Stuck In Fire 2 - Justin Bieber

Justin is finally reunited with Katie.. and that's awesome. I don't know what to write, 'cause i haven't read the story o.o IT'S NOT MIIIINE. I JUST POST IT TO READ IT :P


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"GET OUTTA HERE!", I whisper-shouted at her but she shook her head and ran with Katie back to the lounge that she'd been sleeping on…and Selena put her hands behind her back, as if still tied up, and she hid the knife under a pillow there. Katie sat up next to Selena and put her finger up to her lips, saying, "SHH."

To my utter disgust, Sir Kevin, James, and Raven came walking in, and James gave Ben a shove inside the room where we were. Angela looked right at me and I felt even more ill, feeling naked as she looked at me with such pity and sadness…and Ben with shock and immediate rage.

They were all wet from the rain and now that they were inside, Kevin started asking questions.

"Now…who are you and what are you doing here, old man?", he asked.

I thought Ben would be able to tell him some false story so they could get out of here in one piece and get help. But Ben wasn't thinking on my wavelength.

"You have my family.", Ben stated gruffly, "Where else would I be?"

"More family." Kevin looked at me, "How nice."

"Sit down.", Kevin shoved Ben towards the lounge where Selena and Katie were, and Angela gasped, whispering, "Katie! Are you alright?"

Angela was holding her now and that brought tears to my eyes. How can I save them all? Even if Selena runs now, if there's another chance to, Ben and Angela could never keep up.

"Sorry kid.",Ben could hardly meet my eyes, looking ashamed, "I guess I'm not the soldier I used to be."

"Told you!", Angela yelled at him, kissing Katie, adding, "DAMN fool. OLD damn fool."

I had no words in return for Ben. I just blinked and felt a long, thick tear move down my face, mixing with the blood from my cheekbone. They were going to die. That is, if Kevin had his way. He doesn't need them. They're in the way. He'll eliminate them without even a thought. I have to stop him.

"So much for your secret hideout.", Kevin sneered at James, coming in further, walking up to me.

As Kevin came closer to me, I could see James and Raven bickering on the other side of the room near my family. I wondered what the hell happened out there…maybe I'd find out from Raven later. I had heard a shot but it looked like everyone was unhurt. Apparently that shot went nowhere. Damn.

"How're you holding up, love?", Kevin began to examine me as if I were his pony, checking my beaten face.

I froze and shrank away from him but he kept prodding and touching me anyway. I felt dirty…and vile…with all of them watching us…I wanted to vomit all over Kevin. But it wouldn't come. It nearly did when he had my daughter in his hands. But now…nothing.

"No stitches needed there…good.", he finished checking my face and reached back to feel my wrists and hands, "Nice and warm, secure…good. How's your head? Good…no bumps, no blood…"

"GET your fucking hands off me.", I growled low and deadly, meaning every fucking word of it.

He pulled my hair back and stared right into my eyes now, and his huge puss filled eye opened even more.

"You are going to feel pain as you've never felt before, my lovely little cocksucker.", Kevin informed, "Starting with your soft little heart…after your family is gone…and then we'll work on your fucked up mind…then your body…I know how to fix you, little one. And I will. But it will be very hard for YOU, I'm afraid. But don't worry, I'll be there for you. You can cry on my shoulder. And before you open up that disrespectful little mouth of yours, don't forget. I can make you suck my cock right in front of them, right now. I can fuck you three times while they watch. Or maybe I'll teach your daughter to do me while YOU watch. So shut your face…and behave. Tomorrow is almost here. The start of your real life…with me."

I forced myself to stay silent, but my eyes said everything about my anger and hatred for this sick shit who was staring back at me.

"Be a good girl. Kneel there and look sad. You're good at that.", Kevin patted my head and stroked my bottom lip with his thumb before he turned back and slowly strolled around the room, finally settling on talking to James for a few minutes.

I heard Ben saying to Angela, "Step one accomplished. We're in."

"Shut up Ben.", Angela snapped back, petting Katie's hair as she held her on her lap.

I could kill Ben. What was he thinking? Why would he bring Angela with him here? If he didn't come, Selena and Katie could be free right now. And if they find out Selena's hands aren't really tied up, she's dead.

Things quieted down for a couple hours. They told us all to shut up and James stood guard over my family while Raven and Sir Kevin hung out on my end of the room. He kept looking at me, waiting for me to say or do something…but I didn't. I was still trying to figure a way out for them…waiting for another moment when they could escape.

Selena has that knife but she's smart. She won't use it unless she knows the rest of us are safe first. And not as long as Katie was this close.

Then, I could hear Selena, working on James.

"We didn't hurt your sister, James.", Selena said quietly, "The candle fell on the alcohol…there was nothing we could do."

James laughed for a moment and said, "I don't give a fuck about my sister. I should thank you, actually. You freed me. All I care about now is getting out of this country, getting away from my father, and being wealthy for the rest of my life. You're a nice little bonus, too, Selena. I've liked you since the first day of school…remember?"

"You hate your father.", Selena stated back to him, "But if you do this, you're BECOMING him, you know that, don't you?"

She's good. Dr. Selena is in.

"Shut that bitch up or I'll do it for you.", Kevin sneered from this end of the room.

Selena didn't say anything else and I knew it was hard for her, because she's a fighter. But she knows that someone else will pay for it if she says something they don't like. It killed me to see her silenced this way…like I would be. She, for a split second there, became a submissive. And I fucking hated it. I'm sure Kevin could see my glare hotly focused on him but he ignored me.

"Did you hear that?" Kevin asked about a half hour later…and I listened…but didn't hear anything but the storm outside.

"I didn't hear anything.", Raven said, coming closer to me and moving her fingernails through my hair on the right side, "Did you, pet?"

I shook my head, staring at Kevin.

"Stay here.", he took his gun out and checked the bullets, and he started going up the stairs to investigate this noise he heard.

James walked over and asked, "Where's he going?"

"He heard some noise.", she shrugged, rolling her eyes, "What the fuck happened out there? Why didn't you shoot him?"

"I had him.", James informed, "I pulled the trigger…and nothing. I think the rain fucked up my gun somehow. That happens sometimes. Then we found the old people. I lost my shot. The old man took a shot at Kevin and missed."

"Great.", she sighed.

"I'll get another chance.", James looked upwards, "I'll take those scissors and tell him I heard something outside too. Then I'll get him."

"Let me help.", I said, cutting in uninvited, "Uncuff me, I'll go out there. You can tell him I escaped and when he comes to find me, we'll get him."

"No.", Raven frowned at that idea, "You're mine. You're not running around out there by yourself."

"James – you go.", Raven said to him, "Take my gun, it's dry."

She gave her little silver gun to him and he nodded, going over to the table and picking up the sharp meat scissors too, putting them in his jacket.

"KEVIN!", James shouted up at the stairs, "KEVIN!"

"What?", he came running to the top of the stairs, looking down at us.

"I heard something outside here again.", James shared, holding Raven's gun, "Come on, let's check it out."

Kevin came running down the steps and glared right at me, shouting, "If it's any other member of your family, they're DEAD! I'm not running a hotel, here!"

"Come on.", James tapped Kevin's arm and they took off, opening and closing the front door.

I looked at Selena and she looked back at me….Ben was looking between the two of us, trying to figure out what was going on.

I decided to get Raven's attention on me. Then Selena could sneak up behind her, and corner her over here, away from the rest of them.

Selena nodded at me, as if she knew what I was thinking and I gave a stern gaze back, communicating 'BE CAREFUL' to her.

"AAAAHHHHHH!', I doubled over and hung my head as I screamed out in agony. Raven jumped for a moment and then was on me, asking, "What's wrong? Justin, what?"

"NO-AAAAAUUUGGGHHHHH!", I roared again…coughing and choking as she tried to lift my face up in her hands.

I gasped and kicked, jerking my body as if I was having some kind of attack…and before I even saw her coming, Selena was saying, "Don't fucking move, Raven. I'll cut your throat, I swear to God or Satan or whoever YOU believe in!"

When I looked up, the knife was against Raven's throat and Selena was behind her, clutching her long black hair in the other hand.

I smirked at Raven and she widened her eyes at me, pissed off that I had been part of the plan.

"I have a good place for her.", Selena said a moment later, yanking her backwards and taking her out to the left, towards the kitchen area, "How about that nice big freezer in the kitchen?"

"Oh yea!", I smiled more, remembering that huge walk in freezer in there with a thick glass door that locked from the outside. Perfect. I don't think it's still cold in there but it would make a nice little jail for HER. This house was weird like that. Some things worked, others didn't.

"Say goodbye to Raven.", Selena almost cooed as she shoved Raven ahead, the knife still at her throat, taking her away.

"Bye Raven.", Katie said merrily. Angela held her back away from Selena and Raven as they passed, and for that I was grateful.

"Be careful, Selena.", I warned, then said, "Ben, go with her."

Once Ben followed her, Katie and Angela were hugging me and I was bombarded with questions: "Are you alright, Justin? Let me see that." "Daddy, you're all beat up. Did Kevin do that?"

I silenced them by saying, "Be careful, you guys! They could come back anytime! You should get back on the couch!"

Then, suddenly, I heard Selena and Ben shout out, "NO!" and then Ben added, "YOU BITCH!"

"It doesn't matter, come on!", Selena screamed and they came running back in here, looking very upset.

"What happened?", I asked, "Raven got away?"

"No, she's in the freezer.", Selena said, looking pissed.

Ben looked at me and said, "We closed her in and then once the door was locked, she took out a little silver key…she smiled…and dangled it…and then she swallowed it."

"The key to my cuffs.", I put two and two together.

"I think so.", Ben looked at Selena.

"It doesn't matter.", I said quickly, "Ben, get them outta here! Get into the woods!"

"No way.", Ben protested before all the others did, "You're my son, I came here to get you – ALL of you. You're not getting left behind!"

"I can't get out!", I shouted at him, "JUST GO! Think of your granddaughter!"

"Wait wait!", Selena went around behind me, looking at the cuffs, "These aren't police handcuffs, they're the cheap kind you find at some of those gross stores."

"They seem pretty tough.", I said, my hands still throbbing from the abuse I've been putting on them all night.

"No, I mean, I know how to open police handcuffs.", Selena said, looking around the room for something.

"You do?", I asked.

"A cop's daughter…a teenager…looking for ways to piss off my dad.", she shrugged, "Yea…I know how to do it. I just need a pen or…something small and metal…thin…like a barrette, paper clip…a bobby pin…"

"Sorry, I didn't do my hair today…and all my paper clips are home in my desk.", I said, heavy with sarcasm, "They're gonna come back here! Please just GO!"

But Angela squeaked and said, "I have a bobby pin! A bunch of 'em! Here!"

She pulled a couple of them out of her hair and Selena ran over, smiling, saying, "Angela! I LOVE you!"

Selena tore the plastic off the bobby pin edge and went behind me, saying, "Give me a minute. It's not that easy and I haven't done this in awhile."

"Selena…", I groaned, watching the doorway, "If they open that door, you all RUN the hell out of here! Promise me!"

"Hush, Justin, let the girl concentrate.", Angela scolded me.

"It's so dark back here.", Selena complained, "Katie, go grab a candle and bring it over!"

"Kay!", she ran to her lounge and got the candle, and ran back with it, while I was warning her, "Don't RUN with a candle in your hands, Kate!"

But no one was listening to me. I was just the thing they were trying to rescue at the moment.

When Katie brought the candle over, both Selena and Katie gasped at the same time.

"DAD!", Katie exclaimed.

"Jesus, Justin, your wrists!", Selena said, "They're all bloody and swollen! You can't get out of cuffs that way! You could do nerve damage and break your bones!"

"Thanks Mommy.", I huffed, still seeing no one coming yet.

"DAD!", Katie frowned at me. Now I was in trouble.

"Sorry.", I said, properly chastised.

"Damn it!", Selena breathed in frustration, trying again.

"Baby, please, just take Katie and go.", I begged, "If they come back…they'll hurt you and I won't be able to stop them."

"We're all getting out of here together.", Selena stated firmly, still working behind me.

Katie went behind me and was watching Selena work and said, "Oh, you bent it into an S!"

"Yea, that's the shape you need…", Selena said, "And then you just put it in the tip of the lock…and fiddle with it a little until the teeth open up."

"Cool.", Katie enthused, "You're neat, Selena."

I couldn't help but smile at them as they bonded while trying to undo my handcuffs. Only they could make me laugh on the worst night of my life.

"I try, kid.", she returned, growling as the cuffs remained in place.

"It's taking too long.", I finally said, feeling hope fading inside me, "Look, you tried. I appreciate it. I love you for it. But you can all go. They won't hurt me, they want me alive. I'll make my move when they take the cuffs off in the morning."

"They won't hurt you?", Selena asked, "Yea right."

"Shut up Dad.", Katie's little voice said, "Selena's trying to concentrate."

I heard myself exhale a laugh and wondered if I was really a free man on either one of these teams. The only difference is, I want to be owned by my team here with me.

Then the door opened and I growled, "GET OUTTA HERE!"

I watched Selena point down the hallway, out of the living room and towards where the hot tub room and outer pool area waited. Ben and Angela ran that way, disappearing in the dark…they and I both thought Selena and Katie were right behind them, but they were wrong. Selena ran back to the sofa, putting her arms behind her, pretending to be tied up again.

"Selena!", I shouted in a whisper.

She just shook her head at me, whispering, "NOT leaving you!"

To my further horror, Katie wasn't with Selena on the couch…she had ducked behind me, also refusing to leave my side, and was working on the cuffs with the bent up bobby pin. I nearly gasped out loud, peeking behind me as she smiled up at me, as if everything was fine, as if we were playing some grand game.

I looked back at Selena and she blanched as white as a ghost, and crumpled up the sheet were Katie had been laying, making it look like she was still there. Genius.

I was too terrified to do or say much as Sir Kevin came marching back into the room, like the King of the manor. All I could do was shield Katie as much as I could, and pray that he didn't find her there.

"What the hell is this?", he complained, looking at me, "Where's Raven?"

"She took Ben and Angela upstairs.", Selena answered fast without hesitation, and added, brilliantly, "She better not hurt them."

"RAVEN!", he shouted, looking upwards, "RAVEN!"

He sighed and was about to go up the staircase, passing me as I casually tried to turn, pretending to arch my sore back to keep Katie from his view, and a piercing short scream rang out from behind me. My body froze and my eyes gaped as Kevin halted on the second step up….and looked at me…and backed down the two stairs to face me.

I peeked behind me and saw her looking up at me with shame and horror, shoving a brown spider off her leg, shivering, but still holding onto that damn bobby pin, working on freeing me.

"What was that?", Kevin raised a brow…well, if he had a brow…at me.

"Katie had a bad dream.", Selena cut in from where she was, and she looked at the sheet next to her, and she nuzzled the sheet with her nose and whispered, "Shhh….it's alright. Everything is alright."

He would never buy it. That scream clearly came from this end of the room and a screaming child wouldn't lay so still under a sheet over there. Selena was doing all she could, but it wouldn't be enough to fool Kevin.

"Yes, Katie, everything is alright.", Kevin said, smirking at me and reached over towards Selena, motioning with his finger, "Come here, dear, for a moment."

Selena looked at me and I swallowed a jagged breath. The sheet didn't move. At all.

"She's sleeping.", I almost stumbled as I spoke.

"Yea…", Kevin looked at me as if I were an idiot, "In the middle of all this, during a storm, AFTER she screamed…"

I hadn't felt Katie's hands moving on mine for a few seconds but now they started up again, hurrying with a new speed, desperately yanking and turning the bobby pin this way and that.

Kevin folded his arms and stood in front of me, towering over me as I knelt there.

"Move aside, love.", he demanded.

I could only answer one way.

"No.", I said flatly, my eyes burning with hatred and a bear's protective spirit.

Kevin didn't produce any weapons. He didn't need to.

"It wasn't a request, slave. Last chance.", Kevin offered, "And, sweetheart, if you think that I can't hurt that child when I pull her out from behind you, you know better than that. Tell her to come out and come to me."

My heart blistered with fire just thinking about doing that. I would never in a million years call her and tell her to go to this piece of vermin shit. I'd die first.

"No.", I said, feeling like a fortress that could not be conquered, "You can't have her."

Now Kevin produced his gun and placed the end of the barrel right into my right eye. And I didn't give a fuck. He didn't scare me. Protecting Katie was more important than anything he could do to me.

"Katie, come out here to me or Daddy loses an eye.", he announced.

"Stay where you are, Kate.", I said without taking my eyes off Kevin, "He won't hurt me…he needs me…don't you, Master?"

I sneered that word and made it sound just as it was – slimy and painted with rat shit.

"I think the first thing I'll do with you is have your vocal chords severed.", Kevin stared back at me, "It will be a great loss not to hear you call me Master anymore…but I'm so tired of your shitty mouth and the things you say to me."

"I'd love that.", I met his little challenge, smirking at him, "What a paradise it would be for me not to EVER have to call YOU MASTER again!"

I looked, seeing something move behind Sir Kevin…and Selena was there holding an iron poker from the fireplace where she'd been sitting a moment ago. But Kevin must've seen me looking or heard her approach because when she took her powerful swing, he ducked out of its way and spun around…but Selena wasn't there. She swung around and stood her ground in front of me and Katie…and swung at him again…this time hitting her target…right between his legs.

Kevin roared aloud and fell to his knees now…but Selena didn't take any time to celebrate that…she spun around and said, "Katie, let me."

"I almost had it that time.", Katie's little voice argued as I stared at Kevin, in utter disbelief that instead of fleeing, they were still standing here, trying to free me. We were three sitting ducks here.

"Selena NO!", I screamed as Kevin held his junk, laying on his side and rolling from left to right, and his hand was reaching out…for something on the floor…for his gun!

"Selena GET KATIE OUT!", I shouted out, helplessly as the two of them pulled at the same time on the bobby pin…"KATIE STOP IT!", Selena pleaded, "You're pulling too hard!"

"Selena!", Katie whined and Kevin smiled at me, as if it were only he and I here now…he was about to teach me a big lesson about obedience…about defiance…about trying to escape...I was about to lose someone. And I just couldn't lose either of them.

"Choose which you want, Justin.", Kevin said with a low, deadly voice as the girls kept working beside me, "Which of them lives, darling?"

"Don't!", I heard my voice beg again.

"Choose or you lose them both.", he cocked the gun, and aimed higher…like he was aiming for Selena's head. And then he began to move the gun lower and lower…

"Selena, he's got a GUN!", I screeched, the words tearing out of my throat like glass.

"Shit!", Selena realized what was happening now and pushed Katie behind me, and wrapped her arms around me, to shield me, and closed her eyes, ready for impact. But she still refused to leave me here alone.

"KATIE RUN!", Selena screamed out, and as she pushed Katie aside, behind me, Katie's little fingers dropped the bobby pin, and it vanished in the darkness…

"I dropped it!", Katie wailed and dropped to her knees, searching frantically for the little piece of metal. Kevin cocked the trigger of his gun and squeezed…a blast of sound deafened me…

I felt two icy hands encircle my cuffed wrists…the wintry chill shocked my senses for a moment…and a second later both my cuffs gave way…the teeth loosening their grip and my hands free as the heavy metal flew freely, dropping to the marble floor with an empty clink sound.

I don't know how it happened but I was free now, no longer pinned to this spot like a bound lamb waiting for slaughter. No…now I was suddenly transformed…into a lion…a lion about to protect his cubs.

I threw myself into Selena and Katie, flattening them against the floor as I laid over them, just in case the bullet had managed to find them. But as I took them to the floor with me, the bullet missed Selena, inches over her hair as she fell down under me. If I hadn't been free right at that moment, and pushed her down, she would've been shot in the head for sure.

It all happened in half seconds…it was so fast…but before I had time to breathe a sigh of relief, I kicked out hard, knocking the fucking gun out of his weak hand. It flew out into the dark, out of sight.

Roaring like a madman now, fueled by insane rage and the intense fright of a second ago…thinking that I just almost lost my Selena…I dived on the asshole and started beating the living shit out of him. Out of my mind with anger, I knelt on his arms, holding them down as I punched his ugly face once….twice…three times…four…five…I felt teeth break that last time as I pounded his mouth, bloodying my own knuckles with the force it took…but I didn't give a fuck. I could beat him like this all day until his head was just mush.

"Katie, come on!" I heard Selena yell as she ran with Katie down another hallway. I was hoping they were getting out of here, but I should've known better, where Selena was concerned.

"DADDY!", I heard Katie's little voice falter as it faded into the blackness…and I could still hear that devotion…she didn't want to leave me…still.

I felt like I was winning the fight with Kevin, but then the bastard actually smiled up at me with his bloody lips and said, "Oh, baby…you're turning me on!"

Sick fuck!

I hesitated then and he brought his knee up, squarely slamming me right in the nuts! And before I could even yell out, he grabbed the fallen poker and rolled over on top of me now…and straddled my chest with his knees as he pressed the long stick of the iron right against my throat, just firmly enough to deny me air.

"I wonder who you would've chosen…", Kevin breathed, his nose almost touching mine as I struggled, holding the poker and trying to push it off as he leaned in more, using his weight to pin me down.

"I guess we'll explore that another time.", Kevin said, sounding relaxed and pleasant as I now felt the urge to gasp out for air…and in seconds, I felt dizzy and tired. SHIT no! He's putting me to sleep! NO! I have to stay awake! I have to get out! Find Selena and Katie. Ben…Angela…

"Awww…there he goes…", Kevin smiled and placed a kiss on my forehead as if I were two months old, "Good night, my sweet, beautiful boy."

"NO!", I groaned, hardly with enough air to speak at all, and I heard myself let out this horrid empty air rattle sound…time was running out. I felt my eyes getting heavier…SHIT!

"Don't worry, love.", Kevin sneered with a wicked smile, "I'll flip a coin to see who lives."

"RRRRRRRRRRRR!", I felt the long roar tear out of my throat and mouth….and God knows where I got the strength, but I flung him off me as if he were a fucking rag doll!

I was on my feet and alert…and after his fucking ass! He stood up, too, holding the poker out horizontally in front of him, using it to defend himself. All I had was my bare hands and all the fucking rage of the last six years of my life.

"Very beautiful.", Kevin admired me as we circled each other, preparing to attack each other again, looking for an opening, "Protecting them…so very sexy, my dear. I love it. I will erase it out of you, once you're mine, but playing the tough hero…it's very attractive on you, pet."

"I AM NOT YOUR FUCKING PET!", I screamed, hearing my voice echoing all around us, high up in the ceiling above…letting all that pain out…all that hatred…that I had been bottling up for so long. It was streaming out of me like blood and I couldn't stop it. I didn't want to stop it.

And I grabbed the poker, and we pulled and spun, trying to get it from the other. Kevin yanked at it and it broke out of my hands, and he swung it like a sword, first on one side of my face, and then the other. It looked like he wasn't really trying to HIT me with it. He was enjoying this…toying with me until he was ready to make his final strike…the one that would make me silent and still…but still alive enough to cart off to fucking Thailand.

I heard a scream coming from the kitchen and I couldn't tell if that was Selena or Angela. Either way, there was nothing in this room I could've used as a weapon. I needed a new arena.

So I ran to the kitchen and heard Kevin laughing, not sounding too worried at all.

"Oh, darling…running away?" he asked from behind me as the thunder struck outside, and the lightning gave a harsh white momentary light to the kitchen as I reached it.

"Not very tough of you, is it, dear? You see, you can play the hero for a moment…but in the end you're still a little slave girl…running for your life.", Kevin said as he followed me quickly, not letting me get too much further ahead of him.

"Selena?", I shout-whispered as I entered, not seeing anyone of value here.

I got inside the elegant kitchen, a modern display of white and black design, and icy steel refrigerators here and there. And glass. Lots and lots of glass, some black, some etched, some clear. Perfect. It all cuts the same. Raven was shouting at me inside her little freezer window but I couldn't hear her. I ignored her and prepared for Kevin's arrival…looking around for things I could use. Emmett always taught me to use what's around you in a fight. It was time to give Sir Kevin the fucking beating he deserved…and I intended to leave not an inch of him unmarked.

Come on, Bieber. This is it. Time to fight for your freedom…your family…time to be a man…no longer a shadow…at last! I had waited for this day, dreamt of it…and at the same time, dreaded it. I had wanted my day, to fight back, to make THEM bleed for once…but I had no idea my daughter and the woman I love would be caught in the crossfire this way. I never wanted that. But it did feel wonderful that I was loved…and that the people who loved me didn't let me be alone in this. And for the first time in years, I felt safe, even in the middle of all this.

I heard footsteps coming in. I pulled out the whole drawer of silverware and threw the contents of the wooden box right into his silhouetted face. This wouldn't hurt him but in the dark it would surprise him and give me an opening to attack.

"AAHH!", he gasped as a hand flew up to his face and before he saw me, I was on him.

I threw a punch right into his nose, felt a crunch and then spun him around to my left, following with a kick to his chest, sending him backwards into one of those etched glass walls. The crash and twinkling sounds of glass along with the thud of his body sent waves of thrill through me…and I stood my ground, staring at the dark mass of skumbag on the floor.

BANG! I heard and looked towards the sound, the freezer! And Raven! She had a huge metal can of something…maybe a ham? And she was smacking it into the freezer door, trying to test its strength…trying to get out.

"RRRR!", I heard as something huge slammed into me and hurled me backwards this time, the two of us crashing through another glass wall. I felt tiny little splinters of glass stab like needles into my bare back as we landed and then I smelled Kevin's breath hotly pouring down into my face as my eyes blurred for a moment.

A savage little moan erupted from his chest and I felt his hand hold my chin up…and his tongue licked all the way up the side of my face, tasting my blood…tasting me. That was enough for me to snap out of my little daze and continue fighting back.

I yanked at his puss crusted eye and his half head of frayed long hair and made myself sit up, trying to ignore the little stabs of glass chunks in my flesh as I stood and shoved him off of me, blinking a couple of times, wishing I could rid myself of the foggy state my head was in at the moment.

I focused on the memory of Emmett and listened to his voice as he taught me how to defeat my opponent. Use what's around me.

He was after me as I ran deeper into the kitchen and saw the steel silver refrigerator with a little top door freezer compartment. I flung that open hard as I passed it and it clocked Kevin right in his face and sent him staggering backwards, but still on his feet.

I saw a huge wrapped thing in the freezer and grabbed it. Before Kevin could even come back after me, I slammed him in the face with the hard icy block. WHACK WHACK! Once on each side of his fucked up face and I saw his cheekbones split as I struck each blow. A dull, rough groan came out of him with each whack and he fell back onto a counter, holding onto it for support.

Then, in the crash of lightning, I saw him…and he saw me. I knew he was now very pissed off. And he said, "That little bitch is dead when I get my hands on her, pet. DEAD. You know that, right?"

"You're dead.", I snarled, panting, "You'll never touch my daughter again!"

"We'll see.", he smirked, wiping the side of his cheek with his fingers and standing straight, preparing to come after me again.

Before he could come at me, I struck first. Punched him right in the puss filled eye with the strongest blow I'd ever thrown in my life.

He spit blood on me and roared out, unleashing a full attack on me now.

Before I could block him, he belted me in the mouth twice and I felt a shot of agony as one of my lower side teeth cracked. I even felt a piece of it fall out of my mouth as Kevin grabbed the top of my hair and shoved my face down onto something very hard and rough. I heard a couple clicks and my eyes bulged open, realizing what it was.

I was face down on a stove and Kevin was turning on the dial!

"NO!", I struggled to move my face up off one of the burners before the fire shot out. I could smell gas and Kevin's fist shoved my lips back down into the iron brackets.

"Oh yes.", Kevin shoved his pelvis into my ass as he stood behind me, and I could feel his arousal as I struggled.

"You don't know the fun of having your face burnt off, do you, my love?", Kevin asked as he turned another dial. My feet kicked and tried to slam down onto the top of his boot but Kevin foresaw that and kicked my legs apart.

"Let's just burn a little of that precious angel flesh, shall we dear?", Kevin snickered into my ear as I growled out harder, "Maybe just the eye?"

"GET OFF ME!", I sneered out, remembering all too well the last time I'd screamed those words to Kevin.

And then a little blue fire popped out in the burner next to the one I was nearly kissing and I groaned out, the flames so hot even being a few inches away from me.

"Awww that's hot, I know.", Kevin spoke to me like I was a two year old who was afraid for no good reason, "Don't be afraid, baby. I'll just burn half your face. Once my face is finished, I'll let you fix yours."

I clenched my eyes shut and flung my head back as hard as I could, hitting Kevin in the nose again. He shouted out and I was able to wriggle myself out of his slimy grip. I grabbed at glasses and tossed them at his face as he came after me.

Raven was really slamming the can in her hands into the freezer glass door. It was cracking a bit and would probably shatter very soon.

Kevin was lurching up to me as I found myself in a corner, but I stood my ground. He would never touch Selena again. He would never touch Katie again. I'd give my life to make sure those vows stay true.

"Come on.", I had my hands up, readying to pounce as he stalked up to me. I could hear Raven's voice now, behind him, and thick glass slowly crumbling as she dug her way out little by little, the pounding sound still in the air.

Kevin had no weapons. He thought he was tougher than me. He didn't see me as a threat and I could use that in my favor. He thinks I'm still the little bitch that knelt before him back in New York. But I'm not that anymore. That slave is dead. Gone. Thank God.

He tried to put his hands around my neck but I punched him again…and again. He blocked and struck back a couple times and I was able to duck and spin out of that corner.

I reached out and found pots and pans hanging above me and I grabbed one in each hand, using them as my weapons for a moment…and I couldn't help but smile as the CLANG of them lashed out and kissed Sir Kevin's deformed face.

Twisting him with me, I shoved Kevin's bloody face into the wall with a horrid thud and for a second I thought I had knocked him out. But he got right up again and was still coming for me. FUCK! What is this guy made of? STEEL?

I had never had to fight Kevin before, not like this, but I discovered soon into the struggle that he was no lightweight. He could take a hard punch and would smirk at me, spit blood, and then come back at me full force. He'd been trained and knew moves that I never saw before. Those moves usually knocked me on my ass and hurt like a bitch but I kept getting back up too. I had to.

Kevin was not just another jerk with a cool gun in his hand pretending to be tough, pretending to be some mafia loser. He's the real thing. Dangerous. Evil. Deadly.

Maybe he was even employed as an assassin and that's how he knew Victoria. I wouldn't have been surprised after tonight.

And even worse, it seemed like he was enjoying all this a little too much. Like he was aroused by it, by feeling my fists on his flesh. I found myself swinging harder, trying to force more and more weight and heat behind each blow, hoping it would be enough to stop him, end him, or at least knock him the fuck out. And I knew I would tire myself out fast, fighting this way, but I had to give everything…to free us…to make sure he couldn't hurt or even LOOK at anyone else I cared about again.

I tried to ignore the pain that came with his fists when he got me, and I surprised myself with how strong I was in that respect. But then, even though I'd had some time off from it, I was well acquainted with pain. But not in this form. Being punched and kicked, thrown into walls was a little different from the norm for me, but I had decided it was better than being chained up helplessly. I had control now of what I was doing here…I had a choice…and I didn't have to be agreeable and quiet, and smile and pretend to enjoy it.

I felt like a man…a real man, fighting for his family. Protecting them…coming to their rescue for once in return for all the days they'd been saving me since we moved here. And it's because of them I'm even able to fight this bastard today.

They gave me courage. They taught me strength. And now I can use it, wield it like a sword…and fight. Finally, fight! Win or lose…but NO, losing is not an option. I have to win. I have to beat him. For Selena. For Katie. For Ben and Angela. And most of all, for myself.

Our fight blazed on and on, and I never heard from Raven back in the kitchen again. My body was getting tired and I was covered with sweat. I just kept going, though, but I knew my punches were getting lame. Kevin even laughed after one cut to his jaw.

"Getting a little tired, pet?", he smiled at me as he grabbed me between the legs. I shouted out and woke up, twice as pissed now as he spoke.

"Let me know when you've had enough, huh?", he purred as he stared at my scowling face, "Then Daddy'll put you down for a nice little nap."

I almost thanked him for that. He gave me new energy…new hate to draw on…and I forgot my aches and weakness and came at him again, almost stronger somehow.

A big part of me kept worrying about Selena and Katie…where they were…if Raven was on the loose…if she was looking for them to put a stop to my battle with Kevin. And then there was the added worry of Ben and Angela too.

I had to end this. I had to put Kevin down and find my family.

Somehow, our fight took us all over the mansion. We had been in a billiards room with pool tables and Kevin tried to clobber me with a pool cue. I grabbed one and it was like we were sword fighting. I blocked him well with my stick and even got a couple of very good stabs in. It didn't produce blood, but it sounded like it hurt when I jammed the tip of my cue into his chest and then later into his smelly groin. I had a beautiful shot to smash him over the head but at the last second he rolled out of the way like a ninja warrior! Damn it!

That's when he got me and grabbed a few darts out of a round dartboard behind him and stabbed them into my back at the shoulder blade once…twice…three times. He stopped, probably in the mindset that he was still going to take me home with him. He fought me hard but he was holding back. He didn't want me so hurt that I would take months to heal before he could "play" with me. As if it hadn't occurred to him that I was never going to go ANYWHERE with him – ever again.

That time, he was the one to run out of the room in search for a new battlefield. I never let him get very far from me though, as he would have the upper hand waiting for me in a new room.

It wasn't long before we were two beaten, bloody messes hardly standing on our own feet. Kevin kept asking if I was done yet…and "Is that all you've got, kitten?"

But he didn't fool me. I knew he was hurting just as much as I was.

Then there was a music room that we tore up pretty well. I couldn't believe that there'd been a baby grand piano in here and we hadn't found it ourselves, Selena and I. That would've been a beautiful touch, having candles in here, and me playing something for her. That was the thing that pissed me off most when we fought in there. And the keys even crashed out in a musical hiss as we slammed back onto them in our struggle.

He came after me with a cello, holding the handle like a bat, and swinging it at me…but I found a large brass harp and used it to block him. The strings popped and broke but it was still enough to shield me until I could get out the other door. The sounds the instruments made as they clashed were amazing and I was glad that that cello never hit me. That could've broken bones and then I'd be fucked.

We found the gym room, a sun room, a movie watching room…and at one point, as Kevin tossed me out of an office or a computer room, I fell back onto a wooden panel. It had looked like just part of the wall…but then it opened! A nice little red elevator waited inside there and I quickly got in and closed the door behind me, and hit the up arrow. It was here that I got a good look at myself in the wall to my right, a mirror from ceiling to floor.

JESUS! My hair had blood in it and a couple lines trickled down into my forehead. My right eye was swollen and puffy, almost closed up. I had scratch marks clawed into the left side of my cheek, my nose was bruised with purple marks and had dry blood under the right nostril. My mouth was torn and swollen, glistening with fresh blood, and when I looked at my teeth more than one was chipped, broken…and a bottom tooth was even GONE! Shit! Then there was my chest! Bruises everywhere…purple, gray, and black…red blotches.

Katie would scream if she could see me now. Fuck!

I almost turned to look at my back but then the door opened and a tiny BING sounded.

I peeked around the corner before stepping out, seeing a long white hallway lined with doors.

"Selena!", I whisper-called into the dark. Nothing. I am glad she's safe and has Katie away from Kevin, but I hate not knowing where they are. James could have them. Raven too. For all I know they could be on the other side of the house, bleeding to death and I wouldn't even know it.

I have to find them. But I have to make sure Kevin, James, and Raven are all taken care of first. I never want to fear them again. I never want to feel sick when Katie goes off to school everyday, wondering if today's the day they'll find her. I never want them or their memories coming into my bed, when I'm touching Selena. I don't want their faces in my nightmares anymore. All this shit ends today. Here. I'm finished being afraid. I'm done being the fucking victim.

Let them fear me now, I told myself, feeling a very dark thing rising up inside of me. I could be a psycho and not care about the rules. I could be a killer. I could take pleasure in hunting them.


Once Justin leapt on top of Kevin, I wanted to stand by and cheer him on. I wanted to watch Kevin bleed and help Justin by occasionally kicking Kevin in the face. But I remembered Justin's one wish to have Katie out of this, out of here. I knew above all he'd want Katie protected from the images…the words spoken here…so I took her as far away from this side of the mansion as I could.

It wasn't easy, dragging her down dark hallways and up staircases as she struggled and shouted that she wanted her Daddy. I wanted him too and it killed me but I had to get her to safety before I could go back and try to help him. I didn't want to think of the realities of the danger we were in, but my father is a cop. I know that the fight could turn on Justin and he could lose. James could show up. Raven could escape. They have guns. The innocent don't always win and I know that. I've seen bloody pictures of murdered innocents on my kitchen table while my Dad was working a homicide.

I would respect his wish and make his daughter safe. Our daughter.

And then I would return to him and do my best to help free us from these sick bitches. But if we lose, I will die at his side, gladly, holding his hand, and watching his eyes until the light dims inside. I felt violently ill just imagining that…and I could only wish that I'd die first and not have to see that horrible moment pass. But then, I didn't want him to die alone, looking at Sir Kevin's face as he went.

"Where are we going?", Katie screamed, "Selena! WE CAN'T LEAVE HIM!"

"We're NOT leaving him!", I spun my face towards hers…and she was crying…and I stopped running for a second so we were on the same page.

"Katie.", I got at eye level with her, "I want to go back and help your Dad. But I want you safe first. If they get their hands on you now…it'll be-there are no words. These are evil people. We love you so much, your Dad and me. You are our first priority. No matter what else happens, you are going to get out of this. So please don't fight me. Let me take you to the wine cellar. It has a lock and a key in the door. It won't be long before I come back to get you, I swear."

"It'll be dark in there.", Katie whimpered, her bottom lip trembling. And God, if she didn't look like Justin just then. It hurt me physically to see her hurting like this.

"Katie, you are so brave.", I whispered, "What you did for your Dad, the way you opened those cuffs, even when the bad guys came back…"

"I didn't open the cuffs.", Katie shared, "I dropped the bobby pin and couldn't find it. They just opened. I don't know how Dad got them off."

For a second, I felt a chill go up my spine but then I heard Justin's muffled voice from downstairs cry out and glass breaking. Katie heard it too and yelped, her head spinning around, trying to find him.

"I'll go to the cellar.", she said quickly, "Which way?"

I just smiled at her and rushed as fast as I could down the staircase that would take us to the cellar Justin and I once found while exploring this place. He found a very nice bottle of wine there and we drank it naked in the hot tub, each holding the other's glass and feeding sips to each other. His hair was dark and wet, slicked back with just a hair or two falling like silk glass over his creamy forehead. And damn…those green eyes…staring at me…

WAKE UP Selena! Move your ass to that cellar and remember where you are!

That was my inner cop voice shouting at me. And I got my ass in gear and ran my little baby to safety.

We finally got to the door and I unlocked it, taking the key out and stuffing it in my pocket as we went in.

"Careful, baby, hold the rail…", I said as I went first, holding her hand as my feet tested out each step before we went down.

"I can't see anything!", she said in a little voice as we were halfway down the steps.

And before I could assure her that it was alright, a light went on below, inside the cellar.

I screamed out and put my hands up, ready to fight to the death as my eyes focused on who was down here…and how they got the lights to work. But all I could see were the cherry wood carvings of the walls, the slots where wine bottles rested inside, a little round marble table with two matching chairs in the center of the room…and the light bulb that hung from an arched wooden carving that laid over a counter where empty wine glasses waited.

No one was in here.

"No.", Katie decided after a moment, and she tried to move back up the stairs.

"Katie.", I stopped her, "The light is on. It doesn't matter how it happened, okay? You're not in the dark. And look, there's a place to sit here."

Thunder crashed outside like wicked laughter and we both jumped.

"I hate to ask you to stay here alone, Katie, but please.", I almost begged, "I have to get back to your Dad. There's three of them and just one of him."

"Okay.", Katie screwed up her brave face and nodded, "Don't let them hurt him. And don't let them take him away!"

"Are you kidding?", I tried to smile, "No one's taking that man away from ME!"

"Oh God.", Katie almost giggled at me, rolling her eyes, "Get a room!"

My mouth fell open but we could always get to this subject later.

I hugged her tight and felt tears come to my eyes as I whispered, "I love you, Katie. So much."

"I love you too, Selena.", she clung to me, stroking down my hair with her hand, "Please go get him and bring him back, okay? It's his birthday. No one should get hurt on their birthday."

"I know. Okay, I'll get him, I promise.", I kissed her nose and sat her on the chair, repeating Justin's words of, "Sing Disney songs. It does work. You'll be okay here, I can feel it."

Katie nodded, as if she were terrified but would try anything at this point to stay strong.

I leaned my forehead against hers and said, "I'll be back soon, I swear. Nothing will keep me from you ever."

I hugged her one last time before going and as I began to move away from her, she yanked me back and choked, asking with a cracking voice, "Selena, I've been wanting to ask you something. I need to ask you now, okay?"

"Um, okay.", I furrowed my brow, wondering what could be so important that she had to ask me NOW when Justin was in the fight of his life upstairs.

"Can I…", she hesitated, "Can I please call you…Mom?"

And something inside me….something warm and soft and sweet grabbed around my heart and lightly squeezed…and the tears came spilling forth from both my eyes.

For a second, words couldn't come.

"Uh…uh…of COURSE!, I smiled, "If…if you want to…you know I would never try to replace your Mom. I-"

"I know my Mom was a good person.", Katie said, "Daddy told me about her. And she sounds so great. But I don't really know her. Or I don't remember very well. You take care of me. You tuck me in. You read with me. When I think of what a Mom should be…I think of you, Selena. You're a great Mom. And even when I'm mean to you, you still love me. I think that's what a Mom is. And Daddy loves you too…so much. You make him smile all the time. We should be a family."

"We ARE a family.", I corrected, touching her hair, "Yes, Katie…I'll be your Mom, if you want me. I'd love you to call me that, if you're ready. If you want to. It's such a surprise! I've never been a Mom before. I thought I screwing up all over the place. And I've never really wanted to be a Mom before…before YOU. I love you, Katie."

"I love you too Mom.", she said and I felt a breath gush out of my chest while she hugged me again, "Now go get Daddy."

"I will.", I wiped my eyes and waved to her as I began to ascend the stairs.

She waved back, swallowing, steeling herself to be tough once I was up there and the door was locked from the other side.

"I'll be back.", I assured one more time and she nodded at me.

Rushing up the steps, I locked her in and shoved the key in my back jeans pocket.

Katie is safe. But no one else in this fucking house will be now. Chief Gomez's daughter is on the way and there are three asses that need to be kicked.

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