Stuck In Fire 2 - Justin Bieber

Justin is finally reunited with Katie.. and that's awesome. I don't know what to write, 'cause i haven't read the story o.o IT'S NOT MIIIINE. I JUST POST IT TO READ IT :P


38. 38

"Do you like what you see, angel?", her voice was so thick with sex that it almost rendered me speechless. She was tightly wrapped into a skimpy little red sequined bikini-type costume, and the top hardly hid her breasts at all, except maybe for the nipples that poked through, harder than rock as I sat across from her on the bed, only the lamp covered by a red piece of cloth giving any light upon us. It gave a sense of being trapped in Hell, with this hot little minx, who had no interest in helping me fly up away from her out of here…she had no interest in returning me to heaven…unless she knew of another way to take me there, as I laid underneath her perfect little body.

I smiled as my eyes looked over her. Her hair was all teased and fuckhot around her face, cascading past her bare white shoulders, the devil horns sitting proudly on top of her head…and she had just crawled over towards me…letting her breasts hang out of her top…almost at the tip of my lips and nose as she asked me the question.

I nodded my head innocently, feeling tears softly coat over my eyes at her beauty. This was wrong, wasn't it? For me, an archangel, to feel such things for this red goddess? Surely it's a sin, wanting her…wanting to taste her. God would never approve of this.

"Say it.", she urged, her mouth looking displeased, "Say it out loud. Or you don't get it."

Get it? Get what? I was confused but I found myself obeying her order anyway.

"You are so beautiful.", I whispered, knowing God could hear me, even way down here, "I can't look at you ENOUGH. My body feels…warm…hot…something strange is happening…what is this place?"

She smirked at me as if my words amused her and answered, "This is Hell. You had a terrible fall, baby. Lucky for you, I caught you. Now you're mine."

"Hell?", I asked, looking up, "I never heard of that."

"Don't worry about it, love…", she came closer to me, sitting in my lap and moving her fingers over my hair, "It's just home, that's all. You'll like it here with me, you'll see."

I felt myself smile back at her, liking the way her legs felt on mine. I never saw a creature like her before, and certainly never touched one this way before. I was in so much trouble. This can't be allowed.

I looked down at myself and suddenly felt naked…even though I was in my usual white tunic around my waist. But my chest was always bare as it is now and my feet never needed shoes of any kind. My wings were large and proudly jutting out behind me, like always, but when I tried to move them upwards, they didn't respond. There was no pain, but, they weren't flying when I wanted them to.

She touched her glossy lips to mine and moved them in such a way that I found myself copying her…and I could taste cherries…mmmmm….I felt my eyes close and she moaned out in pleasure, sounding as if she were celebrating because I had not rejected her advances.

But then I pulled away hard, but could not bear to wipe her taste off my mouth as I breathed out, afraid…nervous…unsure…

"What happened sweet thing?", she tilted her head to one side, not surprised by my feelings, "Do I scare you?"

I winced a bit but hid it and shook my head…then changed my mind and gave a little nod, not sure what I was feeling right now.

"Awww…poor little angel…", she stroked her fingernail down my right cheek as I felt a pang of raw desire slash through me, all the way down to my…oh my GOD!

"Don't be afraid.", she comforted, "Just enjoy what you're feeling. It's good, isn't it?"

At this, I definitely gave a nod and felt my lips grin a little, knowing I was betraying everything I believed in by doing so.

"That's my boy.", she smiled enough to show her lovely white teeth, and she snuggled her little nose against my chin, "I knew you were for me when you landed in my arms. So cute…so innocent…I really love that, you know. Innocence brings out the beast in me."

I liked her despite everything my gut was telling me and I felt myself blush a little.

"I guess I should thank you…for saving me.", I felt a half smile on my lips, "What is your name?"

"Lust.", she replied, "I guess you should know…I'm one of the seven deadly sins. My six sisters are the rest. Surely you've heard of us."

I tried to rack my brain. I should know about the seven deadly sins…but for some reason my mind was a complete blank. Maybe that fall I had taken was a lot more serious than I thought. I didn't really care. As long as she keeps sitting on me this way…I'm fine. It was so warm…raw heat that didn't burn. Whatever it was, I loved it. I never wanted her to get off me.

"No?", she asked, looking a little concerned for me now as I shook my head slowly.

"Thank you for saving me, Lust.", I said softly, hoping I sounded truly grateful, "And thank you for…whatever that was…you just did…with your lips."

"Kissing.", she replied, filling me in, "That was a little kissing. We're gonna be doing that some more…lots deeper…harder…in a bit. Do you like it?"

I licked my lips, loving the way deeper kissing sounded.

"Yes.", I admitted without fear this time, "I loved that. It makes me feel…alive."

"You ain't seen nothing yet, sweetness.", she said with a little giggle, placing another one of those…kisses…on the cleft in my chin….and that felt so good it was like electricity mixed into my blood and sent little zaps of current to every cell in my entire body.

I even heard myself give a moan of bliss, and my head fell backwards a bit from the sheer perfection of it.

Suddenly, I opened my eyes and found hers right across…and my voice shook as it asked, "Is this wrong? I mean…is it bad that I'm feeling this…loving this as much as I do? Is it a sin? You said you're a deadly sin."

"Shhhh baby….relax.", she moved her fingers down my neck and over my shoulders, "This isn't wrong. It's wrong that you've flown around for centuries and never felt this…it's wrong that your God has denied you this pleasure for so long…you've done so much good…you deserve this. Your body feels so good, doesn't it? Do you want it to stop?"

"NO!", I heard myself shout out, then I blushed because I had yelled into her perfect face, "Sorry."

"This is nothing.", she continued, "Kissing is just the start of it all. Wait until I lick you…all over…wait until I sink my teeth into that flawless angel flesh of yours…and mark you as mine. You'll love that…you'll cry from the feelings that'll bring you."

My eyes were heavy as she explained how much more she could make me feel. I wanted it…I wanted it all and even more.

"Yes.", I whispered, feeling my eyes glaze over, "Please…"

"Patience, baby…these things are better with a little time…first things first.", she kissed the tip of my nose and I breathed out hard, something savage and animal inside of me being born for the very first time in all my existence.

"Let me look at you first.", she said and I leaned forward, trying to touch my lips to hers again…but she shoved me back an inch or two, "Stop. Behave yourself, boy."

I did as she said, looking down in shame but she tipped my face up with her finger under my chin, turning my face this way and that.

"Very nice.", she said approvingly, "Are all the angels up there as beautiful as YOU?"

"They're all very beautiful.", I said, feeling a little sick to my stomach, "I'm nothing compared to them."

"Oh, stop that.", she released my face, "You are probably their pride and joy up there, don't put yourself down. You're the most handsome face I've ever seen."

"Really?", I asked, wanting to believe that. That I was special and that she found me half as attractive as I found her.

"Really.", she confirmed, gently shoving at my chest until I was laying on my back, my wings laid out on each side of me as I landed. She moved off my lap a little and her small fingers reached down to my white tunic, untying it slowly.

I gasped and asked, "What are you DOING?"

I even almost sat up but she shoved me back down.

"Hush, angel of mine…", she smiled at me as she kept undoing my garment, "I have a right to see ALL of you, don't I?"

"But…", I began, looking straight up, then closing my eyes so I could not see heaven above me…I didn't want to be judged by them…I didn't want to see them looking.

"Shhh, trust me…", she leaned down and placed another one of those kisses on my chest, right over my beating heart, "I won't hurt you. I'm going to do nothing but make you feel GOOD, I promise."

I felt my hands shaking but I didn't stop her from opening my tunic in the middle. She let the glittering fabric sink down at my sides carefully as she let her eyes move over my now naked body. I clenched my eyes and felt wetness there. No one had ever looked at me…not like this. What if I'm hideous? What if she laughs at me?

It seemed like an eternity, waiting for her reaction. She didn't say anything…but then I felt something very warm and wet touch the tip of my penis. I opened my eyes in fright and saw her gorgeous chocolate curls all over my waist, hiding her face and my lower body from view.

I breathed out again as I felt her tongue lick thickly against the head over and over again…as if she were tasting me too. She made this wonderful sound, mmmmmmm….and then her entire hot mouth wrapped itself around me…and I screamed out loud, my eyes two open pockets as my back arched up and my legs tensed…then spread open even more to allow her complete access to any part of me she wanted.

No words could form on my tongue as she kept working up and down, licking, sucking, nibbling….moving her fingers and hand around me…endlessly…torturously…her spell on me rendering me speechless…only moans and jagged breaths told her what I was feeling.

Then, just when I thought I'd weep from the sheer ecstasy of it all, she took her bad girl tongue and lapped at the balls that hung underneath my very delirious cock. Then I did actually weep. God it was fucking amazing!

Lust paused for a moment and looked up at me, as if to ask if I was alright. I felt a single tear move from the corner of my eye, and into my hair as I laid there…and I looked back at her and whispered, "Please don't stop…please…Lust…"

She smirked at me then and she looked so bad…but I loved her right at that moment anyway. Whatever she is, I'm hers now. And I will do anything she says.

"What is YOUR name?", she asked me suddenly, her brow raised knowingly.

"I don't know and I don't care!", I nearly begged, my toes nearly digging into the soft bed beneath them.

She waited, not moving again, her chin propped up on my bellybutton.

Then it came to me.

"Virtue.", I replied quickly, hoping she'd go back to doing whatever she was just doing to my body.

She gave a small laugh and I felt broken hearted. It must have showed because she quickly straightened, saying, "Oh, no, baby, I'm not laughing at you. I would never do that. I just find it ironic. And so perfect. I'm going to teach you things…you have no idea…"

"Yes.", I pleaded, "Please teach me…touch me…anything…."

"Lay back, Virtue…", she breathed, sounding very excited, "This could take 100 years…I'm going to claim every inch of you…until it screams out my name."

I smiled, panting as she continued what she had started…it was pure bliss and I loved every second of it…I felt red hot and white light glowed out of my body as I screamed at last…screeching her name like a war cry, proudly…and I almost panicked as I felt something hot and liquid explode out of me…my light wrapped around Lust as she sucked it down and swallowed my juices…and I groaned out like an animal as that registered in my brain. She was drinking me…I was pouring down her throat and mixing with her blood. I found that so god damn arousing.

She grabbed my face and kissed me, we were still bathed in white light and she still tasted sweet, I could not detect my taste on her mouth and I was glad. I kissed her so hard that I surprised myself and I heard her teaching me gently as we dared to kiss deeper.

"Stick your tongue in…", she instructed as our lips melded and battled together…."Stick your tongue down my throat…"

I tried to do as she said but it was only when her tongue slipped into my mouth that I understood…God, that feels incredible! And I did the same to her…my fingers grabbing into her mane of curls as she gave a little cry of want in return.

"Yes…", she panted, "Be rough with me…that's it…pull my hair…take me Virtue…"

I pulled her body to mine and felt my penis doing strange things on its own…it was standing straight up and hard as a rock! She was sitting on my lap again, moving her little red panties up and down against me…and that was SOOOO damn hot! I groaned out like a hungry lion, hating that fabric for standing between us.

She stopped kissing my lips and her nose laid next to mine, her glorious hair everywhere as she said, "Take my clothes off, Virtue. I know you want to."

I couldn't speak again but I didn't need to. She kept kissing me as my shivery hands explored the little body so close to mine. My fingers touched the glittering red material that laid over the round, powder white flesh beneath. She gave a little purr of contentment at my touch and then my fingers moved carefully behind her, figuring out where the cloth was going…and then feeling a little bow under her long hair, I gently pulled at it…and the garment began to loosen.

I found another bow at the back of her neck and undid that one too….and the sparkling red top almost trickled off her body like drops of hot blood. And I let my eyes drink her flesh…seeing a woman's breasts for the very first time in my life. They were so perfect…so flawless…like art…come to life…and without a word, my fingers dared to caress one of them…the right…and it was such a moment for me that I touched her reverently, her being the only woman I had ever laid my hands on….and ever WOULD lay my hands on…I was almost afraid if I touched too hard…she'd burst into dew or a breeze…and fly away from me forever.

My eyes looked at her face and her eyes were closed….her smile full of joy and pleasure as I kept exploring her silently.

It was a good amount of time I spent, just touching…innocently feeling all the beautiful parts of her body…both my hands moved over the round swell of her breasts…and I felt tears in my eyes again at how lovely and delicate she was…but also so strong and powerful.

"Kiss them…move your tongue over my nipples…", she whispered her suggestion, as if praying I would do it…and I did lower my head to her breast, softly…SO softly…daring to put my mouth to every inch of her skin, weakened by my need to keep so close to her, paralyzed by my want to please her…hobbled by the dream of feeling more and more, as she promised.

"Ohhh yeessss, Virtue…yesss….", she grabbed the back of my hair and held me to her as I began to move my tongue around the round pink nipples staring at me. I closed my eyes and decided my tongue would never taste anything sweeter in all of paradise, where I used to live. Paradise never had this. I would not miss it there. Hell was my new home now. Lust was my home now.

And she kept moving herself against my penis, that was even larger than before, and throbbing with need. It was painful and exhilarating at the same time…and I loved the way it felt as she gripped my hair, bringing me even closer to her.

"Harder…", she groaned jaggedly, "You won't break me…go on…I'm not made of glass…suck me harder there….OOHHHH YEEEAAAA….yea!"

"Fuck!", she said loudly, and to me it was a foreign word. I'd never heard that before.

Suddenly, she moved with speed and urgency, and she brought my hands to her waist, where the little red panties were, and demanded, "Take them off me! Rip 'em off! Please!"

Well, she DID say please.

I was glad that they weren't real strong when I tore them apart…they shredded like thin blades of grass…like rose petals. She yelped out as they came off and I saw what had been hidden inside there. A flat stomach led my eyes downward to a single little line of soft hair that laid between two small lips of flesh…a little pink slit of moist tissue within.

I waited for her to tell me what she wanted me to do…I was completely in the dark here but it seemed so far I had made her happy with my touch, with my kiss…

"Touch me, Virtue…", she took my hand and put it there between her legs…and I was taken aback at the heat and wetness there…this was so surreal…I couldn't remember falling down here to Hell but I thanked God that I did it. How long have I lived…without living? How much longer would I have gone on without ever knowing this?

I cried out a little at how incredible this felt…and she arched backwards…smiling and with her eyes closed as I let my fingers play in the wetness I was feeling…it was so easy to glide my fingertips in and out….moving in little circles…enjoying the sounds she would make as I drew each different line or motion into the very sensitive, thin pink spot she wanted me to touch.

"Don't stop…don't you fucking stop!", she panted, laying all the way back now, her legs wrapped around my waist, "Please….please….Virtue…make that triangle again…YEA! That one…do that over and over again, please? Please? Ohhhh….thank you…thank you…"

She was mewing like a kitten as I did what she asked and kept making that triangle in the wetness….I was having fun pleasing her this way…I did the triangle straight up, then sideways…then upside down…she was screaming in a few minutes and somehow I knew it wasn't because I was hurting her. She kept saying don't stop…and I didn't.

"Lick me…, she grabbed my hair again and brought my face to the pink lips there, "Lick me just like you touched me…with that triangle thing…and the circle too…make it nice and wet…"

When I did as she said this time, I tasted heaven in its purest form! I was so wrong thinking earlier that I had tasted the sweetest thing ever…that was wonderful, her breasts…but this…was unparalleled sin on my tongue! And I loved it! If I was to burn in Hell for having this…I'd take it.

I couldn't keep the sensation of it to myself and I vocally expressed my enjoyment in the forms of soft moans and groans the entire time…I could hear her breathing quicken and even stop a couple times as I licked and inserted and swirled my tongue in the crevices and opening I found…and she was getting more and more wild the more I discovered.

My fingers also found the baby soft flesh underneath her as my mouth and tongue played happily in their new meadow…and I felt her ass and the crack down the center….my fingers clutched and grabbed and she loved that…she screamed out even louder and was grabbing at her own hair, yanking it as she let me please her.

"Gentle now….gentle…real soft right there….OOOHHHH GGGOOODDDDD!", she opened her eyes wide, looking upwards as I kept moving very softly in the spot she instructed me to show light touches to. And then, as her body jerked and spasmed, and as she screamed out, I saw red light glow all around her body…and then I tasted sweet, thick juice pour out of her…and I didn't shy away from it…I lapped it up and prayed it would never end.

A few moments later, as I gently stroked and kissed every inch of her stomach and torso, adoring her without words, she sprang up and shoved me down onto my back again. For a moment I thought I'd done something wrong, but she was smiling down at me like I was something wonderful to be eaten.

"Oh, Virtue…you are magnificent!", she complimented and I felt myself smile up at her, happy that I had put that look on her sweet face.

"Wait til I show you what comes next.", she said and then reached down, holding onto my penis, and pulling it slowly up and down, getting a very guttural groan from my throat. I dug my nails into the sheets below me, not moving as she stared down at my crotch.

"Do you know what this is for, Virtue?", she asked as she played with it, mercilessly.

"No.", I admitted, unable to take my eyes off her face and her body equally.

"How does this feel, Virtue?", she asked me, "Do you like this?"

"Yesssss…", I nearly snarled the word, "Yes, Lust…so much…."

"Are you still worried about me being a deadly sin?"

"No, not at all.", I panted, "If you're a sin, then so am I. I love this…I love YOU."

Thunder struck high overhead…God was angry. But I didn't care at all. I was devoted to Lust now. The skies above were black…and I liked that.

"Mmmm….so pure…", she sounded aroused as she kept stroking me, "But not for long…."

"Hold still a moment.", she said as she straddled my hips and placed the head of my penis right into the wet pink space between her legs. And in one fuck amazing motion, she impaled herself with me…all the way down as both of us screamed out loud, sharing the same agonizing bliss as we became one.

"Uhhh….uuuuuhhhhhhh….", was all I could articulate as she spoke to me.

"We fit well together, Virtue…I knew it…", she breathed, sitting still as she probed my mouth with her finger and I immediately sucked on it, convinced she was made of sugar and sex, and I wanted to taste every inch of her.

"I'm gonna fuck those brains out.", she threatened, and began moving herself up and down around me, taking me with her.

I yelled out again, thinking the pleasure and the never ending pouring of desire would kill me for sure. But I was willing to die if this was the way.

"Your virginity is mine…", she said softly as she kept riding me, going harder with each descent upon me, "Virtue…do you give it to me? Say you give this gift to me…only me."

"I give it to you, it's yours!", I panted harder, really feeling like a virgin once more, half a moment out of character as the angel, thinking as Justin Bieber, newly deflowered by this goddess on top of me, "Take everything…all I have…I don't want it without you…"

She arched again, as if my words gave her an even extra boost of pleasure, my hips thrusting upwards against hers as she moved down towards me at the same time.

"FUCK!", I screamed out louder, not caring who or what could hear me now, "LUST FUCK ME! FUCK ME FOREVER! DON'T STOP!"

Then I grabbed her little round ass cheeks and made her move up and down on me with even more force and she was deliriously screaming out, matching the intensity of my own shouts….our bodies slapped and pounded together and I noticed for a second that they were hot and covered with perspiration, but neither of us slowed a bit….Lust's hair was wetting as well but that just made it even sexier as some of it stuck to the sides of her face, and flew around wetly as she yanked her head backwards from time to time.

Before I realized it, our bodies both glowed again….mine with white light, hers with red light…and we clawed at each other like two panthers, holding each tightly against the other….and when I opened my eyes again, I saw that there was just one color light now…neither white nor red…it was a strange mixture of both…not exactly pink but not crimson either…but it seemed like our lights were no longer separate things…they were combined…they were one, forever. We were one…forever.

And I felt myself explode once again, this time, as I was joined with her…and she cried out in delight as my juices flowed into her body…like it was somehow healing her…making her stronger.

I sat up slowly, staring at the face of the only creature I would ever do this with…and I held her weak, limp body in my arms, covering her head with kisses as my large wings finally responded and wrapped themselves lovingly around my true love…my Lust. She was warm and protected inside and she snuggled in with a smile as I tipped her chin up so I could see her eyes.

"I love you.", I said from my heart, "I'll always love you."

She grinned and said, "You don't even know me…"

She was wrong. "I know you.", I kissed her adorable little nose, "I can see you…I see everything…and I love you. Forever."

"I love you too.", she whispered, as if afraid now, and she held me, laying her face on my chest as I laid mine against her head, watching out not to scratch myself on her sharp horns.

"You don't have to worry.", I explained, "I'll never fly away. I want to be here, with you…always."

"Why?", she asked with glittering eyes, the tears just behind the surface.

"You made me real.", I said without hesitation, "I was a shadow…flying around, aimlessly, alone…you made me flesh and blood…you made my heart beat…for the first time ever…you made me a man. If you want my wings, I'll slice them off now and give them to you as a wedding present."

"No, don't…", she touched her lips to mine like a feather, then added, "They're beautiful. YOU…are beautiful."

"Only in the reflection of YOUR eyes.", I pointed out, moving a lock of hair away from those intoxicating chestnut eyes of hers.

"You make me real, too.", she said, this time sounding more like Selena than Lust. Her voice wobbled a little, as if she'd start crying and I quickly kissed her lips so she wouldn't.

"Justin?", she broke away for a second, asking, "Can I talk to you about something?"

Uh oh.

"Yea, what's wrong, baby?", I asked, carefully removing the little devil horns from her head and placing them on the nightstand.

"Nothing.", she smiled a little, "I mean…I was talking to Peter in session the other day and I wanted to ask you about it."

"I'm always here to listen, you know that.", I kissed her nose and began to massage her bare shoulders.

"Have I seemed different lately?", she asked me, "Like, happier and more relaxed?"

I grinned back at her.

"Yea, I have noticed that actually.", I nodded in thought, "I've liked it. You are much goofier and silly these last couple months. It's been nice to have a fellow kid around the house. Why?"

"Well, Peter and I have been exploring that and I think I finally have the answer and I want you to know something.", she explained, "When we first moved here, I was so scared. Scared that you would hate this new life. Then I was scared that I'd hate this new life. The pressure of meeting Katie and what that brought into our lives…then I was scared that you would resent me, that you'd want your old life back someday. Then I was scared of what you were going through – with the Sir Kevin nightmare – and then the marshals, the trial…I was on edge all the time and I felt like I had fifty worlds on my shoulders."

"I know.", I said, my heart sinking, "I know how hard it's been for you. I was afraid too…that you'd look at me one morning and think – you're so not worth all this. I had that nightmare more than once. It physically hurts to even think about it. You know any other woman would've left me long ago. But you stay. I don't know why you do, but I'm so glad. I couldn't make it without you, Selena."

"I feel the same way, Justin, about you.", she smiled, stroking my cheek, "Even if my head felt like bailing out, my heart would never let it happen. I can't breathe without you…and I don't know what happened or when but I don't feel all that pressure or fear anymore. I feel like we're home and we're all okay…we're…happy…finally."

I just smiled at her, feeling little tears come forth in the corners of my eyes. She was right. We are so good here…life is so great here. I wasn't even paying attention, either, but I don't feel like I hate this place anymore. I used to feel that….big time. But now I can't imagine our life being anywhere else but here. Weird.

"And now I'm free.", Selena laid her cheek against my chest, "Free to be ME…and love you…both you and Katie. I can relax and enjoy myself and my new family. It was you. You took my fear away, the moment you started to enjoy your life…our life. I believe in us now…I know we're gonna make it and be GREAT. You smile in the sun and ride that horse and I can SEE our future…finally without any real things threatening to kill it all. For the first time since we met…I FEEL at peace. I feel SAFE. I love our life…we've all made this life together and…I'm happy. I'm really…so happy."

She paused and then peeked up at me.

"Are you?", she almost whispered, afraid of my answer.

"You tell ME.", I smirked at her and pulled her face in for a deep, very passionate kiss, and I hoped she could feel the joy in my heart…the good feeling and peace of my soul. Words could never cut it. I knew my Selena could hear what was going on inside of me, as she always could from day one.

"This is the happiest I've ever been, Selena.", I said without hesitation, "I'm always happy as long as I'm with you."

Then I went in for an even deeper kiss, losing myself in her as our tongues licked and tasted…as our fingers dug into one another.

"MMMM…", she was kissing me back just as roughly…and she reached for something…and then was placing the devil horns on my head.

"Ooooh, yessss….", I gently pulled my arms out of the wings and turned them around, helping Selena's little arms slide into the straps as she giggled.

"I am such a good demon.", I informed. I didn't say it out loud but she had given me such a great gift, letting me feel innocent and pure again…it had been so long since I had really experienced those emotions. And at the end, in a stroke of genius on her part, she asked me to give her my virginity…and I did. It was one of the most incredible moments, sexually, that I'd ever had. They say if you fantasize something, your brain doesn't really know it's not really happening to you. If you think it, it is, in your mind. So for the last couple hours, I had been a virgin. I fell in love. And I experienced making love for the very first time. Selena gave me that. I once told her that she'd enjoy my body more than my mind. But now, I think that she has made love to both. And while my body is hers, completely…my mind worships at her altar.

So if she wants me to play demon lover now, she's SO gonna get it!

"I remember.", she laughed, getting on all fours, turning her naked little ass towards me, wiggling it at me, adding, "Wanna spank the naughty angel?"

"Ohhhh…", I felt something red hot wake up in trusty old Frankencock, "Yes I certainly do. Can you handle it, little girl?"

"Bring it.", she dared with a little squint of her eyes.

"Alright.", I positioned her tight butt right where I wanted it and then grabbed the hair, yanking her head backwards, my voice hard and demanding now.

"Back again, are we, for punishment, Selena?", I asked, moving my other hand in a circular motion around her right ass cheek.

"Yes.", she whimpered, "I'm sorry."

"Caught pleasuring yourself again.", I said knowingly, "Guilty or not guilty? As if I even need to ask."

"Guilty.", she said, looking down, ashamed.

"Of course.", I said, a bit bored, "Open your legs. I want my strokes hitting that hungry little pussy of yours. Maybe I can cure your little problem this time."

"Oh God…", she whispered, sounding both nervous and aroused at the same time. And she opened those gorgeous legs for me. Damn, I'm one lucky son of a bitch.

I pulled her hair even more now, suddenly very angry.

"What did you say?", I gritted through my teeth, "What name did you DARE utter while in the clutches of a demon enforcer?"

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry!", she said in a little voice.

"I'm afraid sorry won't do, little Selena.", I scowled, pulling her legs even further apart as I prepared to deliver the very first blow, "See if you can keep your GOD in mind while I'm working you. See if he comes to save you too. Count off slut."

Then I slapped my palm against the round cheek of her ass as she yelped out loud, jerking away from me in an involuntary motion.

"One!", she yipped out.

After the first five light smacks to warm her up a bit, I brought her up onto her knees, so her ear was right in front of my lips.

"I think I have an idea to cure you of your little…indiscretion, my Selena.", I sneered as I put my hardened cock right under her clit from behind, moving myself back and forth slowly as she moaned out loud, trying to struggle a little bit as I grabbed her right arm.

"Or maybe you want this.", I said further, "Maybe this is all a setup so you can be sent down here to me. You love it when I spank your ass, don't you?"

"Yes.", she breathed, her breasts rising and falling with each lovely pass the air made through her lungs.

"Do you want me to fuck you?", I asked, taking a long, thick lick up her jugular with my nasty wet tongue.

"Yes!", she leaned her head back onto my shoulder, wanting more attention paid to her neck.

But I had another little surprise up my sleeve.

"No.", I shoved her down with a scowl, her hair falling over her face as she returned to her position on all fours, "I don't like angel pussy. You all get so attached…so clingy. Your…feelings get in the way. It ruins the sex."

"Fuck you!", she surprised me with her answer here, and she sneered back at me, "I'm not like the rest of them. I hate it in heaven. I hate praying and I hate fucking celibacy! Please! I just want to feel it once. I won't get attached, I swear! You can punish me after…or before…whenever you want."

"Hmm…you surprise me, Selena.", I said wickedly, "Not many angels make that kind of confession to me. Celibacy, huh? That must suck. I'll consider it…while I slap your pussy awhile. You may thank me now."

"Thank you, Justin.", she said with much appreciation, "Thank you…"

"Continue counting girl.", I said as I delivered a medium sized slap between the legs.

"Eight.", she whimpered as I stroked the area I had just stricken.

I didn't really hit her very hard, but for the purposes of the game, she was at the end of her very painful punishment.

"Now, slut, tell me…", I yanked her up to her knees, my lips on her ear as I asked, in my most velvety voice, "Are you sorry for pleasuring yourself?"

"No.", she said with a little sob in her voice, doing a marvelous acting job, "It felt good…and it's the only pleasure I get…I'll take the punishment…but I can't say that I'm sorry I did it. I like it."

"Hmmm…", I smirked, "Good answer. I think maybe I will fuck you. You have potential."

"Thank you, Justin.", she said with a smile of relief and pleasure on her lips.

"Not so fast.", I said with a bit of distaste, taking Selena's red bikini top and using it like a demon rope, "Give me your hands."

She put her hands behind her, giving them to me as I loosely bound them together in two knots.

"I know about you angels and your power of touch.", I shared, "I'm not taking any chances."

"Okay.", she agreed, not struggling.

She was resting on her head now, on the bed, now that her hands were bound behind her, and her naked ass was right against my leg. I carefully took two separate strands of her long hair into my hands and gently pulled her head off the bed with them, holding them as if they were horse reins.

She moaned in arousal as I got into position to enter her…and I slowly penetrated the soft, glistening muscle that ached for me. And we were one again.

Damn, sex with Selena was fucking amazing, more amazing every time we made love. She was becoming quite the role player and at times, she was even as marvelous as I was at being in her role. I should have known that things were going too well because two nights later, the fucking marshals were at our door again, ready to start their own favorite game of questions and answers again.

This time they started with Selena, and they took her away from me too! I protested and shouted but that didn't stop them from doing it. Selena had allowed them to do it in the end and she told me she'd be alright. I hated it but I was put into our bedroom while she spoke to them at the kitchen table. I felt like a kid being punished as I sat there, wondering what I could be doing while my Selena was battling dumb and dumber out there.

I saw my knapsack in the corner of the room and shot it an evil glare. No. I'm not doing THAT.

But you DO want to get through the rest of it, don't you? This is something you could work on while Selena is going through her own hard shit out there.

I hate the good little voice in my head. It's so irritating.

The bad voice in my head is saying I could play video games on the wii right now.

"But the game console is in the living room!", my innocent voice pointed out happily.

Maybe I'll just see where we are now and how much longer I have to read out loud to Peter, I told myself. And before I knew it, I was unzipping my bag and fishing out the fucked up journal.

With a very deep sigh, I flipped to the last page I had been reading aloud to Dr. Peter.

God, I hate this fucking book. I hate the sight of my words on the pages. And most of all, I hate that there are a few pages left to go.

"Fuck.", I muttered to myself as I counted them, each side of a page counting as one.

Eight. Eight god damned pages left.

I shouldn't have done it, but I allowed my eyes to read some of the words that I'd have to read aloud on my next session.

I woke up with a violent jerk as icewater struck my back, pouring down my naked ass as I shouted out, my eyes bulged open, forced to look around at the predicament I was in now.

When I had shouted, I realized that my mouth was filled with something long and plastic that tickled the back of my throat. Cock gag. But across my lips, it was a flat, leather piece and I could feel a little metal padlock at the back of my neck, securing it firmly into place.

I couldn't see anything but I wasn't blindfolded. I gave another little sound again, just to test out my surroundings. I smelled wood. And I could feel my bare shoulders resting against a hard wooden surface. My head was in a small box, down inside the floor. I had been in this before, it's one of Victoria's creations. From the dom's point of view, my head is in a hole in the floor, invisible to them…and I could feel leather around my pelvis, suspended from the ceiling, holding me an inch or so off the floor, my legs bound to some kind of metal piping, about every two inches, to secure them completely so I couldn't even bend them or pull away from the metal pieces. From Sir Kevin's point of view, I was on tip toes, bent over in half, my ass straight up in the air, my arms straight behind me in a tight leather sleeve, pulled up a bit and tied to something in the ceiling as well, just to immobilize them and to make them utterly uncomfortable at the same time.

Fuck. I was in prime position to be fucked. I guess the honeymoon is over.

I felt a large hand smacking the cold water on my ass and the sound almost echoed as his voice rung out around the box.

"My sleeping beauty waking up?", he asked jovially, moving the cold water over my left ass cheek, as if stroking me.

"RRRRRR!", I roared back, trying to move my legs to get his fucking hands off me…but I couldn't move them even a hair! He had trussed me up pretty expertly.

"You shut up in there!", he kicked a boot hard against the back of my leg, right under my ass, and that fucking hurt, against the pipe I was laced to.

I cried out, angrily, heaving a couple breaths, fighting to breathe through this thing. Luckily, I had experience in how to breathe in these gags. An inexperienced sub could panic and forget to get air during a scene, and I had seen that happen a lot with other subs we'd play with. Once I was ordered to give a girl sub mouth to mouth to wake her up.

"Just keep sucking that cock in there!", he ordered, every trace of romantic lover erased from his voice. I was glad. It was more of an insult being stroked and whispered to, as if I was a willing participant. I'd rather have him hate and be cruel to me. It was easier.

I struggled and roared as much as I could. It felt good to do that. I had always been so obedient, so willing. Selena taught me that fighting back…even if you know you can't win…is much better. She was right.

"Go on, use up the last of your strength struggling in vein.", Sir Kevin said distantly, sounding a few feet away as I quit trying to move my arms. It was only hurting them more to try.

"I meant what I said.", Sir Kevin sounded as if he was coming closer now, "You WILL beg for my cock. And when you do, I'll say no. I'll be very hard to get, once you're broken. You will have to beg and beg hard for me to accept your invitation. But it will happen, my sweet Justin. You will see."

"Fuck YOU!", I said with garbled tongue through my very thick cock gag. But I think he heard me.

"Oh my poor, sweet slave…", Sir Kevin said with a very sad and disappointed voice, "Don't worry, I'll help you. I'll make you see the beauty of being submissive again."

I breathed low and deadly through the gag, my back already killing me in this fuck of a position.

"Good boy, save your air.", Sir Kevin said, his voice more friendly now, his hand playing down the length of my spine, "You'll need it when you start screaming."

Then he tapped my wet ass twice, as if to say, let's begin.

"Do you know canes?", he asked, and my stomach sank.

Yea, I know canes. Long, wooden sticks. Some thick, some so thin. But all of them were a fucking bitch. The thin ones were the worst. Even a light stroke from one and you'd have a nice, long slit across your ass. But Victoria didn't just cane the ass. It would extend down the backs of my legs, on my inner thighs, even on the backs of my feet. Damn, they were vile. The thick ones would bruise and could even break bone if used improperly. Once, Victoria had fractured two of the bones in my leg and I thought at the time it was the worst pain I'd ever felt. She made me wait two days to have a doctor look at it, too, which was even more terrible. Dancing in the club and having women grope me with two fractured bones is no fun, let me tell you.

"I understand that you are confused, but I want you to answer me, Justin.", Kevin said, "Or I'll really have to do something I don't want to do and when your daughter arrives, we can have a little ménage a trios. Do you know what that means, Justin?"


"Yes.", I said and it came out as more of a soft grunt than a word, but he sounded pleased as he spoke back to me.

"Very good.", he said, stroking up and down my ass as I tensed and tried to move my legs again, hearing Kevin going, "uh uh uh…relax, slave."

I gave in again, thinking of Katie. I'd die before I'd let any of these fucks touch a hair on her head. So I relaxed my legs and got a pat on my ass for my efforts.

"Good boy, good.", he said and I felt like throwing up at the way he praised me like a dumb animal.

"You see, I know what that girl did to you.", Sir Kevin began, placing a thin stick against my asscheeks, not striking yet, just touching the wood to my flesh first, placing where the first stroke would bite.

"She made you think she loved you, didn't she?", Sir Kevin asked softly, almost as if he felt sorry for me, "My poor Justin. She can't love you. You're a slave and a whore to boot. And that also means, you CAN'T love HER. What do YOU know about loving someone? Look at you, sucking on a plastic cock and bent over with your white little ass in the air, almost pleading with me to fuck you."

Now I was pissed. Not only was he going to hurt me, torture me, and fuck me, but he was going to try and take Selena away from me too.

Fuck him. I won't let her go without the worse fight I have inside me.

I growled like a pissed off grizzly bear and felt tears gather in my eyes as my body kept thrashing around to free itself…but couldn't.

"Women are liars and cheats…and they rip your heart out just so they can keep a little trinket in their box full of shit.", Kevin said, and a moment later, he struck the first blow across my ass with his cane.

"MMRRRRRRRR!", I choked out, clenching my eyes tight, holding in the whimper that was begging to rip out of me. I won't give him that. I'll try not to anyway.

I felt the skin throbbing, almost burning as the welt was surely rising and turning purple already.

"Even that little girl of yours will grow up to be one of them.", Kevin almost scowled as he spoke about my daughter and I wanted to tear his fucking face off, "She will use and manipulate men…take them and then toss them aside…she'll be a little SLUT just like all the rest of 'em…just like her mother."

I shouted out in anger before the second lash landed. I knew what he was up to, saying all these things. He was not only going to hurt me physically, but he was going to try and wound me emotionally as well, to brainwash me and get me to break, joining him in his fucked up thinking.

Lucky for me, I had known Dr. Selena before getting into this shit. I clung to that, and all the lessons she taught me about being strong, about standing up for myself and for what I love. I almost wish she could know somehow…that she was helping me right now…that knowing her had made me better, tougher. The old me who didn't know her would've already been obeying with a smile, enduring it and pretending it was alright. I hate the old me. One thing for sure now – that guy is gone. Dead. And I'm glad. I will never be that again. Selena said so. And now I believe her.

I closed the book quickly, shuddering as I recalled all the pain Sir Kevin had inflicted upon me after that. I really didn't want to relive that. I would rather stop here, when I was strong and determined, not later when I was exhausted and weak.

Flashes of things passed through my head then, unwanted memories of very large anal toys slowly being forced inside me as I screamed at the top of my lungs, thinking my ass would split open while Sir Kevin told me to relax and be quiet. I remembered the electric shocks, and how Sir Kevin had managed to touch them to every single inch of my body, especially the very sensitive ones. I remember when the fire play came back, right when I was at my weakest moment.

But most of all, I remember how he kept trying to make me hate Selena and even my own daughter. But I also remember that mentally, I never let him get in. I never believed any of it, for a second. I just endured, or tried to endure all his games, and soon, his words became blurred and just background noise anyway.

After all that, even then, he had only broken me by using Selena and Katie.

I put the book away, not wanting to think about that now.

I did break, yes, because my girls were threatened. I was glad, though, that I had a heart that held love inside it. I was glad to have these people in my life, someone precious that no other could replace. Some would think that would make them weak. But it made me strong.

Sure, I had to stop fighting and be agreeable at that point. I had to suck his slimy cock and swallow his filthy semen…and then I had to beg and beg for him to fuck me. I had to grovel like a dog, kissing and licking him from head to toe, to seduce him into fucking me.

And, just about when I thought I'd lose the contents of my stomach, he accepted.

I really tried to be quiet when he finally…penetrated me but I couldn't. I sobbed and fought, hating that this piece of shit was now one with me…and the sounds he made…like a lover enjoying every second of it, ignoring MY sounds of pain and anger, and defiance.

I even remember screaming, "GET OFF ME! Get THE FUCK OFF ME!"

He only moved slower at that point, and before long, I was begging, tearfully, "Please – NO MORE! Please…Sir Kevin!" I was at the end of my rope at that point, reduced to pleading like a little bitch.

But he only enjoyed it more when he listened to me weep and scream out as he quickened his fucking pace, squeezing my ass and kissing my foul, sweaty back. He took fucking forever to finish. And then, as if I hadn't been through enough, he rolled me over and began licking ME. And sucking me. I was chained but still, I fought back. It did no good, though. He still got everything he wanted.

Except Selena and Katie.

So, after it was all over, I had really gotten what I wanted too. They were safe. They were untouched by this asshole. It was the only thing that got me through it all in one piece, mentally.

And now, the marshals were out there, grilling Selena about what happened that following night.

When she was brave enough to place herself into the snake's pit just to save me. I really wasn't deserving of such a woman, I knew that. But I was grateful to be given this gift, this goddess who was created just for me. The more I thought about Selena, about all her childhood sorrows…of losing her mother, of not having Charlie most of the time, then finding her calling in life just because she wanted to understand her father more, it always amazed me. She kept learning more and more about reaching out and helping people, about healing people who were hurting and lost…and then, for our paths to cross…it's like it was meant to be.

As if Selena had finally met her match, and she rolled up her sleeves, and got right to work on me…and for her to fall in love with me…is just a miracle and a cruel joke on her at the same time.

But it's almost like all the things that happened to her in her life were like detours that led her to me, when without them, she might have ended up with some doctor type in the Hamptons or something.

"NO HE DIDN'T!", I heard Selena scream and I jumped up immediately and was running out there to her before I realized my feet hit the floor.

"What the fuck now?", I frowned at the guy marshal, whatever his name is, as Selena stood and let me touch her shoulders.

She looked angry, not crying at all, and she looked up at me helplessly.

"They're trying to pin Victoria's death on you.", she almost spat the words out, glaring at them.

"No we're NOT!", Benson, the woman shouted, "We just want the truth so we're not left with our pants down in court when the physical evidence comes in! If we get caught in a lie, we're DEAD."

"We're not lying.", I said, "We were kidnapped, I was SHOT, so was Charlie! They were going to RAPE Selena and God knows what else! Isn't there a thing called self defense?"

"Yes, but it's hard to sell that when the victim is handcuffed.", Morrison, the guy marshal muttured.

"Victim?", Selena's voice went high as her eyes bulged, "Victoria? Give me a break!"

"I think you guys should go now.", I stroked Selena's hair in back as my eyes flashed at them sternly, daring them to refuse.

"Fine.", Benson said, running a hand through her hair, picking up her folders, "But you guys better decide to come clean and tell us what really happened. Or you're both going to jail for a long, long time."

When they closed the door, Selena let out a deep breath and was trembling in my arms. She looked up at me with tears in her eyes and whispered, "I'm just gonna tell them."

"Tell them what?" I asked, staring at her as if she were insane.

"That I did it.", she blinked, looking away from me, "That I threw the candle on her. That I killed her."

"Shhh…", I covered her mouth for a second and whispered, "They could've left bugs here!"

Then I said loudly, "You DIDN'T kill anyone, Selena. It was ME. We both know that. That bitch tortured me for YEARS, I WANTED her dead!"

"Justin, stop!", she shoved away from me, "There's no bugs in here. But they're right. DNA, hair fibers…my Dad is a cop, I know about those things. They're going to find out sooner or later…that it was me. I won't let you go to jail protecting me. How could I live with that? I have to tell them the truth. Maybe then they can help me. Say it was temporary insanity or something. I'd get only a few years then, instead of life."

"No, Selena, not a few years, not anything!", I felt my heart break just thinking about it…about them taking Selena away from the court desk and handcuffing her while I sat there, watching…I wanted to throw up just imagining it, "You're NOT going to prison, DAMN IT! Not at ALL!"

"It's okay, Justin.", Selena looked up at me and gave me a sad smile, "I don't regret it. After all she did to you…and Katie. I was glad to do it. The only thing I'm sorry for is that it didn't erase her from your life…from your mind. If I could've done that, I'd gladly take three life sentences. You deserve to be free, Justin. In every way. Finally. I won't let you be locked up again…ever."

I felt myself give a little sob and said, with a deep voice, "Please stop talking this way. You're scaring me. It's like you're giving up. Don't give up on us, Selena, I'm begging you. Fight for us. Keep fighting, please. If you quit, then what chance do I have? What chance does Katie have?"

"Don't…", she cried and tried to turn away from me but I pulled her roughly back so she was facing me.

"No, I won't LET you give up.", I heard my voice tremble, "You never let me give up, and so I'm not letting YOU either. You're not telling them anything, do you hear me? If you do, I'll spring up and say it was all me that killed Victoria. I'll spin the story right back to myself and say that you're just trying to protect me. They'll believe ME. I'm a nasty whore, you're a college student, daughter of a police chief."

She stared at me with a pissed off expression, knowing I was right.

"Please, Selena, stay with me.", I said in a whisper, moving my nose up the length of her tiny one, and my hands cradled her face lovingly, "Don't give in. Lean on me now, like I've always leaned on you. I'm strong enough now. Thanks to you. I can be there for you. Please let me. Trust me. I won't let you fall."

She burst out crying and collapsed in my arms and sniffled against my chest as I covered her hair with kisses, clinging to her for dear life.

"I love you so much…", I kept saying to her, letting her cry, "I can't live without you. I don't want to. I'm so sorry. I just want to make you happy. That's all I've ever wanted. Please don't leave us. You're my wife. You're Katie's mother…we need you…we need you so much."

Finally, she quieted and looked up at me…and there was a little smile on her lips, even though her eyes were a red, puffy mess. But she's still the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. And she's mine. I refuse to let her go now.

"I'm your wife?" she squeaked out, hardly able to say it.

I smiled back and nodded, "In my heart you are. But you're so much more than just a wife. You're my partner. You're my friend. You're my everything. You can't leave me alone. I'm a fucking mess without you."

She let out a little laugh and sniffed, wiping her right eye.

"You are a mess.", she joked, "Just look at you…"

"I know, right?", I smirked back, kissing her forehead, not letting go of her face, "So you HAVE to stay and look after me. You will, won't you?"

"I'm sorry.", she looked down, then back up at me, "I don't think I could leave you even if I tried. I'm just so scared that—"

"No.", I kissed her lips, silencing her a moment, then saying, with my eyes closed, "No more of that. We have to learn to stop being so scared. I loved it when you told me you weren't afraid anymore. It gave me courage too. Let's not go back there. No more fear. Promise me."

I looked into her eyes now and she gave a small nod, agreeing with me, her being the psychologist who knew all too well what a crippler fear could be.

"No more fear. I promise.", she stated firmly, holding me tighter to her.

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