Stuck In Fire 2 - Justin Bieber

Justin is finally reunited with Katie.. and that's awesome. I don't know what to write, 'cause i haven't read the story o.o IT'S NOT MIIIINE. I JUST POST IT TO READ IT :P


4. 4


Katie was laughing as I took my last bite of chicken, unable to take my eyes off the dancing eyes of Anthony Masen. He was being absolutely adorable tonight, telling us about his day. It sounds like he LOVES working with the horses. Ben and Angela look so happy for him, too. Something is wrong. He's being too charming. I know this Justin. This is the Justin I met the first day at my apartment. Fun Justin. I hoped I was wrong but I don't think I am. He's acting again. Putting on a brilliant show for his daughter…and me. And it was making me angry.

"And there's a horse there named Butterfly ," he said, smiling, "And she is the sweetest thing ever. She always lays her little white head on my shoulder when I go into her stall to feed her."

"Awww!", Katie looked envious of her father, "I wanna go there too!"

"Maybe some weekend I can arrange it, baby.", he grinned, taking a sip of his soda.

Katie had already told Justin all about her first day at school, her teacher, the entire history of Casper, Wyoming, and all her new friends. It was only ten minutes ago that Justin had a chance to tell his stories.

I got up for a second to take a couple dishes off the table when Justin looked up at me.

"Are you okay?", Justin asked pleasantly, "You've been quiet."

"I…have a headache.", I said and regretted that right off. Now I'm sure not to be approached for sex tonight. I am SO stupid.

I came back to the table and sat down, hating the way I was acting. But I just couldn't shake it.

"Your turn.", Justin beamed at me, taking my hand, "How was the college?"

"Beautiful.", I grinned, "I was so surprised. It's so huge, too."

Everyone waited for me to say more.

"What's your teacher's name?" Katie asked, curious.

"Oh, I have a lot of teachers.", I informed, "College has a few different classes and you get a different teacher for every one."

"Oh cool.", she looked surprised.

"So, you liked it?", Justin asked, looking hopeful.

"Yea, I do like it.", I admitted, "Everyone was really sweet to me."

"Sweet to you?", Justin's brow furrowed, "Were there guys being sweet to you?"

I looked at him and let out a little snort. "No, Justin, it's a college for nuns."

Ben cackled at my remark but Justin didn't look very amused suddenly. Ben shut right up when Justin sent a little glare his way.

"There were no guys after me, if that's what you're asking. NO men are interested in me." I shot that remark Justin's way and stood up, not afraid to look into his eyes.

I started to clear off a couple empty plates from the table. Ben and Angela thankfully didn't interfere in our conversation.

Justin sighed as I went into the kitchen by the stove where he couldn't see me.

I heard Katie and Angela near the table, talking about getting her into the tub.

"Oh, WAIT!", I heard Justin stand up, his chair making a wooden scraping sound, "I get the shower first!"

Thank God for small favors, I said to myself. I can' t believe he wanted to eat smelling that way. He must have been starving. He is the first one to make sure he's pretty and sweet smelling at all times. I can see he's tired, too. It's in his eyes.

I took care of the dishes while Justin was in the shower and every now and then I couldn't help but be wicked and turn the hot water on full, stealing it from Justin. I could hear him in there when the ice cold water shot out, giving a small yell. I am so mean. Why am I doing this?

Oh yea, I want sex.

This is not the way to get it, Selena! My inner shrink is back again. I wish I could turn cold water on YOU!

Once or twice, I could hear Justin going, "Uuuhhhh…", and "Aaaahhhh" in there and I almost collapsed to the floor. I wanted to go in there and surprise him, step into the shower with him and wash his body. But I couldn't.

Ben was watching some sports show on TV and Angela had gone with Katie into her room to pick out tomorrow's clothes. I was glad they kinda went away. Washing the dishes was good therapy for me, it seemed to snap me out of my moods most of the time.

Katie did come out and ask me if a pair of jeans went with a blouse she was holding up. I smiled and said "Jeans go with everything, that's why they're AWESOME!"

She was satisfied with that and went charging back to Angela.

I miss Alice. I'm not the fashionista to go to for outfit advice. I miss Rosalie, too. They might have some great advice for me on the Justin problem. I would love to have a girlfriend to talk to right now, to tell all my sad little secrets to…funny, when I had them I never felt like talking much. Now that they're gone…I want to talk forever. I felt tears in my eyes as I remembered them and blinked them away as I heard the shower water turn off.

'We're gonna be friends forever!' I could still hear Alice saying to me…and I remembered hugging both of them one night we were all having a sleepover, all dressed in warm fleece pajamas. I felt my lips twist in pain as I scrubbed a brillo pad against a pot.

Ben was muttering something derogatory at the TV and I almost chuckled, thinking of Charlie. He would do the same thing. I want to call him – no – I want to SEE him and hug him and not let go. Charlie's harsh words kept coming into my brain. When he was in the hospital, trying to convince me to stay with him, he'd said horrible things, things I didn't want to believe. But now they kept taunting me.

'He doesn't really love you', Charlie had said, 'He thinks he loves you because he thinks you have a cure for him. It's not real love for him, Selena! And you think you love him because he's shown you a few new tricks, he's made you feel things for the first time…but marriage is more than just great sex, Selena!'

I shut my eyes and made myself stop hearing it. I decided then that I would call one of the numbers my counselor gave me today. I needed to talk some things out. I would have to ask the police if I was allowed to do this. I believed they would let me. It was therapy, it's not like they could deny me that! What would Justin say?

The door to the bathroom opened and a wall of steam gushed out, wrapped around a very happy looking Justin, who wore a white t shirt and a gray pair of shorts. They weren't tight shorts, they were cotton and went to right above his knees. I still enjoyed the view, though…what cute little hairless knees. His legs were so toned with nice muscle but not too much. They were perfect…and his bare feet!

His wet hair was brushed back but a single little sharp strand hung down on his forehead. I almost drooled.

I was about to say something to him and his eyes looked at me, happily watching me in return.

And then Katie pounced.

"DAD!", she crashed right into him, "It's about TIME! I've been waiting for you FOREVER!"

"Sorry, babe.", he grabbed her two ponytails, spinning them in circles, "What'cha doin?"

"Trying to pick out clothes for tomorrow!"

"Oh, well, then let me in there!", he went with her, saying, "I am the wizard of outfit picking!"

"I know!", Katie had him again…and I went to watch TV with Ben.

I have to put a lock on her door and "accidentally" close her in sometime.

"Hey Ben.", I sighed, plopping down next to him, staring at basketball players but not understanding it much.

"Hi girl.", he grinned, "Such a sad face…"

I tried to smile, to hide it. But Ben wasn't fooled.

"I know that look.", he chuckled, "Justin's in the doghouse."

"No, it's not like that—"

"Yea, yea…", he cut me off, waving his hand at me, "I'm an old husband, I know, you don't have to tell me."

I just gave a nervous little laugh.

"Things will get better, Selena.", he tried to comfort me, "Everyone is trying to find their footing now, their balance. Justin and Katie have been apart so long…I know it's hard to share…I was the odd man out when Tanya was little. It was her and her mom all the time, dressing up…doing each other's hair…I understand the feeling of being left out sometimes. But you have to make time together, you two. Or else it'll never happen on its own. Go out together, take walks together…just make the time."

I wanted to say, 'I love you Ben.' But instead I just said, "Thank you, Ben."

"Okay, there you go.", he gruffed and went back to his show.

I decided he was right and so I got up and went to Katie's room. Why should I feel like I'm not invited? Angela is in there.

"See?", Justin asked as I got there, "You put this shirt under this one, and leave the buttons open, now you have two colors instead of one."

"COOL!", she beamed, liking what Justin was holding up in front of her.

"That is so clever, Justin!", Angela was sitting on Katie's bed. I nearly rolled my eyes.

Justin looked up at me and gave me a cute little wink that nearly took my breath away. He was sure adorable when he wanted to be.

"Try that out.", he handed her the hangers of clothes and she looked up at him with a funny look on her face.

"I know, get out.", he said, walking out the door to let her change.

"Thanks Daddy.", Katie peeked her face out the door before she slammed it on us.

Justin laughed, looking at me and thumbed the door, "She's so cute! She never heard of layering before."

I took his hands in mine and felt roughness there, and I could feel my own brow furrow.

I turned his palms up and saw a few scratches and a couple of new calluses forming there.

"I'm already getting cowboy hands.", he said, as if he already noticed that.

"Awww…", I kissed the sore spots and looked up at Justin with my sultriest stare, "I like cowboy hands…"

He smiled down at me and said, in a most husky voice, "Keep doing that."

I felt a little funny kissing his hands in front of Ben but any contact I could have with Justin was good for me. I slowly opened and closed my mouth over his rough patches of skin…not leaving anything to his imagination. I even licked up one of his middle fingers. He let out a deep breath and I knew I had to stop for now. Katie would come out here any second to douse icewater on our steamy little scene.

"Maybe later we can take a nice walk together.", I suggested.

What I really pictured was the two of us in some empty wooded area, tearing each other's clothes off.

"Oh, Selena, I'm so tired!", he said with all the sorrow he could, "Maybe tomorrow night?"

"Oh.", I wanted to cry, "Okay."

"I mean, I just took a shower and I feel so good in my pj's.", he explained, "I don't want to change again…and my feet are killing me."

"I got it.", I said, "I'm going to lie down for awhile."

I ran off to my room, escaping. I felt like such a little girl, a brat who was sulking for being denied what I wanted. Katie owned him now, not me. I guess I should be grateful that I got to have him for the two weeks. Those were the best…and also the toughest two weeks of my life. Where was that confidant, fun guy I met back then? Was he an illusion? A trick of Victoria's?

I thought Justin would follow me and knock on my door. But he didn't. And I wanted to throw something across the room for the lack of noise outside my door. I knew I was being a baby and a selfish bitch but I couldn't help it. And I cried, face down in my pillow so no one would hear me.

Out of spite, I heard my mind thinking up a punishment for Justin. I heard it saying 'He thinks he's getting Dr. Selena tonight – fuck him! He's not!'

I hated that dark side of myself. I took a deep breath and sat up, squashing her down and locking her in a cage somewhere. I would be Dr. Selena tonight. I promised him. I reached for my notebook and began to make a list of things I wanted to bring up with him later.

The first thing I wrote down was : First day of work.

I knew his stories were bullshit. He was hiding it all night but I saw him walk. It looked painful. That was not the smooth, Justin stroll he usually did when he moved. And the way he smelled, I knew he worked his ass off today. Why would he not tell us that?

Second thing I wrote: Ignoring me when you got home.

After those two things, the rest came easier. By the time I was done, I had three hours worth of issues here to discuss. I sighed. Would I ever stop being Dr. Selena? Did I want to? I prayed I could keep my own hurt and anger at bay so I could be a good therapist for him tonight. But the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to yell and scream and let it all come out. I went back to my first notebook page and saw the names of doctors with their phone numbers on the right hand side. Did I want a woman or a man? A woman might hear my story and think I'm a sleaze for buying a male prostitute. A man might like that too much. A man might talk Justin down for that. Charlie certainly didn't think much of Justin's past.

A little knock tapped on my door and I put the notebook in my lap, closed.

"Come in.", I fixed my hair on each side as the door creaked open.

It was him. And right away my heart started pounding in my chest.

He came in, closing the door behind him, and smiled at me without a word.

"Hello notebook girl.", he said in that same voice from two months ago, "What do YOU desire?"

I wanted to be happy for that little reminder of what we were. But instead I was mad. I felt like he was mocking us. Rubbing it in my face that we weren't that couple anymore.

"Ten minutes with my boyfriend would be nice.", I said back in a bitter tone.

Justin looked like I had taken all the wind out of his sails in that second. I looked down and regretted my little comment right away. If I had answered differently, we could be kissing right now. I suck.

"Katie's asleep.", he informed softly, "So I thought—"

"So you thought now that I would entertain you.", I finished with a worse tone than before, "Yay for me! Girl number two!"

Justin's face was instantly angry now. And I looked down at my notebook again, hoping to find some peace there.

"You are NOT girl number two.", he said, trying to keep his temper, "God! What is it with you women? Being jealous of a child – I just don't get that! Tanya was the same way!"

"I'm starting to see Tanya's side!", I growled low in my throat, "No one can get a word in edgewise between you and—HER!"

Oh God, that was a big mistake. I nearly said something bad about Katie. I almost called her his little princess or something just as awful. But the way I said HER was not very nice either.

"I can't believe you said that…", he said, stunned.

I grabbed my hair and stood up, throwing myself into his arms, the tears coming back as soon as I touched him.

"I'm sorry, Justin.", I cried, "I didn't mean that. I'm so alone here. I just want you…"

He held me in his arms and I felt half healed already.

"You have me.", he whispered, kissing my head, "Shhhh….please don't cry…"

So I cried more.

I was getting his t shirt all wet.

He held me and waited until I was quieting down before he spoke again.

"Come here…lay down.", he laid me on my side as he laid in front of me, turned on his side too. He moved my hair out of my face and kissed me so tenderly. My forehead, my nose, my wet eyes…then, finally, my lips.

One last little sob came out as he was being so sweet to me and he whispered, "shhhhh" again.

"I'm here…", he whispered, kissing my cheek, "I'm yours…"

He kissed my other cheek and added, "Always."

I let out a jagged breath and he nuzzled me.

"You'll never be number two," he whispered, "…in anything…especially my heart."

That statement was like a life preserver for me, tossed right to me while I was drowning. I clung to it desperately.

I felt myself let out another little cry but he kissed my lips, crushing it right away.

"You are so fucking beautiful, you know that?", he kissed me again.

Right. I probably looked like a wet monkey right now.

I half wondered if this was another tactic of Justin's to get me to stop fighting with him….but I didn't have it in me to care right now. If this is an act, I'm falling for it.

I shook my head gently and whispered, "You are."

He smirked at me and whispered, "Stubborn."

He moved my hair out of the way and placed a wonderful kiss on my neck, right at the edge of my jaw.

"I know we're going to have a fight later…", he whispered in my ear, "I know you're mad at me…I know I've been stupid…but before I'm punished I just wanted you to know how much I love you…"

He was kidding about the punishment part I think. I could see him smiling at me and I couldn't help but get drawn in by those goddamn beautiful eyes of his.

"I love you too.", I whimpered back. I liked his technique here. Yes, we were going to have a fight and he knew it. But it was nice he had done this first.

He moved his fingers over my forehead and I noticed how nice he smelled now. Irish Spring soap…yummy.

"Now tell me, how have I displeased you?", he asked in a very sensual voice, but he was smiling a little so I know he was kidding to be saying those words.

"Stop.", I almost whined.

"Okay, erase that.", he kept touching me, making me lose my anger, "I know I've been very busy with Katie lately. I know that's not fair to you."

"I don't mind sharing you with Katie.", I shook my head, "She's your daughter and I understand that. But sometimes…"

"She wants all of me, all the time.", he said.

"Yes!" I let a huge breath out as I finally admitted it, "I'm not jealous…well, yea, sometimes I am jealous. I don't want to be. But sometimes I want to cuddle with you on the couch."

"I know.", he said, his voice sounding a bit sad, and his fingers kept stroking my hair, "I want you, too. But I also don't want to ever push Katie aside."

"I never want you to do that either.", I said right away.

He sighed quickly and closed his eyes. "I will try to do better, Selena.", he promised, "I want to make you feel included in every way. I never want to hear you say how alone you are again. It's my fault. I'll try harder."

Man, he is a good talker. He can really say all the right things. But does he mean it? My guts told me yes. But my guts were not such a keen judge these days.

"I'll try harder too.", I said, sniffing, "I'll be more understanding. Less of a brat."

"You're MY brat.", he kissed my chin, "And I love you. I kind of like jealous Selena. But I don't like you being so sad. I'm sorry."

"Me too.", I took another breath, feeling so much better now.

"Do you still want to take a walk?" he offered and I nearly cried again. Damn, he was so fucking sweet.

"No, you're tired.", I kissed his nose, "And you do look so fucking good in those pajamas. You'd look even BETTER out of them…"

He smiled wider, showing those perfect white teeth and I nearly died.

"Why, Dr. Selena…", he breathed, "Are you trying to seduce me?"

I bit my lip, knowing how much he loved that and I grabbed him by his little white shirt, yanking him closer to me, if that was possible.

"Damn straight.", I raised my brow, licking my tongue up over his lips with one curl.

He grunted, aroused at once as I said, "I need to consult with Dr. Frankencock. It's an emergency."

"Oh my God!", he played along, unbuttoning my shirt with the speed of an expert, his mouth kissing my neck, "I'd better get right over there…it's a fucking emergency!"

OH YES! Nothing better stop this now! I wouldn't leave here if the place was on fire! Oh…bad choice of words…you know that I mean.

He yanked open my shirt now and I pulled my arms out, getting stuck on one of them. He helped me and tossed the shirt away, his mouth moving down to my breasts, the bra getting in his way again.

"What did I say about THESE?", he sounded angry and broke my bra right in the front, tearing it off me. I let out such a moan I'm sure even Jack Bauer heard it in the room down the hall.

He pinched my nipple so hard and I cried out.

"Say you'll never wear those damn bras in my presence again.", he ordered, "Say it!"

"I'!", I rattled it off so fast I didn't even understand it.

He released my nipple and replaced it with his own hot, wet tongue. And I had to stop myself from screaming out.

"Damn, Selena…", he devoured my breast with his mouth, "I've been dieing to do this for weeks!"

I yelped again, loving that he said that. All my worries about him not wanting me anymore were quickly dieing.

"It's so hard…", he said as he pushed himself against my leg, the long evil erection pressing against me, "…getting an appointment with you…but it's SO worth the wait!"

"Uuuhh….", was all I could say…I wasn't as good as Justin when it came to these little lines he'd make up.

"Uuuh, you see?", he was after my other breast now, "That was FUCKING brilliant! Where else could I hear that?"

I giggled and tried to stop myself, not wanting to laugh while he was ravaging me.

"Tell me more, Dr. Selena…", he said seductively, unbuttoning my jeans.

He always wanted me to talk dirty…he knows how hard this is for me…but he's still teaching me…making me expand my little horizons…

I hesitated, trying to think of something to say. He ripped my pants down my legs and I pulled my feet out.

"Nothing to say?", he raised a brow, "I thought this was an emergency! If there's no problem here, I guess I'll leave…"

My eyes almost popped out and I started talking before I knew what I was saying.

"My body doesn't feel right.", I played my part as best I could, "It's all achy…and it feels numb most of the time!"

"Hmmm…", he looked at me, deep in thought as he rubbed his fingers over my panties, right where my clit was throbbing for him.

"Oohhhhh!", I arched my back and couldn't help my shout of pleasure.

"How about here?", he asked, "What does that feel like?"

"SO GOOD!", I shouted, putting a pillow over my face, "Don't stop, PLEASE!"

"I need to take a closer look.", he pulled down my panties, and I just pulled one leg out, too anxious for this to care.

"Oh here's the problem…", he said as I panted like a dog, "It needs water…"

And he took a giant, thick lick up the top of my clitoris…I did scream that time, half not caring if we got heard or not.

"Lots and lots of water…", and he buried his head between my legs, placing the tip of his tongue right in the perfect spot…wiggling it like a master!

The things Justin's tongue could do…there are no words. It got into every little fold and crevice…going hard and so feather light in all the right places, at the right times. GOD HE IS TALENTED !

I lost track of the number of times I came as he took his time making sure my "problem" was cured. I had become a growling animal by the time he was nearly through with me there.

"More…", he demanded, and slid his tongue into my pussy, but I howled out, liking the muffled sounds my voice was making under the pillow.

"NNNNNNN!", I seemed to be protesting now…not sure I could take much more. It seemed like an hour had passed!

My legs were writhing under him and he held them down by my thighs.

"Hold still or I can't fix the problem, Dr. Selena…", he complained, "You want me to get to the bottom of this, don't you?"

He scooped his hands under my ass and clutched the flesh there, raising me up to give him a shot at a new angle.

"NO!", I panted, not really wanting him to stop, "Nnnnnooooo…."

Everything just felt so good, so many times in a row, I felt like I would die if I came anymore.

"Be a good girl.", he warned as he continued his treatment.

I was howling again a moment later, when he did in fact, discover a new little corner I never even knew was THERE! But he did.

"OH MY GOD!", I roared into my pillow, "OH FUCK!"

He laughed into that little space and his hot breath did me in. I came again…my legs quivering like they were epileptic. I had no control over them!

As I slowly came down from my skyscraper high…I could feel his lips all over my body…licking and kissing…gently…

I grabbed his hair hard, bringing his face up to mine. He took off his t shirt and wiped his mouth a little. I just gawked at that perfect hairless chest of his…such nice curves and lines…perfection. I could still see thin flesh lines of his whipmarks here and there but I didn't care. He was always beautiful to me.

He kissed me and I could taste myself there…it wasn't a bad taste.

I shoved him back down on the bed and straddled him now.

"Thank you, Dr., for your thorough examination.", I said formally as he grinned up at me, giving me a nod, "But now it's time for YOUR checkup."

He laughed for a second and answered, "I hope I'm alright!"

I gave him a look and said, "We'll see."

I gave him the pillow for his own mouth.

"Insert this into your face, Dr.", I giggled, "Not that I want to see your pretty face covered up!"

"Thanks.", he smirked, "I'll hold onto it in case I behave as badly as you did."

And he put the pillow behind his head, thinking I wouldn't be able to make him scream. That annoyed me.

"Yes, my treatments are a little rough sometimes.", I warned, moving back and grabbing his shorts, pulling them down a bit as he raised his hips up, helping me.

And just like always, no underwear. Just a very big and pulsing Dr. Frankencock, smiling back at me, a drop of clear liquid on the tip.

"What's this?", I put my hand around the head, hearing him give a little moan of delight.

"Something's coming out here…leakage.", I said as Justin laughed.

"Quiet!", I grabbed it harder as he inhaled sharply, "No laughing during the exam!"

And he stopped right away.

"Let me see what this leak is all about.", I said scientifically, opening my mouth and licking over the head, swirling my tongue around in the salty warmness there.

Justin was breathing heavier, not making much noise. I would have to remedy that. I wanted him as wild as I was when I was being treated.

I had learned a lot since meeting Justin. I was no expert yet…but I learned what he liked and how he liked it. It wasn't long before Justin had grabbed the pillow from under him and stuck it over his mouth.

Very deep noises came out of the pillow….

"RRRRRR…UUUHHHHH!", his voice was so damned sexy, especially when he screamed.

I sat between his legs, then moved on each side…taking my time with him as he did for me…he could hold out for a long time I realized as he was about to lose it now.

"GODDDD!", he moaned, his toes curling up as I went all the way down, then slowly moved up…my mouth making sure he was extra wet with my saliva…the sloppier the better. Justin loved to hear the wet sounds of me sucking him off. GO HARDER, my inner goddess told me.

So I did.

"Selena!", he begged into the pillow, "BELLLAAAA!"

He always warned me when he was about to come. He didn't get it yet that I wanted him to…I wanted to swallow him…drink his essence…it was such a turn on.

He lost it and I moaned out loud, swallowing him all down as he jerked against his will. I sucked and licked at his head, just to be a little cruel. He was so sensitive after coming…it was a little torture for him.

"Aaaahhh!", he winced as he looked down at me, the pillow beside his head now.

I tickled the bottoms of his feet and he giggled like a little boy. So cute !

I climbed up on him and laid on his chest, crushing my breasts into him.

"Mmmmm…", he closed his eyes, liking this, "Dr. Selena. You fixed my leak."

I put my hand over his mouth, not wanting to hear his laugh right this second.

"We're not done yet.", I said, my voice full of want, "When Frankencock wakes up in a minute, I have other…treatments to try."

He closed his eyes and looked so blissful that I almost wept from the sheer joy of it all. I really feel connected to him now…as I did when we met. Why was it only this way now during sex? Is sex all we have?

I pushed that thought away and began kissing his beautiful skin…his neck…his pecks…I licked my tongue over those little lines as I came across them…loving them as they were now a part of him, hating the way they got there…but still trying to heal them with my love.

Slowly, I kissed every inch of that chest, running my fingernails over his ribs as he moaned out softly. He took that hand and brought it to his lips, kissing my fingers…sucking one of them into his mouth…wet…tight…

I felt dizzy for a second…

"Justindddd….", I sighed, in a dreamy voice.

Then I saw that my good friend Dr. Frankencock was awake!

I smiled at him and said, "Dr. Frankencock is back again. He must have more problems."

Justin smiled. "He's a sick little dude."

"Little?", I asked, "I don't think so…"

I was still soaking wet from Justin's magical tongue earlier that I couldn't help myself. I just crawled over and straddled him, my hand guided him inside me and I implaled myself down over him.

No waiting. I couldn't wait anymore.

He arched up and shouted out as I felt my crotch touch his. I was filled with him and didn't want to let him go. I clenched around him and his eyes opened wide, his voice growling in agreement.

His fingers dug into my ass and he began moving me up and down around his thick, hot shaft. We both couldn't keep our mouths shut but we were trying to be quiet. That was a new torture all in itself.

The bed was banging against the wall with each thrust but we didn't care. Justin's hands were getting nice and rough as he bounced me up and down on his dick…and I was also trying to move on my own, my knees doing their best. I grabbed my own hair tight and leaned back, letting my little breasts thrust out proudly…

"FUCK, FUCK!", Justin gasped, breathing the words instead of screaming them. His eyes were closed for a second, then opened and dazzled me with their lust.

"Don't stop…harder!", he groaned, clutching my ass cheeks harder, slamming me up and down on top of him as I tried not to scream.

I fell back a bit and put my hands on his legs, my hair falling back as I let him have control of my lower half. He sat up, biting my left breast and sucking it so hard as he thrust up inside of me over and over, banging with a super fast speed.

I sounded like I was crying but I was loving every second of it. I prayed he wouldn't stop.

He sounded like a caveman as he growled and grunted, not letting go of my breast. Justin could fuck for a long time, longer than average men, and I knew I wasn't going anywhere anytime soon. I grabbed his hair and tried to guide his mouth to my other breast, my left one needing a break.

In a minute, he got the idea and attacked the right breast. I squealed out, feeling teeth…and his tongue. He was almost an animal right now…unthinking…a hungry savage. God, how I love this man!

"Yes…yes…yes…", I whispered, letting him know I was okay. He always feared he was being too rough with me during sex and afterwards he would tell me so.

It was hours before we were finally finished with each other, and we laid in bed, clinging to each other, sweaty and hot, shivering.

"I'm sorry I wasted your shower.", I said into his ear.

"Shut up.", he breathed, "You have no idea how much I needed you tonight. How long I've needed you…"

"Let's not wait so long next time…", I nuzzled into his chest.

"I'm sorry.", he said again, stroking my arm, "I'm sorry for the way I've been. It's never been YOU…"

He took a hard breath and I knew something was wrong.

"Tell me.", I sat up a bit, on my elbow, looking into that face that had hurt written all over it.

"I can't…", he looked so angry with himself, frowning as if in anguish, "I want to…but I know you'll be…disgusted."

"Hey!", I took his chin and made him look at me, "Nothing about you disgusts me. This is your Dr. and your woman speaking. You can tell me anything. I'm a big girl. I can take it."

"No, I don't want to do this right after we've made love…let's just enjoy this…please?", he leaned in to kiss me again.

"Alright.", I kept hold of his face, "But, after our shower, we have a session. And Justin, you better not run from me. Tell me what it is. Let's face it. Enough hiding."

"Enough hiding.", he agreed, and I kissed him with everything I had. I hoped he meant it. I was way too worn out now and jelly like to play catch me if you can with him again.

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