful."

Justin was up on his knees and gently touched his eyes, then rubbed them a bit harder as I looked on helplessly. I wanted to weep, I wanted to scream…but I forced myself to harden inside…to prepare myself to kill. To beat Kevin and Raven, I had to temporarily become as hard as them…rock. I had to put away any weaknesses in me…the evil always used their victim's heart and fear and humanity against them. I couldn't let them get me like that.

"Something wrong, love?", Kevin mocked, smirking and holding the poker over his shoulder as if it were a baseball bat.

"Justin, are you alright?", I cried, unable to keep my voice from crumbling. So much for being hard. Who am I kidding, anyway? My love for Justin could not be hidden away or shelved. It was flowing through my blood, in my veins…it filled my heart and changed it forever. No matter what happened here today or ever…I would never regret my decision to love Justin. Alive or dead…we would always be together.

"I can't SEE!", Justin said, his voice filled with anguish and also fury, and when he repeated it again, it was loud and scary, "I CAN'T SEE!"

That sentence echoed and bounced all around the ceiling high above us as I held my stomach and heard myself whimper, "Oh my God."

"A blind slave…", Kevin pondered softly as Justin began moving his bloody fingers along the floor, trying to get his bearings…trying to stand up…looking dizzy and unsure.

"It's not the most convenient thing in the world…", Kevin kept talking, "But for what I need you for, love, I guess you don't really NEED your sight."

Justin tried to stand up and stumbled, falling onto his hands and knees, on all fours, and he shook his head violently, still trying to clear his head and put up a fight.

"You won't have to see my face at least. You won't be able to look at me with the disgust you showed me today. In any case, it's taught you a good lesson.", Kevin went on, "Perhaps it's what you've needed all along, my dear…a FLAW. Maybe now you won't be so haughty and disrespectful to your Master."

"Selena?", Justin clenched his eyes tight and crawled a couple steps, his bloody fingers staining the white squares on the marble floor.

"And finally…", Kevin surmised, watching as Justin crawled,"It will keep you close. You will need me. You will appreciate me. And you'll never be able to run from me again. I'd say this has turned out quite nicely after all."

"I don't need to SEE to find YOU, KEVIN!", Justin said now, sounding more like the fighter I had seen him become today. Justin scowled and looked almost like a dark angel with the blood lines painted down his face…it reminded me of the paint he wore the day they named him Freed Eagle in New York.

I felt myself start to cry. He was never more beautiful to me than this moment. Who could ever call my Justin weak? God, I hope his eyes are alright. It's not fair for him to be blind now, not after all he's gone through to have a real life. There were so many beautiful things in this world that I wanted him to see. Things he would've never gotten to view from his dungeon at Victoria's.

"All I need to do is smell that burnt dog shit smell and I know right where you are.", Justin finished, and then, just as fast, he looked fragile again…dizzy…and he clutched at the sides of his head, groaning out loud. I was even more worried now. Not only are his eyes damaged, but now he might seriously be hurt in his head. What if he passed out or fell into unconsciousness?

A small part of me remembered the day I put the blindfold on him on my rooftop in New York. He was relaxed in it. He felt safer with it on, I remembered.

"Fuck.", Justin began to breathe a bit heavier, as if willing himself to stay awake as Kevin strolled around behind him, grabbing a curtain sash from the set on the wall beside him.

"It was very noble, my dear…", Kevin complimented Justin as he bound his wrists behind him, and Justin violently gave a shake of his head, as if he could clear the fogginess away by doing so, "The way you tried to stop me. I understand, love. You will pay for it, of course, but…I hope you don't try to repeat tonight again. As much as I like you, I won't tolerate rebellion from my slave."

Anger flamed inside me as I watched Justin struggle against Kevin's claiming of him…and when he did, two more lines of blood fell from his eyes. It looked like he was crying blood tears. He clenched his eyes again and let out an anguished growl, trying to rise up off his knees. But Kevin just grabbed his hair and yanked him back down again, barking, "STAY. Stay or you can listen to us rape your girlfriend!"


"I don't hear YOU, bitch.", Kevin smirked at me as he stroked Justin's bloody hair, "He is mine. And he always will be. He just needs…adjusting. You've gone and confused him. He will remember what he is…soon enough."

"Leave her alone!", Justin snapped suddenly, opening his eyes, still looking around in hope of seeing something…but finding nothing it seemed.

"Find your gun, Raven.", Kevin said to her, almost as an afterthought, and then he looked at me, saying, "And you. You are going to take me to where you hid that brat. Right now."

Raven had looked as concerned for Justin as I was just now…but she snapped out of it long enough to do what she was told and she was looking around on the floor for her weapon.

I was about to tell Kevin to go fuck himself and then he stood behind Justin, using the poker vertically in his hands, putting it against Justin's throat and slightly pulling it so that it created firm pressure there, almost cutting off air.

"No, Selena…", Justin breathed as his eyes closed, the fresh blood wet on his eyelashes.

And before I could say a word, I felt Raven's new found gun press into my back. As if that scares me.

"My poor baby here is already about to conk out from the blow to his head…", Kevin informed me, glancing down at him as he turned even redder in the face as his air was cut off a bit more by the poker, "It won't take much pressure here to send him to sleep. And that means that this is the last moment you two will have together."

Justin growled again, harder and turned a dark beet colored shade as the poker pressed a touch tighter. And a couple more red tears ran down his face. His unseeing eyes looked upwards, hopefully wishing he could make something out, unwilling for me to say the words I had to say to make Kevin stop. But I had no choice.

"ALRIGHT!", I suddenly yelled out, wishing that would make Kevin stop instantly…but he didn't. Justin let out an empty breath as his eyes clenched tight and then re opened.

"STOP IT, I'll take you! I'll take you!", I promised, my voice sounding desperate and shrill.

And then Kevin released Justin and he slumped over, doubled over as his face laid against the black and white floor, and his mouth was a huge, open hole gasping for air like a fish on land…but in between a couple of those terrible sounding noises he was making, his voice pleaded, "No…" he said that word a couple of times, his arms bound behind him as he fought to stay conscious.

I wanted to be there with him, to hold him and touch him…but I didn't want to give Kevin more reasons to harm him…and I had to formulate my plan. I could make Kevin believe I was taking him to Katie…I would really take him somewhere else…to the dangerous part of the mansion…where the fire had been. There I could look for an opening…something that would give me a chance to attack Kevin again. But I had to be careful. I didn't want Justin hurt any more. He'd already been through enough shit in this one lifetime.

"It's alright, Justin.", I breathed, feeling like such a backstabbing bitch as he struggled to get his breath back.

"I'll take you there.", I said, swallowing down my fear and looking right into Kevin's ugly, crusty burned eyes.

"Really.", Kevin gave me a strange look as I stared him down.

"Just promise me you won't hurt her.", I said, hoping that would make him believe I was really going to do what he wanted.

"He WILL hurt her!", Justin suddenly shouted out, his breathing more even and steady now as he sat up, raising his head and trying to look in my general direction, adding, with a very frightened voice, "Don't do it, Selena!"

"She'll do it.", Kevin cut in harshly, staring at me harder, "Because she's a selfish bitch who only cares about herself. Because you…because Katie…aren't as important to her as herself. That is a woman, my love. Don't forget that."

"Are we gonna do this or not?", I snapped, not wanting to hear any more of his shit…and more, not wanting Justin to hear any more of it either.

Kevin glared at me for using such a tone with him. He really thought he was something. Like an evil prince in a fucking fairy tale. Something more than me. Something more than Justin. What a joke.

"I'll get her and bring her back here.", I said, knowing he would object to that right away. That was my plan.

"Fuck you.", Kevin almost laughed, then noticed Raven again, standing there with her gun, "We'll all go with you. Up for a little field trip, baby?"

He was asking Justin, moving his hand up the side of Justin's face, it was almost a stroke of affection but then when he brought his bloody hand up to his mouth and tasted Justin's blood like it was a magic elixir, I felt my stomach flip over.

Justin winced and tore his face away in the other direction while Kevin said, "Mmmm…so delicious. But then you always are, my pet."

At this, Justin let out a very hard and angry breath at hearing the words "my pet" again in reference to himself.

I wished that I could've had Raven or Kevin go with me alone to "get Katie". I could've gotten a good shot at one of them alone and then come back to get Justin. This way would be harder, with Justin right there. But it could still work. I just had to pay attention and see the opportunity when it arose. I could do this. I HAD to do this.

Kevin unbuckled his belt and for a second I thought he was going to do something vile and disgusting to either Justin or myself. But he turned from me and looped the belt around Justin's neck, not buckling it but holding the strap end in his hand like a leash, able to pull it and have it tighten around his neck if he wanted. But for now he was just holding it loosely, not trying to strangle Justin in any way…yet.

And then, kicking Justin in the side of his leg, he demanded, "Get up, bitch. Follow like a good boy."

And Justin stood up, not saying a word. He didn't have to. His face spoke volumes of his disgust and loathing…and I couldn't help but see some betrayal there too. And I knew that I had put that there. He thought I was turning Katie over to Kevin. How could he think that of me? After all we've been through? Maybe I'm just imagining it. Maybe Justin is acting to help throw Kevin off the trail. I hope so.

Kevin looked at me after taking an inventory type of look over Justin and said flatly, "Go."

I started to back from him, concerned about Justin as he blindly followed where the belt was pulling him. His eyes were down again and that caused me physical pain.

"It's…this way.", I thumbed behind me, turning around and leading the way down the other end of the hallway.

"Raven.", Kevin's voice was right behind me as I began walking, "The bitch tries anything, you shoot HER in the leg. We can watch her bleed out before we leave in the morning. Got that?"

"No problem.", Raven said with a dull, bored tone of voice, walking behind me to my right.

I walked and walked, pretending I knew exactly where I was going. In my head, I prayed to God…and to my Dad.

Charlie…I remember everything you taught me…I will be very careful. Help me. Be with me. I WILL see you again. We ALL will. I love you.

"Steady.", I heard Kevin say as we began to reach the scorched side of the mansion. I turned around and saw Justin's eyes. They looked very heavy and tired…and Kevin was helping Justin stand straight, one of his arms around his back, the other on the belt leash.

"Come on, boy, up.", Kevin said like he was talking to a performing bear at a circus, lifting Justin's chin up a bit, "You can sleep very soon, I promise."

"Dizzy.", Justin half mumbled and grunted as his eyes fell closed and then opened wide, like he was trying to force himself to see and stay awake, and he added, "Selena?"

"Shhh, she's right here, don't worry.", Kevin spoke softly to his prisoner, moving his hand tenderly down Justin's face, "Hang on, love, you'll be fine. I've got you."

I wanted to vomit watching the way Kevin was treating Justin but I never got a chance to react. Raven sighed and pointed her gun at me again, saying, "Walk. How much longer?"

"It's soon.", I assured, looking down a very steep and littered staircase. It was black, gray, and brown everywhere. Debris, pieces of ceiling and wall were all over the steps. It was very dark and I had no idea where these led but as I stepped on the first stair in the case, it felt sturdy enough so I decided to proceed.

"Down here.", I said, glancing back at Raven, seeing Justin leaning heavily on Kevin, his eyes closed peacefully as he moved reluctantly with Kevin's help.

"Jesus.", Raven said on the third step down, "I can't see SHIT! There's nothing to hold onto! And there's SHIT all over the steps!"


All I need to do now is spin around, grab her arm, and pull her down the steps after me. It was a decent fall, it would be enough to hurt her and let me in to get the gun if I could see where it fell.

"Careful, pet, watch your step.", I heard Kevin say behind me and as I turned to look at Justin again, everything happened so fast.

Kevin shouted out in a wordless yell as Justin's body came down over Raven's and I heard myself scream as the two of them tumbled down the remainder of the stairs together. I heard Raven and Justin land at the bottom and I scrambled down after them as fast as I could, not wanting Kevin to get his hands on me.

"Selena, get DOWN!", Justin shouted out from below and I immediately laid face down on the ashen stairs.

"DOWN!", I called out to let Justin know where I was and a split second later, shots rang out – ONE—TWO- then THREE FOUR FIVE! He was aiming higher, looking for Kevin with his bullets. I heard Kevin roar out loud and scurry back up the staircase, taking cover for now.

I heard a couple empty clicks of the gun and Justin kept pulling the trigger, hoping if he did it enough more bullets would explode out.

I didn't hear Raven at all and didn't see her until I reached the bottom of the steps.

"It's empty, Justin.", I informed as I got to him. I gently took it out of his hand as his arms wrapped around me, and his lips were kissing my neck, his face buried in my hair.

"Justin, that was GREAT!", I enthused, smiling for a moment as I checked the gun, verifying that the bullets were all used up and gone. I had to admit I was impressed by Justin, more so with every minute we spent here. One thing was for sure: he was no longer a slave. In fact, he was a great candidate to join the Forks police force!

"I can be great every now and then.", his voice said with a little tinge of pride as his fingers moved down the right side of my hair.

"Baby, let me see.", I held his face in my hands, holding it up a bit so I could try and see him in the dark, only a little bit of light coming from a far away window down another little hall, a washer and dryer waiting there silently. I moved the bloody tears away from his eyes, being very gentle, having no idea what to do to help him.

"Do they hurt?", I asked, the tears filling my own eyes now that I could hold him and touch him, and I gently touched my fingers over his eyebrows.

"YES!", he flinched away hard, not wanting me to even touch them this lightly, and I could hear the pain in his voice.

"Sorry.", I whimpered.

"Shh, no, don't.", he actually smiled at me then, and kissed my hand that he was holding, "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to yell. Pretty good plan, huh? Kevin was buying it all! I thought he was gonna try to CARRY me down the steps!"

Justin laughed as I clawed at the belt around his neck, ripping it off him, being careful not to touch near his eyes as I got it off him, flinging it over my own shoulder as I answered him.

"You punk!", I tapped his arm, "You scared me! I thought you were dying or something!"

"No.", he smiled with such a joy that it made me warm all over…like we were already free and out of all this.

"I refuse to die without you.", he grinned, "We die together, remember? So we can be together, in heaven OR hell…whichever."

"We're not dying today.", I said in all seriousness, helping him to his feet.

"Fuck that.", he agreed, "We're not going until we're old and gray…and fat and wrinkled. Not until we've had our life first."

"You got THAT right.", I agreed, looking around now that Justin was on his feet.

I felt such a relief that we were both on the same page – and felt guilty for thinking he would believe I had betrayed him and Katie.

"There she is.", I said, seeing Raven in the corner of the staircase, laying dormant, the lower part of her leg, under her knee, broken and turned in the opposite direction of where it should've been. She looked dead. She wasn't awake anyway. I trembled, realizing it could've easily been Justin laying there all broken like that. He had taken that chance, risked his life to save us. Again.

I didn't take my hand out of Justin's, as he clung to it, not letting me know how scared he really was, being blind. But I felt a slight tremor there and I knew that if I were him I'd be freaking out not being able to see. But he didn't show it much.

"Is she…", he paused, listening, looking off at nothing.

"I don't know.", I whispered, "She's not moving and her leg is broken, that's good enough for me. Damn, Justin. You could've landed badly…you could've broken your neck!"

"But I didn't.", he replied simply.

"You were lucky.", I looked at his face, still beautiful even in all it's bloody and bruised state, "You have to be careful, Justin. I CAN'T lose you. You're the only Justin I've got."

"I couldn't let him touch Katie again.", he explained, "I didn't want him touching YOU again, either. I'll give my life if I have to to make sure he doesn't. Where IS Katie?"

"She's safe, Justin, I promise you.", I assured as I touched the key of the wine cellar through my jeans, "She's far from here, in the wine cellar. I locked her in, I have the key."

He breathed a huge sigh of relief.

"Thank you, Selena.", he squeezed my hand tighter, and his voice was filled with love and emotion and it cracked as he whispered, "You're a great mother."

Something in his words and voice touched me so deep that I nearly burst out crying right there.

"Do you really think I was leading him to her?", I asked now, on the verge of tears.

"Of course not.", he frowned, trying to look in my direction, "I knew you had a plan. You're a Gomez, after all."

"Good.", I felt myself breathe a deep breath, relieved that he never doubted my love for him or Katie, "So why can't you just let me execute my plan? I was about to grab Raven when you just JUMPED over her like Spiderman!"

"I didn't want YOU struggling with her, she had a gun!", he frowned more, "And because she wouldn't think twice about hurting you…with me, she wouldn't pull the trigger."

"Alright, just…please try and be careful until we're out of this, okay?", I pleaded, "You're taking years off my life here."

"Careful won't get us out of this.", he began to walk along with me as we passed the laundry room filled with cobwebs, "We have to be as fucked up as they are. If we're human, we're dead."

"I heard that.", I agreed, listening to hear if Kevin's footsteps were over our heads, "Kevin went back up the staircase. I think you missed him with your shots."

"Damn.", he grumbled, "I thought I fired right where he was standing."

"How did you get loose anyway?", I asked him, remembering Kevin had tied his hands behind his back.

"Please.", he closed his eyes, his other hand touching the wall as we walked, "A cloth strip double knotted…child's play."

I like Justin this way. Confident. Tough. Even smug! He was turning me on, if there wasn't the fear of us being shot or kidnapped at any moment.

"I don't hear him.", I whispered, trying to see what was around us, "I think these are the servant's quarters. The rooms are small and not very fancy."

Justin smiled again.

"Servant's quarters…", he repeated, then said, "Perfect."

I smiled back at him, ready to make some clever remark about him growing up so rich…but then his face looked so full of shame and pain.

"What's wrong?", I felt that quick drop in my gut again as I stood right in front of him, touching the right side of his face, "Does it hurt more?"

"It's my fault.", Justin confessed, hardly able to be heard, in the blackness, just the occasional glare from the lightning revealing his stone face.

"It's my fault he found us.", Justin underlined, "I called Katherine."

I don't know why but my heart stopped in my chest. I didn't know how to feel. Shocked. Angry. Scared. Sad. All I could do was stare at him and try to breathe again.

As Justin spoke again, his voice was laced with tears, as if he would start sobbing at any moment. And that made my chest hurt.

"The marshall said that she took my death really hard.", he explained, "She said that Katherine was even hospitalized for the first few days after they told her…we died. I didn't call even then…and I felt like shit everyday, not knowing how she was doing. I was never going to call. I told myself that I had to be strong for you…for Katie. And then…months later…I was alone in Sharon's office, waiting for her to get there so I could sign something for payroll…and the phone was just…there. I stopped myself a couple of times…but I had to call her."

"Justin—", I began but never got to finish.

"She IS my mother, Selena.", Justin's voice rose a bit but held onto its pain and agony, "Esme never was, it was always Katherine!"

"Justin, I—"

"I love her!", he pleaded with me to understand, his breathing a bit jagged, "I couldn't do it to her anymore, I just couldn't! If she died…I'd never be able to forgive myself…it was only for a few minutes. I'm so sorry, Selena. It's because of me that we're going through this now! I don't blame you if you hate me—"

"Justin!", I finally leapt in, taking his face in both my hands, "Stop! Don't apologize for being a person! I'm glad you're not someone who could just walk away and forget the people you love. I couldn't either. But I was lucky enough to have someone very special bring my Dad back to me one more time so I could say goodbye. I understand, okay? And I don't hate you, you dope!"

"Well I hate me.", he said, looking down, closing his eyes.

"Well hate yourself later, we have work to do now.", I heard myself demand, ever the cop's daughter. It actually sounded like something Charlie would say. And I liked that.

"Yes Ma'am.", he managed a little smirk now.

"Hey, if you get us out of this mess, maybe I'll forget all about it. How'd that be?", I teased.

"Deal.", he said, snapping himself out of it, maybe knowing as well as I did that we didn't have time for this.

"Deal.", I grinned, squinting as I ducked a hanging wall of spider webs, and we were walking again as I observed, "I don't see anything yet we can use. I hope there's no other way he can get in here."

"There probably is.", Justin informed, "Servant's quarters usually have several ways in and out, depending on the servant's job. I had loads of ways to get into Joseph and Katherine's room from the house."

"Oh excuse me, I forgot I was talking to Richie Rich.", I teased.

"Oh shut up.", he chuckled back, feeling his way around with his free hand as we moved through the forgotten and burned up rooms where walls were half there, bathrooms were charred black and the tubs full of rubble and garbage. Boards and piles of shit were all over the floor. A couple of times we nearly fell in the dark as we tried to find a way out of here. There were a couple of store rooms we found and broke into but all we found of any value was a mop handle that Justin carried. I had the empty gun. We were so dead.

"Maybe this will lead us to where Katie is and we can get out of here without even seeing Kevin again.", I heard myself ponder aloud, "Maybe Ben and Angela got out and found them already."

Justin froze in place and clutched my hand tighter.

"Selena…", Justin began, sounding strange, "I want you and Katie to get out. But you know I can't run from this. You know what I have to do. I have to kill him. I have to end this. I don't ever want to worry that he got his hands on Katie or you…ever again. I can't live that way, always looking over my shoulder. It's been so hard. Leaving you and Katie every morning…wondering if I'd get to see you again that night. Coming home, hoping I wouldn't find my worst fears inside that door."

"I'll help you.", I said firmly, realizing he was right…and that he wouldn't have to do this alone.

"No.", he said suddenly, a little loudly, then softened his voice, "You helped me last time…with Victoria. You killed for me. I hate that I put you in that position. I hate that I was so weak back then…that I couldn't even move…and you had to…"

"Stop, Justin.", I cut him off and moved my hand up his arm, resting it on his bare shoulder, "You didn't make me do anything. She hurt you…she hurt me…she hurt my father…I was just doing what my father taught me. I defended US. I've never been sorry. Don't YOU be."

"But -" he began but I put my fingers over his lips, carefully moving around the cracked and bloody cuts there.

"No buts.", I stopped him as he closed his eyes, and I added, "I won't leave you."

"Selena…", he sounded pained and then opened his red eyes, as if they could see into mine, and he breathed, "I love you. I'm so sorry that everything has been so fucked up…I—"

"Hey shut up.", I frowned, petting his hair gently, "Everything has been amazing! This time I've had with you…well it's not always easy…but…it's been the best time of my whole life. I wouldn't change a thing about us."

And before he could say another word, he was kissing me – HARD. I liked how hard it was for me to breathe and I loved the strong way his lips moved over mine. He was fisting my hair in his hand and that made me warm all over. For a second, I almost forgot we were in so much trouble.

"Jesus, Justin, you sure pick the strangest times, don't you?", I breathed the second I was able to…and I felt his lips on my nose, my eyelids…my forehead…

"I don't need eyes to see you, either, Selena Gomez…", he whispered as he kissed me, "And you're SO fucking beautiful…"

"We need to keep moving.", I whispered, "Get to Katie…"

I must have been in mother mode to suggest he stop what he was doing to me right now. But for some reason I hated not having her closeby. Even locked up on the other side of the mansion, I didn't like Katie being all alone with these psychos racing around.

"No.", he stopped and frowned a bit as he pulled away, still stroking down my hair with one hand, "And lead Kevin right to her? No. He's expecting that. We need to take him out. Then and only then can we go to Katie."

He was right.

"Okay.", I nodded, with him all the way.

"I guess there's no way I could lock you up down here and go take care of him myself?", he asked quietly, as if he was considering doing just that. Maybe, if he could see, he would've…but as things were now…he had no shot of getting rid of me.

"Not a chance in Hell.", I smirked back up at him as he gave a couple nods.

"Didn't think so.", he grumbled, almost to himself, "Come on. But you promise me you'll stay back and let me handle it!"

I lied and said, "I promise." I knew he couldn't see me but internally, I crossed my fingers.

"I saw that.", he squinted at me, and for a second, I would've thought he really COULD see.

How would he be able to handle this battle without his sight? Kevin was sure to use that against him. I had to be his eyes. I would be.

I chuckled, hiding my nervousness and he relaxed a tiny bit and we began walking again.

We walked and walked, going up more stairs and crawling through some of the destroyed, burned rooms of the mansion. We helped each other and Justin did very well for not being able to see much. He was very good at listening for the slightest sound and feeling his way around. At one point, he even felt a weak section of floor and made us go around it.

It turned my stomach but finally, Justin began calling out to Kevin.

"Kevin!", he roared, "Why'd you leave us? Come on back! We have no IDEA what to do now, without you ORDERING us! Come on, MASTER…don't be scared! We're just a slave boy and a woman!"

"Do we have to piss him off?", I whispered to Justin as we opened the door that led us into the hot tub sauna room.

"Yes.", Justin smiled and I couldn't help but smile right along with him.

"You are one crazy boy.", I said as a compliment, moving my other hand down his arm.

"Where the fuck is he?", Justin kept listening…hoping to hear him breathing, a shuffled footstep…anything. He sounded nervous, as if it was making him more on edge not to know where the rapist took off to.

"You're sure Katie's safe.", he said to me, as a sentence, not a question.

"He has no idea where I hid her.", I stated securely, "There's no way he could know."

"I don't like this.", Justin finally admitted, swallowing uncomfortably, "Maybe we should go to the wine cellar."

"Are you sure?", I whispered but then a very loud shout tore into the darkness of the room.

"Slave of mine!", Kevin's victorious voice called, "I found her…"

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