Stuck In Fire 2 - Justin Bieber

Justin is finally reunited with Katie.. and that's awesome. I don't know what to write, 'cause i haven't read the story o.o IT'S NOT MIIIINE. I JUST POST IT TO READ IT :P


39. 39

We had thrown ourselves into living a normal life, concentrating on boring, mundane things…things so many families take for granted. Sunday dinners with Ben and Angela, helping out at the Ice Cream, You Scream Parlor…having Saturday night dates for dinner at Jimmy Chan's…fucking with Marcus…getting my next Unfortunate Cookie and its oh so sweet message from the Gods…reading aloud to Peter, trying not to vomit as I read in graphic detail the things Sir Kevin had done to my body and my mind…tolerating Josh and his constant presence in our lives…he even SHOPS with Selena, if you can believe that! Maybe he's gay, not that I'm against gay people, but…I would sure love to know that. Maybe then I can like him and relax. But then, when I look at him and his perfect face and his carefree, long hair…uukkk…no, I'll never like him.

And of course, having a daughter is a full time job too. Katie's grades were top notch, four A's and one B, in gym, so that's alright. I always hated gym myself. Apparently, she got a B because she can't hit the volleyball over the net. Big deal. She's a little girl. Fucking gym teachers.

Selena and Katie kept bonding over books…and it was the cutest sight when they sat on the couch, their legs wrapped into each other's, facing each other as they both read their own copies of the Harry Potter books. I had already read them but Selena hadn't. She really got into them after the first one and it was so fun to hear her gasp and react to things that she was reading in the pages. Then she'd tell us about it and we'd say, "Oh, I know, right? Draco Malfoy is a real little crap!" Well, I said that last part, not Katie.

And then, Katie and I had our time together at the stables with Dancer…and also, I was teaching her to ride. She rode on Yoyo, the only horse I trusted with my daughter, and I rode alongside her now, verbally instructing her as we enjoyed the trails around the stables…and it was so beautiful and like magic during twilight, before the sunset.

We had a lot of wonderful talks together…some about Tanya…she had a lot of questions about her mother and I answered them kindly and honestly. Then she asked about my relationship with Tanya…and why we fought all the time.

Those talks were tougher but I think I handled them well. I didn't lie to her, I tried to be honest without telling things that were for adults only, between Tanya and myself.

But above all, I stressed that Tanya always loved her and so did I…and it was never her fault, it was never about her. I let her know that she was the sun in our lives…everything we did, we always did with Katie first in our minds. And that seemed to make Katie happy, relieved somehow.

I asked her lots of questions, too. About what was going on in her mind when I left, what was hurting her as she spent those years without me…I even got her to admit her anger with me for not being there when she needed me most…we got deep into our own little version of Dr. Selena talks.

The one thing I couldn't answer was the day she asked me, "Where were you all that time, anyway? Pop Pop said you were working. And then when you came back, you said something about bad people had you. What happened?"

I choked on my next words…and tears did come to my eyes as I answered her.

"I promise I will tell you that…someday.", I vowed, looking at her hair as the orange sunset colored it with brilliant glows of flame, "I want you to know. And at the same time, I'm afraid that you'll hate me when you know. It's not a pretty story. That's my biggest fear…that you'll hate me when you know my past. But I swear one thing, I did it all for you. So you would be able to live a good life…and have everything you deserve. I would give my soul to make sure of that."

Maybe I did.

"Dad", she looked at me as if I were being silly, "I could never hate you. Stop worrying about that. You're my Dad. I love you. This is getting corny."

I chuckled for a second and agreed, even if it was thrilling to hear those words.

"Well let's be cool and say things only Harry Potter would say.", I picked on her hero a little, smirking as she shot me that look.

"Sorry.", I put a hand up, "I love Harry."

Katie would go to Tao's place sometimes, the apartment over Jimmy Chan's, and sometimes Tao would hang out at our house. Either way, there was hardly a day when the kids weren't together.

As the next couple months passed, all my Japanese students were doing very well communicating with Tao…and he was starting to converse with us in English too. We have a long way to go before we can sit around and have full blown conversations with each other, but we'll get there.

My big problem during our classes is keeping a straight face when Marcus and Donald Duck go at it. I thought Marcus hated ME…but with Donald, it's so much MORE. I think Marcus is just jealous because it comes very easily to Donald, this language, where he has to work at it a little more. And Marcus HATES it when he makes a mistake, he gets SO angry! I was even tempted one night to stick him in the corner, he was being such a brat.

A nice little perk to being teacher was that Selena got hot for me while I was teaching. I had noticed it a few times and finally, I could take it no longer. I had her meet me after class to discuss her…grade.

Katie had gone with Marcus and Tao that night so we had the classroom all to ourselves.

God, that was a beautiful night!

And Selena and Mr. Bieber made a deal: if she kept focusing on the material, and not me so much during class, I would give her extra special attention after class…you know, tutoring her privately. God, I wish I was a real teacher! Selena even brought me an apple one night and I made nice use of that, having her hold it in her teeth while I bent her over the table and pulled those little panties of hers down to her ankles…and introduced her to my favorite yardstick ruler. I adore the sounds she made through that apple as I swatted her little pink ass, very lightly of course. Sexy little grunts and whimpers…DAMN! And even though the stick didn't hit very hard, it makes such loud smacking noises when it makes contact! I was hard in two seconds, and Frankencock was wearing his little graduation cap, ready to play.

Later, I removed the apple, took a clean, huge bite of it and had her put her hands behind her, holding it for me on her spine while I tested her knowledge of some Japanese verbs and phrases while I licked and sucked at her pussy from behind her.

She was such a good girl that I fucked her, and allowed her to speak to me during, but only in Japanese. And I responded to her in kind. It was so much fun we did it more often than not when it was Tao's turn to have Katie at his house for a sleepover.

I was starting to see that I wasn't so against these kind of games lately. I didn't find them dirty or degrading, like I used to when it was a job. I loved how much Selena enjoyed playing and through her eyes, I found a whole new thrill in it that was never there before. I didn't think the reading aloud crap with Dr. Peter was doing any good, but maybe it is helping. It's weird how gradual this healing stuff happens, but it seems to work. And then, suddenly, I look around and see that I'm getting better, or changing from what I was…and it's cool.

I wasn't having Sir Kevin nightmares anymore…and Victoria was a flicker in my brain from time to time…not an everyday thing like before. The trial and the marshals were a dull buzz in my head that never really went away…but when they weren't around, I managed to shove them away and leave them in the corner, where they had to stay for us to have any kind of a life. Worrying about prison, about the trial, about James and his accusations wouldn't make it go away…and it would just kill any kind of time we all had together before the shit hit the fan…and I wouldn't let that happen. If I am going to prison in a year or two, so be it. But before they drag me away, we're going to make some great fucking memories here, the three of us, and even if we just have this year together as a family, it will be the best year of our lives, and that's more than some people have. And now that I have sworn Selena to silence on her desire to give herself up, I can breathe again and forget the dreams of her in an orange jumpsuit, being hauled off to a women's prison as I scream her name, held securely by a crowd of cops.

On a lighter note, Katie made a few other friends at school, other than the little bitches, and I knew that would happen. She steered clear of the cruel kids, thanks to Kerri's letters of advice. Kerri wrote to us and we wrote back all the time. She told us about going back to high school, and how hard that was for her. She was so scared but all her old friends welcomed her back with open arms. They only knew that she was missing for over a year, and was now back. Kerri decided to be selective about who she shared her story with…deciding to just trust family and a couple very close friends. I was sad to hear that the boyfriend, Julian, heard her story and stormed off, angry and upset with her. I wrote back and told her he probably just needs some time, and that he'd come around. And if not, then he wasn't good enough for her anyway. I told her that the man she'd end up with will not only love her despite her flaws and faults, but will love her for all the strength it took for her to survive such an ordeal. I reminded her of how Selena accepted me and loved me, knowing everything about my past. I told her a man was out there somewhere, strong enough to love her the way she deserves…and she'll find him someday. But more importantly, I told her, screw finding a man! Love yourself first, I said to her, forgive yourself and build your life back up before worrying about what some boy thinks of you.

Then I stopped in mid sentence, my pen halted in my fingers…and realized I should take my own advice and do the same. I have spent so many years hating myself and thinking I'm not good enough for any decent woman…I've wasted precious time whining about how I'm just a whore and a toy when I could've been laughing and living with Selena and my daughter, without shame and guilt. Damn, I'm stupid.

In a way, these letters to Kerri were helping me, too. And I felt good, having someone like her asking for my advice, wondering what I would do. I liked helping her. I felt like my own version of Dr. Selena, and then I asked Selena if she agreed with what I was saying to Kerri. I was so scared that I'd advise her wrongly and make things worse for her. I couldn't live with myself if I said or did anything to put her back in the life she ran away from. The truth is, a lot of hookers get used to the money and some of them get hooked on drugs. It's very hard to leave that life behind and live normally. Living normal is so hard, I know that. And many hookers go back to that life, being rejected by their families or friends, or feeling like they were unable to make it in the real world. I didn't want Kerri to be one of them.

I guess Kerri liked the feeling of helping others, too, because there would be a whole separate letter every time just for Katie. Katie looked up to her and Kerri always had great things to share with Katie. She filled her in on the "bitches" that every school had. She told her not to try and get accepted by those girls. Be your own person, she told her, be yourself. Find real friends, and don't judge them by how they dress or how cool other kids think they are. If you like someone, and they like you, then get to know them. Choose your friends carefully, Kerri told her.

Peter was over our place a lot, and I think Katie still has that crush on him…but it shows less and less every time he visits. Peter keeps bringing books over for Katie and tells her how great they are…a lot of them plays…and she loves that, now that she wants to be an actress. It seems since Peter suggested reading, Katie's nose is always in a book and the wii only gets used sometimes, and that is fine with Selena and I.

Work was still hard, as always, and Bob was still the best mentor and teacher I could've asked for when it came to the horses. He made a comment the other day that surprised me. He said, "You sure look a lot different than you did when you first came here."

"What?", I asked, confused by that.

"You were a skinny little pale thing with bright red hair…", Bob smirked, recalling, "You almost looked like a vampire to me. But look at you now. You've got arms now, and some muscle…your skin is tan and healthy looking…your hair is still red but it's a warmer color now…I guess baked by the sun a little…and…something else…you smile a lot more now than you did then. You look like a cowboy now, Ant."

I thought about it and guessed he was right.

"I AM a cowboy, Bob.", I admitted, smirking with pride, "And I love it."

I could never thank Bob enough for kicking my ass every day with these horses. He made me stay here, and stick it out…he taught me how to be a cowboy. And I never thought I'd love being one, but I had to admit, it beat the HELL out of being a city whore. One day, on a nice spring afternoon, I looked at myself in the reflection of the lake where Bob first took me to have lunch…and I saw that he was right. I looked better…stronger…happier. I look like a man…not a shadow.

When did that happen?

Dancer was improving a great deal and her surgery, although painful, was a success. No one could ride her yet, and I only attempted it once, but she very gently moved away and let me fall off her back, then she turned right around and nuzzled me with her nose.

"I still love you, it's okay.", I assured her, "Not until you're ready."

She gave a soft little whinny, as if to say thank you.

A few days later, I saw her trotting around in the big open pen, and I stood there, stupefied.

"She's running…a little.", I said aloud to Bob as he watched on at my side.

"Yea…and she's loving it.", he smiled, glad to see the little girl show a little speed and enjoying herself for a change in the warm May sunshine.

"And there she goes…right over towards…", Bob said as I watched, enraged and finished his sentence, shouting, "PSYCHO!"

I was running out there as Bob laughed hysterically, finding the whole saga of Dancer and Psycho hilarious. I wasn't laughing.

"GET AWAY FROM HER YOU SLOB!", I screamed as I took the lead rope around Dancer's neck and gently moved her away from the disgusting beast who scowled back at me.

"Baby, please, I told you…he's BAD!", I cooed to Dancer as I pulled her away to the other side of the pen, "He's not good enough for you, girl…believe me! There are so many other nice horses around here…play with THEM."

And Dancer would give a little whimper, and that almost broke my heart.

Tonight, while Selena sat down for dinner at Jimmy Chan's, Marcus pulled me aside and grunted, "Gotta talk to you in the kitchen. Now."

"Okay.", I followed him, Selena giving me a little nod as she looked at the still frightening menu on the table.

"What's up Buckwheat?", I asked as Marcus nervously started chopping a carrot, not making eye contact with me.

"Fuck you.", he muttured, "Pick up a carrot and start chopping. I got some things to say and I don't want you looking at me when I say 'em."

"Okay.", I said slowly, taking a carrot from the pile in front of us and then taking a clean knife out of the block beside me, carefully slicing them in thin little dime sized pieces.

"I asked Jenna to marry me.", Marcus confessed as soon as my eyes were on the carrot.

I gasped and was about to look at him when he froze and warned, "DON'T look at me!"

I put my eyes back on my carrot and humored him, as he was insane and all.

"That's great!, I said to my carrot, "Did she puke?"

I snickered as Marcus grumbled and gritted, "No, she didn't puke. She said yes."

"Wow.", I enthused to my vegetable as I chopped, "I thought her eyesight was pretty good, being a horsewoman and all. I guess not. Well, that's great, man. If she can't see how ugly you are, you've got it made!"

"Can you shut the fuck up so I can say what I want to say?", he snapped.

"Go ahead.", I glanced sideways at him, wondering what his problem was.

"I know you think I'm a bigot and hate white people…", he began.

"Why would I think that?", I half teased him, hiding a grin.

"I don't.", Marcus sliced in, ignoring my little joke, "I mean…I know I say a lot of fucked up things…I call you white boy…"

"That's one of the NICE things you call me.", I pointed out.

Marcus stopped chopping and glared at me.

"Can I please get through this?", he asked.

"Go on.", I half frowned, returning to my carrot.

"I was a cop a long time ago.", he shared, "In New York. I don't like to talk about it. I've seen a lot of bad things. I worked in the bad neighborhoods, and I guess I just got to thinking that white people had everything, while kids on my streets went without and went to bed hungry at night. I know, it's not like that. But still, it made me a little hard when it came to white people."

"I've been hungry.", I shared quietly, not looking up from what I was doing, "I've eaten out of garbage cans. It's not a black/white thing, being poor…being homeless. It can happen to anyone."

"I know.", he said, his voice sounding a bit softer now that I shared some of my homeless story with him.

"I told you about my mother…the Chinese lady that took me in.", Marcus continued as I nodded, "Well, the short story is…she got sick…she never told me. She hated hospitals. She was a little afraid of white people, but she didn't hate anyone. I came to her apartment one night to bum dinner…and she was gone. She died alone, with a photo album next to her, full of pictures of us when I was a kid…all the way to my police graduation pictures. The front of the album had writing on it, in Chinese, saying, 'My Son – My Proudest Achievement.'

She was only 59 years old. I found out that if she'd gone to the hospital, she would've been alright.

I tried to get back to being a cop but I was so angry. I hated everyone. It got bad fast. I screamed in people's faces for speeding and stupid shit like that. No one wanted to be my partner, thinking I'd get them killed with my attitude.

One night, I had this one punk white kid with red hair – you look a lot like him – he was selling drugs and he mouthed off to me, just like you do…I beat him and beat him…even after he lost an eye…and until other cops yanked me off his bloody body…he went into a coma.

I resigned in the morning, after I saw what I did to him in the hospital. I just knew I wasn't in a good place mentally anymore to do the job. I sat around watching a lot of daytime TV and cooking some of my Mom's best recipes. Cooking was the only thing that calmed me, reminded me of her and all she taught me.

I tried to find something else to do with my life that would make her happy. I had no fucking clue what I was doing. And then, a few weeks later, all this paperwork comes saying I inherited some restaurant, that it belonged to my mother…it was vacant but it was hers, passed onto her from her father. I guess she never considered going there because of me…I was a cop and happy in New York then…and she wanted to stay close to me. I never heard of Casper until then…but it was all I had. And it sounded good getting away from all the shit in New York, going out where it was quiet where no one knew me.

So I just packed everything and went for it. I was glad for the lack of people and the silence. I kept away from everyone and even when people tried to say hi or come into the restaurant, I shoved them all away. I didn't want 'em. And then YOU showed up."

I gave him a big, cheesy smile as if he was telling our love story. And he frowned at me again…and I went back to chopping my stuff.

"At first, I thought you were that kid I had beaten. But you're much older…"

"HEY!", I shouted, not liking that statement, "I'm in my TWENTIES, Shaka Zulu!"

"And much taller…", he continued loudly, tuning me out, "And your eyes are different. Still, though, I fucking hated you."

"Really?", I asked blindly, "I had no idea!"

"Obnoxious, big mouthed, pretty boy…", Marcus recalled his first impressions of me back then.

"Hey!", I piped up again, "If this is your way of thanking me for introducing you to Jenna, it's really crappy so far, Jim!"

Marcus grinned and threw his knife down, and I jumped before I could stop myself.

"See?", he asked, "You do that shit and you make it impossible for me to hate your lily white ass!"

"My ass is NOT lily white…", I corrected, "I'm more of a tannish peach now. Wanna see?"

"Can you shut the fuck up a minute?", he asked, "I'm talking here!"

So I zipped my lips and threw the key away, knowing that would aggravate him even more. He rolled his eyes and went on.

"As much as I hate to say it….", he paused, peeking at me while I chopped, "You ARE…my friend. Oh God, fuck me…I hated saying that. You help me with Tao, you helped me with the restaurant, you put up with my shit, Hell, you even make me laugh sometimes. And that hasn't happened for years. I would like you to be my best man at the wedding. Fuck! It makes my tongue taste shitty to say it!"

"Well, how could I possibly say no to THAT?", I teased.

"Fuck!", Marcus was dicing again, "Will you or not? Don't make me vomit and ask you again!"

I smirked and answered.

"Get down on one knee and I will.", I replied.

Marcus glared harder, almost burning me with his eyes as his nostrils fully flared out, his growl unmistakable. He was an inch away from killing me and chopping ME into little pieces.

"I'm kidding! JEEZ!", I smiled, "Of course I will! No one else in this town will do it, so I guess I'll HAVE to. Besides, standing next to YOU, I'm even PRETTIER!"

"Fuck you.", Marcus shot back.

"Fuck you more.", I came right back at him.

We kept chopping, not doing the man hug thing. I was too scared to try.

"I won't have to wear a purple suit or something will I?", I asked, taking another carrot, "Or like…shocking yellow?"

"I should've just grabbed a bum off the street…", Marcus grumbled under his breath.

"Will we be singing Negro spirituals at this ceremony?", I kept jerking his chain, loving this, "Cause I'll have to practice…"

"Shut up, fucker.", Marcus warned.

"Swing low…sweet chariots…", I began singing in my very deep voice as I sliced my carrot.

I wasn't able to tease him long. He soon started chasing me around the restaurant with his ginsu knife. But I was happy for Marcus and Jenna…and I was honored that Marcus shared his story with me and asked me to be his best man…and that he admitted I was his friend. I wish I had that on tape. But it didn't matter. I heard it. And I was so happy.

I couldn't wait to run back to the table and tell Selena that Marcus said I was his friend.

"DID NOT!", his voice shouted out from the kitchen.

"I'm gonna wear gold teeth as Jenna comes walking up the aisle.", I joked to Selena, "And smile just as she's almost at the altar."

"You are so sick.", Selena giggled, "So much work to do on you…"

"Be gentle with me, nurse.", I winked at her, grabbing a few of those crunchy noodle things on the table.

One morning, on a Sunday, as I was asleep in bed, the phone rang, which usually never happens. Selena jumped up, looking concerned, and grabbed it.

"Hello?", she asked with a tight voice, then relaxed as she said, "Oh, hi Bob."

"Really?", Selena asked, "Oh man. Okay, I'll tell him. He'll be there. Bye Bob."

I stared at the ceiling and set my jaw, hearing that I was going somewhere on a sunny warm Sunday morning. I was pissed.

"Babe, Bob needs you at the stables.", Selena came and sat on the bed, wearing a long red t shirt and little cotton shorts. Yum, they looked tasty.

"Why?", I asked, "Is Dancer alright?"

"Yes, Daddy, your baby is fine.", she smirked, "But he said a lot of the other horses are sick with something…some virus he thinks. He's all alone there."

"RRRRRR.", I whined, now knowing I'd HAVE to go. Maybe I'll get lucky and Psycho will keel over.

"It's Sunday.", I whined further.

"Anthony Masen….", Selena put her nose at the tip of mine, and gave me a sweet little kiss, "Horse whisperer…go help Bob. Be a good boy."

Selena gasped and put her hand over her mouth, moaning, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to say that…I mean…not like that."

I just smiled at her, not upset at all, like I used to get.

"It's okay, Selena.", I played with a long strand of her hair, "It doesn't bother me when you say it. I mean, not anymore."

"Really?", she squinted a little, wondering why.

"I know.", I agreed, "I guess I'm getting a little better, huh?"

I thought she'd make a joke but instead her eyes filled up with tears, her mouth smiling.

"Yea.", she squeaked out and held me tight as I laughed and stroked her hair.

"I love you, Justin.", she whimpered.

"I love you, too, so stop crying.", I said, tickling her ribs as she screamed out and flew backwards…and I leapt up, not letting her get away, grabbing her bare foot in my hands as she laid back, upside down on the bed.

"Selena Gomez, you're in big trouble now!", I played, tickling her under her foot as she squealed and writhed, unable to escape from my clutches. Man, this is turning me on!

"Who's the greatest?", I asked, tickling harder as she laughed and screamed, "Who's the best and hottest guy you know? Say it, say Josh sucks!"

"JOSH SUCKS!", she cried out, kicking her legs but still not getting out of my grip, "You're the hottest! Justin I'm GONNA PEE!"

I released her suddenly, smiling and saying, "I don't have time for this. I have sick horses to rescue."

"UGH! You JERK!", she yelled, tacking me as I nearly got away. And we had a little wrestling match in bed.

"This is so fucking hot.", I whispered as I held her wrists in my hands while she yanked them, trying to get me.

I rolled us over with ease, laying on top of her little struggling body now, and she growled out in mock rage…and while I held her arms over her head, I let my lips kiss the perfect area around her cleavage where the t shirt nearly revealed the naked breasts inside.

"Justin!", she kept trying to kick her legs around mine and that was waking Frankencock up too, "What are you doing?"

"Having breakfast.", I wiggled my eyebrows and bit the collar of her shirt, pulling it down an inch…it was all I needed…I had the nipple now.

"UUGGGHHHHH…..", Selena weakened right away as I licked and sucked wetly on the cute little pink nub.

"Mmmmm….", I moaned low in my chest as I took my time tasting her, nibbling as her back arched up a bit…and my hands let hers go free….but she left them where they were…and I moved my fingers under the shirt…moving it up and off the white porcelain skin there.

Selena let out another little gasp as I slid the little cotton panties down off her as well, finding no panties underneath…just more soft, scented flesh.

"Mmm, yea….breakfast time…", I growled, closing my lips and licking my tongue thickly over the lonely little clit waiting there between her legs.

I loved hearing Selena's screams and the way she breathes when I eat her perfect little pussy. It's so warm and delicious, it makes me crazy not to have it. I can't wait until her legs twitch and stretch out so far apart while I make her come again and again. Sundays are so fucking perfect! Except when you have to go into work! I could be here with her like this all day, but no! I have to go clean up the droppings of sick fucking horses.

It was no secret that I wasn't thrilled about going to work today. And Selena almost laughed at the face I had on when I came out of the bathroom, all cleaned up and ready to get out there.

"Look at the pout!", she grinned, trying not to laugh at me as I walked to the kitchen table, stealing a piece of toast.

"I'm not pouting.", I said flatly.

"Don't be so sad.", she hugged me from behind, kissing my shoulder blade, "I'll bet today's not going to be as bad as you think."

"I'll take that bet.", I said sourly.

"Awww…you're too cute to be so sad…come on…give me that sweet little smile of yours…", Selena cooed at me like I was two years old, squeezing my cheeks together.

She was being so funny that I couldn't help but smile then…and she laughed, and kissed my smiling mouth.

"I love you, woman.", I grinned, kissing her again.

"I love you, man.", she answered.

I went to work, bummed out that I had to leave my perfect little world called Selena, and would not get to see Katie until dinnertime. I got there and walked into the stables, putting the black hat square on my head to block out the sun.

"Bob?", I called, going over to Yoyo, checking him out first.

"You okay, big guy?", I looked at his eyes and then checked his teeth. No mucus or water in the eyes or nose…that's a good sign.

"Yo Bob!", I called back over my shoulder…and I heard someone breathe out and go, "Shhh!"

I froze, a bad feeling creeping up my spine as I listened harder, slowly following the very faint sound…a whisper?

I moved down the lines of stalls where each horse stood, staring back at me as if hiding some big secret. Every one of them looks fine. They're not sick.

I quietly took the pitchfork off the wall hook and held it in front of me like a weapon, ready to strike when I found out who was hiding in here, waiting for me. I pictured James…I pictured Raven…then Sir Kevin…and God help me, I even pictured Victoria waiting…hiding…just dying to see my face when she pounced on me.

I neared the door at the end of the horse stalls where the hay and grain was kept and I listened at the wooden door, not moving an inch, I didn't even breathe.

I heard a jumbled whisper, but couldn't make out the words of what was being said. I was sure now. Someone is in there. I readied my pitchfork and slowly grabbed the handle of the door, yanking it open suddenly and roaring as I lifted the fork up, ready to face the enemy waiting on the other side.

"RRRRR!", I cried out and heard, "SURPRISE!"

I halted my pitchfork and focused…and Bob was there, out in front, grabbing the fork out of my hand without any trouble at all and stabbing it into the earth beneath his feet.

Selena leapt into my arms and kissed me, laughing as Katie ran up beside me, blowing a party favor at me, the paper uncurling and then curling back up as she blew and then inhaled.

Peter was there, wearing a very tall hat with a turquoise brim and layers and layers of white and pink birthday cake on top, complete with green, blue, and red candles, and felt flames on top of them, orange and yellow in color. 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY!' was spelled out in polka dotted letters on the top layer of the cake. He was smiling at me and hanging back, letting me hug my girls, and I thought I saw a tiny little bit of sadness there in his eyes, as if he wished he were me, or maybe envied me that I had my girls and he didn't have his. But over all that, he was smiling at me. And that's one of the reasons I love Peter. He puts his own pain aside and celebrates your moments. I vowed a long time ago that I would do the same for him in his life too.

"Happy Birthday, Baby!", Selena chirped happily as she kissed me again on the lips, "I can't believe you totally forgot your own birthday! I almost said something this morning but I didn't want to ruin the surprise!"

"You almost got a surprise.", I teased back, almost, "I almost put that pitchfork right through Bob, there."

Marcus was there, standing next to Jenna, who was clapping, and Tao was grinning at me, too, already eating a piece of candy, a milky way, I think.

Amongst the rest I could see Sharon, Ben and Angela in the back, as well as the other guys who also work here, and assorted people we'd become friendly with either through the Ice Cream parlor, Selena's door to door counseling, or Jimmy Chan's. It actually looked like the whole damn town was here!

"Where did you put all the grain?", I asked as they all came up and wished me well, Peter sticking his hat onto my head as he stole my black cowboy hat for himself…and a few minutes later, I was taken outside behind the stables, where the wide open fields waited, holding all kinds of birthday cheer like balloons of every color, there was a stand weaving fresh cotton candy, a slurpee machine stand that Peter was manning at the moment (this was probably the one from his house), there were long tables with white cloth over them, standing out in the perfect June sunshine, where people were sitting and eating food from Jimmy's place, as well as tons of other food made and brought here by all the guests. It smelled so good and my mouth was watering just inhaling the aromas…also I could see the guys to the left, grilling steaks and hot dogs, hamburgers! This was just BEAUTIFUL!

There were kids taking pony rides, Ben and Angela brought the ice cream, and then I froze when I saw the big banner that read, "Happy 30th Birthday, TONY!"

That HAD to be Marcus' evil handiwork. And as I looked around, I saw people with buttons on that had a big red 30 on them…and upon looking closer, I saw it said, "TONY IS 30 TODAY!"

That does it. I'm wearing a Mr. T. costume to Marcus' wedding.

A couple of girls went by and had antlers on with big 30's on each one.

"I AM NOT THIRTY!", I shouted out, "I'm 29 and 12 months!"

Selena laughed and held my hand, saying into my ear, "You just get hotter every year, Bieber. Don't worry about that thirty shit."

Okay, that cheered me up.

"Daddy, do you like it?", Katie asked, peeking up at me against the sun, "We thought about it and remembered that you said you never got to have a kid birthday party when you were little…and me and Selena thought you'd like this kind of party. So do you?"

I got all choked up at this. I forgot that I told them that and even almost forgot that I never got to have a nice party like this, out in the open air, with lots of friends around, all my favorite junk food around me…there were even people swimming in the lake over there! This was fucking amazing!

I thought back to some of the parties Victoria used to throw me, adult parties in bars or clubs, dark with neon lights and loud music. The food was always four star restraurant stuff, but there had never been slurpees or cotton candy.

And at these parties, things would happen to me that I could never share with Katie or even Selena. It would be sexual, but I would not be the slave on my birthday, I was served on that one night of the year. I was tied down once on a big dining room table and woman after woman, some subs and some doms, took their turn with me, to please me as I laid there, blindfolded, trying to guess who each person was. Some of them would just feed me and let me sip their drinks through a straw…others massaged me with oil, rubbed my feet…and others just began licking my cock and sucking me with a vengeance. Then some others fucked me senseless.

But, believe it or not…I preferred Selena and Katie's party idea much much more. They took some time to consider what I would like…what I'd never been allowed to have before. Selena probably realized what my last six birthdays were disgusting and dark, so she made sure this one would be spent in the sun and the warmth, among friends, real friends…and so I wouldn't feel like an old fossil of 30 years, she made it a fun, kid kind of party. I love this. I love them. Today is perfect.

"I love it.", I answered, hugging them both, "And I love you guys…with all my heart. You two make it a great birthday."

Later on, I discovered that a few games were in store for me. First, there was "This is your Life, Anthony Masen."

I sat there like an idiot while Sharon played the MC, using a microphone and asking me if I recognized each person's voice as they told a story about me from behind a curtain.

Marcus told the story of when I first came into Jimmy Chan's and everybody was laughing as he told it so well, complete with the cursing and all! Then when he came up in front of me, he even gave me a fucking man hug! YAY!

Peter did his turn also…and talked about the dragon hat he was wearing when I first saw him. He talked about the slurpees, and the Great Leaf War…and me wearing that princess hat after I almost beat him up and trashed his whole office.

This little game was becoming a roast with me as the guest of honor. But it was fun, I loved it.

At one point, Jenna's voice came over the speaker and she said, with mock sexiness in her voice, "I once shared a whole afternoon locked in the cellar with you…"

A lot of people went…"Ooooohhh!"

And I smiled awkwardly, blushing a bit but suddenly the mike squealed and a new voice came on. Thank you, Selena. You save me again.

Ben's voice was one of them that croaked out with a dull tone, saying, "I knew you were a little shit from the first moment I laid eyes on you…."

I almost spit out my slurpee, the laugh erupting out of me as his voice blared over the field.

I choked a little and was smiling, laughing as Ben's voice went on with its monotone deepness, saying, "He looked like he never worked a day in his life…he looked like a very pretty girl to me…I told Angela he's not even half good enough for our daughter…"

I chuckled, wiping my eye as everyone laughed…and then I heard Ben say:

"But I was wrong.", he said, "So very wrong. Not only was he a wonderful and loving husband to my Tanya, but he is also an amazing father and stronger and more faithful than any man I've ever met, and I've met a lot of great men in my day. This is a man who gave up his life for his daughter, who went through Hell so she'd get every operation, and the best surgeons that money could buy. I'm proud to say he's my son. I love you…Anthony."

It sounded like he wanted to say my real name but we knew he couldn't. I stood up as everyone clapped and Ben came out, pulling me into a huge hug, not letting me go as I choked on a little sob peeking out of my throat. Angela followed him, kissing me and joining in the group embrace.

After that, when I finally sat back down and Ben and Angela left the little stage, Ben came right back with a cherry slurpee for me. I hugged him again, and everyone was laughing and applauding.

Finally, I heard a very beautiful voice rise up from the speakers.

"They say true love doesn't just come knocking on your door…", her voice began, "But in my case, it did. And it came complete with girl scout cookies."

I smiled so big that everyone in the audience clapped and made whistling sounds and WOOOOO echoed into the air.

She told our story about our "first meeting" and she told it expertly. But I kept remembering the real first moments I had laid eyes on Selena Gomez. From my vampire cage, upside down as she kept scribbling in that notebook…and then when I snatched it away and made Alice pay to get it back…the way she tried to defend me as the other women struck me…the shy innocent way she asked to kiss me…the first conversation when I took her to the Awaken room…and at last, the way she leapt on that giant woman to save me when they had me up against the wall. I did love her that night. I know that now. I was just too stupid and hard to know it then.

"And not only did I fall in love with Anthony that day…I fell in love with Katie, too.", Selena finished, "I never had a chance. Thank you both…for coming to my door."

I stood up and Selena was coming up to me, and Katie too. We all hugged, and I lifted Katie off her feet as we clung to each other like we hadn't seen each other in ten years. I kissed both of them again and again, not letting them go…sitting in my seat with them on my lap, one on each leg.

"You happy there, like that?", Sharon asked with a smile.

"Definitely.", I smiled, laughing.

"Alright, well, here's the microphone…", she handed it to me, "If you'd like to say a few words on this, your THIRTIETH birthday!"

"Hey, I told you, 29 years and 12 months.", I said into the microphone as Selena and Katie smiled at me.

I looked out there at all the people smiling at me and swallowed.

"Wow.", I said, "I don't know what to say. As you guys can all see, I've been blessed with a lot of great people in my life. I know I don't deserve them. But still, I thank God everyday for every one of them…and you, all of you who've welcomed us here. I don't know about the last thirty years of my life…I've made a lot of mistakes. I didn't know what I was doing most of the time, and didn't always appreciate all the wonderful gifts I had around me, the people sent to me to show me the way. But I do know one thing. The next thirty years of my life are going to be the best! I'll see my daughter grow up, happy and healthy in a wonderful town full of great people…I'll be married for the last time in my life to the woman I love…and it's gonna be right here, in Casper. This is the first place that has felt like home to me. We're home."

It had just occurred to me as I said it aloud, and I looked at my girls to see if they agreed with me. Selena nodded and hugged me and Katie kissed my cheek, laying her face against my chest as people clapped and smiled at us, Sharon included, who bent down and kissed me on my other cheek.

"Enough mush, let's eat something!", I said into the mike, standing up, handing it to Sharon, and then with my arms around both my girls, I walked them off the little stage and towards the grill where they were making steaks and grilled chicken.

Music was playing and I was so happy to hear that it was music from 30 years ago, eighties music, my favorite! I was having the time of my life and eating steak on a stick, and had four cotton candies, one of each color, in a bag at my side, waiting for me for dessert.

At one point, Selena whispered into my ear, "Tonight, I'm fucking you right on the cliffs at our special spot."

"Ooohhh…", I felt my mouth form an O as I pulled Selena closer into my lap, "Tell me more…"

"Later, birthday boy…after your presents…and only if you're bad.", she teased, kissing me deeply as Katie was at the pony rides across the field.

"I AM bad.", I mumbled, getting another kiss, "Real bad."

"I know. Stay.", she kissed the cleft in my chin, standing up and going towards the slurpee stand, getting me and her another one.

"I LOVE my fucking birthday!", I almost wanted to clap my hands together.

A little bit later on, I wandered back towards the stables, first because Selena and Katie were getting their faces painted together and I didn't want to intrude…and second, because I wanted to check on my little Dancer.

She perked right up when she smelled and saw me coming and I smiled at her as I slowly approached. It was nice and quiet here, out of the way of the party.

"Mmmm…hi baby girl.", I stood at the closed stall and laid my forehead onto hers…and she just let me do it and stared back at me, almost smiling herself.

"I'm old, little girl.", I confessed with a sigh and a grin, closing my eyes, "Thirty. Ukk."

Dancer made a very gentle sound, as if to whisper, "Shut up…you're crazy…"

"It's true.", I said quietly, not opening my eyes, moving my fingers up and down the sides of her face, "My twenties are all over. It all went by so fast. Well, some of it, anyway."

I felt something nibbling at my hat brim and looked up, seeing her biting affectionately on my hat.

"Hey, don't eat the hat, baby.", I reached up and pulled the hat out of her teeth, "It's my cowboy thing."

Dancer jerked away and gave a kind of hiss, her eyes widening as if something spooked her.

"Sorry, girl.", I watched her, concerned, "Did I hurt your teeth or something?"

I was about to move her lip up so I could see but then a woman's voice said behind me, "When I first laid eyes on Justin he was completely naked, on all fours, crying because his Mistress had beaten his back bloody for the first time. I was to help her toughen Justin up. I looked down at him like the worm he was…and then he made the mistake of looking up into my eyes…and when I saw them…I was a goner. I knew I had to have him. And I would wait…and wait…but today…my wait is over."

I had recognized her voice right away and when I spun around to face her, she was staring right into my face…wearing tight black jeans and a white blouse with a low neckline, revealing her fake breasts. Her long black hair hung loosely around her shoulders and she was wearing high heeled black boots.

For a split second, when my eyes met hers, it felt wrong, as if they were burning for violating the rules. I did look down…but then, I forced myself to look back up at her. She stopped walking towards me, and stood there, a few feet away, crossing her arms, raising a brow, waiting for me to do something, who knows what.

"Raven.", I almost choked on the word, feeling bile rise in the back of my throat. The first thing I did was look casually to the right, looking towards the party and all the people out there. I couldn't spot Katie or Selena at the moment…and that scared me.

"Oh, you remember me.", she sounded cold as she stared at me, "I'm touched."

Before I knew it, my eyes dropped to the ground and I heard myself mutter, "I'm sorry, Raven."

Wait! No I'm not! Sorry for running away from her? Yea, right! But my lips wouldn't say it.

Then she smirked at me and laughed, opening her arms and putting them around my neck.

"I was just kidding, sweetie, come here, give Mistress a hug!", she lightly scratched her fingernails on my back, as she used to, "You look so wonderful, baby! And look at this hat, so cute!"

She released me as I winced, feeling even more nauseous as she took the hat off my head, putting it on her own. I guess that made sense. The bad guys wore the black hats, right?

I could feel her fingernails in my hair, fluffing it up, fixing the hat hair she was seeing there. She was forever grooming me, as always.

Finally, something made its way out of my mouth.

"No.", I heard myself say, in a pleading kind of way, like, no – this can't be happening…it's a nightmare…it has to be.

I felt tears well up in the corners of my eyes…knowing what this would mean. Selena…Katie…they were in danger now too…unless I could convince Raven that I was here alone.

"I knew I'd find you again.", she looked at me with a real smile, as if we had been real lovers once, "I've missed you so much."

I felt myself shivering inside but I hoped it didn't show on the outside. I looked at her and opened my mouth to speak but only jagged air came out of me.

This was my big test, my challenge that Peter said I'd have to face someday…and I was blowing it! I remembered what he'd taught me…breathe! I began to do my breathing exercises, silently, as she did all the talking.

"You don't have to be scared, baby.", she assured me, "I'm gonna take you to a real nice place. You'll love it there."

"Stop.", I wish she wasn't so close to me, touching my face, "Don't – please!"

I could hear Dancer behind me, getting fidgety and nervous, watching us. I glanced to the left and saw Psycho and Yoyo in their pens, also looking on silently. Even they gave a look as if they knew something wasn't right.

"Just behave and don't make any trouble, Justin.", Raven said a little sternly now, "I can't get you out of all the trouble you're in but I can help you if you stay quiet. You were bad and you're going to be punished. Now be good, he's coming."


And I heard footsteps moving across the hay and turned to the left, seeing that familiar tall silhoutte, moving from the shadows into the sunlight, revealing himself to me. Only he had changed. His perfect long curls of ebony hair had become dry and half there…one side looked as it used to be, but on the other side, there were patches of short, shriveled up hair between the burned valleys of flesh.

His face, once that of an angel's…was now a whitish brown color, like cardboard…wet cardboard. His eyes were the most terrifying, filled with raw hatred and rage…but also…Sir Kevin's eyelids had been burned off, and the eyeballs bulged out of their sockets, seeming skeleton like, monstrous. The right eye was almost sealed up, squinting at me…as the other eye was huge and round, jelly like from the burns they had sustained…and there was a huge mass of bloody puss pooled around underneath it.

His nose was totally gone, and was nearly flat against the middle of his face, only two misshapen holes where the nostrils used to be. And it looked like the "nostrils" were melting down into Sir Kevin's mouth now…and the missing lips revealed a very tight set of teeth, a firmly set jaw.

In short, it hurt to look at him…but I had seen burns before. Worse burns. On my daughter. On my wife. On that heroic fireman that saved my daughter's life, even as he was on fire himself, he refused to drop her. I used to go to that man's grave everyday, and thank him for not letting my baby fall. I would put a white rose there, hoping I was right that it meant peace and thanks, I thought I remembered Katherine once telling me it meant that. Back then, I was too shattered to look it up, but in any case, I made myself familiar with that fireman. George Mitchell. He was only twenty six years old. Engaged to be married. Saving money for a house. He had his whole life ahead of him, but yet he didn't drop my daughter. He held onto her as his life burned away, determined that she would reach the roof of that building, so she might have a chance.

I would never feel sorry for Kevin. Whatever happened to him, he deserved it and more. My Selena had improved the asshole's face. Now he is as attractive on the outside as he is on the inside. Good for you, Selena.

I kept my eyes on his as he slowly approached…and I also noticed Raven's eyes as he came forth. She glanced at him and looked back at me, nervously, as if she was a little intimidated by his presence as well.

Kevin kept approaching, getting the attention of all the horses…a couple of them gave a sound of discomfort and unease…and Kevin kept coming at me until my legs backed on their own again…until I was flat up against the closed door of Dancer's stall. I had nowhere to go now…and the closer his face got to mine, the more it smelled of Vaseline and infection. I could feel I was making a face of slight disgust…and cringed as he stopped inches away from me.

"Hello my love.", his voice was still exactly the same…and that gave me chills, so much so that I felt my eyes lower before I decided to do it.

"Don't do this now.", Raven cut in, looking at Kevin, "He's afraid as it is. Wait until we're out of the country, once we get him settled in the new dungeon. Then you can yell at him all you want to."

"He SHOULD be afraid!", Kevin shouted, "Look at what he did to me! I could've DIED!"

"It was that BITCH who did it!", Raven accused, "Justin HATES fire. I told you that! Tell him, baby. Tell him that other girl burned him and Vicky."

She was talking about Selena. No way was I letting them think that she burned him. It was me all the way, as far as they'd ever know. I'd never let them touch her.

Now, I felt a little strength at last…and I smirked, and looked right up into Sir Kevin's so called face and used his own words against him, asking, "What's the matter, Kevin? It was just a little flame."

That's what HE thought when it was MY dick being roasted during his little session with me anyway.

Kevin lunged for me and I froze in place, refusing to jump or even cower as Raven intercepted him.

"NOT here I said!", she repeated, gritting her teeth as Sir Kevin recomposed himself a bit.

"You don't give me orders, bitch.", Sir Kevin said to Raven.

"I am his mistress!", she spat back in his face.

"Yes but I am his Master too.", Kevin reminded her, as if they had this custody agreement all worked out, "He's got some fucking lessons to learn from ME before you get to play with him. We discussed that."

"You. Are. Scaring. Him.", she said slowly, not liking it a bit that once again, someone else was in line for me in front of her.

"He should be scared.", Kevin looked back at me, looking me up and down, "If he's got a fucking brain cell in his head, he's been scared since the second he ran away from me."

I found the power to raise my eyes to his again and my voice was back, loud and clear.

"I'm not scared of you.", I stated without a hint of fear, "I refuse to give you that. It gives you everything and leaves me nothing. You can hurt me – every fucking bully is capable of that – but I'll never be afraid of you, Kevin. You're not my Master. You're not anything."

Kevin roared out, in a new rage now, as Raven flew into action and screamed, "Justin, stop!"

She grabbed my hair and sneered, "You're really fucking stupid – show some respect!"

"To you?", I heard myself scoff, "Please."

Kevin lunged at me again but Raven struck first and backhanded me across the face. I heard Dancer and a few of the other horses react, shrill whinnies, as if they, too, had been hit. But I was still standing…and although the right side of my face burned a bit and stung, I wasn't hurt. I wasn't afraid.

"On your knees!", she shouted, "NOW!"

I could only utter one reply.

"Fuck you.", I said clearly and distinctly, right into their faces at the same time.

Kevin shoved useless Raven aside now and lashed out, throwing his leather gloved fist right into my eye, and I felt my back pound into Dancer's stall door.

Now Dancer was pissed and she was kicking and making shrill, angry noises at my attackers.

Then I felt a tight, almost vice like grip take hold of my throat and squeeze firmly, just around my windpipe…and I instantly choked, unable to breathe at all. I tried to fight back against it but Kevin squeezed even more, almost crushing…I felt panic set in, and I couldn't even make gagging sounds…I couldn't make any noise at all.

"I broke you once…I'll do it again.", he was saying with a smile, at least I think it was a smile…"You're not all that tough, little one. But it's cute when you try. You didn't enjoy the breath play, did you, the last time? It scares you, being without air, I remember."

I could hear horses protesting and Dancer's legs kicking against the door at my back…I hoped no one else would hear them and come running in here. Especially Selena.

I had to get them away from here, away from her and Katie. I could then let them take me to wherever they were planning…going quietly…and they'd be safe then. I could figure a way out later and get back to them. Sooner or later, I'd find an opening…a chance to strike back at them. I could kill them, once we're out of the country…and they let their guard down. I'll play nice slave boy…and they'll begin to trust me. Then I'll make my move. And once they're gone, I'll be free to come back to Selena and Katie.

But they couldn't know that Selena and Katie were HERE now. I couldn't let them get their hands on my family.

"Remember…", Kevin was saying something but I was half tuned out for it, "Remember when you begged for my cock? I do. And you'll do it again."

I heard myself growl at him, as much as I could….and that was a big rule breaker with Sir Kevin. He hated defiance.

"Come on, baby, fight me…", Kevin said to me as Raven watched on with a sad look on her face, "I'll squeeze until baby goes to sleep. Baby wanna take a little nap?"

No, no naps! I have to be aware of everything that happens now. I have to make sure they just take me and not anyone else. I have to behave.

"He's turning purple, Kevin!", Raven butted in, concerned about me.

I shook my head, saying I didn't want the nap he offered. He smiled at me then.

"Be good then.", he suggested, not loosening his hold on my throat, "Kneel. Now."

I felt myself wince and then I gave in, going down on my knees.

"That's right.", Kevin smiled as if I had done something very sensual, "Good boy."

Then he said to Raven, "That's how we do it. Now I'll let him take a couple small breaths."

And when he did, it was even more awful than a moment before. I got a couple small gasps of air, and I coughed roughly as I took them.

"He's always been perfectly behaved – always.", Raven informed as if I were a dog that had pissed on the carpet, "Maybe he misses Victoria."

Oh fuck, please!

"Stop coddling him.", Kevin said to Raven as if they were my two demon parents arguing discipline, "He's spoiled enough as it is. I'll be correcting that starting now."

I was on my knees in the straw and I could see right into Yoyo's little eyes as he stared back into mine, sadly. Then I watched as he slowly began to bite and pull the pin out of his pen, like he had done so many other times before…and he quietly walked out of his stall, still the little sneak walking lightly…and he went towards Psycho's pen, who was one of the biggest mouths of all the horses when I was struck and even now as I'm pinned down here. He was now growling and thrashing around inside, begging to be released.

"Now we deny him again.", Kevin instructed Raven as he squeezed the windpipe and cut my air completely off once more, "See? He's learning."

"Put your hands behind your back.", Kevin ordered me, "The posture is sloppy, boy, come on, remember who you are…"

I obeyed his command, feeling lightheaded…but trying to hold onto what was happening here around me. There's a horseshoe down around here somewhere. Dancer likes to play with it and she pushes it around with her hooves all the time. The vet said its good exercise for her so we let her have it. Come on, where are you? Come on, girl, shove it to me! Give it to Daddy! Help me out, baby.

"Good boy.", Kevin smiled at me with that repulsive face of his and said to Raven, "Now he can have air again…his reward."

I felt a little ease in Kevin's grip at last and I gulped at the air…only coughing a little bit now.

"Yea…", Kevin purred seductively as he looked at me now, "You're gonna be a wonderful little slave for us once Daddy trains you properly, aren't you boy?"

I wanted to play along and nod but I was too focused on breathing right now.

I felt Kevin's fingers in my hair, stroking the front, and saying to Raven, "Trust me…I know how to do this."

After a few seconds, I could breathe normally again…and I was ready to play obedient little slave boy. And I had a pretty good idea how to distract these two fucks.

"Thank you Master.", I whispered, my eyes wet as I peeked up at him, then lowered my eyes respectfully, "May the slave ask one question please?"

Kevin smiled to Raven then…and she smiled at me.

"See that?", Kevin asked smugly, like he taught me to pee on the papers, "Yes you may, slave. What is it?"

"I belong to YOU…not Raven.", I stated, and saw her frown instantly, "Is that right?"

"NO!", she shouted right away, "You're MINE! I waited FOREVER for him, Kevin!"

Kevin smiled at me, not worried at all about her temper, and answered, "You belong to both of us. But for now, I am in control. You will answer to ME, slave."

I gave a nod and looked at Raven, my eyes full of sorrow, as if my heart was broken.

"Bullshit!", she cried out, "My money and resources found him again! I had your fucking burns treated so the infections wouldn't spread! I'm not some fucking SILENT partner here!"

"Raven…", Kevin tried to soothe her. Good luck with that. I knew once Raven was pissed, no one could calm her. And I also knew that Raven was a little brat, not used to having someone tell her something wasn't hers. I had watched it for years when I was Victoria's toy…and I just pressed that button again here…one thing was for sure…no one got away with taking one of Raven's toys.

My hands kept moving around from side to side as much as I could without them noticing it…I think even Dancer caught on because she quieted and seemed to be shuffling around in the straw to help me locate the god damned horseshoe.

I could also see that Yoyo was outside Psycho's pen…and slowly he grabbed the metal bit that kept the stall door closed there…and very slyly he was pulling it up…careful not to make any sound at all…not that these two were listening anyway. I had stirred the shit up pretty well.

"For months you've been acting like you're MORE than me because I'm a woman!", Raven was still shrieking at Kevin, "And I'm fucking SICK of it! The only reason I even agreed to this partnership is because you have this big secret place in Thailand! It better be fucking epic, that's all I have to say!"

"It is…epic.", Kevin didn't seem to like that word but he used it to silence her, "Don't worry, I'm not trying to take him away from you! I told you, I like sharing. But he's in need of some real hard time before we can give him hot oil massages! That's all I'm saying. He's gonna pay for my face, and for the pain I fucking went through. He's gonna work for every penny to put my face back the way it was. And it's gonna be fucking rough work, too. He's gonna be fucked by animals on tape, he's gonna fuck little boys – whatever it takes! He's gonna pay."

Jesus! Just when I thought they couldn't be sicker…they always surprise me.

Just then, I felt Dancer's muzzle on my fingers…and the heavy metal of the horseshoe! She was shoving it towards my hands with her nose! BABY GIRL! I love YOU! Good baby! You are SO getting a whole basket of apples as soon as I can get back to you!

I was still planning on them catching me and taking me to Thailand with them, but I had to get them away from here first. I would pretend to run a little and let them get me in an hour or two, out of this town…and then something inside me began to hurt.

It was emotional pain, not physical, but it gave me the idea to get them to come near me now. I bent over, doubled in agony, holding my stomach and crying out as both of them shut up and jerked their heads towards me.

"You hurt him!", Raven accused Kevin and came down to see what was wrong with me.

"Baby, what's wrong?", she asked me, trying to make me straighten up so she could examine me, "Let me see."

Then, like an explosion, Psycho was freed from his stall and rose up like a dragon above the three of us. He went up on his hind legs and with a furious horse scream he kicked his legs at both Kevin and Raven. Maybe he was even kicking at me too, who knows?

Dancer was calling out urgently to Psycho as he took his stand against the humans harming me. Damn! As much as I hated it, Dancer loved Psycho. Even now, she seemed to be crying, 'NO, Psycho, DON'T!' I know because that's exactly what Selena would be saying to me.

Kevin went to reach into his belt and pulled out a silver gun. I was no expert like Selena at gun types or anything, but all I needed to know was that bullets come out of the end of it! I wasn't letting that asshole shoot Psycho!

I sprang to my feet and clocked Kevin in the side of his flat brown face with the horseshoe, right at his nose as he screamed out, falling over with me on top of him…the gun flying out of his grip and into the straw somewhere to the right.

Raven was too busy screaming and trying to get away from Psycho's legs as he kept charging at her now, seeing that I was dealing with the other asshole.

All the other horses were neighing loudly, kicking and begging to join in the fight also. Even Yoyo – who was loose, was right at Psycho's side, showing his teeth to Raven as she opened an empty stall door and got inside it, shielding herself from their attack. I hope she's sitting in horse shit right now, if it's Temper's stall it'll be hidden nicely under the fluffy straw for her.

I was on my feet as soon as Kevin landed and spun around, searching for the best way to exit the stables so the party wouldn't see me fleeing. If Selena saw, she'd try to come after me and put herself in danger. I didn't want that.

Dancer was screaming at me and throwing her own legs against her door, wanting out, wanting to be with me. She looked terrified that I would leave without her.

I looked and Kevin was getting back up, holding his flat nose and that huge eyeball was glaring at me.

"RAVEN!", he called, looking around for her but just seeing the loose horses guarding the stall she was hiding in.

Then he looked at me and gritted those teeth, snarling, "Justin! Come back here NOW! NOW!"

And before I had time to even think about it, I opened Dancer's stall and she bolted out of it, and I was holding onto the lead rope around her neck…at first being dragged along beside her as she charged out of the back end of the stable, away from them, Kevin and Raven.

"DANCER!", I shouted, feeling my legs shuffling along the dirt ground below me as she sped on faster. I kept trying to pull my legs up but I couldn't, she was moving way too fast. It was starting to hurt now and I kept trying to say "WHOA! WHOA GIRL!"

But it was stupid of me. We never got a chance yet to teach her about whoa and ya and giddyup…she was never ridden yet!

"DANCER STOP!", I cried out and then when I looked behind us, I could see a strange car I didn't recognize speeding after us. It had to be them. Shit.

"Don't STOP!", I shouted, changing my mind.

Just as I began to wonder how fucked up my legs would be after this "ride", Dancer turned towards me and swung her head, hitting my legs with her face until they flew up and I landed on my stomach square on her bare back, still clutching the lead rope I had been holding from the start.

We were moving even faster now and I realized that I had never seen Dancer move like this before! Her legs…the surgery…she was running! SO FAST! The landscape went by so fast that it was a green and sky blue blur as we moved past it. Then something else occurred to me…I was riding her…sort of. I was on her back, holding on for dear life…not at all in control of her…but that was okay with me. I trust her. As long as we were getting further and further away from Selena and Katie.

And then I felt so sick inside. We are getting further and further away from Selena and Katie. I'll be back, guys. Trust me. Wait for me. Don't give up hope. Take care of each other. I swear to God I'll be back. I will be back. Not all the demons in HELL could keep me away from you two. Know that and be strong. Wait for me.

Then I focused on the car chasing us again.

Yea, follow us, you fuckers – I thought as I looked back at that car a few yards behind us, trying to keep up with my Dancer. Come get me…come get your little toy. I'll be real sorry when you get me. I'll promise to be good. I'll even apologize and get on my knees. I'll do all my old tricks. And the second you fall asleep, you're mine! We won't ever have to think of you again. We can live our lives and forget you…and all the shit you've done to us.

Come get me.

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