Stuck In Fire 2 - Justin Bieber

Justin is finally reunited with Katie.. and that's awesome. I don't know what to write, 'cause i haven't read the story o.o IT'S NOT MIIIINE. I JUST POST IT TO READ IT :P


21. 21 part 1.


Katie was a little better for awhile after Selena's birthday. But at times, she was often sad and didn't want to talk about it. She went into her room and closed the door. I had a feeling it was the other kids at school…but she just kept saying school was "fine" or "great". In the start, she couldn't stop talking about it all. Now, only weeks in…she was distant and aloof about what was going on there.

I decided to wait for October to talk to her teacher when the conferences came up. Before that, Katie would be going to her appointment. It felt so terrible to me as a father to stand by and do nothing to help her with her problems. But like Selena said, I can't fix everything for her all the time. Sometimes, as much as it hurts, you have to just stand by and wait to pick up the pieces when your child comes to you crying. Pain teaches things…it makes one grow. I knew that from my own life. I just never wanted Katie to feel any pain at all, ever. When she was born, I told Tanya I would make sure nothing ever harmed my little baby. I blew that big time.

One thing that happened in the couple weeks after Selena's birthday was that we all had a meeting. Well, first Katie and I met and talked about it…then we met with Selena…and happily informed her that we had taken a vote…and Selena would now be sharing my bedroom with me. Selena couldn't believe it, that I had actually talked to Katie about it and explained it to her in a way that didn't hurt her, or insult her mother's memory. It was a nice night…and Katie even helped move all Selena's things into my room…and we let her help decide where pictures or statues should go. We included her and that made all the difference.

And after Katie went to bed that night…mmmmm….well, let me just say it was a night full of magic.

We made a couple of rules about Daddy and Selena's new room. Katie made a string necklace thing with a big pink glittery heart on it. When we have that on the doorknob, it means DO NOT open the door. KNOCK and ask if you can come in. That was acceptable to Katie. And the second rule: No listening through the door either. I told Katie she'd thank us for these rules later.

Therapy was going very well for both Selena and I with Dr. Peter. I had still not read very much of my homework assignment, and it was still so very hard for me to do it without tears…but Peter was so patient…so great. I didn't think I was making much progress at all, until, one night when we stopped at a gas station. Katie had to go to the bathroom, and they had only one restroom there. It was either a men's or women's room and I didn't like the sound of my daughter being alone in there so I went with her.

I went in first, making sure no urinals or men urinating were in there. The coast was clear. I made sure the toilets were clean…and I felt myself break out in a cold sweat as I bent over the second one. I wasn't sure exactly why…or why my breathing was becoming labored and heavy…and then it occurred to me. The images and voices…came flooding back in…the smell of the air in here…triggered memories I had long ago blocked out…even way before Sir Kevin. I felt tears in my eyes as I heard Katie banging on the door to come inside…and I nearly panicked.

But there was no danger here, I told myself…and I let her in quickly…standing outside the stall as she did her business. I paced, looking at the sinks…looking at myself in the mirrors…the smell of the room was making me shiver…I even locked the door from the inside so no one could get in here. Even the sound of the lock turning and clicking in place made me want to wretch.

"Daddy, are you okay?", Katie asked as she sat in there, her little sneakers visible to me under the door.

"I'm fine…", I replied, trying to do those breathing things Peter told me about, "Please hurry…I'm sorry baby. I don't feel well. I have to get out of here."

She did hurry up and I made her wash her hands…and that was making me sweat even more…the sound of the soap dispenser…I almost groaned out loud but I didn't want to scare Katie.

After she was done, I nearly lifted her up so we could run back to the car. Selena was totally out of the loop as I floored the car, getting us far away from that room….and the stink…and the past.

When I got home, I went into Ben and Angela's room, locked the door, and went to a new blank page in my fucked up journal, which is what I called the book now. It was usually locked inside a little safe under the desk where I did my writing…I never wanted Katie to see these pages, ever. And I wrote…and wrote…it was so strange. A month or two ago, when I knew Selena, I had told her some story about a husband of a woman making a little pass at me…and that's when I told Victoria I would never be with men in that way. I had thought that was the truth then…honestly. I know now…the memory of that night was so horrible I had forced my brain to erase it, like I was ordered to…as I agreed to. But it was back now…and I wanted it gone again so I did like Peter told me…and wrote it all out:

She took me to this bar once…soon after I was officially called her slave in training. She said she just wanted to hang out with me and relax. She kissed me and said not to worry. Nothing sexual would happen tonight. She said that we could go out like any regular couple and that was alright. I believed her. But she had other plans for me. I would be learning a big lesson. Something every slave needs. To be able to take humiliation. This would be my first date with it…but not my last.

I still had my one drink and she'd already had four. The place was crap, in the middle of the worst neighborhood…gangs were everywhere on the streets and the police didn't even come there anymore. Victoria knew most of the guys that were inside. I guess they knew her father or something…or her. They all looked like they just escaped from prison two minutes ago. I tried to keep a low profile and keep my eyes down, as she'd told me to do.

Man after man came to join us at our table in the corner. I kept moving over, being shoved every time a new guy arrived and kissed her. She looked at them all like they were old friends, hugging…but her kisses were unmistakable. They weren't just friends. You don't tongue kiss and let a friend lick your neck when they say hello. I didn't know what to do…they were all man handling my Mistress…and I just sat there, not saying a word.

She must have noticed I was giving her looks because she sternly said to me, under her breath, "Just sit there. Don't you fucking move or make a PEEP. Eyes down."

I did what she said, not liking it. I stared at my fists under the table in my lap.

I glanced up a few minutes later as they all chatted and talked over old times…there must be like ten or eleven huge ass guys here…I noticed a couple of women…standing off back there, I guess they were girlfriends of a couple of these men.

"So, what YOU been doing lately, girl?", a tall, bearded man with long greasy hair wondered aloud, almost sitting in my lap as I leaned back, trying to stay out of the conversation.

"I'm training a new slave.", she said right out, without a bit of difficulty. My eyes bugged out as I looked up at her…and she smirked at me.

"Oh, God, another little faggot?", the man laughed, "What's this one look like?"

"He's right there.", she thumbed at me in between them. The man shot his eyes at me and I felt myself swallow before smiling and saying, "Hi. Nice to meet you."

The man and Victoria burst out laughing at me while I turned bright red and looked down at my shivering fists, wondering why they didn't just explode already.

The guy bellowed it out for the whole bar to hear – that Victoria had a new faggot in training and I was sitting right here. Laughter overlapped laughter and voices were all around me…I could only make out a few different words…"Pussy boy…Nancy…that's not a BOY, it's a GIRL! Does he have make up on?"

"Victoria…" I whispered, looking up at her helplessly, "Can we please go? I'm not feeling very well…"

"Keep your fucking ass in that chair, cunt!", Victoria sneered at me, smoking a cigarette and flicking her ashes in my lap. The guys thought that was funny.

"What's wrong, baby, are you on your period?", the big man with greasy hair put his arm around my neck…and the stink of his armpits was suffocating me. He pulled my head to himself and his other hand grabbed my face, making my lips pucker.

"Here, give Bo a big wet kiss!", he forced me over to the man at his side, shoving my face into the guy's mouth. That got a big round of laughter as the man I "kissed" stood up and wiped his face violently, as if I'd just shit on him.

I struggled uselessly and looked at Victoria. She was laughing, too, not doing a damn thing to help me.

"LET GO!", I heard myself shout and Victoria shot me the most evil look I'd ever seen her give me. But that didn't stop me from trying to move my face, trying to get him to let it go.

"YOU FAG!", the man I'd been forced to "kiss" threw his drink in my face and I felt the burn of the alcohol in my eyes…a little of it in my throat as I coughed a bit.

But the man holding me was stronger than rock and I was just wriggling within his hold, clearly not going anywhere.

"He's a sweet little girl…", the man holding me was looking at my face, "Pretty, too. Are you gonna let me play with her a little?"

"Victoria…", I whimpered, feeling the man's tongue lick the alcohol off my cheek. I was digging my fingers into his arm that coiled around my neck…but he didn't even seem to feel it.

"Sure, go ahead.", she shrugged, "What the fuck do I care?"

"No…", I began to protest but the crowd of guys was getting so loud…I didn't even hear myself, "Victoria!"

"Thanks Vic.", he laughed, pouring a drink with his free hand while I kept trying to attack his other arm.

"Here, baby girl…" he put the little shot glass to my mouth, "Have a little drink with Daddy."

Victoria eyed me, warning me to behave. So I let the drink pass through my lips…and the FIRE of the drink hit my gut…it was STRONG! Never much of a drinker before, I was gagging and coughing as they laughed at me.

"Good, huh?" he asked me, my head sideways against his chest, my body half leaned over in his fucking lap while he poured another one. The guy was sweaty and damp and his odor was killing me! But I knew this was just the beginning.

I shook my head a little, wishing I'd gone to the gym more often as he brought the glass back up to my lips again.

"No, no more!', I struggled harder, "I don't want it…VICTORIA!"

But her name was gurgled as the second shot went down my throat.

I was coughing harder now…and I could hear them all laughing…partying like nothing was happening.

"He could use a few of those.", Victoria said to the guy holding me, "He's a little boy , he could use some man lessons."

"Who's your new bitch, Jess?" a voice from a few feet away asked as the guy poured a third drink…and I was glad this time he drank it himself. While he was busy for a moment, I tried to make eye contact with Victoria.

"Victoria…", I wished she'd look at me and see I wasn't enjoying this. But she didn't care. She thought this was fun…"Please…"

"This is my new baby.", Jess jerked his arm closer, my air cut off for a second as he forced my cheek against his rough beard, "Isn't he sweet? I'm teaching her all about drinking."

Laughter again…from all around…it was so dark in here I could hardly see anything…except my Mistress. I saw her lean down and take a rolled up bill into her hand….she was sniffing cocaine! I didn't even know she did that! She did two lines and smiled as she pinched her nose closed a second…then she looked at me.

I know the way I was looking at her was going to make her mad. But before I could correct it, another drink was being brought to my mouth.

"Uuugghhh…", was all I could say in argument as it went down. My whole body jerked in reaction this time…and I gagged out loud, hating the aftertaste.

"That's good for you, girl.", the man said to me, "It'll put some hair on your chest…speaking of that…let's see the tits."


The man's other hand put the bottle down on the table and roughly went into my silk shirt. I heard a little rip sound as his hand rummaged around in there…and I felt him pinch one of my nipples.

I gasped and roared out loud…really trying to break free with new vigor. But I was still hopelessly outmatched.

Victoria was giggling, no doubt high on the coke, as the man grunted in satisfaction…"Yeaaa, nice little tits…so soft…"

"GET your FUCKING hand OFF ME!", I screamed, growling in my throat as I tried to stand up…but he quickly yanked me right back down again, right into his lap.

"Ohhh….come on, now, come on…", Jess didn't seem worried about my tantrum at all, "Be a good girl…don't make Daddy slap you around."

"Victoria, please help me!" I heard myself beg and scowled at her as she took a drink, talking to some other man next to her now. I didn't even think she heard me.

I closed my eyes, hating every second of this. I was entertainment for the whole bar now, it seemed. And the one person who was supposed to protect me was getting high and probably forgot I was even with her now.

To make matters worse, the arm that held around my neck…the hand on the end of it was how laying on my chest, as if there were a real breast there…he was squeezing the flesh and muscle there…and his other hand was pouring another drink.

"Owwww…", I tried to let this guy know I was not into this but he ignored my little plea.

"Open up, beautiful.", he picked up the glass and poured it in, not even caring if my lips were open this time.

"What's it's name?" Jess asked Victoria, having to poke her to get her attention.

She looked at me, furrowing her brow, as if she forgot.

"I call her CUNT.", she giggled…and I wanted to punch her in the face.

"Oooh, cunt, what a beautiful name.", Jess groped my chest harder…swigging from the bottle himself.

I tried to think of something that I could say to get out of this…even if I could just get up for a second…I could get away. They looked like they were all drunk anyway. Maybe it wouldn't be too hard.

Then I felt something touch my shirt and I moved my eyes to the left…my head was locked in its grip and couldn't even TURN. There was a man, sitting on this side of me now, a black teardrop tattoo under his eye…long black hair in a ponytail…and a goatee. He looked to be in his fifties and he wasn't as big as Jess but much bigger than me. And he was slowly unbuttoning my shirt.

"HEY!", I shouted, frowning and trying to shove his hands away from me, "GET OFF!"

"Stop being such a little bitch and behave!", the Mexican accent was thick and I could hardly make out what he'd said while all the laughing and conversations going on around the table.

He didn't stop what he was doing and while I tried to fend him off, Jess yanked my head back into his chest so he could tip my head backwards, downing another shot into my shouting mouth.

I couldn't see Victoria at all now, just a sea of male faces, all ugly…all focused on me.

"VICTORIA!", I heard myself calling, searching for her…, "VICTORIA!"

"NO!", I was screaming at Jess now as he grabbed my hair with his fingers, shoving my face back until I was looking straight up at the black ceiling…smoke swirling overhead.

"LET ME GO you ASSHOLES!", I roared, trying to get free as I felt my shirt opening…my bare chest felt so naked suddenly…and I felt half my sleeve push down over my shoulder….like they were trying to get it off me completely.

"What did you say, baby?" Jess was there above my eyes now…and I felt intense heat very close to my eye…it was his cigar. He didn't make a move to burn my eyeball with it…it was a warning to be quiet…to stop fighting them.

"Nothing.", I shook my head, feeling tears prick the inner corners of my eyes.

"Good girl.", Jess grinned, half his teeth missing as he moved out of my line of sight. I panted, wondering what they were doing…I couldn't feel anything at the moment…

I heard a waitress or some woman say, "What are you doing to that guy?"

Several voices answered but I could make out, "We're playing with Victoria's new toy…" and another said, "Fuck off, bitch! Mind your own business!"

I didn't hear from her again…but even when she'd asked what they were doing…it didn't sound as if she wanted to save me…she just sounded curious.

"Please…", I raised my hands back up, trying to move the hand that was under my chin, forcing my face backwards this way, "My neck hurts! Please let go…"

My voice was very quiet now, no longer loud and demanding like before. No one was listening to me.

"Look at the pretty pecks…", the man who'd unbuttoned my shirt was commenting….and I felt his fingers roughly manipulating my left nipple as I growled deeply in my chest…clearly not wanting this.

"So sweet.", he said and I felt a tongue moving back and forth over my nipple, "Mmmmm…"

"VICTORIA! VICTORIA!", I howled, struggling again. I was going to be gang raped right here and she wouldn't even KNOW it. Where the FUCK did she go?

"Baby wants his Mommy!", someone laughed and I felt that large hand around my neck yank me back over to him…like a rag doll, I flew and felt myself land.

"Mine!", Jess spat the word at the man who was licking me on my left…and I realized I was sitting on Jess' lap now, and he grabbed my hair again, close to the scalp, jerking my head backwards again.

"Vic said I could play with her, NOT you!", he sneered, and I felt my hands shivering, shoving against Jess' stained t shirt.

"I can play with it, too!", the man argued, "Vic likes me more than you anyway."

"Fuck that.", Jess snorted, his meaty hand moving slowly towards my open shirt, and he massaged my lower torso area in big circles…dangerously close to my waistline…, "Go ask her if it's okay, see what she says, motherfucker!"

"I will!", the guy slammed his glass down and got up, going off into the dimness to locate my fucking WHORE of a Mistress!

"You like me better than HIM, don't you, baby?", he asked seductively, his voice low and close…his hand kept rubbing…getting lower.

I put my arms down by my hips, ready to protect if he reached down there. My eyes were full of tears and I could hardly see shit anyway…but I was trembling all over…I knew they were gonna get me, I knew it! And they'd have Victoria's permission too.

"Don't YOU, BABY?", he yelled at me, pulling my hair back so hard I thought I broke something in my neck.

"YES! YES!", I screamed out, "VICTORIA!"

"Be quiet now…", Jess let go of my hair and his arm was around my neck again. I felt like a ventriloquist dummy on Jess' lap, "Have another drink, gorgeous."

"No, noooo….", I began to argue as he poured another one, all the way up to the brim of the shotglass. He brought it to my lips this time, his eyes staring at me as if they were in love. I clenched my eyes and let him feed it to me…it was better than him forcing it back into my throat with my head tipped backwards.

"All the way…", he coached me as I drank it down, my body convulsing again as the liquid warmed my stomach, "Such a good girl. Your mouth is so pretty."

Uh oh.

And before I knew it, I had a mouthful of beard and slimy tongue…tasting of cigars and that horrid drink he kept forcing on me.

His hand clutched around my denim crotch and I screamed out loud, through his mouth, praying to God that Victoria would show up and say 'April Fools!'

My hand grabbed his wrist, trying to get him off me, any way I could.

I heard people around us, howling, laughing…cheering this asshole on…encouraging him to do more!

"Fuck that little tight ass!", I heard someone say.

"Oooh, he loves it!", another voice laughed.

"Victoria's here, ASSWIPE!", the Mexican voice was back…and I shoved away as hard as I could, breaking the kiss.

I looked out of the corner of my eyes and saw her standing there, hands on her hips, smiling at us like we were the cutest couple at the fucking prom!

"You getting along with my baby?", she asked Jess and I interrupted, begging with all the energy I had.

"Victoria, please help me!", I tried to reach my hand out towards her as she just raised a brow at me, "Victoria! Please, let's go home, PLEASE!"

But Jess slapped his big smelly hand over my mouth and nose as he leaned me back against his chest.

I heard Jess saying, "You said I could play with her!"

"I know, and you can.", she said back, "But there are rules. He is my property and he's only a baby. He doesn't know shit."

"RRRRRRR!", I kept making noises through his hand, hardly able to breathe, my hands trying to grab his arm and get it off me.

"No fucking.", she said as I shivered harder, "He's a virgin. And that's my ass."

She knew I wasn't a virgin, but I figured she meant in the sense that no man had taken me before. I could be glad for that rule at least. But it didn't make me feel any safer…and my mouth was still trying to plead, going, "MMMMMM!"

"You can blow him if you like…", she shrugged, "He's got a very huge cock. You'll love it."

"RRRRRRRRRR!", I frowned and struggled, "NNNNNNN!"

"You can all play with him.", she waved her hand and my eyes widened at her easy dismissal of me, "Just don't hit his face. I don't like bruises on my slave's cute little face. The rest of him, whatever. Don't break any bones or anything. I'm not up for going to the ER with him tonight."

About ten other men cheered around us and I nearly vomited.

"Take your turns and play nice.", Victoria said finally, to them all…and then she looked at me and dotted her finger on my forehead, saying, "Have fun learning how to suck cock…and you may come as often as you like, sweet pea."

"NNNNNMMMMMMM!", I growled, jerking harder in my captor's hands, trying to get loose.

"Let him talk, Jess.", Victoria said softly to the man restraining my mouth.

Finally, that hand was gone and the arm curled around my chest, holding me to him.

"Victoria!", I panted, "What are you doing? Please don't!"

"I've taken care of it, baby.", she stroked my cheek, "If anyone fucks you in the ass, I want you to tell me! That dumb prick will lose his dick before morning!"

She yelled that to all the guys…and they did look afraid of her. This was the first time I saw that she had some power with others.

"Wait, Victoria…", I felt a tear fall, "I don't want to do this! Don't make me do this!"

"You have to learn, baby.", she said like a baby doll, "This is the best way…with real guys."

"But we agreed, no men!", I struggled as Jess put his hand back into my shirt, fondling me again.

"No men will fuck you.", she pointed out, "But I want you to know how to suck cock. A lot of my clients use strap ons, dildos…they'll expect you to suck those. And I don't want you unprepared."

"But I-", I was about to beg some more when Jess slapped his hand over my nose and mouth again.

"No one will fuck him.", Jess said so close to my ear, "I'll make sure of it."

"Good boy, Jess.", she smiled, giving him a very deep, wet kiss, "I know you'll take good care of my baby."

"Take him to the bathroom.", I heard Victoria say to him, "He needs big lessons in humility. He thinks he's special. I know you boys can do THAT."

"I love humiliation…", Jess croaked out, and I felt him nuzzle my neck while I kept trying to speak through his humongous hand.

"Have fun.", Victoria played with my hair, "I'll come get you later. I have some fun of my own to get to. You'd just get in the way."

"NNOOOOOO!", I was screaming through the hand over my lips, "NNNOOOOOO!"

Everyone could hear me screaming…people at their own tables were watching from afar, staring with fear or shock…but no one did a god damned thing to help me.

Victoria danced away into the blackness with a couple other men…as Jess stood up and dragged me off to the right hand side of the bar, I could see the men dancing with her, grinding up against her…moving their hands up her thigh…

"Bathroom.", I heard Jess say to the other men around us. He yanked me to my feet like I weighed an ounce and his other hand gripped my arm, twisting it around behind me so tight it would break if he put just a little bit more pressure on it.

I screamed all the way there, my voice muffled and faint with the blaring music overhead. It seemed the closer we got to the bathroom, the louder it became. No one would hear me. All those men were right around me…following…or leading the way…not wanting to miss the show. A couple of them had bottles of whiskey or some other kind of liquor in hand.

I kept bracing my feet and locking my legs, trying to get away from them. Jess only took a second longer to jerk me upwards in his huge arm, my feet leaving the floor for a moment as he kept leading me, his hand never leaving my mouth and nose.

I heard myself muffling , "PPLLLLSSSSSEEEE, NO! NNNOOOO!"

"This is gonna be SO great!", I heard a man's voice chuckle behind me.

"I know, I love it when Vic brings us a new sub!", another said, "She's SO kick ASS!"

Finally, I saw a black door that said MEN on it. And I felt my chest tighten so fast I almost couldn't breathe.

Jess shoved the door open and walked me inside, holding me as still as he possibly could as he waited for the other men to follow in…I kept screaming as much as I could, before the door closed for good…praying someone would hear and come in to help me.

"Hurry up!", Jess sighed in frustration, and to the last man inside, he nodded towards the door, saying, "Lock it. We don't want our baby to leave us, do we?"

He licked up my face again as the click of the door lock echoed in my ears. The other men were celebrating…smiling at us as I tried to stomp my foot on Jess' instep, that area on top of his foot. He didn't even seem to feel it.

"Victoria put me in charge.", Jess eyed them all as I shouted, growling under the restraint of his hand, "In case no one heard, there's no fucking allowed with this one. He's a baby slave, not even trained all the way yet. No rough shit, either. Vic doesn't want him hurt. Those are the rules. Anyone breaks 'em and you have me…and HER to deal with."

I was panting, running out of air, my screams echoed loudly in the porcelain of the room but no one outside the door would ever hear them.

"Mark, you've got the duct tape.", Jess nodded towards another tall man with long raggy blonde hair, his body very heavy and overweight.

"Yep.", he held a roll of silver duct tape up, and he came forward. I struggled even harder now, my head thrashing pretty well even though Jess had a good grip on me.

"He's scared.", Jess said aloud to the man with the tape, "Don't scare him. Isn't he cute?"

"Yea, the prettiest one yet.", Mark replied, and I heard the first screech of the tape being pulled off the roll.

"Give me some paper towels.", I heard Mark say to someone else and Jess turned my head in the other direction.

"Give us a minute to get him ready.", Mark said to the other men waiting. They talked amongst themselves and I couldn't bother to eavesdrop on their talks just now. I was screaming too loud.

"Open his mouth.", Mark said to Jess and I felt his hand come off my face.

"NO!", I immediately started howling, "NO! LET ME GO! VICTORIA! VICTORIA!"

"Open your mouth, baby girl…come on…don't be like that…", Jess stuck his thick fingers in my mouth, spreading them open so my screams were more hollow…my words garbled again.

"Good, good.", Mark nodded, smiling, stuffing paper towels deep into my mouth, shoving them back and back…as each new one went in…I sounded like I was almost choking…but not while he did this and Jess pulled my hair back, making me look straight up again…a large brown water stain on the white ceiling…

When at last I could hardly hear myself screaming through all the paper, they decided I was gagged enough.

I was still struggling, though, but Jess had his arm back around my neck.

"Duct tape please.", Jess smiled from behind me and I could hear the grin in his fucked up voice.

"Yep.", Mark tore off a long piece, placing it over my top lip. Then the whine of the tape being pulled apart again….and another long piece went underneath the first…

"Relax…relax…", Mark tried to soothe me as he kept covering my mouth with tape. I think five pieces later, he smoothed his hand over the entire taped area and made sure it was secure.

"That's good, I think.", Mark said to Jess, looking at my face as I screamed, "MMMMMM!"

"I can hardly hear him, so I think we're okay.", Jess agreed, "Aren't we, kitten? Are we okay?"

He was talking to me at the end there and he took hold of my arms now, twisting them behind my back.

I shook my head no, very violently, trying to break free, my arms killing me.

"Come on, guys, help me get his clothes off.", Jess announced to a couple of guys standing to our right.

I started REALLY fighting now…but in a minute or two, I had Jess holding my head, another guy holding my arm…other men were yanking at my shirt, trying to get it off my arms.

"NNNNNNNNN!", I struggled and bellowed out as much as I could but then I heard ripping…I felt the cold air of the bathroom on my back…I felt my chest hit the icy tile walls and my face pressed hard against it as they yanked at the shirt Victoria had bought for me…all I felt now were the cuffs, still buttoned at my wrists…

"Good enough.", a man said out loud after the silk had been ripped away.

"Alright.", Jess spun me around and I had my head leaning back against his chest again, his arm tight under my chin, "Get his pants. I've got him."

I felt their hands on me, unbuckling my jeans and quickly zipping the fly down. I was screaming and crying, kicking my legs.

"Don't be stupid, take his shoes off first!", another man's voice said, a laugh echoing out from behind the group.

They had my feet off the floor and Jess held me securely while they pulled off my shoes, tossing them away. I felt my socks coming off, too, and for a split second, someone sucked on my smallest toes, the last three at the end. I heard, "MMMMM….GOD!"

"RRRRRR!", I growled like an aggravated tiger as they got hold of the ends of my pants…lifting me up as they pulled them, sliding them off my body.

"Good.", Jess held me close to him, as if he were comforting me now, "Good, all done…all done, girl."

I growled harder and felt my naked ass up against his keys that were hanging from his belt loop.

"Nice, no goddamned underwear.", a man's voice commented.

I heard a round of fucking applause and catcalls when they got a look at my dick.

"Jesus, that thing's a fucking monster!", someone said, all the voices overlapping so much I couldn't make much out.

"Oh my Lord, you are perfect, baby.", Jess looked down at me from behind and licked my ear.

"Come on, man, let's go!", another voice was very impatient.

"NNNNNNN!", I protested non stop, "NNNNNMMMMMMMMMMMM!"

"Wait a second, let's put him over here.", Jess dragged me to the straight wall of about three sinks…a long counter holding them.

"Mark, tape his hands behind him.", Jess spun me around with no effort and bent me over, my head locked in his arms as I heard the tape again.

"Yea, go around and around…", Jess said to Mark…"A lot…make it nice and tight."

I felt the roll wrap around my wrists about twelve or thirteen times before they decided it was tight enough. They tore it off, and my arms were bound.

"Do his ankles…the same way…", Jess kept holding me under my face with his arm, he looked at a couple of other men and said, "You guys, hold his legs together so Mark can do the tape."

Two men got down on their knees at my sides and put their arms around my legs, pinning them together as I screeched and tried to move…but they were so fucking strong and big.

I was so screwed.

The tape went around and around again…it seemed to never end. My ankles were almost painfully pressing together when they were done. And Mark bit the tape, tearing it off, smoothing it over my flesh.

"There…nice and still." Jess kissed my cheek as my body bucked and writhed anyway.

"Pick his feet up, lay him over here on the sinks.", Jess nodded towards the counter. They put me down so my bound hands behind me were in the hollow hole of a sink. My feet were in the sink below and my head was laying back in the first sink.

"That's perfect.", Mark said, smiling.

Jess smiled down at me and said, "I've done this before."

"Watch this.", Jess took the tape out of Mark's hand and stuck the strand on the counter, then pulled the roll so it stretched over my throat, and over the edge of the other side of the counter. He tore it off there, and smoothed it so it had my neck in its solid grasp.

"A couple more times.", Jess said and they did this three more times to hold my neck in place.

"Again here at the waist.", Jess put his hands on my pelvis and I screamed out, trying to move even as they were securing me down like an animal.

"Good.", I heard Jess say after my waist had been taped for the fourth time. I couldn't raise it or even move it at all now…and I was really trying!

"And then tape a couple over his knees.", Jess held my legs down as Mark quickly worked the tape, smoothing it every now and then.

When they were finished, I was so still I felt like I was wrapped in a cocoon!

Jess and Mark looked down over me, admiring their work as I kept making my MMMMMMMM sounds…resisting with all my might, even if it was futile.

Jess looked down at me, finding my eyes and asked, "Do you want to be blindfolded? It's your choice, kitten."

I guess they'd put tape over my eyes. But that would scare the hell out of me, not being able to see what they were doing…I hadn't had any experience with being blindfolded much…so I shook my head no, hoping it wasn't a trick.

"Alright.", he said, moving his scratchy hands over my body…examining me like I was a piece of meat, "Oh, he's SO CUT! Look at him…uuhhh…I can't wait!"

"One at a time.", Jess still wanted total control of this thing as I tried to shake my head and free myself, my hands twisting…my feet jerking, trying to loosen the tape.

"Come on, Mark, you first.", Jess said, standing near where my head was in the sink, "You helped. Go ahead."

"Don't gotta tell ME twice!", he walked down where I couldn't see him anymore and Jess stood there, supervising…leaning on his arms a bit, covering my head as he crossed his arms over it, leaning on my chest….holding me down.

And then I felt hands touching me…jerking my cock.

"MMMMMMMMMMMM!', I screamed out, trying to struggle…hearing all their voices having a good time and watching, commenting as I was molested against my will.

"Oh yea…", Mark said below me as the sink darkened under the weight of Jess, "Come on, get nice and hard for me, baby…that's it…yeesssss…."

Then I felt a tongue licking my head…a voice moaning out as his mouth opened and took me inside…I growled and tried to move again and again…I clenched my eyes, willing myself not to get hard….but my dick was a fucking pig…and it seemed any stimulation awakened it.

NO NO NO NO NO NO ! I kept trying to scream…my cock was fully erect and I could feel that…and a mouth slurping and sucking me hard…he kept spitting on my cock…to keep it wet and lubricated as he took what seemed a lifetime…

"Jesus, it's BIG when it's hard.", I heard a voice saying in the background.

"I'm next, I'm next after HIM.", someone else said.

"I want that ass so bad!" another man said.

"Don't start, Skull!", Jess said above me, "I told you the rules. No ass tonight. If you can't handle that, you can go."

"Alright, alright…", the man sighed, "Stop being such a bitch."

I was making more noise…struggling more than I could've because I was getting close…and I hated it! I didn't want to come, I didn't want to let these assholes think I was liking this! But my body betrayed me. Mark was sucking me off at super speed, yanking on my cock so hard I thought he'd pull it off! He kept moaning and groaning as he had me in his mouth…and the vibrations were killing me…shoving me to the edge.

"NNNNNOOOO!", I screamed muffled sobs…"MMMMMM!"

And then, my body arched a bit…my toes curled and bent…I panted and groaned through my paper gag…and felt myself spasm…my cock harden more…and the juices spurted forth against my will. To them, I most likely looked just like a bound body without a head while they watched and laughed…like I wasn't even a real person.

"MMMMM!", Mark was thrilled that he'd finally gotten what he wanted from all his hard work…and he didn't stop sucking even after I came! It was more torture…and I bucked and screamed out…

"Good job, Mark…", Jess bumped fists with his friend as I panted for air…jerking my shoulders, trying to loosen my restraints. I felt my eyes flood with tears and all I could see was Jess' arms leaning on my lower neck…hiding my face from the rest of them.

"Oh God, sooo sweet.", Mark gave one last lick up my cock and patted it as it laid there, flat between my legs, "That's the sweetest tasting cum I ever had…thank you, baby."

"How are you, kitten?" Jess stood up and stopped leaning on me, looking at my face.

"Awww, don't make such a fuss about it…", he took a paper towel and wiped my eyes, "You just came! I know that had to feel good."

After a few minutes of a smoke break, Jess put out his cigar and started rubbing his hands around my nipples again. "That's it, baby, just relax…don't fight it…" he said, trying to ease me…but that just made me shout more and jerk my body so they'd always know I was being forced into this.

Where the fuck is VICTORIA?

The next guy had a problem sucking my cock after another guy did it. So he turned the water on in the sink my feet were in, the first burst of water was ice cold as I screamed. But in a moment, the water was warm…then hot…this guy pumped some of the soap out of the dispenser and was washing my cock…stroking it up and down as he washed the bubbles away…and just like that…my cock was back up, hard as a rock.

"Wow, I love this guy!", the man said, thinking he'd have to wait about 15 more minutes before being able to have his turn with me.

Each one of them would copy the soap and water thing after this guy and it worked every single time. I hate my cock. And every time I heard someone pumping out soap at the dispenser thing…I screamed and struggled, not wanting to go through it again.

The night seemed to be endless…and one after another…they took their fucking turns. Jess always watched over me, sucking my nipples and biting them as he leaned on my chest, blocking my head from the light above while they sucked me off to orgasm. Some went slow and it took an eternity. Other were rough and fast and Jess had to warn them to watch out. No one seemed to want to piss Victoria off.

But I never stopped screaming and crying through it all…even when my voice was nearly gone…I couldn't let myself fall quiet.

After the last of them swallowed me down, my eyes were so dazed and my body so exhausted that I forgot my own name. All I knew was I wanted out of here…and I hurt everywhere…would it ever end?

"I'm glad he's hairless.", Jess said as he took his turn on me, the final one. Mark took his place at my head while Jess stroked my balls, knowing by this time what stimulated me and what didn't. He had watched them all before him…and learned.

"It'll make getting the tape off a little easier.", Mark agreed, licking my left nipple as I panted and lowly growled under my breath…my previous energy gone…my fight very weak at the moment.

"Oh baby…what a big fat cock you have…yesss…", Jess talked baby talk to me, going down on me so hard he was gagging himself with me…

I finally came again…and gave Jess the drink he'd been begging for all night. He agreed my cum was like sugar…and he asked how I make it like that…even though he knew I couldn't answer him.

"Alright, guys, help me out.", Jess said to the others, "Let's cut him off the sinks here."

And then about five or six guys came over to the counter I was laying on and clicked their switchblades open…cutting the tape near the counter, not scaring me by cutting near my skin. I knew it was for Victoria's benefit, not mine, that they were being so careful.

As soon as the tape began to loosen, I tried to jump up, to get my ass off this fucking thing…to run the fuck out of here and never look back.

But I wasn't done yet.

My ankles were still taped and my hands behind me also. But the tape holding me to the table was severed and jagged, still half hanging off my neck and waist….knees too. I threw myself at the locked door…a wall of scum standing there to block me, smiling at me and laughing…always laughing…what the fuck is so god damned funny?

"No, no angel…", Jess grabbed me around the neck again, holding me to him like before.

"Not yet.", he said as I whimpered, "A little change in scene for you…"

"MMMMMM", I sounded more pitiful now than enraged like before. I was begging…but softly…weak and tired.

"Shhhh…", he dragged me along with him since my ankles were bound together, and he was leading me to the big handicapped stall, opening it, and taking me inside.

Mark was there again, with the fucking tape. God, I hate YOU MARK!

"I don't think we'll need more tape…wait…give me your belt.", Jess said to Mark.

They sat me on my naked ass on the cold floor, in the corner of the stall, and my head was high enough that it was leaning back on the bar at the side of the wall, a bar that was there to support a person who needed it to stand up inside. But now they were putting the belt around my neck, bucking it tight to the bar to secure my head in place, pointed upwards.

"Go bring me some wet paper towels.", Jess said to Mark and he went to get some. The other voices were outside the stall door and I couldn't see them but I knew they were there. I wasn't stupid. I knew what was coming next, just by the position they were putting me in. I was at eye level with Jess' crotch while we waited for wet paper towels.

I made exhausted, agonized growls and noises…my legs were laid out straight in front of me.

"On second thought, he said to me, get up on your knees…", Jess re-positioned me so I was kneeling on the floor now and Mark entered the stall with dripping wet paper towels.

"Good.", Jess liked the way I was really leaned back now that I was on my knees, the belt that much more uncomfortable as they began wetting my duct taped mouth with the very cold wet towels.

"Once it's wet, you can peel it off better.", Jess said as he and Mark began taking the tape off my mouth.

I clenched my eyes and let out some pained sounds as it began to come off, pulling a lot as they worked it off my skin.

Finally, it was gone and I realized that some of the paper towels in my mouth had gotten wet with my saliva during the attack and as they pulled the dry towels out, they began to find pieces of wet paper towel…yanking them out of my mouth, telling me to spit the chunks out that would fall into my throat if I didn't.

I had spit out the last of it and they flushed it down the nearby toilet but I couldn't care less about them now, I was screaming again…for help…for Victoria…for whoever would listen!

"VICTORIA!", I screamed, "VICTORIA!"

"Go on, Mark, shut him up.", Jess chuckled as Mark undid his pants.

"NO, DON"T TOUCH ME!", I snarled, glad to have my voice back, "VICTORIAAAA!"

"Here, stick this in your big mouth…", Mark joked, taking out his dick and shoving it deep into my mouth. It filled it entirely and I was reduced to gagging sounds and choking noises. Mark held my hair in both hands and kept fucking his cock into my face, my head pinned back to the tile as he had his way with my head. There wasn't much I could do, even if my body struggled, my head was totally within his control. He moved me any way he wanted, he even made my head move back and forth as he moved in and out of my lips…my eyes clouded and crying as he stuck his cock into the back of my throat….holding it there so I couldn't breathe…then finally, out a bit…allowing me air.

He slapped my face suddenly and looked down into my eyes.

"Loosen your jaw…", he ordered, "You're too tense…relax your teeth…if those fucking teeth scrape me, you're gonna be fucking sorry bitch."

Time crawled by on hands and knees as each of them entered the stall, closing the door behind them as Jess stood watch beside me, sitting on the closed toilet seat as they all grabbed my hair, and rode my mouth in the way that they liked. It was fucking endless and each time I had to swallow them, I wept and screamed, resisting as hard as I could. Some of them took DAYS to come, it seemed. Others were quicker. But each time a new one came inside here…they had to really struggle with me before they'd get what they wanted. Even Jess had to hold my nose closed so I'd finally have to open my mouth and take them in. I wanted to bite them…to spit their chewed up dicks back into their faces…but Jess told me Victoria would not like that. And I thought of my daughter. So I gave up on that idea.

When it was finally Jess' turn at the end, he smiled down at me as I scowled up at him.

"I want it nice and slow…gentle…firm…", he undid his pants, dropping them to his knees, "I won't hold onto your hair…I know it hurts you."

"Fuck you.", I sneered back at him, so tired now and used up that I didn't give a fuck anymore. I spit on the floor, the taste in my mouth so disgusting I can't even describe it. It felt like I'd never get rid of it.

He took out his hunting knife and put it under my chin, using it to bring my face up more.

"What was that, bitch?" he asked sweetly, smiling down at me.

I felt my face turn into a frightened mass of agony again….and I closed my eyes…and opened my mouth.

"Wider….", he pressed the knife edge a hair harder, "Wider…Daddy's real big, baby."

"That's it…" he said as I had my mouth open so wide a truck could've driven in.

"And open your eyes.", he ordered as I did so, glaring up at him, "I want to see those pretty eyes while you make me come. Girl eyes…"

I did as he said and moved slowly…my mouth wet and tightly wrapped around the very gigantic, smelly cock of this asshole. He was going to make me do everything…slowly…looking at him the whole time…I wanted this guy dead. I gagged and nearly vomited a few times…but he didn't care. He just continued.

It felt like four years went by…but finally, he was exploding in my throat as I clenched up everywhere….making myself quickly swallow that funky shit down. I shuddered, nearly throwing up, as I wanted to do each time. Vomit would be a welcome taste in my mouth right now.

"That was sooo good, angel.", he said to me as he withdrew himself out of my mouth.

"Can I go now?', I asked, trying to regain control of my breathing, not even looking up at his grotesque face.

"Go check with Vic.", Jess said to Mark, a few voices still talking and laughing outside the closed stall door. I wondered what the fuck they were hanging around for…they got everything they wanted…or were permitted to get from me. What more could they hope to take from me now?

"Yea, tell her I said hi.", I sneered bitterly, looking down at my sweaty, nude body…the remnants of silver ripped duct tape hanging from me like dead flesh. My legs were slightly apart, resting on the hard floor as my bound ankles held the weight of my ass upon them. I couldn't even FEEL my legs anymore. They were dead and numb…I wondered how long I'd really been in here…it felt like decades.

I felt my arms trembling against my control and I tried to stop them. Jess stared down at me and didn't say a word…he just kept swigging out of his bottle, studying me silently.

Finally, I couldn't take it anymore.

"What the FUCK are you looking at, JETHRO?", I shouted, unable to stop myself.

"You better watch your tongue, girlie.", Jess smirked down at me, "We were nice to you…we could've hurt you…bad. But I made sure that didn't happen."

"Oh, well, thank you sooo much.",I answered with the snidest of tones, my eyes ice cold as I looked up at him, "Where should I send your Christmas card this year?"

Jess took a fast step towards me but I didn't flinch…I didn't move a muscle…I just kept staring him down. I waited…and I knew he had that hunting knife in his pocket…but I couldn't imagine that any stab wound would hurt more than what I'd just been through.

"Fucking bitch.", Jess turned away, taking another swig of his putrid piss drink.

It wasn't much…I'd been subjected to the lowest shit imaginable tonight…but I felt like I had won a little piece of myself back just now. They may have had their fucking way with my body…but I had just told them that they didn't lay a hand on ME. But even then, I knew they had fucked me up inside…that I was changed in some way. Less.

It took a few minutes more for Mark to come back in…and he opened the stall door. I almost expected to see Victoria with him. But she wasn't.

"She's busy, she said.", Mark informed and I bit down on my teeth, feeling them churn together, "Keep him entertained, she said."

Jess smiled at me and I felt my arms shivering again.

"She's fucking half the guys here.", Mark added, shaking his head and grinning, "High as a fucking kite."

"She saving some for us?", Jess asked, still looking at me.

"Yea.", Mark nodded, "She always takes care of us. We just have to hang in a bit longer, watch the brat, and she'll give us the usual."

"Cool." Jess smiled more, handing his bottle to Mark…slowly coming up to me…I inched even closer to the bar I was bound to…wishing I could melt into the wall.

I looked down, wondering what would happen now. Then Jess got down on one knee, meeting my eye as I glanced up into his.

"Well, well, well…", Jess moved his finger over my bottom lip as I winced, "What are we gonna do with you now?"

"NOOOOO!", I screamed a few minutes later, "NOOOOO, GET OFF ME! LET GO!"

"Keep your fucking head in there!", Jess ordered, grabbing the back of my head and shoving it into the clear toilet water a couple inches below my face. I heard laughing and muffled sounds as my face touched the bottom of the toilet…I tried to hold my breath but they held me under for a decent amount of time. Finally, I had no more air and I was breathing out in bubbles…willing myself not to inhale.

I wished I would drown. I wanted to be dead.

I jerked my head up and I felt the hand in my hair disappear. I was choking and spitting up water…the laughter of the drunken assholes close behind me as they watched.

"Give me that.", I heard Jess behind me, and someone else lifted up the toilet seat.

I was kneeling in front of the toilet, my hands still behind me as Jess stood with one foot on each side of my legs, his body pinning me tightly close to it.

I coughed and fought to breathe, spitting and letting the water fall back into the bowl…my head jerking and shaking the water off as I struggled.

"Get back in there, baby.", Jess clutched my wet hair and bent me over again, putting my head inside the hole again.

"No, PLEASE!", I struggled, my voice weaker and more exhausted than it was before, "Please just let me go! I did everything you wanted! JESS! Come on!"

"Shut up, bitch.", Jess silenced me, "You had your chance to be nice. You blew it."

I heard the duct tape screeching again as it came apart from the roll. I fucking HATE duct tape.

Then I heard the tape being stuck to the side of the bowl and it was stretched across the bowl, sticking to the back of my head, and being secured to the other end of the toilet. It tore off and then they did it again, this time the tape sticking to the back of my neck….i growled and fought…nose to the water…as they put two or three more strands of tape over me and the bowl, holding me tightly in place.

"NO!", I twisted my wrists and tried to move my legs but then I felt another long strip of tape going under my bare ass, across the back of my legs, holding me to the fucking bowl bottom.

"RRRRR!", I tried to move and struggle but I couldn't do much. They watched to see if my efforts got me any results…and they sounded pleased that I was trapped again.

"Such a cute little ass she's got.", I heard Mark comment as I moved my body in my restraints…or tried to.

"God, I'd love to fuck it good.", Jess said behind me as I clenched my eyes tight, imagining it…I was so god damned vulnerable in this position…and if one fucked me, they'd all follow.

"Victoria will have your BALLS.", Mark replied, "You'd go right back to jail."

"No shit.", he answered, spitting on the floor.

"Come on, let's see how long he can hold his breath.", Mark said, walking closer to the bowl where all I could see was the clear water and the hole at the bottom of the bowl.

"No, please…guys…", I whimpered, afraid of what they'd do now.

This is what I had become…a weak little shit…begging them for mercy. This is what Victoria had wanted…for me to lose my pride and strength. To become a worm.

But without a word, Mark flushed the toilet and the loud sound of the water pressure stabbed into my ears…then the water began to rise…

"No!", I tried to turn my head but couldn't…"Noooo…"

My last plea was drowned in cold water as it met my face and circled around my ears.

It was a very slow flush and the water kept swirling around me as I held my breath.

I could hear Jess laughing and other voices, too…I was back on display again…entertaining the crowd.

Finally, the water descended again and I was spitting and coughing…the water dripping off my nose and mouth into the whiteness below.

They did this a few more times as they broke into hysterics, tickled by the way I pleaded and choked on the icy water.

"Man, all that flushing is making me want to piss.", I heard some other guy's voice behind me.

"I know.", Jess agreed, and I clenched my eyes…gritting my teeth and giving a low growl of warning.

I was jerking and trying to move my wrists….and I was desperately trying not to flex my ass while I struggled…I didn't want any more talk of anyone wanting to "do my ass".

"I had so much to drink…taking a piss sounds great.", Jess said, and I felt his boot land squarely on my right ass cheek.

"What do YOU think, cocksucker?" he asked me, "You don't mind if we take a piss, do you, girl?"

"Please…", I breathed, panicking as I considered it, "Don't!"

"Come on, guys…", Jess smiled behind me, "When you gotta go…you gotta go…"

"NO, NO, NO!", I screamed, hearing a bunch of them approaching, "DON'T PLEASE! VICTORIA! VICTORIA PLEASE!"

I felt tears in my eyes as I heard them all around me….I knew it was coming…but nothing prepared me for it.

I heard a couple of them, moaning, "Ahhhh…" as they relieved themselves…and I felt hot streams of foul smelling water pouring from all directions down in my hair, on my neck…

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!", I screamed with all my fury and might…"NNNNOOOOO!"

I felt it's warm piss stench flow down into my face as I screamed again, my eyes clenching and my mouth spitting and trying to keep the urine out of my mouth…my nose wasn't as lucky, though…and I tried to blow out my nostrils…not ridding myself of the odor or the shame. My eyes were stinging…almost like I had gotten soap in them. It was like acid.

"UUUUGGHHHH !', I spit and sobbed as they kept pissing on my head.

"FUCKING FAG BASTARDS!", I roared out, hating each and every one of them, spitting and gagging, the acidy taste creeping into my god damned teeth now. They laughed at me and I felt my stomach rising up fast…those drinks Jess had forced me to drink before…the dinner I ate before we came here….

I heaved it all up in one long, ripping bucketful…the taste was even worse than the urine.

They all roared with laughter at me, and I felt someone pat my back. "Poor baby…get it all out, sweetie."

I vomited again, feeling my stomach pull as I spit and coughed it up…feeling my nose running with it as I stared down at my orange vomit mixed with the combined urine of my new friends.

I kept spitting as I cried, sobbing from the feeling of disgust and degradation I felt as I inhaled the stink below me. Chunks of shit from my stomach floated on the surface inches below my nose and I blinked, feeling the wetness from my hair leaking down into my eyes again, stinging them cruelly.

"God!", I begged, "Please no more! Please let me out! FUCK!" I kept gagging, the stench and the sight of what was right below my face…repulsing me.

They just laughed and drank around me, pouring some of the booze down in my hair.

"Time to take a drink again, darlin', Jess said above me and I heard him jingle the handle of the toilet, like he was about to flush it.

"NOOOOO!", I felt my eyes widen, "NOOOOOOOOO!"

He pressed down on the handle…and the murky water began to rise again…coming for me.

Later, as my back ached and my knees throbbed, I just laid my head down in the toilet, my eyes dazed and my voice half gone. I was still taped in there, stinking of piss, shit and vomit…and trying to breathe as my eyes stared blankly at the hole below me…glad that the water was finally clear again.

They'd had a fun time using me as their personal toilet and now they were kicking me in the ass, smacking my dick into the porcelain it was taped to.

They had wanted to carve their initials into my ass earlier, but Victoria had told Mark no. She didn't want her property damaged that way. Like they weren't damaging me enough tonight.

I felt several different boots smashing against my ass as I grunted and banged into the bowl base, I didn't make much noise anymore. I had nothing left. I tried to cry out about fifteen minutes ago, but all that came out was a croak and air…no words.

"Are you falling asleep, angel?", Jess asked, driving another hard kick into my ass as my head jerked uselessly in the hold of the tape behind it.

"Poor baby's tired.", Mark said sarcastically, drinking something.

"Let's give him a little wake up call.", Jess came up behind me and I felt myself tense.

"Victoria…", I didn't really shout it…I just said it….and it came out like a breathed whisper…a fucked up prayer that would never be answered.

I felt hands on my ass cheeks and heard Jess moaning behind me. He was squeezing them and stroking…I panted, wishing I could scream again. But what good would it do?

Victoria probably went home and forgot to come get me. I could be here until morning…maybe the janitor would find me here, waiting. Maybe dead, face down in the toilet water…if the toilet clogs and doesn't drain right…I'll be fucked.

"Nooo…", I whimpered, feeling him spread my ass open and make a sound of approval…

"Man…tight little ass…God, it's beautiful…", I could hear Jess saying, almost to himself.

"Don't do it, man.", Mark sounded really drunk now.

"I know, I know…", Jess said, "I can't fuck her…but I can play with her…"

And I felt wetness…I felt his tongue…licking at my asshole! He was lapping at it and going, "Uuuhhhh…..MMMMM"

Now I screeched hoarsely and let out a cry I didn't know I had in me.

"STOP IT!", I growled, jerking and trying to move, "JESS! !"

Then I felt two tongues there…battling for a taste. I just cried…used up…unable to do a damn thing about it. I could feel light bites…even a little penetration with their tongues…but they were on dangerous ground now. They were getting very close to breaking Victoria's rule. I knew their names, both of them…I would tell…they would pay!

I must've said NO! a thousand times…but they never got sick of licking my ass. I don't know what happened to the other voices…they had seemed to become bored after awhile and slowly they left the room…all I could hear now were Jess and Mark.

"Go lock the door.", I heard Jess say and I froze.

Mark got up and I listened as he went, the lock clicking neatly into its place.

Jess was stroking up and down my asshole, making round circles with his fingers as he waited for Mark to come back in the stall.

I heard the stall door lock, too and I began crying again…not liking this at all.

"Please let me go…", I cried, begging with no pride left anymore.

"What's up?" Mark asked, close behind me now, too.

"I'm gonna fuck her.", I heard Jess state like a fact.

"NO!", I roared through my tears, fighting again, "VICTORIA! VICTORIA!"

"Shut him up for fuck's sake!", Jess yelled at Mark.

Mark flushed the toilet and the water came rising up, drowning my voice quickly.

I tried to hear what they were saying but the damn sound of the toilet was too loud.

When the water began to calm and lower again…I heard Mark say, "You better not say anything, man. If we get caught, we're dead meat!"

"The bitch might talk.", Jess said, pondering this before acting.

I guess they were talking about me.

"We just deny it.", Mark said, "If we stick by each other, she'll believe us. She doesn't even really KNOW HIM."

"Please don't!", I begged like a dog, crying, "I swear, I won't say anything if you just let me go now…please! I'll leave myself, I don't need Victoria to take me home…"

"Flush him again.", Jess said and Mark leaned over, flushing the toilet once more.

I spat the water out as it lowered again…and when I could hear again…I heard the sound of a belt buckle jingling. They were undoing their pants!


"Time for you to be quiet again, pretty." Jess said sweetly to me as I felt the duct tape again…they stuck a piece to the corner of my mouth and began to wrap it around my lips, around my cheek, behind my head….and around again as I screamed, becoming more muffled and quieter with each wrap.

Then he tore the tape off, and I heard another piece being torn off. It went on my ass cheek, pulling it aside…and then the other one…they were taping my ass cheeks open!

I bucked and gave shrill screams of terror but I think that spurned them on even more.

I felt and heard one of them spit on the area exposed there, preparing it for being fucked.

Then I felt a sharp edge, a cold thing against the base of my dick. I remembered his knife and froze again.

"If you say a word to your Mistress…", Jess sneered into my ear from behind, "I'll find you…and I'll EAT your cock for breakfast. Is that clear?"

I felt tears falling from my face, landing in the still toilet water below me.

I gave a disturbed "MMMMMMMM" as a reply…and a weak nod of my head. I WOULD tell on them…but it wouldn't save me from the attack. I resigned myself to that fact.

"Hurry up.", Mark coaxed his friend, "I don't like this. If we get busted…"

"He's gonna be a good girl.", Jess fingered my ass again, about to insert his sausage fingers inside…I braced myself and thought my eyes would pop out from the way I was crushing them closed.

"He won't talk.", Jess said and I felt his fingers beginning to move into the tight hole there…and the pain began to register.

And then a knock sounded on the bathroom door.

"RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!", I screamed for help instantly, doing it as loud as I could, "MMMMMMMMMM! VICTORIA!"

I TRIED to say her name…but the toilet was flushed on me again and in seconds, I was in the water again.

The tape ripped off my ass cheeks as I screamed out from the sensation of flesh being torn off, at least that's how it felt…and Jess stood up, zipping up and buckling his pants.

Mark went to the door and unlocked it, opening it up a crack to see who it was.

"Hi Victoria.", he greeted, letting her inside as I howled even louder, screaming for her help now that she was in earshot.

"It's Vic.", Mark said, locking the door as she came in, her heels clicking on the floor while I shouted muffled cries to her.

"Hi Vicky.", Jess said, a smile in his voice as I heard him kiss her cheek, "We're keeping your slave entertained…she's being such a good girl…mostly."

"MMMMMMMM!", I shrieked out, trying to fight some more.

"We made him our little toilet slave…", Jess informed, sounding amused…or worse, proud of himself, "Humiliation 101."

"Classics never die, do they?", she asked, sounding just as relaxed and tickled as he had.

"Oh my…", I heard Victoria's voice sounding amused as she came into the stall, "You ARE having lots of fun, aren't you boys?"

I growled and shouted as they observed me…letting her know I was done and wanted to leave NOW. If she left me here with them now…they'd be sure to fuck me. I couldn't even TELL her…I was pulling with all my might against the tape that held me in place…it felt like my skin was starting to tear but it didn't stop me from trying.

I felt tears gathering in my eyes again at the feeling that her eyes were on me, like this…and that there was no feeling or care for ME in there when she spoke. She wasn't even coming close enough to TOUCH me! Stroke me….nothing.

"My baby doesn't sound like he's having that much fun…", Victoria laughed a little, standing behind me.

"He is.", Jess assured, "He came like….ten or eleven times…every single time…he loves getting his cock sucked…"

"And did he thank you all properly?" she asked.

"Yes he did.", Mark replied, "Such a sweet little mouth she's got…he got very good after the first couple guys…"

"That's why I waited to be last.", Jess shared.

"He did put up a bit of a fight as each guy came in to get his turn, though.", Mark added, "But there wasn't much he could do to stop it from happening. He learned."

Then I felt Victoria stroke her hand down my back and I felt so fucking betrayed…her hand was like fire to me. I cried out suddenly, having enough of all this…I wanted out NOW!

"I think he's a little cranky.", Jess said, "He's had a long night."

"Yea.", Victoria said, "I'm about ready to leave, too. Ooooh, he smells! I don't want him in my car like that!"

"We'll clean him up for you, Vic.", Mark offered, "It's the least we can do."

I growled out again…wanting her to stay…please don't leave me alone with these two again…please please please!

"Alright," she said, "Bring him out to my car in ten minutes. I have to go do something. And this is for you two….my thanks for babysitting tonight."

They sounded so pleased by whatever she gave them. I heard her kissing them each…I heard tongues and lips smacking against lips…I wanted to throw up all over again.

I made some sounds that spoke of pain, exhaustion and longing to be out of this fucking toilet…I was praying she could hear that, pity me, and come free me…or at least come in and show she cared…and Victoria said, "He's such a jealous little girl…he doesn't want anyone else touching his Mistress…he's such a cutie pie."

"See you out back.", she said and I heard the door unlock….she left and it locked again.

I was really arguing now through my tape gag as they came back to the stall to get me.

"FUCK!", Jess was angry now, "I knew I should've done it earlier when I had the chance! Bullshit! "

"Hey, she was pretty cool letting us have him all night…", Mark reasoned, "Maybe she'll bring him back later sometime and let us fuck him then…she gave us the coke. Don't fuck things up over a little piece of ass, man."

Jess sighed and sounded very disappointed.

"It's not often I get a shot at something so beautiful…and so pure…", Jess reached between my legs and found my flaccid cock…grabbing the shaft and moving it up and down…slowly as I groaned out in protest again.

For a minute, he kept forcing me to arousal and I hated my cock for growing and hardening.

"See, she likes me.", Jess said to Mark as he kept fondling me.

"Come on, man.", Mark finally said, "Let's get him cleaned up and get him out there. You'll see him again."

I promised myself I would NOT be going through this shit again. I'd die first. Victoria has some big fucking explaining to do when I get hold of her.

"Let's get the tape off him.", Mark suggested, and I heard his switchblade spring open behind me. I gave a little "MMMMM" sound, unable to hide my nervousness about them slicing the tape off me with their fucking razor sharp knives. I was so thankful that Victoria had the hair lasered off my body. It would be a bitch to tear duct tape off my flesh and hair.

They didn't have to cut much to free me from the toilet where I'd been for hours…I felt the tape give way but I wasn't able to straighten up to take my face out of the porcelain bowl…my legs were numb and useless, my hands still bound behind me…all I knew was that my body hurt everywhere. My knees throbbed and ached, my arms, so sore from struggling…hung behind me like dead strands of flesh. My throat was killing me and I was sure my voice would be nearly gone when I next tried to speak. I had screamed my head off all damn night…and not one person had heard me. No one cared. No one gave a shit. Victoria was right about that much at least.

I felt my back lay down against the cool floor and for the first time in hours and hours, I enjoyed the sensation. I moaned out loud, not even registering that I was with two assholes who had my life in their hands right now. I guess my mind had gone a little crazy…and for a moment, I didn't even care what they could do to me right now. I just wanted to feel the relief of the cold tile on my back…the firmness of the floor pressing against my spine. It was heaven…for a moment.

Then I felt my legs lift up a bit and I was sliding against the slick floor of the bathroom. I peeked up and saw Mark dragging me along, his hands securely around my silver taped ankles. Jess was not in sight and I was fine with that.

My mouth was still bound very tightly and my hands behind me but the trip to wherever I was going was not very painful yet. He was sliding me as he backed towards the bathroom door, leading out into the bar area where all those people had been before. Was he really taking me out there? People would see…I am totally naked. I guess he wasn't concerned about that because the door was now unlocked and he just kicked it open and dragged me out there.

The lights were very low…and the music was not playing anymore. I didn't see or hear anyone out here…chairs were upside down on the tables…and there was no one tending bar. I guess the place was closed now.

The floor out here was smooth and not rough on my back or ass either and I just tried to stay quiet, hoping Victoria would show soon and take me the fuck out of here. I would never complain about being tied up in bed all night again…not after I had seen how fun the bathroom could be.

I kept looking for her…for that fire red hair and ivory skin…but I never found it.

Mark wasn't taking me out the front door…we were headed towards the far back of the bar.

Once we got to the back door, it opened and Jess was standing there.

He looked at Mark and they shared a look that I didn't like at all….then Jess bent down and helped him get me to my feet. It wasn't easy as my legs were like wet jello right now. But they seemed to know that I'd be useless to stand on my own, as they propped me up and Mark steadied me by putting one hand on each of my arms so I wouldn't drop.

"Stay, girl…that's good…", Jess said to me as Mark kissed the back of my neck, the cut tape still hanging from it, and all over me for that matter. It's even hanging from the backs of my legs under my ass cheeks where they stuck me to the toilet bowl.

"I know your legs hurt…", Jess began to massage the right leg as I let out a hard groan, the pain intense and the relief even more intense. I blinked and felt tears on both my cheeks, wishing I could wipe them away before these fucks ever saw it. I didn't want them seeing my pain, my emotion, my vulnerability…it wouldn't matter to them anyway.

"Sorry, baby…", he worked on my other leg for a minute and took out his knife, the huge one he'd threatened me with earlier, and I tensed…but he just used it to give the tape around my ankles one skillful slice, freeing my limbs.

He jerked and yanked the tape off just my ankles and I didn't cry out or even wince. Everything there was totally without feeling anyway.

"We've gotta clean you up now.", Jess informed, opening the door…"Can you walk?"

I tried…I didn't want them helping me do another damned thing…but when I took that first step, I felt my leg cave underneath me like wet paper, and I almost landed on my face…seeing that this door lead to the outside…a concrete area and small parking lot with no light at all…completely empty.

Jess had caught me before my nose broke against the cement ground out there and he helped me up…then took hold of my legs…Mark carrying me by my arms…and they brought me outside to the back.

"Let him sit down.", Jess said to Mark as they leaned my back against the wall of the building…"That's good."

"Here." Jess said to Mark and handed him something. Then I saw Jess walk over to my left and begin to uncoil a short hose that had been stored there. It was summertime and warm out here so I had no fear of freezing to death if they wanted to hose me down. I closed my eyes and wondered when the hell this tape could come off my mouth when Jess turned the dial of the hose and the water began to rush out of it…the spraying sound like music to my ears.

I felt the cold water hitting my body…my chest…my penis…my legs…the blood began coming back into my dead limbs and it was hurting me…but I kept my mouth shut and let them finish with me so I could leave.

"He's even beautiful WET.", Jess sounded sad that he hadn't gotten his big opportunity to rape me senseless in the men's room as I saw him walk over to me and point the hose down over my head…letting it run down my face and hair…I could smell piss and vomit but I held my breath until it washed away…I looked down and felt my hair turn to wet strands that hung over my eyes. I could feel the water on my back and shoulder blades…

"Alright, he's wet enough, hit him with the soap.", Jess kept hosing me off as he ordered Mark around. And then Mark was there, squeezing a plastic bottle of lemon dish soap all over my body…and in my hair….Jess turned off the hose and watched as Mark roughly moved his hand over my head…and then down my chest…making the soap lather as I tried not to react.

Mark didn't wash me all that thoroughly, just enough so that I smelled clean to Victoria when she came to collect me…IF she came.

"Good.", Jess decided after a couple minutes and then he turned the hose on me again….making sure to get all the soap out of my hair…my eyes clenched as it ran down my face…making a little noise as the soap DID run into my eyes and start to burn them.

They didn't pay attention to that and before I knew it, they had peeled the tape off my body where it had been hanging earlier…all that remained was the tape on my mouth and around my wrists now.

"Good girl.", Jess placed a kiss on my nose as he tossed the hose aside, "You were very well behaved during your shower."

"Maybe she learned something useful tonight after all.", Mark commented, smiling at me like we were new friends. I didn't make the face at him that I wanted to. I looked down at my legs, wishing they would work so I could run as far away from here as I could…I did not want to risk any more tonight…I wanted to go home so badly. Fuck me, I even wanted Victoria. I even wished that she could hold me and tell me how sorry she was for giving me to those guys…and that she would kiss me and show me some kind of affection. I had worked so long and hard to win just a little piece of that from her…and I had gotten nothing.

Nothing except a night full of molestation and fellatio from a bunch of strange ex con, "don't care who I do" rapists. I thought she was beginning to care for me…as something more than a fucking slave boy. When she asked me to go out with her tonight, for a drink…I thought we would be celebrating something. Maybe that she would tell me how well I'd been doing, and how glad she was that I was her slave now…but it was all bullshit. A pre planned trip to this scummy hole where she had a dozen guys waiting to abuse me…to humiliate me…to make me their god damned bathroom slut.

I wasn't sure how much time had passed but the next thing I knew I was being lifted to my knees, one hand under each of my armpits, holding me up. My eyes were so dead and lifeless that even I was aware of it as they began dragging me, my legs scraping behind me on the street like ribbons.

I made a little noise through the tape over my mouth as I looked around, thinking people would be standing around out here, and see my naked body out in the open this way. There was the street in front of the bar…and cars…but no one else that I could see.

I heard a car alarm squeak sound as the locks of Victoria's car clicked open. They brought me around the back of the shiny black Porsche and lifted open the trunk.

"Goodnight, Cunt.", Jess stroked my hair, leaning in and kissing the spot where my lips would've been, if they weren't covered with the tape. It still made me sick to my stomach, though, even the thought of him kissing me.

I was on my knees as Mark came up, leaning down and taking another couple licks and a hard bite of my right nipple as I cried out, my body struggling again.

"Just saying goodbye for now.", Mark grinned at me, then said to Jess, "You ready?"

He nodded and I nearly had a heart attack…but they just lifted me up by my arms and tossed me face first into the little trunk.

"Fuck.", Jess commented as he took one last look at my naked ass, "I wanted that ass bad."

And the trunk lid slammed closed, sealing me inside the blackness. I felt everything in my body release…relax…instantly…and I wasn't in control of myself…I just sobbed like a baby…relieved…terrified…disgusted…betrayed…horrified. I didn't care what I sounded like or who could hear me…I just wailed and bawled…finding these moments a kind of sick pleasure…I was out of there…I was safe…for the moment. I wanted to stay here forever.

I think I even almost cried myself to a thin sleep and later, I heard Victoria's voice nearby. I did not call to her now. I didn't even want to SEE her…let alone hear her. But I found myself listening. I wanted to be sure I was finished with this sleazy little test of hers.

"He's in there, nice and snug.", I heard Mark say and I felt myself frown, hating his rotten fucking guts.

"Good.", she laughed and I listened as her, Jess, and Mark all hung out, drinking and smoking a joint…laughing…not even talking about ME. It was like I wasn't even here…or important enough to discuss…an object in the car that Victoria didn't want to leave behind. Like sunglasses.

I waited an eternity and then I heard them all saying goodbye…kissing and talking…and then Victoria's car door closed. The engine started. It sounded like she was alone in the car…good, they aren't coming too. We were moving…and I could really truly breathe again….through my nose at least.

When we finally did stop…I was rolled on my back inside the trunk. I wanted to look into her eyes and make her see mine…and without a word tell her what she'd done to me tonight.

But she never came. She got out of the car and went inside the house…she never let me out of the trunk. She forgot about me.

When I saw sunlight coming through the cracks in the trunk, I began to kick my feet against the metal above me…trying to scream before the heat killed me. I was a wet, sweaty mess and also dying of thirst in here.

It wasn't until hours later that the car alarm squeaked and the trunk unlocked. When I opened my eyes, it was Emmett's silhouette I saw towering over me.

"Shit.", he said, almost to himself, reaching in to help me, "Sorry, man. I came as soon as I couldn't find you. Are you alright?"

I gave a weak little nod and went "Mmmmm.", as he helped get me out and then inside the house.

He got the tape off me with very little pain and handed me a blue bathrobe. My arms were so weak and numb, he had to help me put it on. I was shivering all over, even though it was so hot in there….and Emmett helped bring the bottle of cold water to my mouth…letting me slowly drink it down.

It was a long time before I could say a word…and when I did, it was, "Thanks."

"Don't even talk.", Emmett looked at me sadly, "Just keep sipping this. If you don't feel right in a bit, I'm calling the doctor."

He didn't even ask me what happened…maybe he already knew. He was here before I was…I'm sure he had known.

"Victoria was so high.", Emmett informed, "She's out cold in her room."

"Really.", I stated….and Emmett stared at me. A moment later, I had grabbed a long, deadly knife out of the butcher block on the counter…and I was on my way to her bedroom.

"Justin, don't.", Emmett chased after me, his eyes frowning a little, "I know she's rough but you CAN'T kill her! Think of your daughter!"

I kept moving…not being deterred. I wanted to see her blood smeared everywhere in that pretty little white room of hers.

"Justin, you'll go to jail.", he kept talking, "It's murder, man!"

"I'll carve Jess' name into her chest cavity.", I snapped back, turning a corner, moving up the stairs that would bring me there.

Emmett leapt in front of the door, blocking me. His eyes looked hard and fierce.

"Get out of my way.", I sneered with venom.

"I love her.", he said clearly, "I won't let you. Look, she can't help it. She gets high and does fucked up things sometimes. I should've watched out better for you. It's my fault. Stab me if you want to."

I was so crazed that I did lunge at him, ready to destroy anything or anyone who stood between me and her. Emmett moved away from me with such precision…and then in seconds, everything went black.

When I woke up…I was chained all over…naked as the day I was born. I was in Victoria's basement…laying on a bare mattress, my one ankle had a metal cuff padlocked around it…and it was connected to a long chain that went to the cement wall a couple feet away. I wore her collar, a thick leather one this time with a padlock hanging from my throat, another chain attached to it…and I had a ball gag in my mouth, the familiar taste of rubber saying hello to me once more.

Victoria was sitting there next to where I was laying…lifting one of my eyelids and shining a little pen light into it.

I knew then I was going to die. If Emmett told her about what I almost did…what I wanted to do…I would be killed today. And I felt so weak…like wet tissue paper. I couldn't even hold my head up for long.

"He's alright.", Emmett said, looking worried about me from behind Victoria, "He's coming around enough that you can talk to him now."

The light went off and I saw blue dots as my eyes blinked, wondering what the hell was wrong with me.

"Justin…", she said sternly, unbuckling the ball gag from my mouth, removing it, "Time to have a little talk, love."

Love. I wanted to puke all over her.

My eyes tried to focus on hers to give her that look of hatred I was practicing in the trunk…but she was all blurry.

"You're going to feel all woozy…", she informed, walking away a step or two, "But you'll tell me the truth…now. And you'll be calm."

"I will.", I agreed, unable to make up anything false at this point. I felt so relaxed, like smoke.

"Hi Emmett.", I smiled big at him, glad to see him.

"Hi Buddy.", he grinned back, looking a little nervous, "Everything's okay, man. Just gonna answer a couple questions, alright? Don't worry."

"Okay Buddy.", I grinned more, feeling great now.

"Justin.", Victoria grabbed my hair, making me look up into her eyes, "What…are you alright?"

"I am now.", I laughed, "This feels SOOO cool."

She slapped my face hard and that sobered me up a little. Then I looked at her eyes and felt such a sadness…I nearly cried.

"How could you do that to me Victoria?", I slurred, "You just gave me to those guys…they did such terrible things to me…you didn't care…"

I felt myself crying a little, unable to hide the pain from her with the drugs she'd given me running through my blood.

"I know.", she hesitated, and told Emmett to leave.

"But Vic…I think I should stay in case—"

"LEAVE!" she shouted, her word bouncing off the walls around us.

He breathed a huge ragged sigh and left us, slamming the door up above.

"Listen, Justin.", she slapped the side of my face to make me pay attention, "I fucked up. I shouldn't have left you to those guys. You are my slave and what I do with you is my choice, not yours…but I didn't mean to do that. I didn't know it would go that far. I was high. It's not an excuse or an apology…but it's as close as you'll ever get from me."

I just looked at her and felt a tear fall out of my left eye.

"Can I please die, Victoria?", I asked, as if I were asking for eggs for breakfast.


"If this is the kind of slave you want…", I said without fear, "If this is what I'll have to do all the time…then I don't want it. I'd rather die. It's alright. You can kill me. I won't tell anyone."

"No, Justin.", Victoria looked scared and even a little sad for me now, but she was still firm, "No, I won't allow that. And don't you try killing yourself either. I like you. And I didn't put all my time into your training so you could just check out on me now. I don't give you my permission to die. Is that clear? Listen to me, Justin! If you do that, I'll collect my fifty grand back. I'll have your daughter. You'd be amazed how much I could sell a little four year old girl for…burned or not. Are we clear?"

"Yes we are clear.", I said with a pleasant tone…even though inside I was raging…it was the drugs, "I won't kill me. I promise. Please don't take my daughter…"

"I won't, I won't.", she assured me, petting my cheek, "Relax. Everything is alright now."

"No.", I jerked my head suddenly, looking at her eyes again, "I can't! I can't do it…please don't ever let those guys get me again. I can't do that again! I'll do anything you want…anything with women…but if I have to be fucked by men, I-I-"

"Don't cry, baby, don't cry.", she kept stroking me, "You don't have to get fucked by men…I swear. I will keep that promise. I mean it. If you feel that strongly about it, I will never give you to men again. Alright?"

"You mean it?", I heard myself ask like a crying child…and inside I hated myself…but I was out of it…a calm little weakling…that's what Victoria wanted me to be…and that's why I was injected with whatever she put into me.

"Yes I mean it.", she kissed my lips so tenderly…that something in me believed her.

"Justin.", she said, "Now tell me. Did any of those guys…fuck you? If they did, tell me and they're dead."

I knew the true answer in my mind…and as I thought about it all…they DID fuck me…mentally. And I did want them all dead…every one of them. So I answered her.

"Yes.", I half sleepy smiled at her, "They all fucked me. Every single one of them."

Victoria breathed out in anger…not at me…but at THEM. They broke her rules…they didn't obey her. They didn't fear her as much as she thought. Now they would pay. And I felt so at ease.

"Go to sleep now.", she put her fingers over my eyes…and I closed them…resting but still aware of what was happening, "They won't hurt you again. I'll fix it, Justin."

"Okay.", I sounded sleepier…laying my head back on the flat mattress…like it was a velvet pillow. The chains were cool and just a tad heavy as they laid against my body.

"Emmett!", she yelled and I heard Emmett coming back. But my eyes were too tired to open again…I just listened peacefully. I couldn't even realize fully what I had just done. I couldn't even care.

Victoria waited a moment and then said, "Bring all these men to me. Tell them I have a gift for them."

"No problem.", he said…and left.

Days later, when I awoke again…and was sober, I was tied to Victoria's big four poster bed. I was clean and fresh and smelled like cologne. My teeth even tasted like minty toothpaste.

Then she told me she had killed those men…for me. To apologize. And now it's over, she'd said, and we can forget it and move on. Can you do that, Justin, she asked me.

I had still not earned a dollar from her at this point…and needed the money…I needed to win her approval so I could start earning as her slave. As I thought over my limited options…Victoria added, "And also…I'll send your daughter thirty thousand dollars today. So she can have her first set of operations. I spoke to her doctor…that should be good to get things started for her. Is that acceptable? Can we start again?"

I nodded without words, sealing my fate…giving myself to her with the one rule: no more men in any way. It was written into my contract.

The next day, when I was free to roam around again, I found Emmett.

"You didn't tell her.", I said to him, my eyes hard.

"No.", he frowned back, "She'd have killed you."

"I guess I owe you my life again.", I said bitterly, not liking that.

"You don't owe me anything.", Emmett answered, "I know I'm not a guy you can call a best friend. She owns me too, in a way. I do what she says. But I'll watch out for you…as much as I can. I like you."

I frowned back more.

"Not that way.", he made a face, "Ugh! Don't flatter yourself. I'm strictly into women."

"So was I, I THOUGHT.", I replied, still unable to forget that night.

Emmett didn't say anything and his silence spoke volumes.

"You know how to fight, don't you?", I asked him, not fully trusting this guy yet…but maybe I could get something useful from him.

"I've never lost a fight.", he stated without bragging much, "I beat those guys who had guns on YOU, remember?"

"Yea, I do.", I squinted a bit, "Will you teach me? I don't ever want to be weak like that again. And if a gang of jail rats grab me again, I may not win….but I want to break their jaws before going down."

"Grasshopper.", Emmett grinned, "You've come to the right place. Meet me out back in ten. I'll teach you."

That's when I learned how to fight and defend myself. That's when I swore I'd never be taken down against my will again. I lied to myself and said whatever happens to me now, it's my choice, my decision.

I went through lots of fucked up punishments and tortures after that…lessons…hurts…but they were all dealt to me by women. I never had another man involved with me again….until Sir Kevin.

I ended my journal entry there. Closing my notebook, I locked it into the safe and took the key. I walked back into my warm, cozy family world as I closed the door behind me…and crossed the invisible line between my old world…and my new one.

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