Stuck In Fire 2 - Justin Bieber

Justin is finally reunited with Katie.. and that's awesome. I don't know what to write, 'cause i haven't read the story o.o IT'S NOT MIIIINE. I JUST POST IT TO READ IT :P


20. 20


We were laying naked on the blanket, on our stomachs, our heads propped up on our arms as we smiled blissfully at each other, the fire so hot beside us that we were actually moist with sweet perspiration. It was like being in a little sauna…and the night sky wasn't scary to me at all. Maybe in New York out here in the open with my naked ass sticking out for all the world to see, I'd be real paranoid. But I didn't feel that here…with him. It felt like the world was only us…and I was loving it.

"Are you sleeping?", I chuckled as I looked at his peaceful face…his closed eyes.

"No way.", he opened them, smiling at me, "We have to ring in the most important day ever…my watch says it's almost time…midnight."

"Don't whip out any horns or noisemakers now.", I smirked at him as our feet cuddled with each other behind us.

"No noisemakers.", he shook his head a little, sighing to himself, "Just your presents."

"Presents?" I asked, my voice taking on the spirit of a five year old girl.

"Yes, PRESENTS.", he mocked my voice and laughed as I felt my teeth biting on my bottom lip.

"It IS your birthday.", he added, "What kind of a lover would I be if I didn't get you at least one present?"

I looked at him as if I could eat him right up. Not that I hadn't tried before now.

"What'd you get me?", I pounced on him, doing my best impersonation of that little girl he'd wanted to see inside me. And he just hit the thing that turned me into her every time…presents!

"God, calm down!", he giggled, surprised by me, "Didn't you ever get presents before?"

"Sometimes.", I shrugged, "But not very often. Christmases and birthdays were hard for my Dad…without my Mom around…mostly, my gifts were things like…a photo album of my Mom's pictures or something."

"Jeez, that sucks.", he looked at me with that sad look again, and picked up his watch that laid in front of him on the blanket.

"Okay, it's close enough.", he sat up, going into his bag again…"Close your eyes, close 'em! Be a good little girl."

"I am, I am!", I giggled, closing my eyes…maybe peeking out of one of them.

"HEY!", he pointed at me, "I see you Gomez! Peeking loses you presents."

"No, no!", I pouted, putting my hands over my eyes now, "I'm not looking, see?"

"Okay.", he handed me one medium sized present…it was a little heavy too.

"YAY!", I hopped up and down a little, forgetting I was naked and sitting up, and that my breasts would bounce as I did this.

Justin just watched them with a hint of perverse pleasure while I tore into the green wrapping paper, shredding it like a cat with my claws. Justin was laughing at my enthusiasm…and I saw the box under the paper.

"Converse sneakers…", I read the box, confused, "Men's."

"Open it.", he urged, watching me excitedly.

I took the lid off, expecting to see shoes…but there was the most gorgeous tape recorder I had ever seen in my life!

I felt tears come to my eyes and I made a tiny little squealing sound…carefully lifting it out of the box….looking at the beautiful black and silver exterior…touching the buttons.

"It's even nicer than Dr. Peter's.", he informed while I cried, "It can record for up to 20 hours…and it's voice activated…you can say STOP and it will stop, you can say RECORD and it will start again. It's the best. You don't like it. You hate it. I can return it."

"No, no, no!", I cried like such a girl, hardly able to speak, whispering as I wiped my cheek, "I love it! It's so…OOOHHHHH!"

And I crushed him into my arms…almost losing the recorder in the process. Justin caught it and held it while I sobbed and clung onto him, covering him with kisses…whispering I love you over and over again…

"Yay, you like gift number one!", he held me and kissed me back, also like a kid who'd done good. He rocked me from side to side, doing a little happy dance in my arms.

Gift number two was a big box of tapes to go with the recorder. And I couldn't stop crying.

Then gift number three came…and it made me laugh. It was a couple of books, one called Psychology for Dummies…and then a matching Borderline Personality Disorder for Dummies. It was so great to laugh with tears running down my face.

"See, you don't need school at all.", he smiled at me, wiping one of my tears away from my cheek, "You just have to read these and you're good. They didn't have any Dealing with Ex Slave Boys for Dummies, though. Not yet, anyway. You'll have to write that book I guess."

I kissed him and showered him with love again…but he broke away before too long, wanting to give me gift number four.

"How crazy did you go out there?", I blinked and felt more tears fall out of my eyes, wiping my face as he handed me a blue wrapped box.

"I didn't buy this one.", he smiled, "I made it myself, with my own little hands…"

"Awwww…", I tore into it, not able to wait to see this.

I lifted the lid of the box that said this was a potato peeler, laughing at his funny choices of containers to help throw me off the trail…and I moved tissue paper out of the way to see what was in here…and I heard myself let out this shrill gasp.

"Justin!", I felt the tears coming on again.

"It's the one I promised you…", he watched my face as I stared into the box, touching it with trembling fingers, "I know someday…soon…you'll have your office…and you'll be saving more people like you saved me. I know you think it's a joke of mine when I call you Dr. Selena…but…this is not a joke gift…if you like it, maybe you could put it on your desk…or on your wall someday. It'll kind of be like Dr. Peter's hats…a cute little way to break the tension…break the ice when you have another tough customer like me."

I picked it up as I cried and stroked my fingers over the very smooth stained wood. The colors painted on it were so rich and vibrant…glossy…it was so cute and beautiful. It was a sign that read 'Dr. Selena'…and the letters were so attractive…the font was like casual but also feminine at the same time. It wasn't too girly, though, which I would hate…it looked like I had just painted my name there with cherry red paint, an occasional loop and flair at the end of each letter. After the Dr., the dot was a tiny red heart. And all around my name were different words…in very subtle pastel colors. Words like 'honest' and 'real' and 'smart'…'caring'…'true'…'tough'…'strong'.

It was simply perfect…and he had made this on his own? I couldn't speak!

I was bawling and could not stop myself.

He smiled at me and tried to kiss me but I was making too much noise.

"Uh oh, time for gift five!", he tore that one open for me himself…a pink box of Kleenex…and he ripped the top off, expertly pulling out the first tissue without ripping it like I usually did. He offered it to me then and I laughed while I sniffed…taking two or three of the tissues…

"Blow.", he instructed, listening to me obeying his command and blowing my nose, wiping my eyes, trying to pull myself together.

He smiled at me as I held the sign to my chest as if it were my magical talisman. It was the most precious thing ever…

When I finally got myself together…even though my voice was still shaky and weak, I took his hand and said, looking into his eyes, "I love this so much…I can't even tell you…I promise you…it will be on my desk every single day that I am working. Ohhh…Justin!"

And I started sobbing again, almost hurting him as I grabbed onto him.

"How did you do this?", I finally asked, moving my fingers over it…the detail…the hours it must have taken…were obvious.

"I used to love wood shop.", he shrugged as if it were nothing, "I used to make lots of things…even after high school…it relaxed me sometimes so…I was allowed to do it as a hobby…and Bob let me use some of his tools during our lunch breaks. It's no big deal."

"Are you kidding me?", I asked, "This is the best thing I've ever gotten…and not just because it's perfect…it's for my office…it's like you know I'll have one…I love YOU!"

I had him again, but he allowed me to nearly choke him as I clung around his neck.

"You will have one, Selena.", he said confidently into my ear, "I know that. And you'll be the best damn doctor this world has ever seen. I can do a testimonial on your first commercial!"

He was making me laugh and I loved him even more for that.

"You would be so great in my commercial.", I smiled up at him, "Every girl in town would be coming to my office, looking for you…I'd have to beat them off with a stick!"

"I'll make you a stick for Christmas.", he smiled brightly at me.

"Yea, a bitch stick, that's what we'll call it.", I nodded, "Nice and long…and thick…so it hurts when I whack 'em with it."

"Definitely.", he agreed, "It will bruise the crap outta them."

"This is all too much.", I finally said as I looked around at everything.

"It's not over yet.", he handed me another little box and I froze for a second.

"It's not what you think…", he assured me, "Well, not exactly. Open!"

I ripped off the silver paper and saw a black velvet box there below me in my hand.

"Don't be scared…open it Bunny.", he winked at me.

I did…and saw a very unusual necklace staring back at me. The chain was gold and there was a diamond key lock hanging from it…but it was all cracked and broken looking, like someone had smashed it. The jagged cracks glittered like magic…almost like there was light shining through each break.

"It's my chain…and the lock that held me when we met…symbolically, of course.", he explained to me, "It's all cracked and smashed because that's what you did for me…you freed me, Selena. In two fast weeks you slashed my chains and defeated all the things inside my head that were stopping me from BEING free. It wasn't really Victoria or James or Raven that were holding me…it was ME. My stupid fear. You changed that…you changed ME."

He took the necklace from the box and held it up so I could hold one end as he undid the clasp…and he held the other end.

"Because you cared…because you loved me…and never gave up on me…is why this chain is so strong…it's my new life…the life you've given to me…and because I have this…"

He took a ring out of another little box in his hand and showed it to me. It was a gorgeous engagement ring with a solitaire diamond in a marquis shape. Instead of putting it on my finger, he put it on his end of the chain, letting it swing down and lay beside the broken lock pendant there…and he continued his speech…

"That I can someday ask you to marry me…", he finished, "And it's because of this that someday, when we're both ready…"

Now he took out another ring…a gold band with a design on it that looked like little crystals of light were blowing around it. He put that ring on the chain also and let it slide down beside the other things waiting there…and said:

"That you will marry me…and be my bride…forever.", he said, "And as time goes by, it'll be up to us what else can be added to this chain…."

He was putting it around my neck now, clasping it closed and moving my hair as he stared at me…the tears now in his eyes as well as mine.

"But if you'd never taken a chance…", he stroked my hair, "And given up everything….and broken all the rules by falling in love with a nasty whore like me…"

I shot him an angry look at that part…but he went on.

"Then I would've never had this life…this chance to even HOPE for any of these things.", he finished softly, "I know we have a long way to travel yet before we get there…but whenever you feel like we'll never make it…or it seems like we're lost and will never get there…I want you to look at this necklace…and know…that every session I go to…every homework I do…it's one step closer to that place we both want.

And even if I act like a complete asshole sometimes and get things wrong…that I mean it with every cell in my being. I love you, Selena. I will work so hard to make you happy everyday…and be the husband you deserve. I swear my life on that. This is my promise to you…my vow. And in a world where most men don't keep their vows…I will. And it's forever…I want to die in your arms…no one else's."

I was in his arms again and weeping like an idiot as he kissed me with that urgent, 'I'll die if I don't kiss you' kiss of his…I think I melted to nothingness as he moved those pedal soft lips of his over mine. And he started kissing the tears off my eyes…off my face…

"Without you, I'd still be there right now…at this very moment…", he said, his voice full of emotion as he spoke the words, "Kneeling at that bitch's feet…letting my child grow up without me…never knowing love like this could exist…"

I cried more, not even able to think about it…and I kissed him so he'd stop saying it.

"Never again…", I breathed as I kissed his face slowly, "You'll never be trapped again, I promise. You're free. You're mine. Don't look back there, please…not tonight."

Justin's watch beeped and we both looked down at it. It's midnight!

"Happy Birthday, Selena.", he caressed my face, as if he was memorizing every line…every little detail…"My doctor…my savior…my friend…my love…my LIFE."

"My heart.", I added, looking at him…holding his face…kissing him even deeper than I had before.

In moments, he pulled me down to lay on top of him…and we couldn't stop French kissing…it was disgustingly WONDERFUL!

I felt his erection poking me in the stomach and I smiled down at him…giving him that look that said, 'You're gonna get wildly fucked now'.

"Time for present number six?", he asked, smiling, moving my hair so he could see more of my face.

"Unless you have a new couch in there for me…or some new stools?", I grinned.

He chuckled…"No…sorry. It would have killed Midnight Sun."

"Good.", I smiled like a wicked witch casting a spell upon this glorious prince beneath me, "Cause I have everything I want right here…and I hope God closes his eyes…because I am going to do unspeakable things to you…"

"Oooh!", his eyes lit up with excitement and desire, "Selena!"

"That's Dr. Selena to YOU.", I smirked and lowered my head…ready to ravage this man until he couldn't walk anymore.


As the sun began to arise far off in the sky, before it truly bloomed yet, Justin and I were still naked as jay birds, except I was wearing his black hat…and he sat up, his arms around me as I cuddled in front of him, seated between his legs as we stared out into the very young sunrise.

Finally, one of us spoke.

"Thank you, Selena.", he said quietly, his arms holding me a tad closer as he said it, "This has been one of the best nights of my life. Not many girls would like being out here in the wild, stark naked and having semi-warm Chinese food on their birthday."

"Are you kidding me?", I snuggled into him more, still looking out at the gold slashes of light that threatened to slice through the darkness, "It was the best night of MY life. Definitely the best birthday! And I've decided that making love outside is my absolute FAVORITE way."

"Notebook girl…", he said, kissing my head from behind me, stroking it, "Whatever became of you?"

"I got better.", I looked back at him, to see if he agreed.

And he did with a certain nod of his head and smile. "Yes you did. I still can't believe that in all this mess, somehow, I've done a little good for you in return for all you've given me."

"You have no idea.", I smirked at him, turning back to the sky out there.

"So you're 21 now.", he declared, "An adult in every sense of the word. I won't have to drag you out of bars now, will I ?"

I laughed and so did he.

"I was an adult when I was nine.", I said a little bitterly as I stared at the light and black of the canvas we were looking at, "I want to be young. I want to FEEL young…before I really AM older…you give me that, Justin. For the first time in my life…I FEEL like I'm only 21. I mean…a couple weeks ago, I was at Pizza Hut shooting a water pistol. That was the first time I'd ever done that. And I loved it."

"So you LIKE it when I'm a doofy kid.", he stated, as if it were almost an accusation.

"Yea I do…SOMETIMES.", I stressed that last word.

"Got it.", he chuckled, moving his fingers down my arm.

"Want to play hide and seek?", he asked now, "Loser has to lick the winner for…30 minutes…in any place the winner says."

"Ooooh.", I smiled, "That DOES sound good. In a little while, okay?"

"Okay.", he said.

"What does the winner get?", I asked him then.

"To be licked for 30 minutes.", he said as if it should be obvious, "No one loses."

"Cool.", I smiled.

"Hey!", Justin said suddenly, "We never opened our Unfortunate Cookies! I ordered them…they better be in here!"

Justin was searching now for the cookies…and I was afraid if they weren't there, we'd be on our way, on horseback, to see our buddy Jimmy Chan again.

"Oh, okay.", he finally said, "Here they are."

He came back and handed me one, sitting down as I turned to face him.

"You first.", I nodded towards him, hardly able to wait to see what his said.

"No you.", he shook his head, "It's your birthday."

"Alright.", I grinned, breaking it open and seeing there was a light pink scroll of paper inside it…not red.

"Awww…", I smiled at him, reading it, "Happy Birthday Girl! Have fun!"

"Girl.", Justin gruffed, "He doesn't even know your name."

"We gave him my fake name anyway.", I reminded, "I like this better than if he called me Marie in it. I hate that name. When people use it on me, it feels like they're talking to someone else, not me."

"Hey, try being called ANT all the time.", he raised a brow.

"Okay, you win there.", I allowed as he gave a defiant little nod of his head.

"Open yours now.", I waited, hoping it wasn't too crude.

"Alright.", he cracked it open and pulled out his paper…colored red, as usual.

He laughed and read it, "If you lied to me about it being her birthday, I'll rip your fucking face off, white boy!"

And he had to turn it over to read the whole message because Marcus had run out of room on the one side.

We laughed and I said, "He never disappoints, does he?"

"Nope.", he smiled, saving his fortune like he did with the other one, putting it back into the pack on the ground.

Later, we did play hide and seek and I "had" to lick Justin for 30 minutes. He just loved it, too and I think after that I let myself be found a few times. Justin was an excellent hider, though, and a couple of times I got scared that I was lost…that's when Justin dropped down from some tree or rock and held me until I calmed down. I didn't count those rounds against him.

And later, he showed me that he DID bring the water guns along…and we filled them up in the lake…and played like two little dopes. We were dressed for the most part of the day…undressing only when one of us had to service the other in a lost round of our newest game.

Another gift he'd given me today: to play all day…to be a child…well…until it was time to pay up for my loss anyway…but that was fine by me too…I liked that part of being an adult.

"Can this be our special place?", I asked him later on while we were laying on the cliff ledge, resting…the warm sun stroking us lovingly.

"It is our special place.", he agreed, "We'll come back all the time. Just me and you…and whatever horse we ride up here on."

"Deal.", I closed my eyes and felt like I could fly if I wanted, "Today has been so much fun…I love being a kid with you."

His hand found mine and he held it, bringing it to his lips and kissing it.

"Me too.", he answered, "My little kid behavior was always punished. Victoria hated it. Grow up, she used to yell at me all the time. I used to hold it back always…and even now, you think I'd be nervous or even afraid to act this way…but somehow, with you, I'm not. I know you said I'm free…and I know I am…but I don't always FEEL free…but now…here with you…playing this way…I feel it."

Later, when it was finally time to pack up and leave, I saw Justin carving something in the tree next to the one Midnight Sun was tied to. I smiled when I saw the words: Justin Loves Selena.

"How very Little House on the Prairie of you.", I teased, actually loving it. No boy ever did anything like this for me before.

"Just marking our territory.", he grinned, blowing the words so the wood splinters would fly away.

He gave me one last kiss before we left here…and it nearly made my knees buckle as I leaned against the words he'd carved. Then he picked me up in his arms and tossed me up on the back of the horse. Midnight Sun was watered and fed this morning by Justin so he seemed anxious to get moving again…maybe he missed home.

When we got back to our house, there were pink and white balloons outside…and I saw Ben's car in the driveway.

Justin muttered to himself, sounding mad, saying, "Stupid old goat…surprise party means surprise…and he puts the balloons outside and parks his car right in the driveway…"

I giggled and looked back at him as Justin walked the horse into our back yard, saying "Whoa boy.", as we reached the center of the grassy square.

"Sorry Selena.", he apologized, "I explained this concept to Ben but obviously he's scooped one too many ice cream sundaes."

"It's alright.", I shrugged, "Don't worry about it."

He got off the horse first then taught me how to properly dismount him myself. His arms were still there to catch me, though, as I came down on my feet.

"Good job.", he smiled with approval, the hat on his head now.

He led the horse to the tree and tied it off like before. I followed, petting the sweet elderly horse as he made small, pleased noises. I liked him very much.

"He loves that.", Justin informed, smiling at us, almost jealously.

"Aww, you want some too?", I asked, and pet him along side the face the same way.

Justin made the horse noise and I giggled, taking his hand as we walked to the door, to my…"surprise party".

It wasn't a huge bunch waiting for us, but it was an important one. Ben, Angela, and Katie all shouted, "SURPRISE!" when we opened the door. Ben even blew a little red trumpet thing after the shock registered.

"Surprise.", Justin raised a tense brow at Ben, "With balloons outside and your car right out in front?"

I blushed a little and tried to act like it was no big deal to me but Ben argued back.

"Don't tell ME!", he grumbled, "I wasn't in charge of decorations!"

"What are you in charge of then?", Justin asked, "The trumpet playing?"

"Stop it, boys…let the girl come in and have her birthday.", Angela got in between them and silenced them as she hugged me, "Happy birthday, honey."

"Thanks, Angela.", I smiled.

"Katie has a very special card and gift for you, too.", Angela said to me and Justin looked at his daughter, his eyes a bit tense and concerned as Katie hung back, looking afraid.

"Come on, Kaitlyn.", Angela said, sitting on the couch, bringing me with her, as Justin stood beside us with Ben, looking on.

"Here.", Katie looked down but handed me an envelope that had glitter decoration and my name in giant letters on it.

"Happy Birthday.", she said further, peeking up at me as I carefully tried to open the envelope without messing up her artwork, adding, "This is so pretty…I love the red glitter."

Katie smiled a little as I opened it, and there was a piece of paper folded in half inside…she had made me a card. There was a drawing of me, Katie and Justin on the front, running away from a bunch of ducks that looked very angry with heavy eyebrows and open beaks.

Of course, Justin was in front, leading the race, his mouth open wide and his big eyes with a little dot in the center, looking terrified, his hair red and wildly standing out on all sides. RUN FOR YOUR LIVES! He was saying, a little balloon drawn around it and pointing to his big circle mouth.

I laughed and showed it to Justin, who was already standing there, looking, a smile on his face too.

"That was the best day.", he commented as I opened the card, reading it to myself silently.

It said:

Dear Selena,

I am very sorry for what I said about your food. You are a good cook and I'm sorry I was so mean to you and used your make up. I promise never to do it again.

I am glad that you live with us and I like how happy you make my Daddy. He used to be so sad all the time. Now he's not because of you. You were right, this is OUR house and I'm happy you're in it. Please don't leave.

I hope you're not mad anymore. I love you.

Happy Birthday!

Love, Katie XXX OOO

Is this whole family determined to make me cry this weekend? She sure has her father's gift for writing.

Katie looked at me, full of shame…and that reminded me of her Dad too. I just took her into my arms and stroked her long, silky hair. She hugged me back and breathed a sigh of relief. And I felt Justin's hand moving along his child's hair also…silently telling her for the first time in days how much he loved and had missed her.

"I love you too, kiddo.", I said, blinking away the tears, "And I'm not mad anymore. And I love this card. I'd rather have it than a million dollars."

"Really?", she asked.

"Really.", I said, closing my eyes, and then I whispered into her ear, "Go and give your Daddy a hug, okay? He's missed you so much."

Katie nodded and let me go while I wiped my eyes. She climbed upon the sofa, standing on it so she could get near eye level with Justin.

"I'm sorry Daddy.", she cried, bursting out with the sobs when she saw his face looking back at her now…he was holding her in a mili-second…clinging to her and kissing her.

"I love you baby.", he said, his voice a little strained.

"I love you too.", she gasped and half sobbed, her face buried in his chest.

"I DON'T hate you, I don't!", she cried on, "I don't know why I said that. I'll NEVER hate YOU."

"It's okay.", he answered softly, a tear in his eye I noticed, "It's okay to hate me sometimes. It won't make me go away, ever. Everything will be alright, I promise. I know you've been through so much…I understand, baby."

There was not a dry eye in the house then. Even Ben.

Angela said, "Ben, you're crying."

"I am NOT!", he shouted, turning away, "I got candle wax in my eye!"

It was nice that we all got to laugh then. We needed something to lighten the moment.

Katie had also gotten me a nice bottle of perfume, Bonnie Bell Fairy Dust perfume. It was perfect! I put some on and sprayed some on her, too. We were a couple of pixie princesses then.

I tried to spray Justin but he took off, saying, "Get that away from me!"

I looked at Katie and smiled, saying, "BOY repellent! Awesome!"

"Put some more on her, then!", Justin called from the table where he was trying to steal some chocolate icing off my birthday cake. Angela swatted his hand and sent him out of the kitchen promptly.

Ben and Angela had given me three beautiful fall sweaters, dark blue, powder blue, and turquoise blue…then Angela said, "Justin said blue is your color…and I couldn't decide which blue I liked best, so I got them all."

"I love 'em all! Thank you!", I stood up and hugged her…and then Ben.

"I don't hug!", he protested but I grabbed him anyway.

"You do now.", I hugged him, "Stop struggling!"

"Alright, okay…", he patted my back, "You're welcome. Happy B'Day."

I cried again when I read the card Ben and Angela had given me. It said:

We love you so much, Selena. We're glad Justin found you. You're like a daughter to us.

I know how hard that must have been for them to write…but they did.

It was a nice afternoon and Katie hung out with me for the majority of it. She painted my nails for me and I didn't mind if she got a little messy with it around the edges. While Angela made dinner for us, Katie went on to give me a pedicure and my feet were up, cotton balls between my toes as she worked.

"Look at you, the picture of tranquility.", Justin sat in the chair next to the sofa, his feet up as we watched 'You've Got Mail' on TV.

"It is the perfect zen experience…", I smiled back at him, feeling something sharp and painful happen to my big toe…my scream alerted the whole house to my side.

"What happened?", Justin asked, looking, sitting up more.

I was bouncing my foot in agony as Katie replied, very casually, "I had to pluck this big long hair out of Selena's big toe, it was GROSS!"

"Ughhhh…", I answered, both out of pain and embarrassment.

Justin tried to be mature but he failed miserably. He and Ben were guffawing in three seconds. Only Angela sympathized with me.

"Katie, don't just tear hairs out of people without a warning or something.", she shook her head and walked back to the kitchen, "That DOES hurt."

Justin tried to talk to me but he couldn't stop laughing…it reminded me of when he was on my floor hysterical when I nearly walked out in my care bear bathrobe.

"Do-you-(he laughed some more, halfway on the floor next to me)…Do you want….(more laughter)…an ice cube for your toe?"

And he landed on the floor, on his face, giggling like the Joker…Ben did too, from the table, pouring himself a beer.

That's alright, though. Revenge is a dish best served cold. He would pay. He may need a whole ice cube TRAY for his junk later, I told myself. Maybe I can invite Marcus over to lay in my bed when he comes sneaking in later…that would serve him right!

Dinner was great, like a special family meal. I much preferred these kinds of dinners to going out somewhere. Besides, the only good place to go was Jimmy Chan's…and I already had that last night. Also, I was a little scared to go there so soon after the ride thru horse thing happened there. He would get us next time…and I trembled to think what he'd do.

I had a very good time…and when Angela brought the cake with my name on it to the table…and all the 21 candles were lit…and it was time to make a wish…that was the only time I felt myself sadden a little. I thought of my Dad…of Rosalie and Alice…I wished they could be here…and I blew out the candles. I already had everything else I could wish for right around me at this table. I didn't want to be greedy. That pisses off the wish fairies. They'd already given me so much.

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