Stuck In Fire 2 - Justin Bieber

Justin is finally reunited with Katie.. and that's awesome. I don't know what to write, 'cause i haven't read the story o.o IT'S NOT MIIIINE. I JUST POST IT TO READ IT :P


29. 29

An hour later, we were sitting at the best table at Ice Cream, You Scream, and it looked like the entire town had showed up to see Katie, meet us, and wish us well. Everyone told their stories about where they looked and how scary it was for them when their kids vanished in the past. A few of the mothers lingered a little too long for my taste, smiling at Justin like sex craved teenagers.

And the entire time, Justin ate a giant ice cream sundae, sharing it with Katie, as she sat on his lap. There was no chance of separating her from him tonight and I didn't even try it. A couple times he dripped hot fudge on her head as he brought the spoon to his own lips and she would go "HEY DAD! WATCH IT! That's my HAIR!"

She got up at one point to go to the bathroom and Justin almost followed her in. But he was stopped. Instead, he waited outside the door, his leg bouncing a little as he looked up and mumbled to himself. Life was going to be very rough for a little while I guessed.

Marcus sat with us, too, and had met Katie officially. He was so different here with her than he usually acted at the restaurant. It was nice to see he wasn't a complete ass.

Other people were sitting around us, too, in the booth, hanging onto Justin's every word as he told the story again. I think a star has been born. Justin wasn't really interested in being popular, but I think he was just on such a high of relief after finding Katie that he had to share it.

The place was a sea of different colored cowboy hats, parents and their kids having a nice little treat after trick or treating. After what happened to us, no one else was really in the mood to keep knocking on doors to get free candy. I guess free ice cream was better.

"Marcus lost it completely.", Justin said to the people at our table now, "But I knew I had to keep him calm if we stood any chance of finding Kate again. So I put my own anguish aside to help him hold it together…"

A couple people went, "Ugghhh…" and one lady said to Justin, "You are so brave. What a good friend you are."

Justin shrugged, nodding, and taking a bite of vanilla ice cream, acting like it was no big deal.

Marcus was looking at Justin with his mouth hanging open, and paused a moment as Justin smiled at me, like a little devil…and then Marcus' whole head flew around in a circle as his high pitched squeal flew out.

"WHHHAATTTT?', he screamed, sounding like he'd just swallowed helium as I burst out laughing, trying not to spit strawberry ice cream at Katie, across from me.

"See?", Justin pointed at Marcus' head, "He was so scared, all his hair fell out! He had a full on AFRO at eight o'clock!"

And then Justin laughed at his own joke, roaring and almost sliding down under the table as he guffawed, Katie rolling her eyes and trying to stay upright on his lap.

Peter was right. Severe lows…followed by sky rocket highs. It's great to see Justin so elated and giddy, but part of me couldn't wait to see him even out a little in the future, so he wasn't swinging back and forth between despair and bliss. Because even when he's happy, like this, soon, he's going to swing back there into the darkness. And I can't always stop that from happening. I'm helpless to keep him here and that kills me.

In time it will be alright and I hold onto that every day. But I hope I don't lose this happy little house elf I'm staring at now. He's so alive and adorable. He makes me young…for the first time in my life, I'm YOUNG. God, I love him so much it makes me ache.

Marcus was so pissed but there wasn't much he could say with kids and Katie right in Justin's lap. But that still didn't stop him from sharing.

"This is why I HATE FU—I HATE HALLOWEEN!", Marcus' eyes were steel as he looked around the table, not afraid to make eye contact, "The whole damn day was created by a bunch of redneck hillbillies who thought it would be FUN to dress up as GHOSTS so they could get away with going to a BLACK MAN'S house, burning crosses, and hanging his poor ass from a TREE! HAPPY FUCKIN' HALLOWEEN!"

Everyone was silent now…I think even the background Halloween music that was playing, "Monster Mash" halted on its own.

Then, finally, Justin was the one to break the tension.

"Hey, has everyone met Marcus?", Justin tried to ask politely, "He has so many friends, but with his bubbly personality, he always has room for more! Aren't you going to read to blind kids after you leave here tonight, Jimmy?"

I could tell it was right on the tip of his tongue to say 'Fuck YOU!' but he restrained himself beautifully. I was proud.

One man in a cowboy hat addressed Marcus now.

"Are you new here too, Marcus?", he asked, being very friendly with a smile.

"NEW?", he squealed again, "I've LIVED HERE FOR FIVE YEARS!"

I would've laughed if I didn't feel so sorry for him. He sounded just like George Jefferson. I know, I watch Nick at Nite too. I must stop soon.

Justin almost lost the bite of ice cream in his mouth as he laughed.

"Well, maybe it's because you're so busy, you have the Big Brother program, you reach out to the inner city kids and teach 'em to play basketball…and then you deliver Meals on Wheels to the elderly...", Justin shot back, "Besides all the time you put into your thriving business."

"Inner city! There IS no inner city! This town has TWO STREETS! Main Street and First Street! Maybe it's because I'm BLACK!", he flung back, not afraid to say the words.

"Again with the black thing!", Justin looked disappointed, "No, that's not the reason! It's because you're scary, smelly and bald! I'm sure people still wouldn't like you even if you were white."

A couple people laughed, not blaming Marcus for his outburst in the least. But I wish Marcus didn't have the look in his eyes that said he'd be chasing everyone in town tonight with a chainsaw! Justin especially.

"And that's not true, Marcus!", Justin butted in right away, "What you said before…about the ghosts and the hangings…"

Marcus almost leapt out of his skin, leaning over the table in Justin's face.

"NOT TRUE?", his voice went up three octaves again.

"I mean about how Halloween got created!", Justin explained, "That's not how it started. That's how the KKK started, but Halloween was much earlier!"

"How the fuck—", Marcus stopped and smiled at Katie and then cleared his throat, "How do YOU know, where you THERE?"

"Everybody knows!", Justin argued, frowning, "Read a BOOK, MAN! If you CAN! Or I'll read it TO YA!"

Marcus stared at Justin eating his ice cream like a snake would watch a little mouse happily strolling along, waiting for just the right moment to bite its little white head off.

"Halloween started a million years ago!", Justin said as everyone listened and ate simultaneously, "Every year, on this night, people believed that the line between the ghost world and the human world would BLUR! And they were afraid that the spirits of the dead would grab living people to drag them back to the underworld. So, they dressed up as monsters, ghosts, and zombies so they'd blend in and not be taken to Hell!"

Then Justin paused and smiled to himself a little…and he muttered to himself, "Lines again…hmm…interesting."

I'd have to ask him later what that was all about.

"That.", Marcus stated, "Is a fairy tale, Cinderella!"

Katie laughed at that. I didn't want to see the look on Justin's face now so I ate some ice cream, laying low.

"Have some more ice cream, Jimmy!", Justin tried to change the subject, taking Marcus' spoon and digging into his bowl, putting it up to his friend's tight lips, "Come on, baby Jim…open the doors."

Katie giggled at that and watched Marcus. But he didn't open the doors. Until he spoke.

"It wasn't so long ago that people like ME lived here.", Marcus went on, sternly, his voice loud, "Lots of US! But your great great grandparents all murdered 'em! And after they were done, they probably sat right on this spot, eating ice cream and laughing, like you are now! And if the ghosts of all those poor bastards you lynched come back tonight to drag all your pale asses to HELL I say GO, BROTHERS, GO! WELCOME! And it's ABOUT FUCKIN' TIME!"

Again, dead silence. I think even the crickets stopped chirping.

"Ohhhh…kkkaaayyyy.", Justin replied, afraid to move or break eye contact with Marcus.

"You know…", another man inserted, "I knew a black guy once…"

Justin's eyes went round in horror, shaking his head at the man talking.

"MARCUS, I forgot to tell you something!", Justin covered the other man's conversation with his loud voice, grabbing his friend's arm and getting him out of his seat, "It's SO IMPORTANT and I CAN'T BELIEVE I FORGOT!"

Justin dragged him away, then turned and took Katie by the hand, taking her along with him like he nearly forgot her. She whined and went along with him.

"DADDDDD!", she complained, "I don't have to go everywhere YOU GO NOW!

What happens when you hafta go TO THE BATHROOM?"

I laughed as Katie looked back at me, as if silently pleading for me to rescue her.

Maybe I would…later. I snickered a little wickedly to myself. Take my lipstick willya?

I was eavesdropping a little as Justin took Marcus to the corner of the room. It's not like they were trying to be quiet!

"What the Hell is WITH YOU, Bro?", Justin asked heatedly, holding Katie's hand as she looked away, trying to get Angela's attention with her scared face.

"I AM NOT YOUR BRO!", Marcus shouted back, his voice higher than before, "You PEOPLE just can't handle the TRUTH! Halloween is a racist holiday!"

"IT IS NOT!", Justin's voice raised up high to match with Marcus' now, and he grabbed at his hair, "It's about CANDY and SUGAR and we can ALL appreciate THAT! And I'm not gonna stand here and watch you try to KILL HALLOWEEN! OVER MY DEAD BODY!"

"That's the most BEAUTIFUL thing you've said all night!"

"It's not about BLACK AND WHITE!", Justin argued, "It's about monsters versus humans! Good versus EVIL! The DEAD versus the LIVING! And now I am seeing why YOU'RE so upset! You're in the wrong clubhouse! You want the big, black HOUSE down the road that says 'BATES MOTEL!'"

"FUCK YOU PILLSBURY WHITE BOY!", he shot back, his eyes burning into Justin's face.

"Is that all you ever say when you're OUT OF THINGS TO SAY?", Justin yelled back.

"That's the only appropriate answer I can think up for YOU, Snow WHITE Brother-Fucker!", he spat back.

"HEY, watch your MOUTH!", Justin put his hands over Katie's ears, after the curse word was already said, "There's a C-H-I-L-D HERE!"

"Oh, please, she's smarter than YOU!", Marcus pointed at Justin, "SHE knew how to find her way home at least! What do YOU do, wander around until someone picks you up?"

"Boys…", I called over to them, "You're making everyone jealous over here with what you two have…it's so beautiful, truly! But why don't you tone it down a bit and come finish your ice cream?"

"What?", Katie shouted, squinting at me, Justin's hands still over her ears.

"Let her GO, Anthony!", I ordered him…and he released her, allowing her to race over to me and throw herself into my arms, as if she was afraid of her father now.

Justin turned to Marcus and hissed, pointing at him, "I KNOW you like me, despite my COLOR! We had a moment…a whole night of moments tonight! YOU ARE MY FRIEND, whether you like it or not!"






"ATTENTION EVERYONE!", Justin continued, standing on a chair as everyone quieted, looking at their new hero, "My best friend, Marcus, the leader in the search for my daughter, Katie, wants me to tell you that for the next week, all the meals at his WONDERFUL RESTAURANT JIMMY CHAN'S are HALF PRICE to celebrate Katie being found safely!"

Everyone clapped and said, "YEA!"

But Marcus looked like his head was gonna spin all the way around.

"HALF PRICE!", Marcus bellowed as Justin stepped down from the chair, "YOU BETTER POP BACK UP THERE, GAY-IN-THE-BOX, AND CORRECT THAT SHIT!"


I began to run up to them as Marcus put his hands around Justin's throat, dragging him to the men's room.

"Come here, I WANNA TALK TO YOU, RIM JOB BARBIE!", Marcus growled.

"NO, NOT THE MEN'S ROOM MARCUS!", Justin resisted hard, his face full of fear for a split second…then, all of a sudden, he did a cool martial arts kind of spin that freed himself…and pinned Marcus to the wall, against the red and white striped wallpaper. Marcus couldn't get out of the hold Justin had him in as his cheek pressed to the surface, and Justin yanked Marcus' thumb up a bit and he shouted out loud.

"I don't like being forced into small places.", Justin informed, very cool and collected, not even breaking a sweat as Marcus struggled a little, amazed at how fast Justin had put him in this predicament.

"If you want to talk to me, we'll talk.", Justin said, "But don't ever put your fucking hands on me like that again. You're still my friend but I want that made clear. Is it clear?"

"Yea, YEA!", Marcus agreed, wincing a little.

"Good.", Justin smirked at his friend, "I'm letting you go now. Don't try that again. I don't want to hurt you, even by accident. Alright?"

"Alright.", Marcus said.

"While you're here…", Justin said quietly, "I don't like your little GAY jokes. Call me Priscilla, Barbie, Nancy…all that's fine. But no more jokes about doing me up the ass, taking tips out of my ass, or basically anything concerning my ass. I don't like those. Yes?"

Is it wrong that I'm suddenly hot for Justin right now? He's stronger than MARCUS! He DOES know how to defend himself!

"Yes.", Marcus said without a fight.

"Alright.", Justin said…and let him go. Justin even brushed Marcus off a little as he turned to him.

"Sorry about that.", Justin said, meaning it.

"Me too.", Marcus looked a little ashamed, "I shouldn't have grabbed you like that. Sorry."

I looked around to see if the whole town was staring at them but no one was really paying them any attention. Weird. Maybe here in the country, this happens a lot between men. In New York, everyone would be standing around, going, "FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!"

Ben walked by them now, his hands full of ice cream bowls.

"If you two wanna do something useful, grab some trays and move your asses!", Ben grumbled.

And, funnily enough, they started DOING that!

"Yes, Ben.", Justin answered, going behind the counter and taking a tray. And even stranger, Marcus followed and took a tray too! They are so weird…but cute. I watched them like they were apes…and I was Jane Goodall.

"Half priced meals!", Marcus hissed behind Justin, "Have you inhaled too much of that hair spray you use? How can I afford THAT?"

"Marcus, do the MATH!", Justin replied, serving dishes of ice cream to the tables, smiling in between their argument when kids were looking, then he went right back to it, "Fifty people eating for half price is MORE than no one eating for NOTHING! Besides, it's just for a week! After that, maybe people will come back and pay full price! That's a little lesson from your good friend, Anthony Masen, business major."

"Look—", Marcus began.

"And also…", Justin peeked behind him at Marcus, taking bowls off his tray and placing them in front of people, "Marie is gonna be your new hostess SLASH waitress. For a little while. Until you find a permanent one that's not mine!"

"WHAT?", Marcus yelled, now even more irate.

"Marcus, you're a great chef and a cool friend…", Justin complimented, "But you're not the face people are going to see when they come into Jimmy Chan's. You need someone sweet, someone pretty…someone…human."

"Who the hell do you think you—"

"I'm trying to help you!", Justin put a hand on Marcus' arm, "I already talked to Marie about it. She wants to help you. And she needs a little part time job right now, for the holidays. She wants to buy her own presents for us. Isn't that adorable?"

"I don't—"

"And she's a psych major.", Justin informed, "Maybe she can help you in…other ways too."

"But it's MY PLACE!", Marcus shouted, following him.

"It's your place!", Justin rolled his eyes, "And no one's taking that away from you! You have your kitchen, you can keep the menu, you can even play the Mr. Wong gets a blow job music…but you're not gonna work in Customer Relations. It's not your department."

"What is it YOURS, Tinkerbell?", Marcus asked a little loudly.

"Call me…a consultant.", Justin licked his thumb, raising his brows as he walked away from a table, saying, "Enjoy.", to the kids and mother sitting there.

"If you think—"

"Ugh…MARCUS, I'm working for you for FREE, MAN!", Justin pointed out, "Just wait, you'll see! I know a little bit about presentation, marketing, and especially selling, okay? Trust me."

"I don't!"

Justin smiled at his friend's face, patting his shoulder, and saying, "You will.", and then walked away…and it was all settled.

The next night, Justin was there, dressed in a new suit, a knockoff that looked just like a Dolce and Gabbana. It was tough seeing Justin settle for a cheap suit off the rack at the store that morning. I could tell that he was used to knowing what was the best and getting it, even though he acted like it didn't matter to him. I think it did.

But he wanted to look his best, he said, for the opening night of the "New Jimmy Chan's" in his words.

I also got to buy a very beautiful dress that Justin chose for me, a blace lace bodice with long see through sleeves and see through lace around my cleavage to make things look sexy but hidden. I had to admit I loved it. But it was a bit sexy. And Justin was looking at black high heels for me when I came out of the dressing room to show him.

"OOOH!', his eyes lit up as his body spun towards me, "BABY, are you STUNNING!"

"I look pretty in this!", I smiled like a little girl, excited. It wasn't often I got real girl clothes.

"You sure do!", he smiled back, in awe, making me feel even more beautiful now.

"Is it TOO sexy though?", I asked, cringing a little, turning to the mirror, "My legs are all exposed!"

"Your legs ARE HOT!", Justin stared, "And the dress is perfect! We'll take that.", he said to the salesman, then talking to me again, "Besides, you're the hostess. You're supposed to look a little sexy. It draws customers in."

I looked at him as he checked out the girl shoes and asked, "Who ARE you?"

Justin smirked at me as I laughed and he answered, "Your new boss. Try these shoes on, woman."

"Yes SIR!", I chuckled, mocking irritation at him, saluting as I went back into the dressing room.

Justin even got Katie involved in this, and she was thrilled! She had a ballerina dress she wanted to wear and Justin adored that idea. He said it would make her stand out and he was certain there wouldn't be any other little ballerinas running around to confuse him like last night.

Oh, and a new rule was in place: No more hats, heads, wigs, and especially NO MASKS or VEILS would be worn by any of us EVER on October 31st.

King Justin proclaimed it last night.

And now we all stood there, at the door of Jimmy Chan's…greeting the customers who were actually bunched up, in a line, waiting to be seated.

"Good evening, welcome to Jimmy Chan's.", Justin shook the men's hands and directed them to me, "The lovely Marie, here, will get you our best table."

Then, to another couple, Justin poured on the charm even more, "So GOOD to see you again! Hello! Welcome to Jimmy Chan's. I'll make sure you get a GREAT table in the back, I know, you guys are newlyweds, no problem, I understand!"

"Katie!", I handed her three menus, "Take the Hobarts to table number FOUR, okay?"

We had marked all the tables on the sides so Katie could help out.

"Yes, I'd love to!", she smiled, being as glittering and attractive as her father, "Please follow me…"

We are gonna be in HUGE trouble when Katie takes an interest in boys. I got a chill, picturing Justin sitting in between Katie and her first date, scowling at the poor little boy the whole evening.

The night was a huge success! We were busy the whole night and everything went pretty smoothly…well, except for a few glitches that Justin saw coming.

Justin was there to explain to the customers that the menus, while very creative and fun, did not truly mean that there was human waste in the food or that you'd actually burn your tongue on the Burn Your Tongue Platter.

He said things that were genius, talking about a new idea of excellent food meeting comedy and the spirit of fun. DAMN! He's good!

For the first time, I really saw that he had learned something good while with Victoria. He knew how the business worked. He paid attention. He watched how she schmoozed the clients…and he was doing that now for Marcus. I was in awe of him, he was charming, entertaining….but real and not phony. He treated the women like Queens, the kids like they were his own…and the men all wanted to BE HIM! He is a wonderful consultant!

Everyone left happy and Justin and I were always there to open the door for them and say, "Goodnight! Thanks for coming! Drive safely!"

Every so often Justin would go in the kitchen and then it truly DID sound like the back of a New York CHINESE KITCHEN! I couldn't always make out what they were saying, but the yelling was obvious. I kept turning up the volume of the Chinese music.

Justin would charge out, fuming…muttering under his breath and then see a customer and smile so wide and say, "How IS everything? Isn't that good? I LOVE the duck too!"

Once I heard him say, "Isn't she a BOMBSHELL? That's MY girl, though, hands off!", and he laughed with the guys at the table.

I loved it when he said that. How does he make me fall deeper and deeper in love with him every second?

I went in the back once because a customer had a request and I didn't know what to do about it.

Justin was talking to Marcus, saying, "It's a good thing, having lots of customers. Stop bitching."

"I'm NOT bitching!", Marcus cooked fast, his bald head shining with sweat, "I'm just saying it doesn't mean you're RIGHT and I'm wrong! Where'd all these people come from, anyway? These are more customers I've had TOTAL in the last three years!"

"Well, it IS All Saints Day.", Justin informed, "Maybe God's just giving you this one day miracle for helping us last night. Say thank you."

"Thank YOU?", he shouted.

"You're WELCOME, Marcus…awwww…", Justin went to hug him but then saw the sweat…and retreated…"Maybe later after you've had a shower…this is a new suit."

"AHEM!", I cut in and they both looked at me, Justin smiling and Marcus…not so much.

"I have a problem.", I began.

"No kidding.", Marcus eyed Justin, smirking as Justin slowly turned his head towards him…not looking amused.

"There's a family who is asking to meet the chef!", I bit my bottom lip.

"Oh God.", Justin's face drained of color, his hands out, "Don't panic. Let me think a second."

I came in a little more and Marcus tossed a wok down on the stove.

"If they want to meet me, I'll meet 'em.", Marcus informed, "It IS MY PLACE!"

"Hold it right there, MONTEL!", Justin put his hand on Marcus' chest, "Not so fast! Not after all the work we've done to make people think there's a PERSON cooking back here! Let me think a minute."

"I'm not gonna HIDE back here, like I'm a Burger King employee!", Marcus complained.

"Maybe I can run to the antique store down the street and grab Mrs. Nusbaum!", Justin thought aloud, his mind racing.

"She's 87 years old!", I said.

"So?", Justin frowned at me, "She can run!"

"And I'm SURE people will believe MRS. NUSBAUM can make Chinese food!", I added.

"If Marcus can do it, anyone can!", Justin argued, looking at him now, up and down, "Obviously."

Then Justin gasped and looked around. "Wait a second!"

He ran out and then ran back in, holding Katie's hand.

"NO DADD!", her little voice whined loudly.

"Sit down here a minute, will ya?", he said to her as she crossed her arms, angry, sitting on a stool he placed down for her, "I told you to stay in my sight at all times."

"I AM DAD!", Katie shouted, looking at Marcus, matching his angry eyes with her own.

"I feel you, Katie, I feel you!", Marcus put a hand to his own chest, "I'll write a note to the authorities for you, kid, don't worry."

"Maybe if we tell people he doesn't speak any English, just Chinese!", Justin thought next, "Will you just nod and shake your head if we take you out there?"

"FUCK YOU BOZO the CLOWN!", Marcus replied, not holding back for Katie's sake.

Katie giggled and Justin put his hands back over her ears, glaring at Marcus, "I have BEGGED you NOT to SULLY this child! Stop using the ….F-U-C-K word!"

"I LOVE THE F-U-C-K WORD!", Marcus squinted, firing back, "And I'll say it all DAY! FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK, FUCK FUCK FUCKITY FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK…. F U C K !"

"You are so unhealthy!", Justin said in response, seething inside, still clamping his hands over his daughter's ears, "I wish you would come see Dr. Peter!"


"This is our chef, Mrs. Nusbaum.", Justin said a few minutes later, gently putting his arm around a woman who looked exactly like the one who used to ask, 'Where's the BEEF?'

She looked like she didn't even know where she was or what was happening….but she was here and smiling at the customers. Man…Justin CAN run fast! I think he carried her back here in his arms! Marcus was locked in the bathroom…just for a minute until the one family left.

"Everything was SO wonderful!", the lady complimented, "How do you make those wonderful little dumpling things? They are OUT OF THIS WORLD!"

Mrs. Nusbaum was mostly deaf so she just nodded and smiled.

"Umm…", Justin jumped in, his arm still around the quiet old woman, "She doesn't like to tell her secrets, you know…recipes passed on from generation to generation…you understand…"

I walked away, rolling my eyes. If anyone thought this old jewish woman is cooking Chinese food with recipes passed on down to her from her great great great grandmother, they were on something.

Once that whole situation was diffused, and yes, the family DID believe the chef was Mrs. Nusbaum, God help us, everything was going pretty well again. Ben and Angela had just left, picking Katie up and taking her for the night around nine, and Justin and I got to take a small little break outside behind the restaurant.

When I came out there, I saw him leaning against the wall, and looked twice. He was smoking!

I furrowed my brow and came closer, saying, "I never knew you SMOKED."

"Oh.", he looked like a teenager who got caught doing it, "I'll put it out."

"No, it's okay.", I sipped a soda, "I just never knew, that's all."

He exhaled a misty line of smoke through his nose and looked at the cigarette in his hand.

"Bad habit I used to have.", he flicked the ashes away from me, "I haven't even WANTED one…until tonight."

"What brought it on?", I asked, smirking at him…he looked so damn good there, and the cigarette just made him that much hotter, "Marcus?"

"No.", he shook his head, putting the cigarette in his lips and the way they puckered and sucked…drawing the smoke into his mouth…Oh God, this is making me so hot for him! I want to rip that suit off his body until it's in shreds! Why? Smoking is bad for you and I should be saying that…but I can't! Bad boys…mmmm… weakness, being a cop's daughter.

"I think it's…being here…working, sort of.", he said, deep in thought, as if he was already trying to figure it out before I came out here, "It reminds me…of my old job."

"The dancing?", I asked delicately, deciding to call it that now.

"Not entirely.", he let the smoke just ooze out of his lips as he spoke and my eyes were mesmerized by the easy way it looked, "The customers, the stroking…the serving…the tables…maybe that's why I like it here…or like coming here all the time. But that's wrong, isn't it?"

I snapped out of my transe when he looked at me, asking for answers.

"Uhhh…no, it's not wrong.", I said, thinking now, looking down for a moment, "That was your world for six years…and I remember watching you that first night I was at Fire. I never told you this, but you just amazed me. You owned the place…you moved with such grace and…style…you loved everyone there…old, young, drunk, sober….you smiled and the room lit up. And everyone loved YOU. You made every single one of those women happy…I saw it…they all felt…special after you walked away, even though none of them were very…special for real. You were great. You ARE great. And that wasn't all because you were half naked…it was YOU. You captivated them all. They were all yours…whether it was a wink, a smile, a brush of your fingers…that's when I knew…you are really something, Justin Bieber."

He exhaled, as if a laugh escaped accidentally at my words, and smoke came out of his nose. He put the cigarette out and smiled at me.

"You're really something, too, Selena Gomez.", he answered, "Who else on the planet would bring a notebook to a strip club?"

He smiled at me, amused by my facial reaction to his question.

"I'm glad I had it.", I said simply, "It got YOUR attention. And that was no easy trick in THAT place!"

"True.", he put his hands in his trouser pockets, and leaned on his side, his head against the building as he gave me this fuckhawt stare.

I was incapable of speech at the moment but he filled the void.

"Thank you…for helping me.", he said in a very serious voice, his eyes so tender and dark in the night sky, "For doing this…for Jimmy."

I smiled and leaned the same way he was, letting my hair blow in the wind and fall over half my face as I stared back at him, hoping I was being as seductive as he was.

"I'd do anything for YOU, Justin.", I breathed, hoping it didn't sound fake…I did mean it…but I was implying more with my words than just a good deed, "Anything…"

"Selena…", he looked at me with more heat than I'd ever seen in those eyes before…and he lurched forward, grabbing my hair so tight with one hand and taking a long, wet lick up my neck…his tongue in my mouth before I even knew it was happening.

I whimpered and wanted more, I wanted him to be rougher with me…and then he grabbed my neck and held me in place as he probed my mouth deeper with his urgent tongue…he tasted like mint and cigarettes and I LOVED it! I lapped at his tongue with mine inside our mouths and we both moaned into the other's lips…and his hand was between my legs…making such lovely friction against my panties…

"You want this?", he asked without shyness as he kept moving his jagged palm against me as I screamed out a little, opening my legs more…so glad I wore the thigh high stockings like he told me to tonight.

"Huh?", he grabbed my hair like I was his bitch and forced me to look up into his eyes as he yanked my dress up higher…"Answer me! You dirty little thing! You like this?"

"OHHHH GOD YES!", I groaned like another woman, someone very foreign to me…but more myself than ever…"Please…please!"

He winced and grabbed the panties, tearing them off with one yank as a rip sound drove me even further into my lustful haze.

"Open those legs, open 'em!", he shouted as I went up on my tiptoes…spreading my legs so far apart it was painful…but I didn't dare move a muscle.

"That was easy, wasn't it?", he growled like a deadly tiger, "Do you open those legs that fast for everyone…or is it just me?"

He was moving his fingers around my clit, not softly…savagely! And it was what my dark dreams were made of! If this is what I get for working for Marcus, I'll be here every fucking night of my life! For FREE!

Justin looked at me with hard eyes and it just made me even more wet as he yanked my hair back more, making my one eye that was visible open wide and look up at him.

"JUST YOU!", I panted, "Just you EVER! No one else!"

God, I LOVE this game!

"Really.", he sneered, moving his hand against me again, up and down, then around in a circle over my entire vagina as I moaned and whimpered.

"Yes…I swear.", I trembled, loving the way his fist felt controlling my head by my hair. The high heeled shoes were painful with my feet and legs this way, but I put that aside for now. My pussy was in charge now and she said nothing was going to stop this – PERIOD!

"I love you…", I squeaked, playing the scared little woman to his bad boy man.

"LOVE.", he scowled and pulled a little on the soft hair between my legs as I let out a screech, "Don't use four letter words with ME, BITCH! This isn't about LOVE, this is about FUCKING, understand?"

JESUS this Justin is RAUNCHY! I LOVE him!

"Yes…I'm sorry..sorry…", I arched my back a bit as he released the small curl of hair and clutched at my pussy.

"You certainly are.", he leered down at me, "But you're mine. And this filthy little pussy is mine!"

He was rubbing his hand against me again and I looked up into the night sky…the cool night air and his fingers touching me at the same time was driving me into a orgasm HIGH! I was making sounds I didn't even know I could make!

"Yea, make your little slut noises…", he seethed in my ear, "Cry for me while my fingers fuck you out here for everyone to see…"

And then his fingers inserted themselves into my creamy wetness. I went to cry out from the pure bliss of it but he slapped his hand over my lips and kept his fingers working.

"Shut that little pig mouth of yours…", he said, looking down my dress as his fingers moved forcefully in and out of me, playing me like an instrument, "I don't want anyone coming to save you, now, do I? Not that they COULD."

"MMMMMM…", I whimpered into his palm and found that sooo delicious. My head and body were against the wall and it was cold and exciting.

My fingers were claws and they gripped like a weak kitten's against his jacket…not fighting him…just…expressing their intense pleasure at what he was doing.

"Look at those tits…bouncing up and down…heaving out of that dress!", he sounded disgusted and turned on at the same time…and he took his hand off my mouth a moment to undo the snap behind my neck…as I let out a breath of arousal….watching him move the top half of my dress down just so my breasts were out.

"MMMM!", he put his hand back over my mouth and ravaged my naked breasts with his mouth…biting and licking, sucking…everywhere…without reason or apology. He was purely…an animal. This is SO FUCKING GREAT!

He kept biting and licking…burying his face in between my breasts and biting that little valley of skin as I let out a little scream, muffled by his hand and making this even more thrilling.

Then he started doing something with his fingers inside me that was making me even MORE of a screamer! I had no idea what he was doing there, but it was fucking fantastic and I didn't want it to ever end!

I began making sounds, deep, grunting sounds…wild, untamed noises….and I looked up into his dark eyes with my one uncovered pupil…and we shared a small second…we both knew we were pleasing the other…and vice versa…it was understood….without a word between us.

"A slut is about to come…", Justin purred dangerously in my ear, "I think I hear one now…"

"MMMMM!", I grunted without shame, rubbing my pussy against his hand as he increased that move he was doing in there…and my head flew back and hit the wall and I screamed louder, "MMMMMMMM!"

"Every time a slut comes, a devil gets her horns you know…", he teased me as he slowed down a little with his fingers…and I glared at him.

He snickered and watched my face, my breasts still poking out and moving up and down with each pant of my breath.

"Maybe I'll slow down…", he said cruelly, smiling, "Maybe I'll stop…"

"NNNNNN!", I shook my head, banging my head against the wall, "NNNNNNNNNNMMMMMMM!"

"No?", he asked, "You sure?"

I kept smashing my head back and forth, growling, struggling in his grip now…but he didn't let me go. He just laughed.

"Little slut wants to cum, doesn't she?", he asked me like I was a baby, "Do you…do you want to come for me?"

I nodded with all the energy I had.

"I don't believe you…", he teased as I screeched out under his hand and nodded harder.

"Alright, alright, don't grovel, it's pathetic!", he grinned, and began working my pussy again, like before, getting my screams in return.

"I hope I can make you cum before Marcus comes out here…", he said as I heaved and grunted mutely, "That would be a shame if he did…maybe I'll let him finish you off."

I widened my eyes and he laughed at me. "Just kidding. I'd never share THIS little MEAL.", he smirked and looked down my breasts again, licking the right nipple…biting into it.

I was back where I'd been before and it was coming fast…so fast! I had tears in my eyes as the most intense orgasm ever began to arise inside me. My body was tensing and out of my control, my open legs shivering and jerking as if I was having a seizure!

"Here she comes…", Justin smirked wickedly at me and that was all I needed! It was born! It was running all through me and I was howling like a fucking werewolf at the moon!

"Come, slut…come…yessss…..oh, such a good little bitch…", he said and that made the orgasm even MORE erotic!

It went on for a very long time, longer than ever…and I felt my legs almost give out from under me but Justin caught me in his arms, leaning me up against the wall, right up against my body with his, keeping me warm. He was kissing my lips now…softly…then biting my bottom lip with gentle teeth…chewing on it almost…and I closed my eyes as he breathed into my mouth.

"I love you, Justin.", was all I could breathe in response.

He kissed my nose and I wiggled it for him, doing my bunny nose thing. He loved that.

"You know…", he moved my hair out of my other eye now, gently, "A lot of women have uttered that phrase afterwards…but you're the only one who made me wish it was true. I love you, too, Selena. Today…(he kissed my nose)…tomorrow…(he kissed my lips)…and forever."

I smiled up at him like an idiot who'd lost the gift of speech…just admiring the view. Angels MUST have made this. And they'll want him back…someday….but for now, he's all mine…I intend to hang onto him for about sixty…seventy more years…and even then I won't let him go without a fight.

"There must be a God after all.", he said, stroking my face, kissing it, "And he must like me…he sent YOU. He knew you'd save me. And you did. But why I'll never know. I'm such a sick bastard."

"Correction.", I kissed him back hard, "You're MY sick bastard. And I wouldn't change you for the world. Except to take the tears out of your eyes. And I'm working on that."

He smiled and kissed my lips again, his fingers moving around my left nipple.

"I don't know…", he kissed me again, briefly, "I think I'm starting to like crying. I was never allowed to before. And it feels good sometimes. I feel like I'm getting better every time I do. I'm not a machine anymore."

He kissed me again and I closed my eyes, wishing I could BE INSIDE this man, that's how desperately in love with him I am! And his fingers…are soooo damn good.

"Yes…", I turned my head away a little, biting on my lip as I just FELT those fingers brushing around the edges of my cool little nipple, "Ohhh Godddd…."

"And you're getting better too…", he diagnosed, "Every time you do that…"

"You're not even closing your legs…", he informed, looking, "Or pulling up your top."

"Does that mean I'm gonna make it, Doctor Frankencock?", I asked, looking at him with heavy, lustful eyes, peeking down at his fingers that were still wet with me, touching my nipple too softly that it was driving me crazy.

"I think so, Miss Gomez…", he smiled, making eye contact with me, "I think so. Of course, I'll have to run a few more tests before I can be sure. We don't want to rush things, do we?"

I smiled more and looked up, then right back at him…shaking my head…"No, definitely not, Doctor. I want to be cured. I'll do anything it takes to save myself."

"That is so wonderful, Miss Gomez.", he responded, holding my neck again and kissing my bottom lip, sucking on it as I cried out a little…my wet pussy quaking down there, missing her finger friends.

"A great attitude like yours wins half the battle.", he moved his lips down my jaw line, kissing and sucking on the edges…"Of course…my bedside manner is legendary. I think we have a great combination here…I really do."

"Me too, Doctor…me too.", I breathed, smiling, knowing I was the luckiest bitch on the planet…and loving it.

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